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Managing Your Server Files with MCProHosting

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Check out our brand new file control system that makes it super easy to upload, zip, move, modify, and create files on your MCProHosting server! https://mcprohosting.com
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Text Comments (296)
esthetic (10 months ago)
how to you upload a custom map??
Phoenix Vlogs (11 months ago)
How do u upload a map and is it 24/7
Sleepibot (1 year ago)
Yo so I'm planning on buying a server but I want to be able to put mods in it and add whatever I want. I heard that there are modpacks that you can get but you can't make modpacks. Is this true? If not then how would you make your own modpack or add mods and would you use a forge server?
Tamara (1 year ago)
How do I use bungee cord to link multiple servers together? Do I need to buy multiple plans? Please help :/
Baby Duckie MC & More (1 year ago)
Can you do a tutorial on certain permissions that you can give to players
Gabriel Armaly (1 year ago)
I have a modded server but i also need plugins But if i switch it to bukkit i lose my mods H How do i fix!
sWiRlY (1 year ago)
How do you get rid of the < > by your name
lappen 99 (1 year ago)
How do you go to Files theres a new update and its retarded PLS HELP
Tronix (1 year ago)
hello could i get a free server???
Sleepibot (1 year ago)
Dude lol
Malachi Rodriguez (1 year ago)
How do I add the owner icon next to my name
Froggie Bro (1 year ago)
I am having problems it says I'm op on the console but then on the world it does not allow me to do certain commands like gamemode 1 HELP
Sleepibot (1 year ago)
do /op (then your name)
Avēx (1 year ago)
Does this port your server so for example someone from china could join if your from australia
Chris Fire (2 years ago)
How can I add a mod?
Hijacktrolo (2 years ago)
ok so me and my friend are having a problem getting 1.7.10 forge to work on mcprohosting i mean it works fine until you add mods does anyone know how to fix it?
D5H (2 years ago)
Vluxity (2 years ago)
How to change the MOTD?
Izzeh (2 years ago)
PLEASE HELP , I have not bought my server yet , I have bought one from a different companies before and I'm very disappointed because I can't make my world flat! Please help me make my world flat , once you reply I will! I just need to know if I can make it flat
Hefty Trash (2 years ago)
How do i add a custom world?? for a spawn
Cannonade (2 years ago)
white listing isnt working it just says u are not white listed on this server but i did what he showed.
Pound (2 years ago)
the deleted file comes back thoe
Feedback (2 years ago)
HELP! My server keeps crashing! All it says than is Server Closed. All it says in the console is Seems like a crash. How do i fix this?
Denzix (2 years ago)
oh alright
Feedback (2 years ago)
It works again.
Denzix (2 years ago)
what plugins do you have?
superjalia (2 years ago)
I can't login to my control panel. I put in my name for the first part and my password but it says the name is wrong? Do i have to get a server first? I tried logging in before i actually bought a server to see if it would work because last time on a different website I bought a server that didn't let me login. So do I have to buy a server first to access the control panel?
Pound (2 years ago)
xD you need a account
Ári Jakobsen (2 years ago)
Do op your username and not /op your username
SuperSonicSpeed9 (2 years ago)
Didn't work can't even get on my server
Guillotine (2 years ago)
How do I open the config file to ArchonCrates so i can add more rewards to a crate and or add crates
Guillotine (2 years ago)
I figured that out but now I cant save the changes
Daniel Fitton (2 years ago)
How would i make the game skyblock???
BlueBuster2x (2 years ago)
help!! i made the server but i cant use gamemode D: what happen?
Geometry - Coreybirdo (2 years ago)
op yourself /op <player name>
Elijah Salmela (2 years ago)
I want to add commands but it doesn't come up with the file anyone help
AlienSpace Bot (2 years ago)
how do you download the world?
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+AlienSpace Bot You can download your world by following the steps in this guide - https://clients.mcprohosting.com/knowledgebase/215/How-To-Download-Your-Server-Files.html
Baina YT (2 years ago)
For a minecraft server is there an option to enable command blocks?
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Baina YT Yes! This option can be found in the server.properties file.
WILLCRAFT 7869 (2 years ago)
how do you reset end only
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+WILLCRAFT 7869 Head on over to your FTP file access after making a backup with the supplied guide and then delete the <worldname>_the_end directory with the steps shown in the video. https://clients.mcprohosting.com/knowledgebase/48/How-to-Create-a-Backup.html
What I think YT (2 years ago)
I could not figure out how to upload a flat world Please help
What I think YT (2 years ago)
Never mind I figured it out thanks thow
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Max Gaming To ensure we are both on the same page; are you wanting to upload an existing flat world or are you wanting to generate a new world on your server that is flat?
Porkchopp - Minecraft (2 years ago)
Do how to add a custom map to a server
Porkchopp - Minecraft (2 years ago)
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Porkchopp Here is an article to walk you through the process - https://clients.mcprohosting.com/knowledgebase/222/How-to-Upload-Your-World-Using-Your-Control-Panel.html
Phantom (2 years ago)
Can you do a tutorial where you can import files from a different server (By different I mean Servers made from scratch)
Phantom (2 years ago)
+MCProHosting Thanks :D
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+The SpringMaster2431 Thank you for the suggestion! That is a great Idea! We will definitely look into this.
Zak Kirk (2 years ago)
How about you make an easier way to convert world files upload world files and make flatworlds. I paid for a server and it's actually so much bs. You can't do anything.
Zak Kirk (2 years ago)
Well It's extremely difficult to even attempt to do that, I am simply trying to change my world to a flat world and I come across endless problems. I am unable to use essentials as it doesn't work. I currently am unable to use some vanilla commands as it's giving an internal error.
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+ToxicPlayz MC (Toxic) We are always looking to improve our platform and value your suggestion. We will keep this in mind as we work for the future :). At this time what issues have you run into? Currently you should be able to upload and edit your world files with the click of a button and a small server configuration change.
RickyT (2 years ago)
Is there a way to download worlds? I am unfortunately canceling my server subscription but i'd like to save the world first.
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Sparkz King I am sorry to hear that! Are you experiencing any issues with our platform that may have influenced this cancellation? Here is an article to walk you through the process - https://clients.mcprohosting.com/knowledgebase/215/How-To-Download-Your-Server-Files.html
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Sparkz King I am sorry to hear that! Are you experiencing any issues with our platform that may have influenced this cancellation? Here is an article to walk you through the process - https://clients.mcprohosting.com/knowledgebase/215/How-To-Download-Your-Server-Files.html
wowitsWyatt (2 years ago)
I looked at the tutorial for uploading maps on the website with file zilla multiple times and it fails could this be out dated? i came here looking for a way
wowitsWyatt (2 years ago)
most of the time it wont put a map on and just leaves me with a randomly generated world but other times it will just stop my server and not let me start it can u help?
wowitsWyatt (2 years ago)
I've done it multipletimes following multiple tutorials on youtube and on the website but none have worked.
wowitsWyatt (2 years ago)
Yes I get a world that has no map similar to what i put in.
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+WooFuzz You should not run into any problems by following the tutorial. Have you already attempted to install a world following the supplied article - https://clients.mcprohosting.com/knowledgebase/31/How-to-Upload-a-World-to-Your-Minecraft-Server-Using-FTP.html
Halo_The_Zombie (2 years ago)
I need help I spawned something to big and it kicked me off the server and it won't let me turn it on and when I try to play the world on normal Minecraft it is a flat world or it doesn't let me on the world at all I need help I worked soo hard on this server
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Halo_The_Zombie I am sorry to hear that! We will be more than happy to investigate this issue further for you. Please submit a ticket when it is convenienent for you and we will get this issue resolved! - https://clients.mcprohosting.com/submitticket.php
Jack Harris (2 years ago)
WTF???? I paid for a server, I am ranked owner, but when I use commands, it says I need to contact an admin!! I am an admin on my server!!!
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Hacker Depending on the version of Minecraft you are currently running you will need to enter the /op command in game or via the console. When entering commands in the console exclude the "/".
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Jack Harris Hey Jack! This may be an issue with the plugin you are using. Have you verified you are OP or have granted the rank "Owner" the specific permission node to run the command you desire?
iTz_Endz (2 years ago)
I've made a server but I can't find it
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Coolingvirus5 Gaming That's not good! We will be more than happy to look into that for you. Upon purchase you should have received an email containing your server address and login information. If you are having a bit of trouble locating this message our support team can point you in the right direction - https://clients.mcprohosting.com/submitticket.php
iTz_Endz (2 years ago)
Because I can't login
ItsMo (2 years ago)
im such a noob i cant do this at all
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Mahmoud Ghoneim Here is a guide to help you through the process - https://clients.mcprohosting.com/knowledgebase/32/How-to-Manually-Install-Minecraft-Plugins.html
ItsMo (2 years ago)
i dont know how to add plugins from 3rd party websites, and i cant Download worlds, i cannot add a Faction plugin from the "Bukget" feature please help me
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Mahmoud Ghoneim Sure you can! :) What problems have you run into?
Virtuous Gaming (2 years ago)
Please Help! Can't op myself in the control panel and the rest of the control panel doesn't work with the configurations i made to it. How do i fix this?
Darren Gaming (2 years ago)
+MCProHosting Can you make a video on how to upload your own MC world on to the MCProHosting thing. Because i want to put one of my single player maps on my server so me and my friends can use it!
N.A.F.I.A.M (2 years ago)
+MCProHosting So... we just drag all the map files into the FTP thing?
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+IHATEPIKCHU Of course! She should have received a welcome email upon activation of the server containing the control panel credentials. If you are still experiencing issue feel free to submit a ticket to our Logins department - https://clients.mcprohosting.com/submitticket.php
galaxie (2 years ago)
+MCProHosting I need help my friend got a server of yours and its not letting her look at her control panel can u help??
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Minecraftians When entering commands into the console please ensure you are not including a "/". If you wish to OP yourself please type the following in console op <username> i.e op Notch
JSW (2 years ago)
I don't suppose anyone knows how to download the world from the server?
JSW (2 years ago)
+Fabulous Z NVM i figured it out cuz im a genius
Lao Pro (2 years ago)
I wish it's free :( I finding a 24/7 server hosted like this good
DJ Mitosis (2 years ago)
how do you figure out your server ip
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+the ones that play mc101 You should have received an email with your numeric address along with your control panel credentials. Your IP can be found on the email and the control panel front page.
Jedikiah (2 years ago)
How do I change my difficulty and enable commands on my server?
MCProHosting (2 years ago)
+Jedikiah Games You can change your server's difficulty with "/difficulty <mode>" i.e /difficulty peaceful Commands are not disabled on your server, however, you may not be an OPERATOR on the server. To complete this simply head over to your server's console and type "op <Username>" i.e op Notch
djdephillips (2 years ago)
Whenever I Try To Upload A World Onto My Server It Always Says 1 Chunk Missing Please Help Me
HellJumperCentral (2 years ago)
Our server has been having issues with coreprotect oddly it won't create a config file at all, so when I checked ftp it just is a download file...
FoundYourBike YT (2 years ago)
Is this reliable
smol bean (2 years ago)
You never said how to access the config... :/
Bjenito Dorito (2 years ago)
how can i upload a world
sannaili (2 years ago)
how can i add custom maps i download myself
Sumodk_ (2 years ago)
How to enabled a command block
Maxwell Sopaz (2 years ago)
i paid for a server but this screen doesnt come up...
Artics Design (2 years ago)
thats weird, it did that to me when I didn't pay one month but it sopped doing that once I payed again
Maxwell Sopaz (2 years ago)
just says "servers you own and have used will be shown here" and logout (maxsoap)
Maxwell Sopaz (2 years ago)
Artics Design (2 years ago)
+Maxwell Sopaz Are you in the control panel?
Thinkachu123 (2 years ago)
i downloaded multiple maps on my server, but when i put it on, the server wont start. Can someone tell me Y?
_iFrosty (2 years ago)
How do you install your own map? without FileZilla
Fang (2 years ago)
It says Error 403. Is that because I got the free server or... something else?
XRaymondX (2 years ago)
dude i bought a server and i cant find my ip
Filip Franzén (2 years ago)
can you do a video how to upload a server texturepack video
Timothy Borgerson (3 years ago)
So can I put in my own mod pack and its configs?
Roger Cuevas (3 years ago)
My server always says cant connect to server can you help me?
mariomario813 (2 years ago)
+Roger Cuevas start your server make sure your on the right ip!
KittyTrax (3 years ago)
How do I reset my password? I made a server a few months ago, only for a month. And it worked amazingly! I had this "friend" who added some plugins. And I was wondering if my server will still have all the plugins and stuff.
Sebastian Velasco (3 years ago)
is this how u like get adventure maps on your server?
Oliver Nordin (3 years ago)
so how do i load a world that i downloaded
Rafa Recalde (3 years ago)
How to upload a world on your server
AeroMC (3 years ago)
no audio?
Hest / MOD-Sander (3 years ago)
Irab Kabs (3 years ago)
I've been trying to save my current server's world for singleplayer use, and starting up a completely new world with pixelmon and no plugins- could you do a video on how to do so? thanks!
Crazychris (3 years ago)
can I add a map doing this?
yourboystealth (3 years ago)
How do I upload my own map to my server?
HSDXB (3 years ago)
I just got the server today and it is so hard to set up
vek (2 years ago)
+Tumble1437 go into your server console and type /op (your username)
Limren1437 (3 years ago)
I know right yesterday I bought it but now I'm stuck on 1 world and none of my changes I make (even thought I stopped the server and saved it) It says I don't have permissions for every command accept /pay even the vanilla 1s and the plugins don't affect it when I install them!
FragMasterBot (3 years ago)
How do u change the world
[ Soviet Maverick ] (3 years ago)
how do you install forge mods? cause when ever i try to use em they just dissapear from my hotbar in minecraft
Lu (3 years ago)
How do I change the ip
Lu (3 years ago)
+Dadda Purple Damnit ;_;
Dadda Purple (3 years ago)
+Mine_craft_kitty Gaming den idk ;_;
Lu (3 years ago)
+Dadda Purple Tried ;_;
Dadda Purple (3 years ago)
+Mine_craft_kitty Gaming Control Panel > Subdomain > Boom! =D
Timothy Borgerson (3 years ago)
So can I add my own mod pack by just dragging all of the files into this?
Frost The Mage (3 years ago)
+MCProHosting how u bann someone?
Crazychris (3 years ago)
+Frost The Mage go to the console and type /ban (player)
SharkProGamer (3 years ago)
+MCProHosting When I try to get the world edit plugin, I download it and all then I go onto minecraft, try to do //wand, IT DOESN'T WORK!! Help would be appreciated. Thanks! ^_^
Carter Harris (3 years ago)
have you tried uninstall and reinstalling it?? if so check your console and tell me the error
SharkProGamer (3 years ago)
+carcar crafter it says unknown command
Carter Harris (3 years ago)
Can you go into details of what happens when you do //wand?
JensenFilms (3 years ago)
Are u gonna freaking respond to the people who need help? I can't find out how to be op!!! HELP
Dennis Hepworth (3 years ago)
Thanks for the tutorial, it helped a ton, but you say 'literally' a ton.
MarkusTheUnnamed (3 years ago)
So I can download custom maps?
Brady Brown (3 years ago)
+MCProHosting How u op your or change your game if is your sever
Marcho (3 years ago)
Please help me when i try to install my world with this it says error
Tezcroy (3 years ago)
i can't downlode my server. Please Help! :D
LethalCoreGaming (3 years ago)
+Tezcroy Can you switch between your worlds? If so, how?
Tezcroy (3 years ago)
+Tezcroy Btw i figured it out :D
Single Z (3 years ago)
Is it possible to have a custom map other than the MCpro hosting ones it gives you
Rolfeyy (3 years ago)
How do I change my server version? I want it to be 1.8 not 1.7
Rolfeyy (3 years ago)
+xBigEasyx From MMCers Thanks for the respond, but I already figured it out.
Ethan Wickstrom (3 years ago)
+JakeTheNoob I know this is a late reply, but just in case you haven't figured it out, go to the side bar of your control panel, and you should see server type. click that and then click "click to change server type" but before you do all of this you should back up your server! Seriously! back it up! xD. Hopefully this helped
JJ Spencer (3 years ago)
Can you make a Video on how to make a Factions server and Prison servers and stop PPL from destroying Blocks without Promission and how to make muiltiple worlds [e.x A server with Factions Skyblock and prison please make a vid]
mombo 2811 (3 years ago)
Use workd edite and worldguard to protect ur spawn
TopNotchGaming X (3 years ago)
every time I open my minecraft server when I try to go in it crashes
Michael Stewart (3 years ago)
How do you add plugins and stuff? im the owner and what to be able to downer things like on other people servers
SpooksASA (3 years ago)
I cant get into my world becasue it says it's outdated!  please help :(((((
Ethan Wickstrom (3 years ago)
+luke lippincott The server is most likely out dated. I know this is a late reply, but just in case you haven't figured it out, go to the side bar of your control panel, and you should see server type. click that and then click "click to change server type" but before you do all of this you should back up your server! Seriously! back it up! xD. Hopefully this helped
Rolfeyy (3 years ago)
+luke lippincott The server is probably a different minecraft version
TheDarkBlazer (3 years ago)
i canot uplodad a world help
DeFish Koi (3 years ago)
if had a code for discounting, how can I use it p/s: sorry about my bad english
i love the intro :D
Crundee_Gamez (3 years ago)
the website suck's!
Misha Sybrandy (3 years ago)
How do I activate a mod?
Aasmund Eklo (3 years ago)
How can i save my server world. I have been building on it for a while, but i want to change to another map so i can play survival etc. But i dont want to loose my other world that i have been building on. Plz help me
Hans Petersen (3 years ago)
This is the third night my servers have been down 3days in a row. there seems to be some issue with our node, I have had no explanation for why,  our bungee has been down for three days running! And there is no way to have any real communication with the support department.   Our little server is growing and we have reached the point where we need bigger dedicated servers, this alone may solve the issue, however;  after the last week why would i stay. the two reasons i came to mcpro were customer service and reliability, I have been failed on both fronts. It's sad because with some things the support team are great they can solve most all plugin issues and hook up your bungee in a flash. Which is why I think we feel so let down by the last week.  Working hard to keep the momentum of the server up, buying ads on server lists, doing facebook twiter instagram and all for what? To ask people to hang out in teamspeak and twittle their thumbs because you host is down? 10 hours the first night 8 the next, how many tonight? 14 hours and counting  I can only hope they get it up long enough for me to down load my maps and player data. hansbrinker, zilvermine owner
Sam Van Noyen (3 years ago)
I can't upload my server map (it's a folder.)
Evan M. (2 years ago)
+Sam Van Noyen What do I put for "Host" PLEASE HELP!
kfflom gamers (3 years ago)
ok thx
Sam Van Noyen (3 years ago)
+kfflom gamers Go to FTP file acces, top right "ftp credentials"or something, put that info in in file Zilla, connect and then it should point itself out.
kfflom gamers (3 years ago)
i cant use it it eont let me upload
Sam Van Noyen (3 years ago)
+kfflom gamers FileZilla, using FTP.
Mister Steampunk (3 years ago)
I accidently ip banned myself. how do I undo this?
Regan Varian (3 years ago)
hey, can you tell me how to fix a 0% cpu server? (broken)
Wizardzz (3 years ago)
can someone help me? I put my name into the files for op and whitelist but I am still not whitelisted or op'ed. 
Wizardzz (3 years ago)
I got it :P but thanks anyways
Mr. Gible (3 years ago)
Case sensitive. Use original name.

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