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Ned and Robert - Game of Thrones Odd Couples

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It would be great to see a young version of these two. Thanks for Watching.
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New Ish (15 days ago)
Did you put these together yourself?
Osiris (1 month ago)
“If you’d like to change into something more appropriate.” Fuck that, Ned intended to stay strapped at all times in Kings Landing.
Albert Chehade (3 months ago)
He should have left a few witnesses in the room to attest to his last proclamation. That bitch wife of his tore it up as if it was toilet paper. How could she get away with that?
Wolf BlitzAH (3 months ago)
"A half wit with a stutter."..😂😂
Wolf BlitzAH (3 months ago)
The Great Bobby B!
GibletPlays (3 months ago)
I like how the mountains crest is a hound
Love these videos man. Ned and Robert, the ultimate bromance.
GhostOfRhurValley (4 months ago)
Yool be a soulja hahaha , not really more of a paralyzed psychic bird man
Dima Shinder (5 months ago)
I always got the feeling Ned didn't really like Robert but Robert was blind to it.
sonisisuper (2 months ago)
Dima Shinder Ned loved Robert like a brother but they didn't have that much in common besides the fighting. Robert was so crass, always making Ned cringe.
theSilentCartographer (5 months ago)
Idk if anyone noticed, but every Stark that Robert Baratheon had touched is now dead. Whether this was intentional, or just plain coincedence, is severely uncanny.
Wolf BlitzAH (3 months ago)
No I was wrong that was Rickon..he asked to see Bran muscles.
Wolf BlitzAH (3 months ago)
theSilentCartographer not exactly he shook yiung Bran hair and well you know.
the lone wanderer (4 months ago)
theSilentCartographer yeah that's what got me and my brothers hooked. Who's your favorite character?
theSilentCartographer (4 months ago)
the lone wanderer If im being completely honest? Halo: Combat Evolved is the best. The feeling of being on a strange planetlike device and discovering the different lifeforms was amazing.
the lone wanderer (4 months ago)
theSilentCartographer just a random question but what's your favorite halo game? I like 2 the best and sergeant Johnson is the best character. I remember waiting with my big and little brothers we were so excited when halo 2 came out. We got yelled at for staying up for two nights in a row and my parents grounded my big brother from his using his car!
Rohit Sarkar (5 months ago)
Jon and davos odd couples
I would really like one of the spinoff series to be about their younger selves and Robert's eventual defeat of the Mad King.
Thomas Marzec (6 months ago)
hey what music did you use as the intro?
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (6 months ago)
Kenny C (6 months ago)
RIP my nigga Bobby B and my dude Eddy Stizzle.
Jay Penrake (6 months ago)
I miss Ned so much
Kevin (5 months ago)
Yugo Ned was such a gangster. He said "I'll fear the Dothraki the day they teach their horses to run on water." They meant that little to him in the big scheme of things.
Blaylock (6 months ago)
I love how Robert's first guess of Ned's bastards mother was "Alynna".... Pretty close
Blaylock (6 months ago)
only a small 'Ly" between the truth
Doctor Manhattan (6 months ago)
Robert loved Ned's sister, she was in love with Roberts enemy, Robert thought his enemy killed her, Ned knows everything but can't tell his friend because he promised to care for her and Robert's enemy child, Ned tells everyone it is his bastard child. That's better than in any sitcom.
Darth Green Ranger (6 months ago)
That look.
Frank Castle (6 months ago)
Ned Stark, the honorable fool who just wanted to stay in Winterfell and bury his head in the snow.
Michael Gagliardi (6 months ago)
Thanks again Daemon for another awesome time killing compilation.. I never get tired of your videos. I always got a bug up my ass at the bedside of Robert...why didn't he make Ser Barristen Selmy or someone witness his last will and wishes?!!? Yeah we wouldn't of had much of a story probably but c'mon.. No one would've been able to rip the paper up like she did. Ahhhhh ya gotta love G.O.T.
Devesh Solanki (6 months ago)
Pls dude upload new one
Elizabeth Flynn (6 months ago)
Yes,it would be cool to see a young version,but hey. Do you take time for yourself at all,Daemon? Don't get me wrong,my friend. I really love the videos you put together. I love them,but it must take up so much of your time. Hope you do. Hugs and love to you and yours from Ireland.
Don Rajah (5 months ago)
55:43 Robert Baratheon signs Eddard Starks death sentence.
Don Rajah (6 months ago)
"When you play The Game of Thrones you either win or you die, there is no middle ground "!!
Daemon Blackfyre 2.0 (6 months ago)
Mr. Miagi says Squish like a grape.
Rochelle Santana (6 months ago)
Can you make a video of the onion king season seven?!
Danny Young (6 months ago)
"wear it in silence or i'll honor you again".......king robert keeping the seven kingdoms and his pimp hand strong 💪.....
Alunita Inghinala (6 months ago)
The days when Sansa was a stupid little girl.
Battafly home (6 months ago)
Not sure why, everyone thinks Ned was an honorable man!! He was not Robert's friend...actually he was a bad bad friends. Friends dont keep secrets from each other. You dont make him, love on a lie. If you cant be real with him, its best to cut ties. He was a horrible husband to his wife. If you cant trust your wife with your sister's son, regardless of the circumstances, then your marriage is a sham. Maybe kath and Jon snow's relationship would be different. All he cared about is his family name and nothing else. He cared for his kids, just cause they will carry on his name. It didnt take Varys that long, to convince him to lie, in order to save his kids. Honor doesn't lie. In fact, he was living a lie. Period. Still love him though. He makes cute babies.
King Naga (6 months ago)
Say what you will of King Robert, for the entire series we see, Westeros was never more peaceful. Joffery started the War of the Five Kings, Tommen was weak, and easily manipulated, and Cersei plunged a war torn and weary country into an even larger war than Joffery, and every pretender king from Renly to The Greyjoy's were simply self serving. 20 some years of peace. Miss ya, King Rob.
IRHasDiabetes911 (5 months ago)
20 years of peace except for the greyjoy rebellion
Dan Zalisnock (6 months ago)
GoT is so amazing with foreshadowing, even in the show where they are limited as far as being by the books. Nickolai Caster-Waldau (sorry if I misspelled), but even when season 1 had us all believing his was this evil villian that pushed a kid out of a tower, you can tell he really was smug...at the 26 minute mark he kind of gives Robert that look like "and fucks? Bro, I fuck your wife all the time and your kids are mine and your too dumb to believe it". But then Robert asks him what the mad king said when he stabbed him in the back, expecting to insult him, and for the first time you can see Jaime seriously reflect on the horrible piece of shit the mad king was, and how he knew by saving the city that day, he would soil his spotless golden name forever. But he did it anyways.
Jesse Broberg (6 months ago)
Please do Jon Snow and Sansa Season 7 videos next :)
amazing vids
Jeromeo Dagreat (6 months ago)
i love your intros man! Thanks for taking the time to put all of these together. I have learned so much from all of these various focuses. So many things that I missed. Many many thanks!
Lana Rey (6 months ago)
"Damnit Ned stand-up" lol. Sometimes I think Roberts love for Lyanna was based off of the fact that she was Ned's sister. Basically a female Ned.
Martin Flaisig (2 months ago)
Where do you get that? Ned specifically said that Robert loved the idea, not the woman, and that Lyanna wasn't in love with him. Especially with the benefit of hindsight, knowing that she run off out of love, and was not kidnapped, your claim is a bit off.
TheShakey99 (4 months ago)
Possibly a reason. But also the fact that she was like Robert in the sense she enjoyed fighting, riding, and would more than likely accompany Robert on hunting trips. Besides the crude manner, she was basically Robert.
brenoldt (6 months ago)
the best odd couple would be robert and lancel
lisa koola (6 months ago)
loving this! OMG this is about right Ned and Robert! a friendship that ends sadly Thank you Daemon 💖
KeloTheGod (6 months ago)
Fucking hated Cersei !
dj sims (6 months ago)
best friends to the end
Thetoro360 (6 months ago)
At this point most of us should be able to quote most of Robert's lines XD
Ya S a l a a m (6 months ago)
''Show your muscles...You'll Be a Soldier ''
payup117 (6 months ago)
should have been youll be a cripple
Jon McCloud (6 months ago)
draxler young 3rd Eye Raven and fuck everything up *
Jon Snow (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot. I always love it!
Timothy McCormick (6 months ago)
Ned's honor got him killed. Robert was right when he called him an "honorable fool".
arcsaber11 (5 months ago)
Ned's honor was more important to him than his life
mikeshatter (6 months ago)
Wow, he called Ned a loyal friend, and all this time Ned knew...
Heather L Thomas (6 months ago)
Thank you daemon sweetie I will be watch this after my kid goes to school this morning God bless you and your heart ❤
ChakraZulu210 (6 months ago)
Ned didn't even fuck with Robert no more but he kept faith with his homie for old times sake. Ned was a real one....Thanks for these compilations Daemon Blackfyre they shoulda let you be an extra in season 8 or something
Dan Zalisnock (6 months ago)
Bob Baratheon? LMFAO
Dan Zalisnock (6 months ago)
Solo I had a 3rd cousin with that name and we called him Rob-Bob....Rob-Bob Baratheon. Maybe Bob-Bath.
Solo (6 months ago)
Bobert Baratheon
Dan Zalisnock (6 months ago)
AMagicalPotato ya don't say? Lol
AMagicalPotato (6 months ago)
Pretty sure dick is short for Richard and bob and rob are short for Robert.
Funky Monk (6 months ago)
Bobby B*
Dan Zalisnock (6 months ago)
Eddard is such a recluse when u think of it. Why wouldn't he wanna visit Lord Jon who was like a father to him and Robert who was his best friend and war companion, even if they had a disagreement. He was one of the great lords of westeros
ChakraZulu210 (6 months ago)
I think it was because he always knew the truth about Lyanna and Jon. Ned wasn't the type of dude that could just lie all the time. So he stayed up in the north where it wouldn't come up as much.....
Dan Zalisnock (6 months ago)
mstrblik that's true. I think good old dead Ned woulda been ok tho with his entourage just to gallop down once every few years and kick with with Lord Jon for a fortnight.
mstrblik (6 months ago)
"Why wouldn't he wanna visit Lord Jon..." there was a saying "starks die everytime they go south." i think they all to it into heart.
AllAboutTheAFC (6 months ago)
Cheers for the upload! Rob and Ned were like brothers. Rob like the comedic, and Ned as the mature one. Sad we only saw their bromance for only 1 season.
Jonssoni921 (5 months ago)
It would be awesome to see more of their adventures! Robert especially was an awesome badass.
Kyle Shaw (6 months ago)
Hopefully we get a spinoff about Robert's Rebellion.
Kheram (6 months ago)
Thi The Ef (6 months ago)
Thanx DB2.0 Gr8 job!
Ng Li Jie (6 months ago)
They are a fantastic duo! I feel sorry that they lived through only Season 1 😢
John Hampton (6 months ago)
Oh hell yes! Thanks Daemon these 2 are Epic! #Peace! P.S. I just noticed, Robert plays the King Card a lot! :-P Peace!
dibyanshu shekhar dey (6 months ago)
Back to back videos about odd couples take some rest buddy. I have said it many times and I hope I will Great video buddy.....
Jesse wru (6 months ago)
UndeadFred (6 months ago)
I appreciate the sass
friggingoose (6 months ago)

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