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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 4: Brienne and Arya (HBO)

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Watch a clip of Brienne and Arya dueling in "The Spoils of War." Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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Harsh Goyal (1 day ago)
sahil sharma (1 day ago)
The look on brienne's face when arya said no one 🤔🤔 something tells me that maybe brienne was also trained by the faceless men at some point🤔🤔🤔🤔 could that be possible?
TWSTF 8 (2 days ago)
I've watched that scene probably more than a thousand times lol and I still get all pumped from it
fenasi kerim (4 days ago)
O kadın bu kızı tek darbede bayıltır sakat bırakır.
Xenomorph (4 days ago)
It's been a year and it seems like yesterday ...Can't wait for the final season and I hope we get a spin-off somehow maybe with the Mad King see how the children of the forest turn that dude into the Night King. Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark and ofc young Ned Stark so many more stories ...
Thiago Soares (5 days ago)
Paladino vs ladino
שי סלומון (5 days ago)
Raj Singh (5 days ago)
I am in love with Arya. If by Wonder I ever have any gf she should be like Arya
Mukesh BG (7 days ago)
Thanos Vs Racoon 😂
Johnny Miguel (9 days ago)
Nothing personnel, kid
Loreal Anderson (9 days ago)
She should of just kept spartan kickin the shit out of that kid!!
Froth ? (10 days ago)
she went bonkai
Emily Macpherson (13 days ago)
Arya is getting scarily impressive. You can tell Podrick and Brienne are impressed.
YenAmiracle (20 days ago)
Ha, it IS “no one” taught her how to do that.
András Velki (22 days ago)
Best moment in season 7
Revelation (22 days ago)
Franck Ribery (23 days ago)
i love brienne she is reall strong and pretty !!! <33
highwind8124 (25 days ago)
You know what the worst part of liking Game of Thrones is? Having to tell your parents you're gay.
Tyler's Headmeat (26 days ago)
hippity hoppity women are property
Neil Fadia (28 days ago)
I love how easily a toothpick rapier is able to deflect 2-handed heavy swings of a broad sword.
KRANTHI KUMAR (28 days ago)
Arya papa 😍😍😍
Random Hedgehog (28 days ago)
Am I the only one that wasn't happy that it was a draw? Arya should not be equal to Brienne, Brienne trained all her life just like Arya, Arya should not for some reason gain an equal level of skill in much less time.
Madxcot (29 days ago)
Little finger knew he was screwed when she gave him that cold stare.
anoni miss (30 days ago)
Sucks theres only 6 episodes left i feel like theres still more to be explored about the many faced gods story arc would have been cool if it intersected at winterfell
anoni miss (30 days ago)
The only good arya scene last season
Sandor Clegane (1 month ago)
How to turn the best series ever seen into fucking shithy commercial rubish!!
Patrick Moreira (1 month ago)
Perfect example of female badassery that doesn’t come off as forced or over the top. Awesome scene
Erling Wangen (1 month ago)
Gods what a stupid scene (and season in general).
Kapokla Channel (1 month ago)
Virtus Pro must be proud
Shlomo Goldblatstein (1 month ago)
Nothing personal kid
Giuliano Marino (1 month ago)
arya is shit, worst character of da series
Muhammet Bayram (1 month ago)
Kizdirmayin babayı s#k#verir valla bak.
wp25 (1 month ago)
She's a real G
Queval NG (1 month ago)
No One !
Syed Jawwad ul hasan (1 month ago)
Jhulia Rodrigues (1 month ago)
Skadi (1 month ago)
damn arya really does make it look like she is dancing
Guillermo Robles (1 month ago)
Love that fight scene, love GOT 😍 cant wait for final season 8 ... "winter finally arrive"
ShaunRL (1 month ago)
One of the only good things about the last two seasons.
mehlev (1 month ago)
1:25 SO cool 😍 she looks like a viper
Enlil (1 month ago)
As soon as Littlefinger saw that he should have called it a day and left. 😂
Not Alfie (1 month ago)
This scene was SO fucking satisfying
Tuna (1 month ago)
Can someone explain why she was able to beat a seasoned warrior. She only had like a few lessons from syrio. So who trained her?
Tuna (1 month ago)
Touché 👌🏾
KỳNam Văn (1 month ago)
Tuna no one 😍
Thomas Kolter (1 month ago)
The Art of the Water Dance the man or woman flows around the enemy and adapts striking when an opening happens but she need to focus on thrusting attacks Needle is not edged so is meant to pierce and doing that she could kill almost anyone.
555 chen (1 month ago)
Little finger :I'm fucked
Mali Azzi (1 month ago)
Draw. But I'm pretty sure Arya can kill to her because she is .idk
RKB Kirin (1 month ago)
Arrghh!! Needing to watch videos like these to hold me over until the last season...
Ryan (1 month ago)
My fingers could defeat them both
Bhavin Tolia (1 month ago)
The flip at 1:24. #AdrenalineRush
Alejandra Bran (1 month ago)
One of my favorite scenes! I miss game of throne season 😭
Kono Dio Da! (1 month ago)
Sansa still a thot
incinerator950 (1 month ago)
GoT fights are so poorly choreographed it hurts to watch this flailing show. Coupled with awful plot progression and I'd rather just wait for Winds of Winter.
Master Chief (1 month ago)
One of my favorites
musiceni (1 month ago)
I hope she'll kill that Lannister bitch one day
John Penley (1 month ago)
Nice Dance floor moves Arya, but on a REAL battle field, those noves would be useless...theres a reason those warriors wear heavy plate and shields. Needle may be a half way decent duelling weapon, but in mass battle, Arya would really find herself at a serious disadvantage. On the flip side, I wouldnt wanna duel Arya one in on one...thats here strength, but those moves would have been useless in a real mass battle like "The Battle of the Bastards" Kinda hard to do those dance moves on a pile of dead corpses while arrows rain down upon you.
KỳNam Văn (1 month ago)
John Penley that is why she was trained to be an ASSASSIN. Not a Knight on the battle field or a Warrior. She would never kill you face to face but she'd kill you while you sleep, eat or behind your back.
Crazyrzy Q8 (1 month ago)
Thanks to this channel reminding me to GOT now I have to binge-watch all the series again!
neotizzo (1 month ago)
Who in their right mind would give this video a thumbs down? 🤣🤣🤣
Isamu T (1 month ago)
Brienne swings pretty hard for the size of that sword
Mob_Abominator (1 month ago)
Damn !!!!
tomtom34b (1 month ago)
for a training session, that was pretty dangerous imo :-p
Matthew Borell (1 month ago)
Such an awesome scene
Black fyre (1 month ago)
Ayra needs a good shag after that performance 😍
Kshitij Raj (2 months ago)
brienne swinging the sword like a demon has possessed her. Also, the sword is a one-handed sword .... not a longsword to be used with both hands.
Shamanized (2 months ago)
0:13 the ghost of Catelyn Stark
Melon Lord (2 months ago)
John Holmes (2 months ago)
Arya should fight Tilda (Into the badlands), the battle would be over epic
wavingdragon (2 months ago)
It is obvious that one of them has watched The Karate Kid and the other has not. Guess which one has.
Antonio Gee (3 months ago)
Brienne's lil smirk that her murder-baby is a worthy duelist. :,)
Nayeem Haque (3 months ago)
Stop it! You are spoiling it! You are spoiling everything!!
Priya Verma (4 months ago)
I can never get enough of this scene
Saddaf (4 months ago)
Can't wait for a jon and arya reunion
Yoga Tanaya (5 months ago)
Littlefinger knows its Called water dancing. Because he’s ancestors from Braavos
MrSporkster (5 months ago)
This choreography is appallingly bad, and not even close to accurate. That is NOT how you use a longsword.
The look on Briennes face when Arya answers ''No one'' shows that her ill thought out question served to reaffirm her reasons for protecting the Stark girls; realizing her own answer to that question would have been ''My father''. She seems saddened by that very short exchange. I love all the implications of those two lines
John Nathan (5 months ago)
1:25 Like a serpent preparing to strike
primario (5 months ago)
que mierda de video
Sorcerer Holmes (5 months ago)
Non shall pass.
RDKRL (6 months ago)
Sansas watching while realizing that her biggest achievement since season 1 was getting raped by Ramsy
Foordy288 (6 months ago)
Soooooooooooooo BADASS
Dilbert king (6 months ago)
My shitty phone wont do thumbs up, but I would give several!!!!
Blasphy B (6 months ago)
Game of Mary Sues
Pelamaal (7 months ago)
A perfectly done scene that gives both great action, drama and humor in such a short time
Blaa Blaa (7 months ago)
why the fuck is brienne acting like she is swinging a fucking hammer?
CaitlinAeRee (7 months ago)
I wonder if Sansa truly grasped the shift of power that happened in this practice duel. Or if she thought Brienne took it easy on Arya....and did Little Finger realize how dangerous Arya truly was? Or did he underestimate her?
الله يلعنكم
JohnDoe (8 months ago)
I'm looking for a chick called *Kendall Barnett* from Wisconsin who looks just like this blonde. I know this is a long shot but I know you watch all GOT on YouTube so if you ever read this in the next 12 months... *reply*
LSkxlxtxus (8 months ago)
i would watch this a million times and never get bored
CGP travels (8 months ago)
This scene is so stupid Brianne is carrying a broadsword Arya is using a something similar to a Napoleon era officers sword with one swing Arya's sword would have been knocked out of her hand or snapped in half
Samuel Leask (9 months ago)
I'm not an expert in swordsmanship or anything but it seemed like it was obvious where Brienne's strokes were going to land. I mean she's coming in from this massive buildup and taking her time each time she attacks Arya. Maybe this was intentional to show how fast Arya is, but it seems like Brienne's fighting abilities aren't quite shown here. Probably just me nitpicking idk
notev avdd (9 months ago)
Does it look to me or bryane aims straight for kill especialy neck aimings, I mean how does she know that arya can escape these attacks, if she would not move fast her head would be on the ground
Martial Arts Mecca (10 months ago)
Let's not forget that she sparred a monster. Brienne started swinging hard halfway through the match. Arya is the strongest currently. She can kill a full grown man in a matter of seconds. Syrio would praise her, but scold her later for droping her sword. It's how i imagine it. Imo, out of all the POV characters, Arya had it toughest but she had the best of instructors. Ned, Syrio, The Hound and the Faceless Man were her teachers, that's what makes her so OP.
Sunny Intervals (10 months ago)
Can someone do this with the Bride vs O-Ren Ishii music from Kill Bill?
dbestpanyera (10 months ago)
By the way, it was a TIE. Brienne did NOT lose to Arya. At the end of the scene, both had swords up their neck. The director also said it was a tie. Arya did not win.
Fudge Fantasy (10 months ago)
Davis Whitaker (10 months ago)
You know, It's strange. when you think of it, our favorite Stark Sisters got what they wanted. Arya became a fighter, and a damn good one, but it cost her the home she had, and the family she loved. Sansa became a lady of Winterfell, but she lost just as much as Arya, if not more (I'm totally talking about her virginity). I think this shows that you need to make sacrifices to become what you want to become, even if the sacrifice is involuntary.
Davis Whitaker (10 months ago)
Peacekeeper vs warden.
Benson Tauro (10 months ago)
Even Sansa realizes Aryan can kick her ass in a fight xD
Alan Derricks (10 months ago)
Arya is a little "BAD ASS" she knows the "WATER DANCE". Syrio Forell would be PROUD!!!!!
xxlCortez (10 months ago)
No one can beat Brienne.
SkyLight Gameuse (10 months ago)
They're amazing ♥ Want more badass female fighting? https://www.amazon.com/Powerful-Harcilor-S-N-Lemoing-ebook/dp/B06W2P76QM/

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