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Game of Thrones Soundtrack Relaxing Beautiful Calm Music Mix

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Gollum De Maison (22 hours ago)
Belle musique, très relaxante, mais petit point négatif : trop de pub ! C'est bien dommage😕 Paix à toi si tu lis ce commentaire, et surtout si tu arrives à comprendre le français ! 😂😘
Valentin Mikaelian (4 days ago)
I listen to this when I make scenarios for my DnD campaign, it's quite inspiring
Daisy Thomas (5 days ago)
My heart is hurting badly right now. I feel crushed. This music has gotten me through minute by minute. Thank you.
Emily Hill (7 days ago)
I listen to this when I'm doing homework or studying so I never really notice at what points it happens, but does anyone else find that the same song (or maybe a different variation of a song) plays like 5+ times in this?
Lord Dracoliche (8 days ago)
Great track to listen to when you're climbing a mountain and when you reach the top you see down below and this part of the track plays: 5:18
aditidurgapal (8 days ago)
Too many ads spoiled the whole thing
Taley (2 days ago)
get ad block on firefox or google chrome!
Rakesh Rajnarine (8 days ago)
i love this
Susana Tavares (17 days ago)
Nery good
LuvCali28 (19 days ago)
Why are there suddenly ads?! And why are there so many of them? It's distracting when trying to study...I need to find something else to listen to...
Mehdi Belarbi (5 days ago)
If you use firefox, go into the pluggins and look for adblock, install it and actualize
MP Rabie (8 days ago)
It's called addblock lmfao
Lord Samuel (11 days ago)
Max Amundson (15 days ago)
Just install ad blocker. Its easy no adds ever again
maximusproductions (18 days ago)
get adblock dummy
Vicky Van Hemelrijck (20 days ago)
I can finally study in peace again
Silverback Wolf (21 days ago)
They meet more ads in this video. WTF ?
MI KE (17 days ago)
just download the audio & listen there will be no ads
Annalise Smith (27 days ago)
Preferred the version where there wasn't an ad every 4 minutes....
itsSaucyJohn (18 days ago)
+vintage951 unless you're watching this on your phone
maximusproductions (18 days ago)
vintage951  yuh
vintage951 (25 days ago)
There are none for me. Install an Adblocker.
Lorelei Turner (27 days ago)
Great music, but the ads are annoying
vintage951 (25 days ago)
There are no ads for me. Consider installing an Adblocker.
Alexander G (28 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lY4lSYTeH3M&t=1292 ¿Por qué El Señor de los anillos transmite esperanza?
Stefan Desira (28 days ago)
Glad to have you back!
Stephanie Boyd (29 days ago)
30:00 Everytime it gets to here I have chills. Thank you Djawadi.
Gunnar Lambrecht (1 month ago)
Lol did you steal this art from Starcraft
Hassan kuwait (1 month ago)
What is the name of the soundtrack starting from 13:40 please
Gollum De Maison (22 hours ago)
"When the sun rises in the West"
Koko-Senpai (1 month ago)
36:00 sounds sort of like a song from Wall-e... just me?
Kennedy Jones (1 month ago)
I hear it!
acidplacid (1 month ago)
Never fails to give me chills
Phoenixx (1 month ago)
Yes it's back!
Malinda Mullet (1 month ago)
In case it gets taken down again, I made a spotify playlist https://open.spotify.com/user/malinda_mullet/playlist/3ESlkfcYaKi3Fu5EECZqIE?si=2VA29McsSemuHjIGpugmpQ
1rimllyan1 (1 month ago)
00:00:00 Goodbye Brother 00:03:04 I Am Hers, She Is Mine 00:05:18 Dark Wings, Dark Words 00:08:06 Two Swords 00:09:56 The Real North 00:11:39 When The Sun Rises In The West 00:14:16 Kill Them All 00:16:43 The Night Is Dark 00:19:36 Victory Does Not Make Us Conquerors 00:21:10 Winterfell 00:23:49 Mother Of Dragons 00:26:20 I'm Sorry For Today 00:28:28 The North Remembers 00:30:57 House Of The Undying 00:35:54 A Golden Crown 00:37:30 You Are No Son Of Mine 00:41:56 I Only See What Matters 00:43:17 A Raven From King's Landing 00:44:27 I Paid The Iron Price 00:47:42 Mhysa 00:51:31 You Know Nothing 00:54:49 The Old Gods And The New 00:57:24 King Of The North 00:58:48 You'll Be A Queen One Day 1:00:20 We Are The Watchers On The Wall 1:01:54 Kingslayer 1:05:02 Forgive Me 1:07:29 Heir To Winterfell 1:09:39 A Bird Without Feathers 1:11:36 I Have To Go North 1:12:56 The Children
Francesco i Prati (8 days ago)
The last one - "For the Realm"
Anna Romańska (10 days ago)
thanks i will reupload this in 1080p WAV.
natalia cantu (20 days ago)
1rimllyan1 the last one is “for the realm”
Ruele Okeyo (1 month ago)
the red wedding got me ffffffkkkkkkk did not see that coming
Mac _ (1 month ago)
Ruele Okeyo Yeah, the OST played when Maester Luwin died
1rimllyan1 (1 month ago)
The old one was deleted. But the North remembers!
1rimllyan1 (1 month ago)
+davieaud000 copyrights
davieaud000 (1 month ago)
Yeah what happened to ALL the other music compilations? They were so good! And they lasted so long I figured they weren't against any regulations... any idea?
Robustus (1 month ago)
1rimllyan1 so does pepperidge farm
1rimllyan1 (1 month ago)
Glad to come back here. Again.
Night King (1 month ago)
The north remembers
Night king in season 7 end not cool bro
Avocado (23 days ago)
The LIVING North
Blaž Habjanič (1 month ago)
Is this all from one season or is it a mix?
Malinda Mullet (1 month ago)
Blaž Habjanič (1 month ago)
Hadi (1 month ago)
Kathryn Howell (1 month ago)
Great to listen to when doing Homework
Bruce_its_mE (8 days ago)
I'm doing homework rn, I feel very good after imagining GoT in my minds, after all the sad parts. I feel Inspired!!
Borna Zglavnik (25 days ago)
Sameeeeee. I was writing before 30 mins and at first song I started to think about Starks and their sad lifes lol
itsSaucyJohn (1 month ago)
only thing is i start imagining Game of thrones scenes and then get distracted haha
Cameron Martin (1 month ago)
Did the old one get taken down?
jigSAW1059 (28 days ago)
Niyazi Akcan actually it’s the exact same length as the old one, so nothing’s been cut from it
Blaž Habjanič (1 month ago)
oh thats a pitty...
Niyazi Akcan (1 month ago)
Can't be the old one was over 2 hour long.
Blaž Habjanič (1 month ago)
So glad this playlist is back! Does anyone have it for download in at least 720p? pleasepleaseplease
Angelina Benedetti (1 month ago)
I was so pissed and relieved when finding this video.
Kantabele (1 month ago)

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