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Game of Thrones Complete Recap Season 1 to 7 in Just 1 HOUR || By George R.R Martin

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Please support me in Patreon so I can upload the latest interviews/documentaries/news: https://www.patreon.com/manwithalittlehope want to restart the series of Game of thrones?? or Want to catch up with the series But dont have much time?? Well this 1 hour video is aimed to recap all the main story of Game of thrones so far
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Text Comments (214)
Albert Chehade (23 hours ago)
It's almost like the map of Europe..........almost.
Dyk Boi (4 days ago)
Fantastic thank you. 😄
Realyn Pagilagan (8 days ago)
Nice one, thanks for the recap.
TheManlyVIK (13 days ago)
12:54, 16:36, 42:57
82 Pythons (16 days ago)
Never understood why people say Cerci didn't deserve the walk of shame. She is evil and has murdered hundreds of people, the bitch deserved worse than that, at-least she lived.
micheledion2000 (16 days ago)
That was great thanks
bocckoka (17 days ago)
not night's king, it's night king
Ross Lumbus (19 days ago)
Wun wun looked a lot shorter irl
reksub (21 days ago)
They forgot to mention that cersie murdered Roberts baby boy their 1st child.
el dwdubu (25 days ago)
xman870096 (25 days ago)
For me, like so many others G.O.Ts has become an addiction of sorts and being left without a weekly 'fix' for so long I am reduced to 'licking the ash tray' in order to calm the monkey on my back..... Don't get me wrong I am grateful to have these YouTube Channels providing me with these 'tid-bits' that serve to tide me over until the next and final season start up again I just wish it weren't so long in coming, and I can't help but wonder what kind of 'spin-off' if any we will be left with...… I've become spoiled by the 'greatness' that is G.O.T's and I don't know if ANYTHING can ever come close to 'filling those shoes'......
Zlati Angelov (25 days ago)
Didn't know Hodor could say something other than his name...
William Shuck (29 days ago)
too many spoilers. good for a review running up to next year though. thanks
Henry jr (1 month ago)
I'm just waiting for that Game Of Thrones MMORPG..
Imagined Hype (1 month ago)
Why cant Jaime just have a badass Valyrian steel sword that mounts to his arm?
6Q4 Ninja (1 month ago)
Roger Ashton-Griffiths @ 23:17 : she's a proper feminist icon... I think that says everything one needs to know about modern feminism- it's manipulative, dishonest and cold-heartedly cynical
Jay B (1 month ago)
Great documentary but some really random and pointless interviewees.. Did they need some extra cash?
Jeff Segal (1 month ago)
Great overview!
Daniel KL (1 month ago)
my name is reek
Shellene (1 month ago)
Like it or not you have to admit Jeoffreys' actor did an absolutely amazing job
Mr.donald (1 month ago)
I stopped watching this video when that magazine guy says "the starks are the good guys". Why is this guy on here, i mean wtf. The whole point is there are no good and bad guys in the first seasons, only grey characters. Thats the fucking vision of the story...
wendy pan (1 month ago)
Mr.donald you have to admit though, most of the remaining Starks now are key to the story and are part of the good guys.
Mr.donald (1 month ago)
Who was that nigger in the beginning
EzioIlMentore (1 month ago)
Did Cersei ever disciplined Joffrey? That is what I wonder to this very day.
Workin Alday (1 month ago)
Rooting for the Night King! Come on undead you can take the iron throne!
Kali Southpaw (1 month ago)
Um, The "Hound" Sandor Clegane, WAS NOT A KNIGHT! The narrator called him a "disgraced knight". Sorry, incorrect.
HeySuze Christ (1 month ago)
Excellent job, whoever compiled this. Thank you.
Demon Inmyceiling (1 month ago)
Finally, a way to explain it to my family
MG23 (1 month ago)
PoS Renly should've just helped Stannis
Adrian Mier-sanchez (1 month ago)
"Those are brave men knocking at our door, lets go kill them" - Ancient Wisdom From Lord Tyrion.
Finalman26 THA BULLZ (1 month ago)
There's something about pedro pascal that i just dont like...I mean as a person too not an actor..His mannerisms i suppose..
animusqueen (1 month ago)
I’m watching this at one in the morning, and I just got a late night thought: what if the Night King takes hold of the Winterfell crypts? He could resurrect all of our favorite dead Starks to fight against the living Starks, right?
Gabriel F. (10 days ago)
Robb was beheaded also. They replaced his head with his wolf's head when they paraded his body.
Christopher Nehls (23 days ago)
Well he couldn't resurrect Ned since he was beheaded but everyone else is fair game haha.
Brandon Belk (1 month ago)
I mean at this point they would just be skeletons so you wouldn’t be able to tell who they were.
ThaGeneralify (1 month ago)
animusqueen im madd you came to that conclusion only 5 days ago...lol.... im hoping they play this angle...could you imagine the squad? Lmao
spack2k (1 month ago)
@10:39 It was at that moment when Ned realized he fucked up!
Nancy O'Malley (1 month ago)
No mention of Doran Martell?
Paul Bower (1 month ago)
Theme tune to got
Aj King (1 month ago)
I want to start watch cuz night king but I need to know the story
Joey Clemenza (1 month ago)
I hate how this video skips over some key parts of the show.... like Ygritte.... then again, explaining the whole series in just an hour? It’s a tall order
cirila dewi lanch (2 months ago)
Tyrion I feel your pain 😭
Sadreli M (2 months ago)
I need more Game of Thrines in my life! Waiting for this final season is like torture.
Manuel Enrique (2 months ago)
Emilia was so beautiful in the first season. Of course she still is but not as a naive very young girl. Her character has become a strong, mature woman and that adds up to her beauty.
EVIL QTip (2 months ago)
Aria  Stalk  hmmmm  The No One Training for beating all Evil  Making her way More Evil...on a different level that cannot be beaten..  OCTIPUS   Cloaking yourself ... My Little Aria  Cuttlefish.. The Last Test  She is there and you are here. When the Student beats the teacher or trainer or even the Master. They have trained you well. Gregory Kenneth Mitrovic.. Star Date  .  666 ... 3 Stars of Egypt.   x2
EVIL QTip (2 months ago)
Wonderful Video  Thank you.
Kathy Eads (2 months ago)
Maybe Ned Stark should have shared the truth with his wife from the get go.
robdbzgt07 (2 months ago)
I never watched this series . looks like i didn't miss much, so lame. i was wondering when the zombies will come and sure enough...... fucking zombies. WTF
Sankofa NYC (2 months ago)
The narrators voice kid of annoys me on this... idk why... It seems like a narrators voice from 20 years ago... but thanks for this
Braden Williams (2 months ago)
“Just leave those dragons alone”.....
James Amow (2 months ago)
Much thanks for the recap.sairam
Quesiyah Ali (2 months ago)
Amazing - thanks for sharing!
B1Merry* StarrySky (2 months ago)
18:13. Listen to little green dragons roar. It’s hilarious!
litltoosee (3 months ago)
Great Job!
BigJoe6669 (3 months ago)
i never tought i would say this but ..... Septa Unela is really hot as fuck  ! XD
Nymeria (3 months ago)
I just made a Daenerys edit on my new youtube channel. Its is pretty hard to start a new channel so I would be extremly grateful if you check my edit out. Thanks!
Akinlolu Oderinde (3 months ago)
32:46 - 32:47 I have screenshots of this scene. ...I had to. Couldn't help meself.
Blaklyon Den Radio (5 hours ago)
Get that framed!
John Lopez (23 days ago)
Akinlolu Oderinde lmao tiddies
Akinlolu Oderinde (3 months ago)
"I would let his whole tribe f**k you..." Awww. And he says it so sweetly.
Anachris Medina (3 months ago)
Robb Stark was a Wanker. He put his gonads above his People. Rickard Karstark was spot-on when he told Robb "you lost the war when you married her". Executing Karstark was Robb's 2nd Fatal Mistake.
Kimber Lee (25 days ago)
Rob broke a promise to Marry Walter Frey's daughter for the use of the bridge. Rob's mum came to him with the proposition to which he agreed by breaking that promise and his word he and his lost there lives.
lovey dovey (1 month ago)
trusting his mom? what about theon. cat told robb not to trust him and he did anyway. theon betrayed him.
Mn M (1 month ago)
What would've keeping Karstark alive changed Robb was screwed the minute they asked walder for help
75ur15 (1 month ago)
book -----*SPOILERS*------ roams the north in the books, as the "gray (grey?)" lady, she has to hold her throat to talk very quietly (too deep a cut) but she was saved by a kiss, if memory serves, from dondarrion, which ended up killing him, if i read right (in that book right now) First read through and it was a ways back, so please anyone, feel free to correct if i got that wrong
Blaklyon Den Radio (1 month ago)
Wanda Harding as lady stoneheart...
Anachris Medina (3 months ago)
Very well presented recap!
Manuel Rocha (3 months ago)
I hope Hodor gets picked up in a new series. I bet he's a pretty good actor.
Roleplayer 1988 (9 days ago)
Matthew Mulcahy Yes it is. I don't like Jon snow, I find him boring and a walking cliché
Dr. Shrimp Puerto Rico (12 days ago)
Roleplayer 1988 not exactly relevant
Roleplayer 1988 (1 month ago)
Manuel Rocha I hope Jon snow dies a painful death next season
Tyson Kemp (3 months ago)
Melisandre is such an enigma. Although her motives are questionable at best, she's probably the most intriguing character in the show. I can't wait to see what her role is in the Great War.
M M (3 months ago)
I don't feel for Sansa as much as Aria because Sansa just goes with whatever anyone says to. She's for sale. Even after she decides that she doesn't want the inbred king she still allows Ramsey to take over. After Geoffrey, I guess I don't blame her for being pretend. It mustn't be harn'd t fool incestuous mongrels. They're apparently everywhere. Me? I'd have had Ramsey and his whore flayed and cut Bolton's throat if I needed to. But that's if I was Sansa." She's weak in comparison to her younger sister.
75ur15 (3 months ago)
just about a quarter into book 2 here, but that revelation comes in book 1, and again, if she was as old in the books as in the series, I wouldn't feel she deserved much pity...but at such a young age, maybe her father could have been more specific on the danger they faced, or done better to watch over her...
M M (3 months ago)
75ur15 This makes a lot more sense as to why she'd be so willing to put up with a lot more than you'd expect from a Stark. Thank you for that. I can't wait till I get through the books. I just finally watched the entire show this year and became hooked. I'm watching it all for the second time over now. I'm sure there will be a third time before the last season comes out. :)
75ur15 (3 months ago)
In the books Sansa is mostly if not entirely responsible for the death of her father and the events that unfolded thereafter, and for the death of one direwolf, and the sending off of the other.....she deserved at least some of what she got (granted in the books she is ....iirc 13.....but clearly old enough to not KILL your own father)
Bill Williams (3 months ago)
They left SO much out but I understand
Liam OBrien (4 months ago)
I Just figured what is Wrong here. CUZ WHAT YOU’RE SAYING IS
Benyamin Yisrael (4 months ago)
The White Walkers are the true heroes and good guys of this series...they are purging the kingdoms of all the wickedness of men...they do not lie, cheat, steal or oppress. They are the angels of mercy for the earth.
Valkyrie Sardo (4 months ago)
This summary does not mention Jorah at all. Dany would have been dead several times over without Jorah. She would not have the dragons. She would not have the unsullied. If she had taken Jorah's counsel, Drogo and her unborn son would not have died. It was Jorah that saved her life yet again in Daznak's Pit. All she was doing was standing out in the open like a deer caught in the head lights. Not impressive.
Chellz Baby (4 months ago)
Valkyrie Sardo he’s not a main component to the plot and story....guess they are keeping his storyline for the show
Nikole Pagan (4 months ago)
Who narrates this? Is it Gwendolyn Christie? Or maybe Emma Thompson?
Lucy Gray (1 month ago)
Also vote for Sue Perkins. First time I heard her voice, I could see the tent in the meadow and sweating contestants.
jacob mills (4 months ago)
Sue Perkins i think
DarkEmerald1990 (4 months ago)
They turned this series into a fucking documentary. 😂😂😂😂😂
Ben Nelson (4 months ago)
Damn. Never thought Septa Unella looked like that!
Zachary Morris (4 months ago)
i loaded in the video because i had to do something and un paused heard Gorge rr martin laugh and someone died lol
Penny Scott (4 months ago)
When Stannis allows "Red Woman" to burn his sweet Shireen. Is the most horrible impact on their character. All who accepted it, actually. (yes, fiction. still horrid) Great recap!!!!!! Many thanks!!
MRIDDLE72 (1 month ago)
Penny Scott this show became disgusting that season. Raping Sansa at the beginning, burning the daughter alive, skimming the old women whom was trying to help Sansa. And just everything after. The Giant taking an arrow through the eye, all the Stark wolves dying, King Toman jumping to his death, the Hispanics girls killing their own prince and Jamie's daughter. Just nonstop ugliness. And people should stop watching tv, and not let your kids watch.
MRIDDLE72 (1 month ago)
Penny Scott blood sacrifice. That's what all your major celebs, actors and athletes do for fame and fortune.
Wanda Harding (1 month ago)
Um, wait, we don't believe in "Divine right of Kings?..anymore.? Well, why do the British still allow for a "Royal" family?... okay, supposedly, they have no power, or no more than the average person... but, yeah, right.... and all their riches?... how were THEY obtained...?... ha!... and they get to KEEP it all AND … who owns more land than anyone else in the world?... The Queen of England. ...Give me a break.... NO ONE should be Royal any more.. I do not care if it IS tradition.... the problem is.... we humans STILL WORSHIP ROLYALTY... or they would be living it now.... just think how many people all their money could feed.. all their land... etc etc.
Liz Lee (2 months ago)
because I think people over value the concept of "Divine Right of Kings" which our society no longer even accepts. AND the one who has the Divine Right to rule... is the worst king (Out of the survivors) and doesn't believe in divinity or the Gods. Its hilarious. I also think there is a lot of toxic masculinity tied up in it. Since the hero/protagonist/villain is Daenerys Targaryen and to a thoughtless person seems like a power fantasy... because...yeah she is. I mean this little girl with a gigantic army of the worlds most fiersome warriors, political savvy, a coterie of top shelf politicos and a bunch of black people can't win. It needs to be the manly man who mans it up and kills everyone and no one likes. yeah women can be brainless power fantasies. That is equality. The problem is that Daenerys is a power fantasy because she is not a protagonist... she's more like an antagonist or force of nature villain then a traditional protagonist. She;s not a person. She is A force which everyone has to react to. THe embodiment of the power of Dragons... or Magic in the world, rather then a relatable character... or a role model. We don;'t care about her feelings anymore or her dreams. We just secretly want her to get the Ironthrone... whether she deserve it or not... it seems ordained. Contrast this to Stannis as a neurotic awkward and struggling character is far more relatable. We care about Stannis because he is flawed and interesting, forgetting the brutal reality that is this world. The weak die, and Stannis is now the weakest survivor, because of his laughably bad personality and inability to do anything but march an army to the wall. He can only rule by force and everyone gets tired of him quickly. He literally is dependant on people like Melisandre, Jon Snow and Mance Rayder and useless murder, to do his work. He thinks Davos should be hand of the king. Davos Seaworth with the likes of Septon Barth and Tywin Lannister and Bloodraven? Are you kidding me? He tries to crown a wildling Princess. He names a 12 year old crippled girl his heir painting a target on her back.... His judgement is garbage and anyone who works for him for more then one year, including his brother he almost made heir to the Iron THrone, cannot tolerate him. And he probably does kill his daughter... or his daughter is kidnapped by a Fish person and causes a plague. I'd rather have her burned alive. So those two contrasting characters both have their appeal I think for lots of fans.
Liz Lee (2 months ago)
I mean not so much... as using legitimate dark magic. Magic he would have to assume is evil, since he admits he does not believe in Rh'illor. Like I really never understood how you can be an atheist but believe in the divine right of kings. Especially since he helped Robert in the Rebellion. Its like.... Stannis... bro. WHY ARE YOU STILL IN THIS STUPID SELF DESTRUCT SPIRAL? Seriously Victarion and Stannis are almost the same person. Its just we like Stannis.
MANDAR MUKHERJEE (4 months ago)
the first time they showed the dragons..well lets just say they didnt have my undivided attention..as there were more wondrous things in [email protected]@
Evangelos (4 months ago)
Danyres is a terrible person. It's so funny how people can be so blind. Sansa and Arya are much stronger than Dany. Dany's strength comes from things around here. Dragons, The Hoard, Unsullied and her loyal minor characters. She has no strength herself. She has done nothing herself. Whare as Sansa and Areya and even Cersei or Jon even Sam etc. Literally every main & minor character have shown they're own strength by overcoming obstacles that they had no choice but to overcome or parrish and they overcame. Dany's character is just soo annoying and laughable. I've tried to like her I really have haha but im just not fooled as easy as everyone else, I guess.
Rashon Hayes (20 days ago)
She burned the khal and his blood riders when she was taken by the Dharthraque hoard
reksub (21 days ago)
Evangelos but she's got awesome tits and a tight fit.
Margaret Gust (1 month ago)
Evangelos - I disagree. Dany's power comes from her ability to inspire people and make them trust her. The fact that the 3 dragons defer to her is another big plus - those huge creatures inspire fear in any normal person and they recognize that if they defer to Dany, she obviously has something very special. She also speaks several languages and empathizes with people from all walks of life.
Roleplayer 1988 (1 month ago)
Evangelos what a complete fucking moron, you can't even spell Daenerys properly
Wanda Harding (1 month ago)
Perfectly stated.
Abbe Satty (5 months ago)
Lysa Ayrn speaks about dysfunctional family lol
kai jai (5 months ago)
Abbe Satty lol ironic
kogababe (5 months ago)
Red Wedding disgusted even RAMSAY
Nafissa Toure (19 days ago)
I still can’t watch the red wedding. The most gruesome death of game of thrones history😥
Wanda Harding (1 month ago)
george mikal (2 months ago)
Robb Stark.. poisoned by his enemies
jimmy the killer (5 months ago)
jamie was tagging that ass! a lanister always pays his debts ya know what I'm sayin?
Kaarli Makela (5 months ago)
Very nice recap, many of my favorite moments, partcularly Arya and the Hound. :)
Mak Chee Onn (2 months ago)
Kaarli Makela
Christrulesall2 (4 months ago)
My favorite pairing in the earlier seasons besides tyrion and bronn.
Amateur_Stargazer (5 months ago)
i'm gonna say something that will be much hated.. I HATE THE STARKS FROM DAY ONE... hahahaha
Liz Lee (1 month ago)
lovey dovey Definitely. There are many reasons, Survivors guilt. Dead Targaryen children, the anxiety of his brother dying and being forced into living another life with more responsibility and turmoil, I think a very good option might be Ned had premarital sex during or before the war, and his strict upbringing makes him feel he deserved to suffer. especially if she died in the war he fought in. So that might be why Ashara Dayne factors into the plot but not his memories. Premarital sex would have been a little humiliating to a guy like Ned, but if that girl commits suicide a few years later that goes from mildly embarrassing to traumatic to his view of the world. So while it's irrational Ashara's suicide could be a generalized source of guilt. And since Jon would have been a Dornish Bastard, he honors her by treating Jon like how he would have treated his own bastard, or if he actually had a bastard. Self flagellation at its finest.
lovey dovey (1 month ago)
very eloquent response. i still think ned not telling cat was to add to the lie. ashamed for some other reason?
Liz Lee (1 month ago)
lovey dovey Hate is a strange thing, if reason would destroy hate every time war would actually work out. I think it ads depth to the story and connects us with Ned Stark' s character even though he is dead. Not only do we know Ned still has a positive impact on the story and it's world. His mistakes have impact to. His damning flaw isn't some imaginary excess of honor, but inability to empathize and communicate with the people Around him. It leads him to trust the worst people, impede his own success and fail at doing his job. Leading to a terrible war. The worst of these is blaming himself for things he didn't even do out of a misguided sense of honor. Whenever he feels guilty or depressed or even just bored Ned blames himself. So as a result he is glutton for punishment. He hides the secret from his wife because he feels ashamed for some other reason. He wants to feel guilty so he can maintain control of the situation. While Ned internalized his guilt and wants nice people to blame him... Catelyn does the opposite. She externalizes her guilt and hates people for no reason. And she does it with prefect lady like manners. Which creates an even worse problems. She blames others for her problems and difficulties and is very easy to lay blame on others. Even freeing Jaime for no reason, just because she is insecure about Sansa trusting an evil Lannister for no good reason honestly. She externalizes some vague uncertainty about her husband that he refuses to communicate about, and since they are both stoic and noble it fester into a lot of ridiculous behavior. If Ned guessed Catelyn hated Jon, he would have told her. But I think that Ned confused indifference with emotional neglect. Only Jon and Cat knew how much they hated each other. And they both loved Ned too much to bother him with the small detail like their emotional turmoil. There is a reason I think Catelyn is more Stark then Tully... an ability to brood in a sexy fashion. Jon and Cat have more in common then they realize 😉
lovey dovey (1 month ago)
it used to really bother me that ned didn't tell her. they appeared to have a solid, loving relationship so why wouldn't he? i've come to think that he didn't tell her to add to the lie. it's the only thing i can come up with to explain it. he could've said jon is brandon's son or a fallen comrade's son, lots of things, but he didn't. ned lied and risked his marriage to protect jon. it's also a story manipulation. i'd like to think that a woman wouldn't hate a baby who's mother died, no matter what the situation. but, grrm felt it was necessary as a part of the lie.
Liz Lee (1 month ago)
Yeah. I think that the whole point of Catelyn was that she was Nuanced. And she was a Stark. Just because she was really headstrong and up her own ass. She just highlighted the flaws of thinking in such a binary manner. If Ned Stark was the ideal stark we are supposed to admire Catelyn was almost his foil. You can't say she was a TUlly just because you don't like her. And I really wonder how much Catelyn did hate Jon. I think her POV is very schewed. I wonder if anyone outside of Catelyn and Jon knew that she didn't like Jon. THat is neglectful and cruel, but I think Catelyn's problems is that she was an internal person who did not express her screwed up emotional state. Unlike Ned who was a nice guy with a few screwed up memories. Catelyn was a troubled and complicated woman, keeping all that inside warped her good sense. TO the point she externalized her problems on easy scape goats. Arresting Tyrion for no reason. THinking Jaime Lannister could free her children and save them... even though they were dead. I think the same mental gymnastics went into her emotional neglect of Jon. Really only Jon and Catelyn truly knew how much they hated each other. Everyone else was too self absorbed to know what was going on. If Ned knew he probably would have told her. But Ned is a bit... blunt. I think he thought everything was his fault. Because Ned refused to talk about it and communicate effectively the whole family was going to always have problems.
ruth simone baptista (5 months ago)
C'était vraiment cool :)
nriab23 (5 months ago)
Have the voices been altered?
cruz loera (4 months ago)
Not just the accents. Joffrey and daeny sounds higher pitched.
Tommy X Lourdes (4 months ago)
Lindsay Cariad yeah. Exactly.
Lindsay Cariad (4 months ago)
They r actors, they have to speak in different accents when they’re playing characters. During interviews, they speak in their real accents. The actor who plays Oberyn Martell is Chilean, but grew up in the United States,. And Peter Dinklage (Tyrion) is from New York or New Jersey . Which is why they have regional American accents .
Tommy X Lourdes (4 months ago)
Why.. Because of Oberyn right..? Lol he sounds so strange as if he were from New Jersey or CT lol
Anahera Edwards (5 months ago)
Actors often have to speak in accents in roles like this
RJ Drakon (5 months ago)
Binge watching it again form the start. Rob was charismatic, and attractive. He was a great battle commander - but like Robert Barathian (whom he may have been named for?) winning isn't the same as ruling. When it cam e to ruling decisions he made bad choice after bad choice. Even if he had won the throne, he would not have ruled long I suspect. Not justifying his death - but his fathers sense of duty, honesty, and honor at all costs was not in Rob. Jon seems to have learned those better.
Conor Todd (19 days ago)
RJ Drako
Brandon Belk (1 month ago)
Maybe it has 2 b’s because of Robert B? Also Jon is named after ned’s mentor Jon Arryn, Bran was named after Ned’s brother and Rickon was kinda named after Ned’s father. So it makes sense that Robb is named after King Rob
lovey dovey (1 month ago)
wayfaring man bugs me, too. it's gotta be non book readers.
Janell Evans (1 month ago)
RJ Drakon I
Vincent Godin-Filion (1 month ago)
As much as I loved Robb and Jon, they both were terribly bad leaders. And they died for it. They're really good at pissing off allies, and they put their own desires or needs before those of their men. In the books, Jon was murdered because he wanted to bring the Night's Watch to Winterfell against the Boltons. They kind of doomed themselves. That's what makes them even more interesting. (Plus, Jon's death gave us a shot of him naked at his resurrection, so him dying was worth it for us! ;)
Question: how did the NightsWatch- guy who blew the horn 3 times know that whitewalkers were coming??
May (1 month ago)
Sharon Watson im a simple gal....i see 'Charm' n i click 'like' - rock on! ✌
Sharon Watson (3 months ago)
Have to agree, haven't felt so emotionally affected by a show since Charmed left the air as when I saw GoT for the first time. Great ensemble shows excel because focus is on multiple players, the audience isn't forced to relate to just one or two main characters. This is a fantastic way to run a show. GoT is definitely a guilty pleasure and it will be sad to see it go. I hope that there is a spin-off of some kind down the road, although I can appreciate that cast members need to stretch their wings, live a little, and work on other projects.
Brian Dempsey (4 months ago)
In the books this happens at the fist of the first men (where they find the dragon glass). They're at the top of a hill so they see the white walkers coming.
Ryan Kueter (5 months ago)
TheGunit272 you are wrong he can detect coldness
TheGunit272 (5 months ago)
I believe the guy with the horn is stationed at the very top of the wall. If you are not familiar with the story, the wall is gargantuan and he would be able to see great distances. Hopefully if I am wrong someone will correct me. Best show of all time!!
VinessaGaming (5 months ago)
"So fuck them" oh I love him!
Blaklyon Den Radio (5 months ago)
Oberyn: ah... the lannisters... they're blonde, they're beautiful, they're arrogant... so, fuck them! I hate he is dead...
Blaklyon Den Radio (1 month ago)
Harland Mortensen the chance of you getting that payment is about the same chance of jamie lannisters hand growing back or Walter Frey getting to sit on the iron throne...
Harland Mortensen (2 months ago)
Blaklyon Den Radio just take it easy, take three deep breaths, take 6 , two ounce shots of Quervo chase each with half a lemon, then take one shot of NyQuil, two aspirin and then call me in the morning. If that doesn't work well try something different tomorrow. pay the amount due for sevices rendered from : Dr. Mortensen for medical sevices provided to the above client : Blaklyam for mental duress PAY THIS AMOUNT PREFERABLY IN 100.00 DOLLAR BILLS. AMOUNT DUE:. $ 2000.00 PAY BY THE 25th of April
its a jab towards white people
tripsaplenty (4 months ago)
Intellecter 818 Oberyn, a degenerate prevert, would have tried to fuck the white walkers.
Intellecter 818 (5 months ago)
he was one of the best would've loved to see him fight white walkers seeing how he poisons his blades wonder what tactic he would've used on white walkers
Tito Jr (5 months ago)
The actress who plays Mellisandre is the 2nd most beautiful, the 1st being Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke)! She needs 2 go blonde.
Margaret Gust (1 month ago)
Nyakallo Teromo - I agree. She is stunning, probably without makeup as well. Her partner is Guy Pearce who is pretty darn gorgeous himself! I think Emilia Clarke is cute as a button, but I would not describe her as beautiful, but that is in the eye of the beholder. She certainly nailed her character in GoT.
Nyakallo Teromo (2 months ago)
Melisandre is the most beautiful. Dont play yourself
Barbara Jean Smith (2 months ago)
Paaps T me too!
Barbara Jean Smith (2 months ago)
Valkyrie Sardo I bet you "dimes to dollars" that is exactly what you look like. Jealous Much😉
Paaps T (3 months ago)
Valkyrie Sardo seriously, i would really like to see you in 10 years. The power and the secrecy of the internet 😂😂 😂
Tyler (6 months ago)
Loved this!
Luckie Duckie (6 months ago)

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