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Rules of Survival Luckiest Draws!!

4578 ratings | 842160 views
So here is another opening video on Rules of Survival series and this time this is my Luckiest Draws so far. Let's see how I did and how much I spent. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE… SUPPORT MY CHANNEL FOR MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS: https://www.streamlabs.com/kimmyoz Business E-mail: [email protected] *PS: I don’t just give Diamonds to random people so please stop asking me to give you some. I only do it during Giveaways or Livestreams. But if you only wanna play with me then feel free to add me up.* GAME I.D.s: ROS Asia Mobile: KimmyOz (2nd account) ROS PC (Don't Play Much): Asia - KimmyLee NA - KimmyOz PUGB Mobile - Kimmyoz
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Text Comments (808)
Duy NoobVN (59 minutes ago)
Ai viet nam diem danh
Aljon Ramirez (2 days ago)
luck?l cant even afford a grand master
jokvam channel (3 days ago)
Akifumi Chan (4 days ago)
100 diamond for Rules of survival name ko arkin
MARK26 DUNGAN (4 days ago)
Ang yaman mo grabe lupet
RYDER303 Minecrafter (5 days ago)
Ini Ipon Mo Po Ba ang PHP money Nyo ho Ba?
Add mo ko ate kimmy party tayo mamaya
Wow! Pahingi po Diamonds ate Kimmy Ricavieve16 Pc-Asia
Caner Akman (5 days ago)
What time is it
Erik Hakobyan (5 days ago)
Joem Flores (5 days ago)
wow! ate naglalaro ka sa steam?
Thắng Hứa (6 days ago)
♡ rainbow hammer
Dave Dela Peña (6 days ago)
Kimmy ang pro mo po <3
MarkJAY-R Ceniza (7 days ago)
Sayabg Pera mo Jan mas maganda pa bumili ka ng pagkain mabusog Kapa dodong😂
NoNet NoLife (8 days ago)
and yet he earned money because of the views
McGaming YT (10 days ago)
Youre My Inpiration T0 Pull 190
NAWest 75 (10 days ago)
So this is what rich ppl do ? Spend their money on a game ? LUL
Yed Range (10 days ago)
Pilipino ka?!
Maico Reyes (10 days ago)
IloveYou kimmy
boss Bogdan (11 days ago)
Lucky pacher
Xarex Oidutsuc (12 days ago)
ate Kimmy kahit 50diamond lng po hehe kapalz xD IGN: XGC1023
H1GHSKY Gamer (12 days ago)
Nicr luck bro your just like me slot of luck i got all the legends
joel justine toledo (14 days ago)
w0w gago galing hahaha!
Thod Atid Paothong (14 days ago)
I got 2 blazing flash in 1 draw
Huy Hoàng Lê (14 days ago)
OMG he so lucky
Living Legends (14 days ago)
Keangaming jk haha
Giannis Antetokounmpo (15 days ago)
kala ko pc...cp pla nyaahahaha
Nhật Hoà (16 days ago)
codes bGiUa2eWZnA giúp mình nha ae cảm ơn ae nhiều !!!
Angelie And Kate Vlogs (17 days ago)
Ate how did you pay? Please answer po!
THE KILLER [notreally] (18 days ago)
Eig8t Gt (19 days ago)
4:40 rich af
KimHorng YT (20 days ago)
Hi what the song name
vincent pagador (20 days ago)
kimmy can I play with you?
Noli Maravilla Jr. (20 days ago)
GHOSTGOD PW (24 days ago)
Di namin kailan ng skin gusto namin skillz
Prince LUMAMBAS (24 days ago)
noah ross
Johnny Van Jr. (24 days ago)
PaulDavid JV (24 days ago)
PaulDavid JV (24 days ago)
ako hindi ko nakuha😢😭
mylene vertucio (24 days ago)
Donate me please Name:xhypehunterorx Server:America
Rasyid YouTube (25 days ago)
Song ?
Đình Quân (25 days ago)
you tube (25 days ago)
Can i have an free acc im jealous
Saddam Meong (25 days ago)
Please Share Diamond Add Account Zona2159OrgilTSe
jhon francis mendoza (25 days ago)
How Many Gb Your memory? and what brand your phone?
Juslyn Galang (26 days ago)
ate pa add
Ac Vlogs (27 days ago)
And I don't have a single diamond :(
- Inf3rno - (27 days ago)
normal bitch life (28 days ago)
Gimme the lucky hammer
Ghieen Velasco (28 days ago)
Ehler Hsee (30 days ago)
Wow I have open the dirt bike skin 50 and still have not got it yet
Irish San Mateo (30 days ago)
Gusto ko makaganyan damingbred paket galing
Drei PlaysYT (30 days ago)
What is the title of the song in this video please tell me thank you
Wade Wilson (1 month ago)
rainbow hammer won't help you, it would just put you into danger.
MamiMisaki (16 days ago)
Wade Wilson it doesn't glow from the enemy perspective. Anything that has animation effect will only glow on you and your teammate's perspectuve
Levi Ackerman (1 month ago)
George Gaming (1 month ago)
Rainbow hammer i mean not lucky😅
Kevin Real (1 month ago)
Name po
Kevin Real (1 month ago)
Ano po yang music nayan
RaFii Music (1 month ago)
+Kevin Real yes
Kevin Real (1 month ago)
RaFii Music add me ᵗᶦⁿᵈᶦᵍ✔kevinreal
Kevin Real (1 month ago)
RaFii Music are you playing Ros bro
Kevin Real (1 month ago)
RaFii Music thank you
RaFii Music (1 month ago)
janji - heroes tonight (ncs release)😄
George Gaming (1 month ago)
Thanks im kid now i got lucky hammer and thompson in 10 diamonds draw
Danray Rosauro (1 month ago)
Pwede pa add hhehw
DERPY (1 month ago)
So lucky
I mean those skins too
I hope that I can get that skins too
Bolt From Youtube (1 month ago)
Pa shout po ako
johnmark YT:' (1 month ago)
Kimy portal babae kaba or lalaki
darel bautista (1 month ago)
Ate Kimmy How To Get Diamond po
Yzcki3L12378 Pl4yZ (1 month ago)
can u add me on roz Ign:GGJ3S13
Ashton Guical (1 month ago)
San po kayo nakakakuha pera?
junel ytang (1 month ago)
kimmy can you gift me diamonds plsss
jm Ofamin (1 month ago)
Let's play IGN CYBscorpio add me in ros pc Asia
king lascunia (1 month ago)
rich siguro?
Lanze Ramirez (1 month ago)
how can i send you pictures kimmy? maybe you can consider what i got as one of the LUCKIEST DRAWS hehe
John Rafael Maladaga (1 month ago)
YT KH (1 month ago)
Ano po cp ginagamit nyo
#KeanKimmy.... nag subscribe and turned on notifications na po ako
Juzo Suzuya (1 month ago)
grabe dami pera hahahah
zjay galyetz (1 month ago)
nag draw ako ng supply nakuha ko luchador lucky ko
NooB ZombiE (1 month ago)
very funny
yemited arigato (1 month ago)
Yaman mo ate kimmy pa add nlang sa ros yamieted plssssss
raprap castro (1 month ago)
bem moreno (1 month ago)
Tae na yan 2 in 1 draw ines
Luis Perez (1 month ago)
8:09 its 9 am wake up lol what? why 9 i put it at like 5 or 6
Luis Perez (1 month ago)
kimmy is hot
Last_Demon (1 month ago)
Plz some one hire me i realy need ur donations im in Europe sv and this is my ID = Last☠️Demon thanks a lot
mr.friends zone (1 month ago)
Pa me of ros please may name hojner
BaoADgaming (1 month ago)
I’m just draw and Gẻ M14EBR Jade 😝
Devansh Balutia (1 month ago)
I think she is hacker
ツHypebeast (1 month ago)
On your phone high and excellent is unplayable but on my iPad everything works fine. So you have to think about if u have to buy a new phone.
St0leN 666 (1 month ago)
I have tuk tuk skin me too
Wow this video is lucky after I watched this I got 1200 dias😆
YnnahHong 144 (1 month ago)
SUcker HackingFace (1 month ago)
UniqueMustard Cheesy (1 month ago)
swerte mo
RAPTORX OFICIAL (1 month ago)
Dante Jr. Narte (1 month ago)
ako pilipino
ryan_red Yt (1 month ago)
music name???
ryan_red Yt (1 month ago)
music name???
Maurgaret Molina (1 month ago)
Pilipino ka

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