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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 4: Brienne and Arya (HBO)

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Watch a clip of Brienne and Arya dueling in "The Spoils of War." Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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Text Comments (2611)
Black fyre (4 days ago)
Ayra needs a good shag after that performance 😍
Kshitij Raj (7 days ago)
brienne swinging the sword like a demon has possessed her. Also, the sword is a one-handed sword .... not a longsword to be used with both hands.
Shamanized (9 days ago)
0:13 the ghost of Catelyn Stark
Melon Lord (20 days ago)
John Holmes (26 days ago)
Arya should fight Tilda (Into the badlands), the battle would be over epic
wavingdragon (28 days ago)
It is obvious that one of them has watched The Karate Kid and the other has not. Guess which one has.
Antonio Gee (1 month ago)
Brienne's lil smirk that her murder-baby is a worthy duelist. :,)
Nayeem Haque (1 month ago)
Stop it! You are spoiling it! You are spoiling everything!!
Priya Verma (2 months ago)
I can never get enough of this scene
Saddaf (3 months ago)
Can't wait for a jon and arya reunion
Yoga Tanaya (3 months ago)
Littlefinger knows its Called water dancing. Because he’s ancestors from Braavos
MrSporkster (3 months ago)
This choreography is appallingly bad, and not even close to accurate. That is NOT how you use a longsword.
The look on Briennes face when Arya answers ''No one'' shows that her ill thought out question served to reaffirm her reasons for protecting the Stark girls; realizing her own answer to that question would have been ''My father''. She seems saddened by that very short exchange. I love all the implications of those two lines
John Nathan (3 months ago)
1:25 Like a serpent preparing to strike
primario (3 months ago)
que mierda de video
Sorcerer Holmes (4 months ago)
Non shall pass.
RDKRL (4 months ago)
Sansas watching while realizing that her biggest achievement since season 1 was getting raped by Ramsy
Foordy288 (4 months ago)
Soooooooooooooo BADASS
Dilbert king (4 months ago)
My shitty phone wont do thumbs up, but I would give several!!!!
Blasphy B (5 months ago)
Game of Mary Sues
Pelamaal (5 months ago)
A perfectly done scene that gives both great action, drama and humor in such a short time
Pablo Pastor (5 months ago)
Had to been some fags or cocksuckers that wrote this shit... win win if it's both
Blaa Blaa (5 months ago)
why the fuck is brienne acting like she is swinging a fucking hammer?
CaitlinAeRee (5 months ago)
I wonder if Sansa truly grasped the shift of power that happened in this practice duel. Or if she thought Brienne took it easy on Arya....and did Little Finger realize how dangerous Arya truly was? Or did he underestimate her?
الله يلعنكم
JohnDoe (6 months ago)
I'm looking for a chick called *Kendall Barnett* from Wisconsin who looks just like this blonde. I know this is a long shot but I know you watch all GOT on YouTube so if you ever read this in the next 12 months... *reply*
LSkxlxtxus (6 months ago)
i would watch this a million times and never get bored
CGP travels (7 months ago)
This scene is so stupid Brianne is carrying a broadsword Arya is using a something similar to a Napoleon era officers sword with one swing Arya's sword would have been knocked out of her hand or snapped in half
Samuel Leask (8 months ago)
I'm not an expert in swordsmanship or anything but it seemed like it was obvious where Brienne's strokes were going to land. I mean she's coming in from this massive buildup and taking her time each time she attacks Arya. Maybe this was intentional to show how fast Arya is, but it seems like Brienne's fighting abilities aren't quite shown here. Probably just me nitpicking idk
notev avdd (8 months ago)
Does it look to me or bryane aims straight for kill especialy neck aimings, I mean how does she know that arya can escape these attacks, if she would not move fast her head would be on the ground
Martial Arts Mecca (8 months ago)
Let's not forget that she sparred a monster. Brienne started swinging hard halfway through the match. Arya is the strongest currently. She can kill a full grown man in a matter of seconds. Syrio would praise her, but scold her later for droping her sword. It's how i imagine it. Imo, out of all the POV characters, Arya had it toughest but she had the best of instructors. Ned, Syrio, The Hound and the Faceless Man were her teachers, that's what makes her so OP.
Sunny Intervals (8 months ago)
Can someone do this with the Bride vs O-Ren Ishii music from Kill Bill?
dbestpanyera (8 months ago)
By the way, it was a TIE. Brienne did NOT lose to Arya. At the end of the scene, both had swords up their neck. The director also said it was a tie. Arya did not win.
Fudge Fantasy (8 months ago)
Davis Whitaker (8 months ago)
You know, It's strange. when you think of it, our favorite Stark Sisters got what they wanted. Arya became a fighter, and a damn good one, but it cost her the home she had, and the family she loved. Sansa became a lady of Winterfell, but she lost just as much as Arya, if not more (I'm totally talking about her virginity). I think this shows that you need to make sacrifices to become what you want to become, even if the sacrifice is involuntary.
Davis Whitaker (8 months ago)
Peacekeeper vs warden.
Benson Tauro (8 months ago)
Even Sansa realizes Aryan can kick her ass in a fight xD
Alan Derricks (8 months ago)
Arya is a little "BAD ASS" she knows the "WATER DANCE". Syrio Forell would be PROUD!!!!!
xxlCortez (8 months ago)
No one can beat Brienne.
SkyLight Gameuse (9 months ago)
They're amazing ♥ Want more badass female fighting? https://www.amazon.com/Powerful-Harcilor-S-N-Lemoing-ebook/dp/B06W2P76QM/
Dexerion (9 months ago)
This scene is the best.
Abhinaya Mary Koshy (9 months ago)
@1:31 - I love the music. It feels/sounds like something impressive about to happen. And it does !
Abhinaya Mary Koshy (9 months ago)
I watched the scene @1:46 over and over again, until I caught the quick hand movement. Arya pulls out the dagger in her right hand, but Brienne catches that arm, planning to make Arya surrender at sword-point; but before that, Arya throws the dagger to her left hand, which she has already placed near Brienne's throat, making Brienne surrender.
beo (9 months ago)
I can't tell, but did Arya win at 1:46 with the toss of the dagger to the other hand? That dagger could of been in Brienne gut before Brienne got her sword close to Arya neck.
WeCareALot (9 months ago)
That knife flip at 1:46 was fucking badass
MegaKaiser45 (9 months ago)
Catelyn's ghost at 0:13 and 1:00
Maximiliano Juarez (9 months ago)
I think Podrick is having the time of his life
Lauren Frendreis (9 months ago)
What is the song that plays?
Ankit Agrawal (9 months ago)
Watched it a hundred of times still can't get over it.
Lisa Jack (9 months ago)
Did anyone notice what Arya was saying at around 0:15 mark and the woman in the background walking past, in obviously a fine dress? And again at around 1:01? Could this be Lady Stoneheart, aka Catelyn Stark?
nobutYes (9 months ago)
Android Games 2018 (9 months ago)
https://youtu.be/_0kE52-Vsbk game of thrones all murder scenes
Feel Good (9 months ago)
Just kill Arya off already, this is getting way too ridiculous.
Talal Dhufairi (9 months ago)
What is the ost ??? Please
Adrian Jutronich (9 months ago)
Worst Foreplay Ever: "You can't use that my lord, it's too small".
Fenrir of ink (9 months ago)
thats it you big dumb useless bitch...you cant beat arya just you cant beat the hound really...go beg for owner somewhere else...fuckin most annoying character ever that blond whore
Héctor F (9 months ago)
This was just dumb, that little girl is out of place in GOT
payas virmani (9 months ago)
that little smirk on podrick's face at 1:01😂😂
Scion (9 months ago)
FFS she fought Brienne to a stalemate. That's ridiculous. Arya is turning into a real Mary Sue >=(
luvgzus4ever (9 months ago)
I only just noticed she switched hands with the dagger, sheesh! that was quick, totally missed that the first time I watched, I did notice though that Brienne is wearing a nicer version of the same armor she was wearing when she first met Arya
TetrisClock (9 months ago)
Arya unintentionally exposes the most glaring errors of fictional sword fights. Brienne winds up far too long for a swing, and Arya just steps out of the way to deliver some quick pokes. It would be even more realistic if, while Brienne was rearing back to chop, Arya just poked her a few more times just to point out how wasteful and ridiculous Brienne's fighting is.
zipico1 (9 months ago)
"...this is not the dance of the Westeros...the knight’s dance, hacking and hammering, no. This is the Bravo's Dance, the water dance. It is swift and sudden!"
Lynx Pictures (9 months ago)
One of the best scene so far !
BlackHawkRA (9 months ago)
Brienne: Who taught you how to do that? Arya: No one. Jaqen: *smiles* Syrio: K den
Erin (9 months ago)
Anyone know what song is playing while they duel? It's awesome.
Aditya Gaikwad (9 months ago)
WHY is this bit of music not in the season soundtrack !!!!!????? RAAAMINNNNNNNN
Boaz V (9 months ago)
Syrio Forel would have been so proud. She moved just like he did.
Artemius (9 months ago)
Mary Sue...
klyana130 (7 months ago)
Just like you
Bryan Vinicius (9 months ago)
no one
Jose Veijanen (9 months ago)
The look on Podricks face.
Harada Yxqqnjx (9 months ago)
I like Podrick's smile in that scene: 'You stupid cunts, if I show you my Lightbringer you will forget this silliness'
lika lana (9 months ago)
Arya is the best and the strongest character in got ❤👏
John Lee (9 months ago)
This manner of sparring doesn't make sense to me. Arya would have been dead with any misstep starting at 0:50. She didn't even have her sword out and Brienne almost sliced her in half. Weird to take such a risk with real weapons against the little girl you swore a vow to protect.
orange moonglows (9 months ago)
brienne would have been dead or badly injured with arya's first move. and you can see that by the look on brienne's face. you armchair critics seem to overlook that. arya won with her first move.
Fred Ferd (9 months ago)
You know, the really, really remarkable thing about this scene is that two fine actresses made the sword fighting look real. They were both very, very good! -- Still, I would hate to accidentally encounter either of them in an aley -- Old Man Bob
Duuknar Manak (9 months ago)
besides the stupid smile on Arya's face, it was a good fight.
Justin E (9 months ago)
nothing personnel tm
Derek Bressler (9 months ago)
Brienne: Who taught you how to do that? Arya: No one. Syrio Forel taught her how to do a lot of that. We never see Syrio die. Jaqen H'Gar shows up soon after, being shipped from the dungeons of the red keep to the wall. I think "no one" taught her all of that indeed.
Lee Butterworth (9 months ago)
Best bit out of the whole programme
lillithdv8 (9 months ago)
Badassery all around
Aditya Gaikwad (9 months ago)
1:26 when the music of the master starts ! ❤️
Adi Resuello (9 months ago)
0:39 2:32 my favorite part
Darwin Arriaza (9 months ago)
How true is the theory of incorporating Lady Stonheart into the show? The wink is seen in the 0:12 minute when it looks extra that reminds us of Catelyn and right in that moment Aria talks about her, and then in the minute 1:00. Personally I think it is difficult to appear at this point, but I would love to see her in the final season.
Vicky Jo (10 months ago)
I now it's a great series but as much as I try I can't seem to really get into any of the shows. Idk what's wrong with me. I really wanna be a part of the fun but it is tough to watch. Feels surreal at times.
M U (9 months ago)
Feel Good the books had gotten worse since a feast with crows, the last two are horrible.
Feel Good (9 months ago)
The show has turned into garbage in my opinion. Season 1- 4 was good, but you should read the books, they're still quality :)
Jamal Campbell (10 months ago)
somebody needs to fuck littlefinger up right now!!!!!
Raj Man (10 months ago)
david parsons (10 months ago)
Have to agree with the negative comments here. arya’s been my favourite character since i first saw her on GoT (along with the hound and tyrion) but this is absolutely not her way of fighting. She’s a stealth killer (familiar to many a gamer. Skyrim anyone?) whose primary weapons are the darkness and concealment (along with expert stave/dagger ability, poisoning, possibly archery etc.), not having a slugfest with an armoured giantess in full view of half the world and their spies, ffs. cover blown or what?
Fistwagon (10 months ago)
Much girl power cringe in this season.
klyana130 (7 months ago)
You can jerk off to your BOY loves in Episode 6.
A. New Paradigm (10 months ago)
Awwww! I so ship these two.
Thanos (10 months ago)
Stupid as f
zzz Anime time (10 months ago)
everything about season 7 is all fanservice, I still love arya.
Rev0UK1 (10 months ago)
littlefinger..."oh shit"
viyo hepav (10 months ago)
wow one of the best moment of the series brienne is very skilled with sword, she can make arya sword drop on the ground, but Arya has an assassin instinct can turn the situation around at the end,
just do et (10 months ago)
Sansa more like sakura ..useless
sayonara chinkoes (10 months ago)
with that level of bullshittery, I wouldn't be surprised if they make Arya face the mountain in a one-on-one and ended up killing him.
bonzwah1 (10 months ago)
Like I get that Arya is a fantasy exaggerated ninja assassin now, but she is literally parrying two handed sword swings from one of the strongest characters on the show with a goddamn child sized rapier and teenaged body one handed. The dodging, the ducking, the weaving, the speedy sword to the throat, that's all cool to me. hell, even that hand transfer at the end with the dagger was solid because her fantasy training makes it believable. show case her exaggerated beyond human skill, that's fine with me. There's alot of awesome stuff in this scene honestly. but arya's ability to change the trajectory of brienne's giant man swings with anything less than her full body behind it is utterly ridiculous. they honestly should have choreographed the entire thing without blade on blade contact, until the very end when brienne disarmed Arya.
Blake K (10 months ago)
Anyone else see Catlyn in the backround when Arya says mother?!
jeremybr2020 (10 months ago)
I don't want to be overly critical of this scene. It is probably in my top 5 favorite scenes of the whole series thus far. However when you watch a scene so many times you begin to note issues. The problem is this...... even though Brienne is using a tourney or practice sword, it is still a pretty heavy piece of metal being swung by one of the stronger characters in all of Westeros. So when Brienne takes these massive swings at Arya, as Arya with no real armor or helmet on, stands seemingly in a totally non-defensive stance. And Brienne, totally unaware of exactly how much training this small girl has....... lol You see where Im going with this, right? If Arya doesn't side step fast enough then Brienne smashes one of the Stark children squarely in the skull area. At the very least causing a serious gash, but more likely crushing the skull into the brain.
Tammy Ramos (10 months ago)
Hey I have a question whatever happened to Ramsays hounds
SuperCindayyy (10 months ago)
I just wanna see Arya sparr with Jon Snow
Cruella de Vil (10 months ago)
If Arya was a man non of those ''This scene does not make sense'' comments would appear. In these shows there are dragons, a man who came back to life, white walkers with a night king, a man who can change faces and Joffrey. Do you really think that a girl who was training and become a good fighter is the one who does not make sense??
Mr Steal Your joke (7 months ago)
"And joffrey" what?
klyana130 (7 months ago)
The little Manboy he-man 'we hatez Girl-wemin' post all around Youtube saying stupid crap from their basements masturbating to Mary Sue MALE heroes like Jon Snow.
Tigran Safaryan (10 months ago)

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