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MyScene.com Commercial

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A commercial advertising all the stuff you can find at http://www.myscene.com
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Text Comments (26)
ricardo huff (17 days ago)
Oh my scene I miss you
Andrea Jadey (2 years ago)
Since the website is already down, you can access the site using internet archives...
SaveMeMoon (6 years ago)
Some of the games still exicts, but they are few. And you can't watch the old episodes. I want the old my scene back! And nope! I'm NOT to old. . . . .maybe!
TheGretty89 (6 years ago)
:( it doesn't exist anymore
TheGretty89 (6 years ago)
Thank you so very much!!! <3
TheGretty89 (6 years ago)
I cannot find your site. It says that it doesn't exist any longer! :(
marshmellow3000 (6 years ago)
lol i had like two of the gurls one of the guys and that car i luved that car lol ohh wow...memories
jay tork (6 years ago)
"we're goin out tonight it's gon be outta sight gonna get my girls together, we'll be feelin alright we're gonna move through the crowd come on , boys get loud cause when the music starts pumpin, the whole crowd will be jumpin! it's my scene, my scene, you know what I mean, it's my scene, my scene you know what I mean, it's my scene" Can You Post The First Ever My Scene Commercial THAT WAS THE BEST!!
AlphaGreenStar (7 years ago)
I remember those dress up games :(
Maya (7 years ago)
i remember i played those games all day! haha :)
Menno Toonstra (7 years ago)
I don't know how u get there, but I have a link where u can go to that very old dress-up game: itismyscene1.webs.com just go to fun & games
Paris Schreiber (7 years ago)
@famecheer122095 i tried looking for the old one on google but i could never find it :(
Paris Schreiber (7 years ago)
why cant myscene website be the same as that today???
Julija Geraskova (7 years ago)
and where is Nolle and Barbie, so sad that tgey were replased, seriously, there not that fun anymore...((((( ;(
Julija Geraskova (7 years ago)
and where is Nolle and Barbie, so sad that tgey were replased, seriously, there not that fun anymore...((((( ;(
Shan (7 years ago)
i miss this :/
Ruben R. (8 years ago)
Old my scene's were so creative and AWESOME. They had a nice modern style and i LOVED movies. sad.......
alexbabs12345 (9 years ago)
lol, no prob!
alexbabs12345 (9 years ago)
search up internet archive, then there's a drop-down thingy, click wayback machine then type in myscene(dot)com, have fun!
alexbabs12345 (9 years ago)
This site used to be so awesome! I don't like the new cartoon images, I liked the old style better. I do still love My Scene dolls though. Too bad they're so hard to find here lol
lemontea plusmilk (9 years ago)
I miss the old one very much I hate the new one though
SK Jack (9 years ago)
like the new site = miss the old vids = but its weird how they almost copied bratz....
fracid1292 (9 years ago)
eggsactly. i hate the new site. why did they have to change it anyway?
cherryberry (9 years ago)
I want the old my scene site back, cuz now it looks like they copied bratz. Chelsa = Yasmin Barbie = Cloe Nole = Jade Madason = Sasha
Trinny Pang (9 years ago)
yeh me too! its so sadd....=(
ShinbiBelldandy (9 years ago)
I miss the old MyScene site & shows! ;-;

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