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Mark Antony's speech

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HBO Rome
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DeathtoRaiden1 (18 days ago)
Man that actor is fucking amazing.
Val D Mar (26 days ago)
what's the music
Lone Wolf (30 days ago)
From hedonistic egotist to humbled stoic. Defeat can redeem some men.
Tony Montana (4 days ago)
Nahh he went apeshit crazy again when he went back to his palace
Dane MillerHass (2 months ago)
Was feeling pretty sad for him but as soon as the announcer guy starts talking he just wins me over every time. "The Egyptian fleet has been destroyedddd"
Constantine Joseph (2 months ago)
All I can say is Marcus Antonius was a fantastic commander and general. 9 years of fighting in Gaul is already insane. Battle of Bibracte, Alessia, so many campaigns including invasion of Britannia. Then the civil war and the second civil war. He is truly a great warrior and a Son of Rome. It is truly a shame that he and Octavian can't get along. Octavian himself should also find means to curb his cold heartedness and unscrupulous want for total power. If they both could be more harmonious, then even the Parthians would be subjugated.
Yes, most men in history are the result of a process that in some respects made them. They were an eventuality to one degree or another. How successful they would be depended on their talents which comes out in the incompetence of later emperors. As they say, luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Steel had sharpened steel throughout the history of the republic. It was built on patrician competition governed by the senate. As the pressure applied by the expansive breadth of the defacto empire began to transform and subvert republican institutions civic virtue eroded. While this meant the destruction of the Republic, Caesar was the pinnacle of this evolutionary process. His adopted son was well suited to consolidate his gains. Pretenders like Pompey, the various senators, and even Antony were wiped away because of shortcomings. Caesar was taken off the board by assassination after destroying the armies of his enemies, seeing the most powerful die, and subduing the rest who did not appreciate his clemency. He also had the love of the people and his line inherited it.
Tom J (19 days ago)
+Octavian Caesar Hibernicus Actually, both were already big players in the populares party. Or at any rate highly connected to the main populares senators. It's been ages since I read anything about that particular uprising, but I distinctly remember Caesar being suspected of directly aiding Cataline. In any case, the fact that they knew each other, were in the same political party and Caesar did everything he could to defend him and oppose Cicero kind of speaks for itself. I still claim that Cataline was one in a long line of political strongmen who used force to take over and reform the Roam State. Do you dispute this?
+Tom J I do disagree, it was claimed Cataline asked Caesar to join in a plan to kill that years consuls and have a new election and Caesar spoke for Cataline in the debate that followed his arrest, Caesar reminded the Senate it was against the law to put to death anyone without a trial, and Caesar wanted them imprisoned rather than killed.(Clodius would actually get Cicero exiled from Rome for that years after the event). I've never read anywhere about Cataline being a stooge for Caesar, and by that stage Caesar hadn't even been sent to Spain let alone Gaul. Cataline had his own network and Caesar was just another politician on the make hoping he could attain the consulship. He hadn't become a power player.... yet.
Tom J (19 days ago)
+Octavian Caesar Hibernicus There's a lot of evidence that Cataline was a stooge for Ceasar. I put him in simply because he was one in a long line of popular strongmen who capitalized upon the systemic weaknesses of the Republic and siezed or attempted to sieze power through violence. Wether he was successful or not, doesn't take away from the fact that he was symptomatic of the political processes being enacted at the time. Or perhaps you disagree?
+Tom J why in the name of God have you put Cataline in there. He was a failed politician who Cicero managed to push into some outlandish attack on Rome. Even certain scholars of the day said it was Cicero who created the mess so he would have a memorable event in the year of his consulship. And you're putting him alongside Marius Sulla and Pompey. Bizarre.
kurzor0007 (5 months ago)
It's just so sad to see how far Marc Antony has fallen from the proud chauvinist at the beginning to a completely broken man
Yawg moth (7 months ago)
If only he expressed such humility earlier
Yawg moth he wouldn’t have been the commander he was.
Waylon Jones (5 months ago)
he wouldn't accomplish anything then
Lazy Gamer (7 months ago)
The sun ALWAYS shines. lol
J Herby (2 months ago)
A man has not been to Manchester
Andrew s (5 months ago)
Lazy Gamer Is that a threat?
Tobias (9 months ago)
What's the song?
Chenster24 (4 months ago)
why does it sound Like Near My God to thee?
Tobias (8 months ago)
GGGriggs (8 months ago)
Locust Toybox - So 2005 :-)
Genco Abbandando (1 year ago)
Very cheesy. Worst scene in ROme. Knowing Mark Anthony's persona in the series, he would be more likely to say: We have lost, now we're fucked....
James Macan (5 days ago)
Genco Abbandando pleb.
Genco Abbandando no he wouldn’t. This is human and introspective in the face of reality. You sound afraid of failure yourself. This is the moment when he’s turning from blind ambition to his fate.
Donte' S (1 month ago)
Marc Antony was probably the most complex person on the show. He was also known for his great speeches. He showed this in the show many times.
Tobias (9 months ago)
@Genco You have no understanding of people do you?
Carlos Rodríguez Freitag (10 months ago)
Genco Abbandando I think is perfect, it's the moment he felt he wasn't invincible, he felt vulnerable and sad
Huh ? (1 year ago)
fuck u meli
jlcontarino (1 year ago)
Grrrrrr, why did you add the music!?! So distracting and unnecessary!
Waylon Jones (5 months ago)
the music fits perfectly
shadowskater11 (2 years ago)
fuck you ocatvius!!hope you burn in hell:((
shadowskater11 (6 months ago)
not for his familie:((whas a bad man hu just love the power
Tobias (9 months ago)
After all the wars, he ushered a golden age for Rome, improving the quality of life for every subject.
Roma invicta (2 years ago)
Such a great speech
shadowskater11 (2 years ago)
YEPP:( for the 13th!!!!!!
Strawberries and Cream (2 years ago)
This is absolutely fantastic.
Rez (3 years ago)
This is perfect thanks for making this video.

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