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Cash Transit Simulator - Android Gamplay - Free Car Games To Play Now

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Cash Transit - Android Gamplay - Free Car Games To Play Now Like Facbook : http://bit.ly/29At9gd Folow Google Plus : http://bit.ly/29AtteL Please Subscribe Its Free : http://bit.ly/29uf81M Play Games : https://goo.gl/NwzeRj Prepare for the Adventure, Accept the test and begin your van with metallic shot verification body and equipped security power to convey the money, gold and jewels to the banks in New City. Money Transit is the primary money transport amusement with sensible van controls and reasonable designs. You have allocated the obligation to convey resources to the banks securely. Accelerate your van to escape from the criminals pursuing you. Expel the theft endeavor and escape from being pursued by the culprits and burglars following your auto. The black market criminals and burglars have made the arrangement for great theft to heist the bank trade travel van out the center of street on its approach to convey money and resources to the bank in the diverse towns of New York. You have to keep up the rapid to convey the money and gold, precious stones and ATM cards in the city of New York. Satisfy the bank work, day by day test and gather the day by day reward to expand your coins. Buy the fast and streamlined van for bank money conveyance. Keep Alert in the test mode move cash securely in this money travel driving test system. The fantastic hoodlums, mafia god fathers and criminals have made the arrangement of excellent theft to heist the bank money travel van on it approach to convey the money and gold to various banks. Escape from criminals and burglars who attempt to burglarize you in city of wrongdoing! Race to the goal and escape as a hero in criminal pursue mission. Know from the most hazardous criminals and looters of the Vegas, for the most part they are engaged with the money theft. So know from these posses they can burglarize all the money, gold and cash in a matter of seconds. burglary is wherever in the city so it is hard to shield the trade out the city from looters. Be that as it may, you are not the only one, you have US Army Trained heavily clad security compel officer with present day fatal weapons rifles and firearms to push back any bushwhack of thievery to keep the bank heist. Demonstrate your quality braveness to finish the mission to open the following mission. Bank Cash Truck Game Play 3 Different Modes of Play Bank Job: Be the bank money truck driver and finish the cash conveyance in the restricted time. utilize your coins to get additional opportunity to drive the euro 4x4 rough terrain truck to the bank. Finish the driving test system missions to be a superhuman driver in this payload truck reenactment amusement. Day by day Challenge: Accept the test get away from your bank money truck. Select the rapid truck in the carport and speed to secure your cash being ransacked by Black winged serpent and 18 road hoodlums. The criminals' pickup will take after your truck and will endeavor to get you. Trade Out Transit: Take the cash from city bank offices, gambling club and shopping centers and convey it to the state bank. Attempt to escape from criminals and burglars when they begin to pursue and catch you. Highlights of The Game Reasonable and 3D condition will give you genuine sentiments of driving trucks and Vans Play More than 50 Levels and get money compensates on consummation of each errand in each mission and levels Money Delivery Driving Adventure Driving with outrageous wellbeing Wonderful truck driving test missions Smooth Steering, Brakes, Drifting Transporting of cash notes in Truck Excite of transportation Driving on city streets and Steep Paths.
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