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Is "Warface PVP" Worth My Time?

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Warface has been around for many years and remains near the top of the "What's being played list on steam" But what does this F2P shooter offer that others don't and is it worth my time? Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CultureShockNetwork Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/CultureShockNetwork CSN Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/CultureShockNetwork CSN Twitch!!! http://www.twitch.tv/cultureshocknetwork Follow us on! http://www.twitch.tv/AnthonyCSN http://www.facebook.com/CultureShockYoutube https://twitter.com/AnthonyCSN https://plus.google.com/101498223916011893322 ---------------------------------- Check out other CSN videos!!! Overwatch Analysis: ► Ripoff or Inspired By? https://goo.gl/P95RHb ► Why Overwatch Is So Popular!!! http://goo.gl/QjWMQd The Division Analysis: ► The Division Isn't Realistic! http://bit.ly/1SLX7uP ► Why The Division Stands Out! http://bit.ly/1S5kZKe Street Fighter Analysis: ► Are Fighting Games Perfect! http://bit.ly/1TQdFH0 Squad Analysis: ► Squad and Multiplayer Pacing Breakdown! http://bit.ly/23t1d67 Battlefield 4 Analysis: ► 10 Cool Battlefield 4 Facts! http://bit.ly/20A9kst ► Battlefield 4 Phantom Easter Egg Update! http://bit.ly/1WqNC9Z ► All Battlefield 4 Easter Eggs! http://bit.ly/1Sew9Sq ►Crazy Weather System! https://goo.gl/bMQym7 ►Where Is Singleplayer? https://goo.gl/7XfGsf Battlefield 1 Analysis: ► When Battlefield 5? http://bit.ly/1slC1O1 ► Wrong About BF1! https://goo.gl/CD2vqL ► BF1 Limited Fun! https://goo.gl/RZ88M2 ► BF1 Gameplay Impressions! https://goo.gl/1M1agW ► BF1 Should It Be Realistic? - https://goo.gl/X9eZXl ► BF1 Horse Murder!!! - http://goo.gl/iM6vrx ► BF1 Dear Battlefield!!! - https://goo.gl/WbPquD Battlefield Hardline Analysis: ► Why Battlefield Hardline Failed? http://bit.ly/23t1NRv Half Life Analysis: ► Is Half Life Still Worth Playing? http://bit.ly/1VT586j Star Wars Battlefront Analysis: ► The Best Thing In Battlefront! http://bit.ly/23t21Ii ► Battlefront: A Simple Game! http://bit.ly/1NnufqZ Halo 5 Analysis: ► Halo 5 - A Graphic Expectation! http://bit.ly/1qH3tW0 Volume Analysis: ► Volume "A Great Stealth Game! http://bit.ly/1TQeNdU Metal Gear Solid Analysis: ► Top 5 Metal Gear Solid Games! http://bit.ly/1Mt4N8H Uncharted Analysis: ► Top 10 Uncharted Moments! http://bit.ly/1Mt4TgO Dark Souls Analysis: ► Why Souls Games So Good? http://bit.ly/22eKaR3
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Text Comments (1193)
Eric Shuparski (21 hours ago)
Shotgun aim is super slow zooming out. Also hate how medics get shotgun. They shouldnt be the ones breaching the room. Should swap primary with demo. Medic should be behind the team, not up front. Other than that, good f2p game. -xbox player
KEKO Production (2 days ago)
Can I play Warface without my.com launcher somehow? It's so shit since it came out
D R (2 days ago)
I have been playing this game since 2013 on PC and I just love it. Yes it's not perfect but I like it a lot. I spend money on the game but only if there is a weapon or feature I really really want. Otherwise it doesn't cost me anything. Can't say that about many things these days. Also the game plays really well and the missions are decent. Hoorah for "The Blacklist" clan too!!!.
Chris Doyle (3 days ago)
Awsome Game to play ..playing for years now on(PC)..lots of goodies and content to unlock(for free) lock boxes are good way to get special items (using IGC) or real money if you want..great community..Join a clan..Has PVP + PVE + SPEC OPS missions + cyborg zombies to kill..Lots of personal Achievments to collect..Huge maps to play that are constantly rotating..and obove all .its good addictive fun.
Cyka Blyat (3 days ago)
It's fun but I get kicked for lag every few rounds. My cyka family won't get off the chertov tv The DEBILS BLYAAAAAAAAAAAAT
MRCHA0S 68 (3 days ago)
man you missed her ass she has a FAT BATTY!
WoofWoofPlays GAMEZ (3 days ago)
Ok crytech make cod plz
Cole Marshall (4 days ago)
I’m gonna try it on PS4 today
micahgames 432 (4 days ago)
Can you play on mac
Malinalli Fallon (4 days ago)
11:12 It really does, it's beautiful ❤
Hell Unit (5 days ago)
Uh, spoiler alert, but Warface was out in some regions BEFORE Destiny. So DESTINY ripped off Warface' PvE mode (and also removed any class interactions between players)
devon teller (5 days ago)
People need to understand I’ll pay to win then keep spending my money on fortnite that don’t do shit but buy skins that don’t do shit..
Punyr (5 days ago)
5:37 This bitch dead, *YEET*
paan 12347 (5 days ago)
Ha the ending of a game looks like cod m2 remastered
Canine Buritto35 35 (6 days ago)
So I tried out this game today since it came out for console and when I did the tutorial I was thinking the same thing when he shut the door on me lol
ash Da ripper (6 days ago)
To be honest I would prefer where u buy your guns and it’s done no rents
borderex (7 days ago)
I like warface been playing for years.
Hayden Keast (7 days ago)
2:04 yo man don’t hate against combat arms that’s OG
Wub_Wub Monster (7 days ago)
is this vid worth my time
N/ A (8 days ago)
I personally don't like it due to the meta being almost all engineer and sniper, which once you level up, can really worsen your experience, also spawn camping is far too easy which means I can't even do anything to stop it which frankly isn't fun. But if someone else enjoys it, who am I to say that they're wrong. So just have fun
GG2 Ez (8 days ago)
Videogames ARENT a WASTE OF TIME There the ONLY Source of Entertainment
NoAim (8 days ago)
Why didn’t u do ranked?
NoAim (8 days ago)
All my friends tell me this games dead I blocked them
Brian Andrews (9 days ago)
How can the people who make one of my favorite games of all time ...Crysis, make this pile of shite?
Brian Andrews (9 days ago)
Waste of my precious time.
Danny The DOG (10 days ago)
I deleted the game after 4 year's in it
RacerNoah (10 days ago)
In My opinion it is
Jack Gray (10 days ago)
I have to agree with this assessment. I jumped right into the game and was doing terribly at first. However, once I figured out how to purchase weapons and change armor and such, I started to rank in the top five team positions after each match.
liubodimaka (359) (10 days ago)
I really like warface
Prophet Lew (10 days ago)
Ohh no there’s only men xD don’t get ur equality bullishit in a twist. Wanna be so diverse why can’t I choose how fat or skinny can I be xDD dumbasses
joel ciantar (11 days ago)
well when i run it feels like fat rolling
deathgun mr death (12 days ago)
...for some reason when someone says ....WERE ALL GONNA DIE I cry for some reason...
Deacon (12 days ago)
0:01 wuaaattt !!!?''' lmaoooo
skyline (12 days ago)
I love Warface😁
i is not a NOoB (13 days ago)
I used to camp as a sniper 10/10logic I got tonnes of kills
i is not a NOoB (13 days ago)
I used to play but still agree
ulokee (13 days ago)
I played this game back in 2013 on the xbox 360 and this video convinced me to pick it back up after the surprise of see it show up on PS4.
Devon Branham (13 days ago)
It's definently worth the time
Devon Branham (10 days ago)
Nah its actually pretty good
Lucas 7777 (13 days ago)
Devon Branham No it’s fucking terrible
The English Trucker (13 days ago)
I spent money on this game when it was on Xbox 360, but the game was turned off for console players. Why should I come back? PVP was always terrible. You spawn Into being spawn trapped. Whats the point. Co op was good, but I want my skins that I payed money for. If I dont get them.....wont be playing the game. Free or not. Whats to stop them just turning it off again after enticing console players to pay for cool stuff? I say NO to Crytek.
Chris B (14 days ago)
well getting bord fast same map etc then lag an more ................. big joke and if u leave that bad on your end!?!? u shoot and no luck thats 3/4 of the time.... 16gig 1070ti hmmmm
KamikazeTMX MangA (15 days ago)
i played warface but how further you come.. lets say how higher ya rank how more players are fcking lagging in the game. so no they high ranked players arent good they all use that lag to win... when i show real skills. when i come in a room they are losing i keep cool and win on last or keep it close to eachother of score... but damn the high rankted players have such bad connection...
AlphaLeader772 (15 days ago)
warface is a reference to full metal jacket. You take a game with sexualized characters, hamster as a character, more seriously!?
Hard Diplomacy (15 days ago)
pay to win, premium weapons come only from boxes lotery that wont give you the gun, and you spend like 100$ to get a premium gun that will get nerfed in 5 months
Hard Diplomacy (15 days ago)
not worth it anymore (max level here) just unistaled for tarkov/ rainbow six/ insurgency sandstorm
lol, that sniper category sounds funny XD
This game was developed by Crytek Ukraine if im not mistaken
David St (16 days ago)
6:28 *Leafy alert*
Sosa Montana (18 days ago)
Great review
Twobad Aych (18 days ago)
Shit game tbh
ki noyourbiznesscunt (18 days ago)
Gamesucks played loads of games unlocked next to nothing and where are the items that you win at end of matches get stuck a lot randomly and the Lagg is unbearable at times also can't join certain maps due to the servers I expect more out of a next gen game ill go back to playing cod warfare four it's pish mate
ass hat (18 days ago)
it's a beta
Martijn Dingenouts (18 days ago)
First multiplayer game i played: boom 1st place
Hype r (18 days ago)
Anyone hyped for br mode?
XxSub ZeRoxX22 (18 days ago)
From a hardcore call of duty player I actually like this game its fun no problems
ass hat (18 days ago)
If you're on PC you r lucky PS4 has a lot of lag
Tyler Spears (19 days ago)
Idk if it is just team death match but this game just seems like snipers sitting in corners on really linear maps
gofuk urself jootoob (20 days ago)
>sponsored content flips out on pay-to-win mechanics >non-sponsored content is optimistic and explains its reasonable use of ingame monetization I am confused about that but still, good video
gofuk urself jootoob (19 days ago)
+AnthonyCSN nani? Thought you stated as such in the video, early on. Saying something about a sponsored video prior that you said was an egregious example of pay to win.
AnthonyCSN (19 days ago)
I've never had a sponsored Worth My Time video...
DeathRow (20 days ago)
I thought the game was decent until I played on the nuketown looking map. Absolutely horrible map design. It's literally one end of the street vs the other end
Itz Syntax (20 days ago)
PNG flying babies
lol k? (21 days ago)
p2w af boiiiiiiiiiiiii
PippinSkillZ Gaming (22 days ago)
This game is what it is. Laggy and pay 2 win. At least from what I noticed on PS4.
ass hat (18 days ago)
It's not pay to win and plus it's a beta
Aywin (22 days ago)
Answer is. :NO ITS NOT! Blackout is. A pve special ops mission and every finish in that is about 20 rounds in pvp
EramThaGOAT (22 days ago)
You too picky bruh
Rotten Potato (23 days ago)
Am I the only one who seriously loved this game
Rotten Potato (11 hours ago)
+Adam Murnin will do
Adam Murnin (13 hours ago)
+Rotten Potato Murnin x add and will get game going later
Rotten Potato (13 hours ago)
+Adam Murnin yep I'm not really into PC games can't use a mouse and keyboard I don't like it plus I prefer the exclusive games on Xbox like halo and forza
Adam Murnin (14 hours ago)
I'll check it out
Adam Murnin (14 hours ago)
+Rotten Potato U still play Xbox
Cody Mitchell (23 days ago)
Not free to play on xbox
Cody Mitchell (23 days ago)
24.99 on xbox and you only get 300 kredits
Adrian Hernandez (23 days ago)
People saying game is pay to win when people buy 20 dollar skin on fortnite.
Commander Comrade (24 days ago)
I also love warface, but seriously though, who else agrees they should at least slightly nurf sniper, maybe make it so that all the snipers that one shot almost all around the body don't, other than that I still like the game :P
Emmortal Sniper (24 days ago)
13:11 What the fuck was that last clip? XD
Allan J (24 days ago)
Its a not bad game.....on ps4 its free to play..... has potential & could grow....
Jewel Festin (24 days ago)
You need!!!! A skill not
ass hat (18 days ago)
Yeah you really bad spelling
Anthony Di Bacco (25 days ago)
I like it im kinda hooked and yes i play on ps4
4WesternCivilizaton (25 days ago)
It’s got Cod 4 beat..
LilCucumberDraco (25 days ago)
I couldn’t ask for more after going through blackout withdrawals
John Bell (25 days ago)
John Bell (25 days ago)
LewisKing Production (25 days ago)
Think everyone can agree my.com ruined this game: (
LewisKing Production (18 days ago)
+ass hat my.com took over the game when crytek had no publisher for the game and they had fucking ruined it
ass hat (18 days ago)
What even is that
Tennessse Timmy (26 days ago)
Gameplay is very solid. Killing feels nice. Getting headshots is really nice in this, it's not hard and its rewarding enough.
Tennessse Timmy (26 days ago)
The hitmarkers are nice, because you can see how much damage you did. The more the hitmarker fills up, the bigger the damage.
henry graham (26 days ago)
What song was playing during the hilarious tutorial foot glitch screen? 3:40
The Dark Sun Gwyndolin (27 days ago)
Wow that was a dark opening sentence LOL
Will Drane (28 days ago)
Best existential intro-sentence ever. Thank you for respecting my inevitable death.
Donald Smd Trump (28 days ago)
Dude stfu and show the game.
AnthonyCSN (27 days ago)
Dude go watch different video then...
Adette Müller (28 days ago)
Bro you have to play it and not judging it.
Nick Taddia (28 days ago)
Is this falcon from gamefax or whatever the name is i cant currently remember lol
Zafrius Rasnake (29 days ago)
I dont want to say how long I played, but I play too much. And it is true. We play anyway. I play because the competition. I am a full time Medic and that is a video in itself. Our repairs are brutal, but there are ways to survive. And that is a part of the competition. Storm is the fun PvP. I am a team player. I try to be a full time medic, and I never abuse the right to have the medic power. It is easy to do, if you have to push the enemy back. People hate a shot gun. But it is so easy to put on your silencer and shot gun them all to Hell!!! ( I give War Face 82% approval out of 100%.)
Paladin Brother (29 days ago)
I cried when you opened it with we are all going to die I am a precious snowflake I know
Abdulla Al Marri (29 days ago)
Who came here after it was released in ps4 XD
Sef Dorta (8 days ago)
crash test (12 days ago)
Also shotguners
crash test (12 days ago)
My alliance is with Ps4 but I think the game and game mechanics run much better On Pc.
TEABAG TV (12 days ago)
snipers are broken i do a full statistical analysis on it using my,com data
Blake (12 days ago)
@TrappinPanda nice joke dude XD Sniper is a very hard class because you need aim and most of warface players are just bots. A single really really good sniper cant take out a whole team. But u can just onetap him with an arx or r8 revolver or much other stuff. Warface just needs skill if you play it right and dont be a noob with taurus or dp12 and stuff like that
Master Ed (1 month ago)
Rather then complaining about games, make your own game which your good at
monkaS is Life (1 month ago)
hey hey hey STOP! Combat arms was good game okay...!
MR. Nightmare (1 month ago)
Warface players like playing the game cuz you know its funny some times but after a While later lets say for example you are Level 40 you rape evryone with a rifle and thats the Part you get bored and stop playing for one month or 2 and than you get back at the game
PlatinumPluto (1 month ago)
Caleb Prado (1 month ago)
All I ask is that they take away the repair aspect of your weapons and gear as it requires you to play constantly to keep up with cost of maintaining good weapons and gear. I would play 2 or 3 days a week and i couldnt keep the good stuff so i was stuck with the basic gear.
TheShadowkrab (1 month ago)
F2P? F2P?!? F2P?!?!?! PSN users have to pay $20 per class
Sebastian Michlieas (1 month ago)
Its coming to Xbox One next month
Pascal x (1 month ago)
yeah this is a bad game.. and they rip your money with lootboxes.. and full of bugs
ass hat (18 days ago)
you get a lot money and you be able to rent Guns f****** you dumbass
ass hat (18 days ago)
You can't even pay money for the loot boxes
Holy (1 month ago)
I love toggle to ads, its how I play most games with an ads feature.
aldo_ik (1 month ago)
No server for asia And my internet sucks :(
Gorblah (1 month ago)
Towsif 619 (1 month ago)
What about co-op and spec ops??
Replieddawn (1 month ago)
I like this game I just wish it had Australian servers
Alexander Pape (1 month ago)
The duck makes me want to unsubscribe.
FREEDMAN PROJECT (1 month ago)
Great review Man, you had me cracking up with the comments, Lol

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