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Watch Free Live Sports on Amazon FireStick - NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL - 100% HD Links, NO BUFFERING!

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Quick tutorial on how to watch free HD sports on your Amazon Fire Stick!! NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB | 100% HD Links! Works on you Android Box, PC, Mac, Linux box as well!! Mouse Toggle Download: http://tinyurl.com/ybmn6aup Google Chrome Download: http://goo.gl/Mju4f1 Best VPN for Kodi. Works on your Android box, Amazon Firestick, PC, Mac, Linux box and more: http://tinyurl.com/lp7rdgz --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 👉🏾Check out my Amazon Storefront: https://amzn.to/2KDjhYb --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please smash the thumbs 👍🏽, subscribe, & hit the notification bell🔔 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✅ Protect yourself while streaming with VPN (Deals Below): ✅IPvanish 73 %OFF: https://tinyurl.com/y8xnc38y ✅Nord $ 2.75: https://tinyurl.com/y77gvxag- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✅Buy Amazon Firestick on Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/hrnhgxn ✅Buy Amazon Fire TV 4k: http://tinyurl.com/ydynm53c ✅Buy Nvidia Shield: https://goo.gl/2jr7x6 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Kodi no limits YouTube channel: https://goo.gl/JN3G5U ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ✅Fresh Start Kodi: http://y2u.be/JWr97QzTSEs ✅Top 5 Playlist: http://y2u.be/mbatEySHOU8 ✅Real Debrid Setup: http://y2u.be/qGZsvdi-pIg ✅VPN Playlist: http://y2u.be/IlsywulcBYs ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ✅ CONTACT TRIPLE M FOR BUSINESS INQUIRIES✅ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EMAIL ME: [email protected] FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: https://twitter.com/TripleMPC FOLLOW ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TripleMPC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- free sports streaming sites without sign up, free sports streaming sites 2018, free sports streaming sites 2017, best free streaming sports sites, free sports live streaming sites, top free sports streaming sites, free movie streaming sites, free movie streaming sites no sign up, free movie streaming sites 2018, free movie live streaming sites, free movie streaming sites online, top free movie streaming sites, free sports, free sports movies, free sports tv, free sports app, free sports websites, free sports streaming, free sports movie on youtube, free sports firestick, free sports apk, free sports app for firestick, free sports apk for android, free sports android, free sports apk 2018, free sports addon, free sports streaming sites, free sports streaming sites no sign up, free sports streaming sites for android, free sports streaming sites for ipad, free sports streaming sites for iphone,
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Text Comments (177)
Triple M (13 days ago)
Guys, The the domain for sportsarefree has expired, however, check out this video for 5 additional options: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0YK2X_5QL4
emm desamours (4 months ago)
Triple M does it also show UFC MMA???
Christopher Kennawi (8 months ago)
Triple M hey is this up to date and still working
Don Green (9 months ago)
Triple M tyt
rodney sylvester (3 days ago)
Followed your process step by step and the toggle button/icon does not show in google chrome....help!
Kevin Vernal (3 days ago)
mouse aint workin
Evelyn Lambert (6 days ago)
Using my play button doesn’t tirn on the mouse feature.
PalmettoMoon (24 days ago)
Does this have college football like the SEC network?
eric holder (26 days ago)
After downloading the source it selected NCAAF and when I clicked on a game already played it ask me to create an account. After I done my email and password it ask for my credit info. However, it said your card want be charged but I didn’t do it. Has anyone else had this problem and is it another step we must do to watch games??
Jill Vaughn (27 days ago)
Do you have an updated version? This August 2018.
bones549 (1 month ago)
u da man!
EJ Doyle (1 month ago)
BTW....Sportsarefree domain has expired as of August 7, 2018.
EJ Doyle (1 month ago)
You can stay away from the very evil google stuff by just putting Firefox browser on your FireTV and you don't need the "mouse" app as well because it is built into Firefox. Also, why are people pushing the evil VPN nonsense as well? Do your research, it is crapolla and out for your money. It is like so many of you techie bright people have no idea what the real world is about. :-/
Jill Vaughn (27 days ago)
EJ Doyle I like Firefox. How can I install instead of Google?
Vera Hanlon (1 month ago)
no longer available
Thomas Gallerani (2 months ago)
Doesn’t work
Julie Holly (3 months ago)
It keeps going to something called Cineplay instead of the World Cup matches. Also, the options to speed up the cursor do not exist.
Phurbu Tsering (4 months ago)
Bro, I get error 522 and says connection timed out when I click on that sportsarefree
Triple M (4 months ago)
Sports are free is currently down, check out my updated apk installation playlist.
mbfavreau (4 months ago)
Thanks for the informative video. Sadly, this appear to be defunct. Maybe take down the video or update it to use another site?
MARTY HOLMES (4 months ago)
hey i get a error 522 connection timed out
Melvin Williams (5 months ago)
how can i get the Own to play on my firestick i downloaded it  it says sign in but it wont let me
Cpl27photo (5 months ago)
why do you need google chrome??
FORC3OFX F3AR (5 months ago)
Can you not talk for fucking an eternity and just show us
Michael Smith (5 months ago)
Didnt work for me
Michael Smith (5 months ago)
How do you do this on xbox
Selah Bacon (5 months ago)
keep saying error
Deb Durazo (5 months ago)
I’m stuck with connection timed out
Leoray1 Mills (5 months ago)
You are doing a great job!!!
Mark Spinner (5 months ago)
April 5th, 2018. Sportsarefree no host. Any other sites u recommend? Thanks
Trillz TV (5 months ago)
Chrome link not working
Edward Brinston (5 months ago)
Everytime I download sportsarefree I get an error message "connection timed out" what do I do?
Vincent D'Eredita (5 months ago)
They video was helpful what about college sports?
Janene Edinger (5 months ago)
what button on the fire stick remote is the play button??????????????
Doreen Wolf (5 months ago)
Trying on fire stick. Just tried and getting an Error 522 - this did work at one time a few weeks ago. Trying to get Spurs game.
Mark Nash (6 months ago)
anyone know are reliable way to get free mlb games?
Mark Nash (6 months ago)
web server is down. this does not work
Darnell Brewer (6 months ago)
Doesn't work
Rondo Schiavoni (6 months ago)
is there any cost and what is the difference between away and home baseball games
Lashana Davis (6 months ago)
Is there an updated one because mines only showing the Olympic channels
doctorva20 (6 months ago)
Did you ever figure out if there was an update because mine is doing the same?
Triple M (6 months ago)
Yes, I noticed that too.. I'll look into it and see i can find some alternatives.
Simply Love (6 months ago)
Works great but I get ads b4 it starts to play and I have vpn installed on my firestick
Jose G. Martinez (6 months ago)
You are the best
Robert Cutts (7 months ago)
Terry Trimble (7 months ago)
Do you know if sportsarefree is working. I can't get any feeds for basketball or hockey??
Gary Pastorchik (7 months ago)
Great vid. Works great, thanks a lot
Robert M (7 months ago)
Just saw this vid for this site for sports, HD is a plus, Good job
ClutchMane (7 months ago)
The mouse toggle not downloading.
Keith Richardson (7 months ago)
it won't stay in my favor what should I do for it to stay
Carlos rodriguez (8 months ago)
Why do I keep getting an error message? An unknown error has occurred. Check your url and connection
david wimberly (8 months ago)
Crashes constantly
armando Noguera (8 months ago)
Nice, Great love you......
lorenzo blockett (8 months ago)
Also, I have nba app but I can't watch the games on that do you have site for that and the nfl games..
lorenzo blockett (8 months ago)
On my firestick I have done everything you mentioned except the chrome will not be able to download. I went under sports are free and clicked on it the game comes on then it kicks back to the homepage. It doesn't stay on for me to watch the game. What do I do??
Patty Chisholm (8 months ago)
Just downloaded this a couple of days ago and now it's saying if I use Google chrome to download an extension. But I don't see an extension.
Shawn Tipton (8 months ago)
App do not work you can hear the sound but no picture
Nova Life (8 months ago)
Wow thanks alot the shit actually works exactly how u laid it out 💪🏼👌🏽 u have a new follower
Jim Reeves (8 months ago)
I can’t get the double toggle play/pause button to work
Wilson Gale (8 months ago)
Out of all these websites, there one that finally and actually works. Thx Bro. Ok subscribe in case there are any updates. 👍🏿💪🏾🤙
Sr Reginald (8 months ago)
bro you official ufc tonight
Tony bp (8 months ago)
Awesome man. Now I can watch all my sports. I've been searching how to do this and everybody else failed. You did it bro. Thx. Count me as a subscriber.
Vanman (8 months ago)
Does this get NCAA football and basketball games?
Willie Thomas (8 months ago)
It buffers
Bruce Chilton (8 months ago)
Can I use PP (picture in picture) while using the fire stick say like watching 2 football games at once?
Linda Brooks (8 months ago)
Works Great!
Don Green (9 months ago)
In my way
Cody Hall (9 months ago)
all this does is buffer when it says no buffering and thats all it does and yes my internet is fast i have fiber optic so don't ask if this is the problem
Mark Caves (9 months ago)
Not very reliable
BigNico530 (9 months ago)
This really fuckin works 😮👍👍👍👍👍👌
mike simon (9 months ago)
You guys have all the other sports networks but not ncaa basketball. Let me which one it's on!
Mark Caves (9 months ago)
Works sometimes doesn’t work most times I use nfl stream on reddit from google works off any browser HD ALL day nfl streams NHL stream etc
Jill Vaughn (27 days ago)
Mark Caves What is the url for reddit?
elpichichis (2 months ago)
Mark Caves how do i find that ?
buzzn001 (9 months ago)
Hey buddy. I have Silk browsee which was easier to download than chrome and I didnt have to download the mouse toggle because it already has it programmed since its part of fire stick. You should tell your followers the easy way instead of the difficult time wasting approach. Using Silk browser you dont have to push play button. The mouse is already ob screen.
Jim Reeves (8 months ago)
Good call my man. Used silk and worked. The mouse app did not.
RevolutionaryFather (9 months ago)
Sht wack af bruh
B dubb (9 months ago)
good site but buffers alot
VinnDogg Radio (9 months ago)
I have to say your tutorials are awesome because everything I have touched has become successful for downloads thank you
Rios Moodie (9 months ago)
I don't know how about you, but I will watch it on ScreenVariety.
Rios Moodie (4 hours ago)
Yes. It is safe
P Stewart (9 months ago)
Rios Moodie what’s this screen variety you speak of, is it safe?
Christ Julius (9 months ago)
Take subscription on ScreenVariety for a few dollars if you want to watch HD.
gary sandberg (9 months ago)
How can I watch ncaa
Brandon Sjafiroeddin (9 months ago)
It does not work tryed this
Leasha Nowell (9 months ago)
Works great!
christopher seager (9 months ago)
BULL COLLINS (9 months ago)
Michael Bargs (9 months ago)
Yooooo my legend
FlyEaglesFly (9 months ago)
Does this get UFC and Boxing?
Yusef Jenkins (9 months ago)
My lord and Savior!!! U are the man!!!
Joe C (9 months ago)
Just want to say thank you I followed the steps real easy to use I really appreciate it thanks again let me know how I could spread the word
Pepe Schley (9 months ago)
I’m new I just downloaded kodi 17.6 and I’m getting a lot of buffering and can u suggest how to get the best and latest movies and sports with no buffering it terrible? Help
Donnie bahena (10 months ago)
Sports are free doesn’t work anymore
Msladydee (9 months ago)
Swayze Louis well watching the game it kicks me out to do a reload this happens every 5 minutes can you help me with this ? Thanks in advance
Swayze Louis (9 months ago)
Yes it does
Drew Starrett (10 months ago)
tiny has left the room
Drew Starrett (10 months ago)
its been suspended what now?
Patricia Nicholson (10 months ago)
Ain’t working ! Tried 3 times
Prettytae Prettytae (10 months ago)
You’re the best! Thanks!
Lornell Vanover (10 months ago)
S. S. S s. ,
sugarman kd (10 months ago)
thankyou bro you are always clear and very understanding
marco valdovinos (10 months ago)
Crashes every 2 or 3 minutea
Miata Lam (10 months ago)
Thank you man !!!!
Chris Eppler (10 months ago)
Hey, need help. Did everything to the t. When the sportsarefree pops up, it's only showing 1 channel, the WWE, nothing else. Any help would be appreciated. Even when I go to menu and select sports channel, it only shows 1 channel. Thanks
Adrian Herrera (10 months ago)
Your fucking amazing bro saved me from subscribing to a bullshit ass sports pass lol
Sean Lamar (10 months ago)
srsmithjr (10 months ago)
Your vids are on point!
Stacks A Million (10 months ago)
Yea That's not a good site, Jawn is ify
Daniel Jose (10 months ago)
Ur a life saver thanks
BLardner (10 months ago)
No more VIP area, so no college football, etc!!!
Jorge Salgado (10 months ago)
Got it to work this is awesome
Msladydee (9 months ago)
Jorge Salgado, I also followed the directions I am currently watching sports are free now but it keeps kicking me out to do a reload is yours doing that?
Jorge Salgado (9 months ago)
Msladydee I just followed the directions given.
Msladydee (9 months ago)
Jorge Salgado hello what did you do to get it to work?
RC3 (11 months ago)
Works great for me and my father so far. Thanks, keep up the great work 👍
Hannah singleton (11 months ago)
Works great so far. Thanx

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