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Final Fantasy XV: The Story BEFORE the Game | Kingsglaive & Brotherhood Story Summary

1345 ratings | 91813 views
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Text Comments (162)
Harperlarp (2 months ago)
Wow. All of this is backstory that should have been in the damn game.
Jenesix (3 months ago)
Good catch up! Watched both the movie and anime ages ago but only just got round to finally playing the game, so this helped a lot 👍
Cap'n Salty (3 months ago)
Thanks. Just bought the game and wasn't about to watch a miniseries in Japanese or pay for a movie just to learn what everyone says I need to know before playing the game.
blueserenity7 (4 months ago)
"King Reggis" Um.
Crazychai (5 months ago)
Emperor idol ah elder cat
as ter (5 months ago)
Joshua Leong (6 months ago)
Very well written, edited, and voiced! Props to Jeffrey, Laura, and Globku on the excellent timeline compilation of events prequel to the ff15 storyline. This really clears up a lot of the convolutions for those that missed the additional content, while reinforcing events for those of us who did. Great job! Wished the vid had more views, as I've only just stumbled upon it after finishing the ff15 PC version.
Garou 150 (8 months ago)
Ring of Loochi
GamingGirl 123 (1 year ago)
Good video! I must say the pronunciation was annoying the heck out of me!!! King Reg is? XD king Ree gis LoL
SupertoastGT (1 year ago)
Thanks. There were only subbed versions of brotherhood. Turbo subs. Couldn't keep up with them. XD
1oooooga (1 year ago)
10 years from now, FFXV will have a PS8 remake with all this in one game, which would have made it a waaay better game in the first place
PlotlinePlus (1 year ago)
Where did it end up? I have no idea. Certainly not inside the game.
Musical Brit (1 year ago)
I love arydn so much ❤️
bml2200 (1 year ago)
This was great. good job
Simkata TV (1 year ago)
But is this Final Fantasy continue of other story or a whole new? And it's gonna be there other one?
Royal killer (1 year ago)
This is the least ff right?
King CyMi (1 year ago)
Lucii (Lucy eye as it pronounced) my brother.
cholrus69 (1 year ago)
1:17 Nippleheim
fl (1 year ago)
Game was way too short :/
royce fam (1 year ago)
how come gluaca is still alive in the game. thought he was killed by nyx n ain't him looking for notis also since he is with the Empire?
MrDude88 (1 year ago)
Geez, if I am paying that much for the Ultimate Edition I would expect to get the season pass as well. A brand new game plus season pass is expensive.
Elijah J. Alfred (1 year ago)
I love this video, but he literally pronounces almost everyone's name wrong...it's killing me...
steven shar (1 year ago)
The entire game felt like it's an excuse to go on this awesome rode trip with your three best friends. "Holy shit, my country got sacked, and my father is dead. What do I do to remedy this?" "ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!! and some minor parts about being the one true king bla bla bla but ROAD TRIP."
subject18blueknight (1 year ago)
i was super invested in this anime series and the movie and I was already getting the gsme regardless cause im a huge Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts fan for years. I am nearly at the end of the game and gotta say the anime and movie are necessary to play the game and get the story
That Rad Guy (1 year ago)
sorry to nitpick, but the Kingsglaive don't get teleport powers from an actual glaive, they get that power as well as the ability to use other spells through King Regis (which is explained in the movie if you pay attention) and the crystal
I'm just going to say it without watching this video, Kingsglaive should've been in the game and not released as a movie, there were many important plot points to not have been absent from the game.
cupcakepower (1 year ago)
Luna looks completely different in the movie lol
EquilibriumSW (1 year ago)
https://www.change.org/p/square-enix-reboot-final-fantasy-versus VERSUS PETITION PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE IT !!
lord arthas (1 year ago)
haha.."Ring of Luchi"
Jomarcenter Media (1 year ago)
at 8:42 another fact this does seem to connect to the platinum demo where he is in a dream.
Joe Smith Manwill (1 year ago)
ring of luchi and nippleheim
Aroura Angelis (9 months ago)
Joe Smith Manwill he also kinda mispronounced Tenebrae as 'tenebray' instead of 'Tenebrai'
TongyHilfgerr Prod (1 year ago)
Ardyn is the only one I see very interesting in the FFXV
Thalis Oliveira (1 year ago)
hey guys, can i play the game without the first day patch?
LPTV (1 year ago)
Square Enix sucked me in through Kingsglaive and I was like DAMN! I want a Kingsglaive game! IT SHOULD BE THE GAME! I mean those graphics! KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV for PS4!
TongyHilfgerr Prod (1 year ago)
leopreo yea but Noctis has that teleporting throwing weapon already so u can use that while playing noctis
dj manix (1 year ago)
Maybe they should have put these films on the game disc too....
Sheishi Games (1 year ago)
the snake girl killed noctis's mother
Lööps (1 year ago)
Did you even watched the anime? The snake didn't kill his mother.... the snake killed Noctis' guardian while on a trip in a car.
KoalaBur (1 year ago)
Sara Korb When then explains itself why ravus wears the arm guard/glove
Sara Korb (1 year ago)
Toshi Yeah this video totally glossed over that relatively important point. It also didn't even mention how ravus attempted to put on the ring....
Charlie Angel (1 year ago)
Thanks for giving all the Brothehood story in your video because I dont want to watch DAMN SUB JAPANESE TEXT VIDEOS!!! WHY NO DUB VERSION???????????? With FF15, there surely aiming more at the western audience for the game, Kingsglaive, so WTF no English version of Brotherhood???
peaaanuuutz (1 year ago)
The Old statues are actually the kings of old. The weapons they're using can be used by Noctis in the game
Rin Okumura (1 year ago)
FF15 story is, well... not pretty good. The story is literally fall apart in the second half, the combat system is ok but the camera angle is what make me want to tear out my hair and smash my [email protected] controller. everything else is ok. I really hope they're going to do something about the camera angle, so an update would be nice.
Rysa (1 year ago)
Yeah like sometimes prompto or ignis would get stuck behind walls..like they keep running into the walls and getting stuck. They even floated once and was running in midair too lmao. Aw that sucks D: I hate not being able to manual save in dungeons. Autosave isn't always reliable.
Rin Okumura (1 year ago)
ur bro got stuck? Well I warp strike right through the wall during the bossfight in Steyliff Dungeon and got tele out of the dungeon, when it tele me out it auto save and now I can't log in to the old save... I have to run it all over again. "Oh and I lost all of my potion and phoenix down."  Good [email protected] job there Square Enix!
Rysa (1 year ago)
If you think the camera angle was bad here...I dare you to try zestiria. 90% of my deaths were because of camera angles in that game lmao. I usually get glitches with noct's bros getting stuck behind rocks and walls... >.>
Rin Okumura (1 year ago)
+Deez Nuts Agree! just hope they will release an update and fix all of them $hits or at least most of them $hits... Especially the camera angle. FIX THAT [email protected] CAMERA ANGLE!!!
TheLegend27 (1 year ago)
Rin Okumura Yeah but the game is still fun tho
Northstar_004 (1 year ago)
Ffxv is such a depressing ending.
Riveldin of the Rito (1 year ago)
cupcakepower which is funny because one day, my brother and I were talking about which character will die in Final Fantasy XV. We both knew that in each game, a character dies. We just didn't know who. Until I beat the game. And then I cried for about two days straight.
Tim (1 year ago)
cupcakepower still doesn't make it any less sad
cupcakepower (1 year ago)
geostigmaX9 Get used to it. FF has a bad record of keeping everyone alive, someone will die at some point, either some important role or ur party members, or even "yourself", like FFX for example
ZeroSteel45 (1 year ago)
geostigmaX9 everything after chapter nine got depressing
Izzbros (1 year ago)
I needed to take a break after that ending
Xepharos (1 year ago)
I already played the game but there where parts that brotherhood answered thank you for the video definitely liking it
BHM (1 year ago)
All i hear is nipplehiem....
Musical Brit (1 year ago)
Ibraheem lmao
Snarpsta (1 year ago)
thank you so much for this video! I have Kingsglaive and FFXV. however 40hrs in to the game I can't pull myself away from the game long enough to watch the film!
Red I (1 year ago)
All of this should have just been in the game it would have made the game longer and better, not trying to say that the game is bad the way it is but I feel that a Final Fantasy game should have the whole story in it
Michael Morningstar (1 year ago)
I agree. The anime really didn't cover anything interesting for the video game, aside from Ignis's episode. I thought the episode featuring Prompto losing weight was unnecessary.
Riveldin of the Rito (1 year ago)
Ki!! 4 well, I did manage to beat the game in 30 hours and 19 minutes I believe. And that is just how long the storyline actually was. It would have been better if they included more details into the game, but they also brought upon themselves to push off a game for so long. In all honesty, I was more excited for Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. But, I am glad I got to play FFXV. Unfortunately, I wish I had the money to get the movie.
tuck295q (1 year ago)
No, bad idea. You don't really want the clusterfuck which is FF13 all over again.
subject18blueknight (1 year ago)
Ki!! 4 They should have had Noctis still meet Luna in the city, duringvthe night before the signing ceremony and to add they could have had a "bad luck for the bride to greet the groom before the wedding, we could have had Luna attempt escape the city but be "rescued" by Gentiana and safely taken to Altissia, Whilst Noct and friends would have fought theyrevway out of the city, so they take the regalia and escape facing Glsuca head on. then we could have had a more serious plotline for the beginning of the game. The tensiok of noctis missing luna and then seeing through umbra that shes safe and sound and so he must take this time to train and hone his skills and prove himself by dungeoning and gain the power of kings.,
PetePL1989 (1 year ago)
Yeah it does feel like the story in the game is too short and don't have much in it. I felt like the cut out major part of the story
greypimps chass (1 year ago)
its funny how they made finaly fantasy xv white or try to blend whites into... white princess???? guessing they want white customers?? not racist here just stating the facts.. people of all color would still play it if they cast all asian or the original races into it, and still be a better game.
MidniteBlues (1 year ago)
Noctis is clearly asian in the game. Quit trying to make racism happen out of nowhere. Your complex of inferiority is what really keeps racism alive. STFU and enjoy the game.
Josh Z (1 year ago)
Actually starts @ 0:50
Rafael Huerta (1 year ago)
Genius? More like dull. It doesn't feel like final fantasy, and I'm halfway through the game and the story has barely progressed
Snarpsta (1 year ago)
Fafa Huerta I agree. Im on chapter 9. and its really picking up. Im enjoying it however as said, its lacking in that signature Final Fantasy story. I heard the last half is where the meat of the story is. where are you in the game?
Young Goofy (1 year ago)
Fafa Huerta it get good near the end
Jay Venom (1 year ago)
Kingsglave sucked so bad, glad you made this video
CalBro (1 year ago)
Why the hell wouldn't they put most of this shit in the actual game? They don't even mention half of this stuff in passing and to have a game be delayed for 10 years but not have any of the characters even mention any of it is just stupid, lazy bullshit.
Jane Doe (1 year ago)
yup, after this decade long wait, it better be an epic game!
CalBro (1 year ago)
Tristan Taylor it actually started development in 2006 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Fantasy_XV You just had to look to know that, but I guess that was too much.
Tristan Taylor (1 year ago)
CalBro game delayed for 10 years? FFXV only took 4 years to make. And they mention things you just have to look, but that must be too much.
Haziq (1 year ago)
so which order should i watch? kingsglaive first or brotherhood anime first
Samanosuke187 (1 year ago)
Haziq Norizan either works they're handle two different parts of the story that roughly happen at the same time, the anime is backstory on the main characters of the game, Kingsglaive is about noctis' Home being taken over. Which happens at the beginning of the game
Brando Boyer (1 year ago)
when u say Damon do you meant Matt Damon?... jk great video!
Brando Boyer (1 year ago)
DEATHxTHExKIDx1 (1 year ago)
binged both Brotherhood and Kingsglaive today and like U I am far more invested
Julian Jackson (1 year ago)
The final episode of brotherhood takes place right before the platinum demo, that is when Noctis falls into his coma.
If interested subscribe to my channel to win a copy of the game!
ThundeRZ Lundorff (1 year ago)
the story of kingsglaive is so amazing yet im so sad that its not part of the gameplay in FF15 :/ i mean, we basicly just drive around and find big monsters and nothing that will be on par with what we see in the traileres here.. i wanna see noctus become evil, and kill his friends without knowing about it, i wanna see the big war. i wanna feel how it feel to be there.
Joshua Leong (6 months ago)
ThundeRZ Lundorff I'm one year overdue on replying buddy and you'd probably already know this by now, but: the story arch you are referring to is what would have happened if 'King Regis let Noctis stay for the ff versus trailer', and if he 'sent Noct to travel alone w/o the other 3 for the omen trailer'. Sorry for the necro, have a good day ahead!
when is it coming for PC?
Yusuke Kitagawa (1 year ago)
Izaya Kaneki It's going to be at least a year. Square stated that a PC version is a "possibility" but haven't said anything beyond that!
Colossus Yang (1 year ago)
I just noticed the steps leading to the throne is different in kingsglaive as opposed to the game
Colossus Yang (1 year ago)
Unless there different rooms
Righteous1 (1 year ago)
I was invested and interested in Stella!!!!!!!!!!
james the awesome (1 year ago)
many delays? you mean one delay !!!!
cyber (1 year ago)
"Luchi"? 😂😂😂 It's "Lucei" (Lucy-eye) 😂😂😂😂😂👋
Adlina Jay (1 year ago)
Why do Nelfehiem wants Noctis and Luna to be wed?
Snarpsta (1 year ago)
Dorian Terry and they were after Lunafreya because of her powers? or simply to draw the Kingsglaive out?
Adlina Jay (1 year ago)
Yeah I read it somewhere before it was a ruse? Anyway thank you for explaining..
Dorian Terry (1 year ago)
Adlina Jay it was supposed to be apart of the treaty between nifelhiem and lucis. it was to further bring peace between the two empires but it was more of a diversion tactic by nifelhiem anyway to lure and capture Luna so they could draw the kingsglaive away from King Regis that ultimately weakens the defenses around him.
frdrck moyz (1 year ago)
Ring of "LUCHI" HAHAHAHA did you even watch the movie bro?
mattbellacotti (8 months ago)
frdrck moyz lol several of his pronunciations were off. It’s all Latin based names and words, which they pronounced properly in the movie
JxKR Macha Tea (9 months ago)
When you try too hard to ethnisize the pronunciation of a simple fucking work
Riveldin of the Rito (1 year ago)
frdrck moyz It irritated the heck out of me too! 😂
Sepih Shaukma (1 year ago)
Dude your mispronouncing a lot of the names but I will just write that off cause damn I fuck up too sometimes but all and all great video
mel b (1 year ago)
nicely done, a lot of people need this or at least understand that u gotta invest in the story and it also all depends on yor personal experience with it and not running with others comments who run with others opinions and such ...just as with the recent leaks and comments and also people who flew thru the game to get to the end, people gotta understand its diff if someone actually plays it relaxed takes in every detail and does side stuff will get much more...a richer plot, richer characters and world from... idk i feel esp with ff u cant compare them or even go by reviews really, its like some movies and books...some can love it and some hate it...and if u liked kingsglaive and brotherhood, and in general love jrpgs and japanese style and culture of story telling u will also find this game to be great ...esp someone who grew up around that and ff as a whole... so fuq the haters comments and spoilers, enjoy and experience the game yorself and form ya own opinion...also fuq the people commenting on pronunciations and being the grammer police, instead focusin on negative focus on the actual point unless of course ur a troll and hater then theres no reasoning there, ud talk out ya ass if ya could
Elkanah Taye (1 year ago)
what I want to know is the origin of noctis power's
Michael Hunt (1 year ago)
probably. Thats who i think it originally was in versus XII. I think Noc and stella had similar powers because of a near death experience.
Nnovata Karen (1 year ago)
frdrck moyz (1 year ago)
It's in his bloodline. Bloodline of royalty blessed by the Crystal's power, probably by a God that is yet to be revealed.
loafhero (1 year ago)
Noctis has such a dull and boring character design.
Light Far Away (1 year ago)
the movie was sick af the warrior guy was dope as well i hope to see him more
Smith Lorida (9 months ago)
he reminds me of Nelo Angelo of DMC 1 ahhaha
Puck Kaver (1 year ago)
Light Far Away You don't want to see him in the game, he's hanging in there. Literally.
Light Far Away (1 year ago)
+DDDado96 no shit i want one before that lol give me more damn it!
MyNameIsMatt (1 year ago)
Light Far Away (1 year ago)
+DDDado96 yes but they can do prequels
Favna (1 year ago)
RIP not having a ps4
chris cloud (1 year ago)
Favna do you a Xbox one
tony kuang (1 year ago)
y am i kept hearing nippleheim😂
jindia155 (1 year ago)
So I stopped at the spoiler warning and binged watched Kingsglaive and Brotherhood for the first time... I HAVE to play the game now! such a good story setting. Really hoping that I'm not over hyped for it now...
It's a Hath-trap (1 year ago)
Youre not, the game is amazing #Prompto <3
esckay 4fun (1 year ago)
ajmrowland (1 year ago)
Erm, you can get the Brotherhood blu-ray outside the UCE with the special edition of Kingsglaive.
PixelFoundry Gaming (1 year ago)
*Final Fantasy XV is going to be the best Final Fantasy since Final Fantasy X. And of course Final Fantasy X is the best Final Fantasy game since VII.*
super-engineer (1 year ago)
+PixelFoundry Gaming *XD*
super-engineer (1 year ago)
PixelFoundry Gaming *IX is the best, bitch!!*
Adama Jobe (1 year ago)
promto s episode was the best
Yusuke Kitagawa (1 year ago)
Adama Jobe I really liked Prompto's as well! Really sets him up to be the heart and soul of the group
ajmrowland (1 year ago)
00:15 Brotherhood launched at the end of march, not in September.
Aniiee Steiner (1 year ago)
I was going to write that
Rage Quit87 (1 year ago)
kingsglave is a awesome movie. haven't seen the anime yet though.
JD Shadow (1 year ago)
The movie is the one that gives the most backstory to the game. I've watched this to get a summary of what the connection between the ring and the crystal was, and why the crystal was so important, something that the game doesn't do a good job in really explaining because it assumes that you knew the movie existed (I don't think there was a very good job in promoting that a movie was even being made), and that you knew specific details that the game just glosses over briefly, or never discusses at all. I don't know how well thought out it was for that kind of strategy, since we've seen game worlds be explained in several forms of media before (Warcraft has done this VERY well, and Metroid Other M devs depended on you knowing something about what happened in the Metroid Manga to understand some details to that backstory...and I probably started something by even invoking that game title). But I've never really seen a game that made you have to go to outside media to get specific and crucial plot points that you would be completely lost with otherwise. Without Kingsglave explaining things, you might be hearing "ring this, crystal that" and wondering "why should I CARE?" Brotherhood is necessary if you want some backstory into how Noctus' friends became his friends, but it isn't completely essential to knowledge of the game world or why you're doing any of the things you're doing in the game. It's funny, because the Brotherhood anime series is free to watch on YouTube and Crunchyroll, but if you aren't that concerned about the characters' backstories, then it's not going to leave you lost on the game world. Kingsglave you have to buy, and it's THAT essential to the plot to where you're enjoyment of the game might depend on you knowing the finer points are in the game's story (WHY Noctus is marrying Luna, WHY the ring is so important, and WHY the crystal is so sought after, and WHY we should care who the Empire even is). Half of most FF games ARE being able to get into the story, and to get better in the gameplay to find out what happens next in the story. Wonder what Square's marketing tactic was here, huh?
MyNameIsMatt (1 year ago)
+ajmrowland but, kingsglaive is an amazing movie. Generally i think its better than the anime.
ajmrowland (1 year ago)
Rage Quit87 I like it better than the movie. It reallt gives you reason to care about the characters.
Leshain (1 year ago)
didn't know some of these story details, after it was delayed I became bitter and spiteful so I didn't bother learning about the back story of the movie and anime series.
mel b (1 year ago)
StyleshStorm actin like this is so terrible theres far more worse games and low budget than what this is we should appreciate it forreal...all this media hate is why a lot of things is going in the way of shit and simple cash grabs
mel b (1 year ago)
StyleshStorm plus people got lives did u know the original developer was working on like 10 other games semotaniously and mind u the release of new consoles and all the work goes there and engine and creating...people who complain and think they know whats best and how it should be done should make and release a game themselves then...wonder how long it would take them and if they even could make a third of what this game is...enjoy others art and if not dont bother even commentin and wastin ya time is how i see it theres plenty other games
Leshain (1 year ago)
PixelFoundry Gaming I can agree to that. you're not wrong. but I'm a grumpy guy.
PixelFoundry Gaming (1 year ago)
*You know, game developers don't delay a game to trick those whom are anticipating its release. They delay games to make final improvements and clean bugs from the game and make final optimizations to be sure the game they worked so hard on doesn't become a bug filled, glitch riddled mess. So how about you show some fuckin' respect.*
Behnam McDelijani (1 year ago)
I'm not trying to be rude but I think u chose the wrong person to tell the story! I clicked away after a while..
mel b (1 year ago)
Behnam McDelijani maybe u guys need to stop focusing on the negative then
Behnam McDelijani (1 year ago)
Jusin Maddox yeah it gets annoying
Jusin Maddox (1 year ago)
I agree he is misspronouncing so many words.
thatblopfish (1 year ago)
so uhm.... pc?
ajmrowland (1 year ago)
thatblopfish So close to release, they are not gonna announce a PC version for many months if at all.
Cole McGrath (1 year ago)
thatblopfish not yet
7982 Dude (1 year ago)

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