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Minecraft Admin How-To: Custom Enchants

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http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/custom-enchantments/ Hey friends! This week I go over how to add your own custom enchantments to Minecraft. Plugin voting! http://goo.gl/forms/XD9XsEnWdU Color Codes: http://files.cisco211.de/MenuColors.png Vanilla Enchants: http://wiki.ess3.net/wiki/Enchantments ======Credits=============================== Music provided by Jake and Chris Fleming Server: Fan.mcfriends.us ~~~~~~Ways to Support~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Looking for a good server host? http://bit.ly/1aWPFY3 Show your love? http://www.mcfriends.us/shop Looking for a network? http://bit.ly/mcfcurse --------Communications--------------------------------------------------- Google + = https://plus.google.com/+mcfriendsuskoz Twitter = https://twitter.com/koz4christ ==========================================
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Text Comments (691)
pick axe2 (1 month ago)
O_o you where on my Server once I I didnt even know it -_-
pick axe2 (1 month ago)
I remember that skin!
TechGamingGR (1 month ago)
My players cant use the enchants.. they have explosive enchant at his pickaxe but the explosive don't works. The enchant Abilities works only if you are OP. Pls help me
Nadeera Medagamage (2 months ago)
GUI - Gooey??? Isn't it pronounced GEE - YOO - AI ???
Cygnatius (4 months ago)
+1 for your hat!
Bazuhh (4 months ago)
This guy is shit at explaining,you didnt even show where to type that ce.ench.*
Koz4Christ (4 months ago)
I assumed you knew how to setup permissions. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayGu4JIgeGI
Jakey Jakey (5 months ago)
That intro...
Koz4Christ (5 months ago)
Thirsty right?
Tenetica (5 months ago)
That Roman numerals were easy and you struggled
Normalnobu (5 months ago)
How to enchant in enchant table?
Cartoni Animati (6 months ago)
I asked you something? I downloaded the plugin and everything goes perfectly but when I buy the spell the tokens have not taken off. Can you explain why?
Koz4Christ (6 months ago)
Check your console to see if there are any errors. Then make sure you're on the right version of MC that the plugin supports
Tyler Tackett (6 months ago)
That ASMR video intro
Adam Laughlin (6 months ago)
This plugin has been updated for 1.12.2: https://github.com/NyaaCat/ce/releases/download/v2.4c.13-mc1.12/ce-v2.4c.13-mc1.12.jar ...although the Bukkit page has not been updated. I took a look at NyaaCat's other plugins and decide I trust the plugin (plus it's open source, so you can see for yourself.)
bifp (7 months ago)
Get real work... I mean u look 27 y/o and u have so much time on ur hands, srsly search for a real job
bifp (7 months ago)
np, that means ur older.... worse
Koz4Christ (7 months ago)
Wow, you think I look 27! Thanks for the compliment!
Alexander Van Niekerk (8 months ago)
zFlipix (8 months ago)
Help When I click on the enchant it doesn't do anything
Archit12 (9 months ago)
Fuck you
Robin Khalis (9 months ago)
what version is this
Rocki (9 months ago)
some severs u cant type this commands how to add it?
DreaqUp pvp (9 months ago)
Hello Koz there is a new update with /gkit Can you make a new video with That?
Justoboy13 (10 months ago)
how do you make it so operators have to pay for enchants too. Because since I am an op I get all the enchants for free but I want to have to pay for them but I also want to have access to commands. I thought i remembered there being a permission for this(i used to have this plugin a year ago but deleted it)
Justoboy13 (10 months ago)
well when I de-op myself and click Aerial it takes my money and says "Purchased Aerial I for 10000.0 !" but when I op myself and click Aerial it doesn't take my money and says "Created Aerial I!" this is my permissions file: groups: default: options: default: true permissions: - modifyworld.* - ce.ench.* - ce.item.* - ce.cmd.* schema-version: 1
Koz4Christ (10 months ago)
I would imagine that its not because you're OP. Its likely because you gave yourself the * permission node which gives you ALL permissions.
MuSiK MoDz (11 months ago)
Its G-u-i, not Goo-e
Koz4Christ (11 months ago)
mmmmm so goooooooey :)
Nathan Gauthier (1 year ago)
Faruk Gaming123 (1 year ago)
Where can i put the CE.ENCH.* plz help
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
alguien que me pueda traducir el video casi hablo ingles
Brooke & Parker (1 year ago)
sad you should get more subscribers
George Bogiannos (1 year ago)
Pls pls do crazy enchantments :D
Tyler Trần (1 year ago)
can deop player use it?
Salty Medo (1 year ago)
How do i use the rocketboots?
ohhu cvkb (1 year ago)
Thank !
Kahlil b (1 year ago)
Thank you for making this 😘
Johnny T.V. (1 year ago)
Can you do a tutorial on how to PROFECIONALLY sip from a cup of coffee? XD
Dcoop Gaming (1 year ago)
idk if anyone can answer this but when i do /enchant fortune 1000 it says i can only to 1 to 3 how can i fix this
PizzaKarim (1 year ago)
Np. :)
Dcoop Gaming (1 year ago)
nvm found it
Dcoop Gaming (1 year ago)
Thanks a lot i may be able to find it but where is it
PizzaKarim (1 year ago)
Do you have essentials? Because if you do you need to set unsafe-enchantments to true, if you already did this or don't use essentials then i don't know how to solved this, anyway hope this helps.
Dcoop Gaming (1 year ago)
Charles Jeffery (1 year ago)
when he said jibbles, I though he said giblets. *|* Lol
SpoodytheOne (1 year ago)
Ive used this before the most op combination is: (fastfire) 4, (full charge) 1, and black hole/explosion
Sway (1 year ago)
Hey... can you please show us you making an item yourself? I wanna see how :O
zClient (1 year ago)
What are the permissions?
I hate your hats but nice vid
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Thanks! I like my hats so we can agree to disagree :)
Sam Games (1 year ago)
Explosive enchant on pickaxes won't work. Can someone help me? Ty.
Dũng OnTheSky (1 year ago)
như con cặc :)))
ii Sam0 (1 year ago)
Did anybody notice he had lipstick on? Like or reply if you did
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Ha, nope. I did get a good luck kiss once from Mrs. Koz in one of my videos so I had a kiss mark on my cheek
Kedakor (1 year ago)
How would I change the perms to allow regular players to us /ce menu or just /ce in general cause it keeps saying "You do not have permission to use this command" even tho I'm a normal player
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Give the perm node to the default group
Medolacy_ Medolacy_ (1 year ago)
what is the command to change the name to colored?? Isn't it /ce change name <color> set <name>
Css73 (1 year ago)
do tinkerer and enchanter
nolan7393 (1 year ago)
guys im at the website but witch plugin is it
K Promise (1 year ago)
You were holding a piece of cobble in your hand when you typed in Thor`s axe!! Thats way a piece of cobblestone Thor`s axe.
K Promise (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Gaming Turtle (1 year ago)
what are all the permissions for the use of it because on my server deoped people cant use it
Gaming Turtle (1 year ago)
dollar sign infrot of your payment in your case 100. $100
SqltyChicken (1 year ago)
Does this work for single player and/or realms? PLZ help
Blackout03 (1 year ago)
PowerUp (1 year ago)
how to enchant a fly pick
GMIL Plays (1 year ago)
my doesn't want to use the plugin i have tried every version why is it not working
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Contact the author. They may have just stopped updating it
GrenFrog (1 year ago)
I know that you are not gonna see this but how do I make certain items(like Thor's axe) not drop after death...
GrenFrog (1 year ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials Btw I've watched almost every tutorial of yours you're great at reviewing plugins!
GrenFrog (1 year ago)
+Koz4Christ - MC Server Tutorials Oh... ok Thanks anyway
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
I don't believe so
Brandon Williams (1 year ago)
Can u make it so you can buy the enchants with EXP off of the signs?
ControlFreakz (1 year ago)
Yo can you help me with something Koz? I can't seem to let players use the custom enchantments it stops working for me only ops can and I am trying to get it to work for the players to use :/ I skipped the whole video to the end and I watched the permissions about to do it again so yeah if you can help that would be greatly appreciated xD .
ControlFreakz (1 year ago)
Hey thanks for the reply but I got one more question I am using sign shop and of course custom enchantments and I seem to be the only one with this problem with it. The problem is I made custom armour and I used sign shops so that the custom enchantments are on it but later I came back to make sure everything was ok in the shop all the custom enchant books were fine but 1 set of armour was good the rest of the armour was missing their custom names, lore and enchants like the server eats the enchants ... have you ever ran into a problem like this?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Glad you got it sorted out!
ControlFreakz (1 year ago)
Never mind fixed the problem I did ce.enchant.* but I need to change it to ce.ench.*
how do i make it so there is a max amount of custom enchants per piece
Yellowboy Playz (1 year ago)
If I don't have server will it work or you don't need it
Ilene Wright (1 year ago)
you look like you came out of a Chuck Norris movie XD
pontuzaa the gamer (1 year ago)
how do i enable custom enchants for non op players
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
+pontuzaa the gamer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ayGu4JIgeGI
pontuzaa the gamer (1 year ago)
Whats the comand???
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Give them the perms to do so
ii_ ٌRashood (1 year ago)
how can I put Strength potion in Chestplate
ii_ ٌRashood well actually u dont need plugins for that
Luke R (1 year ago)
How do u sell the custom items ? Pls help !
AngryBiscuit (1 year ago)
How do I customize the GUI?
Ben L. (1 year ago)
Are you a christian bc of Koz4Christ??
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
+Benjamin Lee awesome!
Ben L. (1 year ago)
me too
Ben L. (1 year ago)
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
Ramzbou (1 year ago)
Can anyone tell me how you can make anyone use the rune forge so they can enchant?
Half Torn (1 year ago)
the intro music kills ME D:
Angel Morales (1 year ago)
it says you cannot use it here what does that mean
Death Devild (1 year ago)
how to create a boss for server ! please help me :D
KyleTheBigBoiii (1 year ago)
Do u know how i can remove the whole items part in /ce menu? i only want the enchants
KyleTheBigBoiii (1 year ago)
I came here to watch you sip tea and ur only sipping for 2 seconds, Disliked.
KyleTheBigBoiii (1 year ago)
in that case i shall like it
KyleTheBigBoiii (1 year ago)
oh lol
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
It was actually Coffee :-P
Mojse (1 year ago)
you are notch?
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
I am not that smart
MoistToenails26 (1 year ago)
I didn't know this guy was so gay
Koz4Christ (1 year ago)
You're right! I am rather happy!
Ken220 Rossomando (1 year ago)
Does this plugin works for verson 1.102 since it's on 1.9?
BlaziDude (1 year ago)
Yes and its even better in 1.10.2
William James (2 years ago)
I tried to de-op myself and mining, but nothing happend. I had Explosive 8 and in the config i've set it to 10 maxenchantments, but nothing happend?sorry for wrong English - im not from England. :)
Kevin Diggs (2 years ago)
Jibbles wtf are you 4 years old
Denzix (2 years ago)
What version of custom enchants was this?
Some people smh (2 years ago)
If I were to make a weapon with a custom enchant and give it to a non op can they use it or do I need to add a permission?
Original Content (2 years ago)
Hey, is there a way to limit if they can get it within the enchant table? Like can I set it where only donors have a chance of getting it off of enchants?
Rana Fares (2 years ago)
Do PvpTimer!
Sloppy Gaming (2 years ago)
Can you do a tutorial on SlimeFun? http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/slimefun/
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
rick quan (2 years ago)
is there a way to Delete an Enchant on an item? or u must re-do the entire thing...
xXdavounnBGXx (2 years ago)
How to give to players permission to enchant .. because in my server just op can enchant and will give custom-enchant :( sorry for bad english and pls help me !
Cole Playz MC and more (2 years ago)
ce menu how to enchant don't work when ever I select the bow or anyother thing it don't work
Electric PvP (2 years ago)
Hasan (2 years ago)
Hi coz! I need help please, I want to know the permission node, for normal players, to use the enchantments, What i mean, is that when people hit another player with a item with custom enchantment, the enchantments work, however, i dont want to give them access to enchant items, just for them to use them if they were on a tool i.e iron sword? please help ?
Sempre Tuga (1 year ago)
i have a problem .... the custom enchants are not working in my server help pls
DammitGrandpa (2 years ago)
ahh aight
Hasan (2 years ago)
Nah. decided to just leave it, still got the plugin doe
DammitGrandpa (2 years ago)
did you figure it because it is confusing me too
ji is the best (2 years ago)
this mic is so loud lol
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+ji is the best Not sure why it was so loud
ji is the best (2 years ago)
i know im just saying :)
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
True but you can always turn down your volume :)
MOTIONHUNDEN (2 years ago)
can you please help me with the anvil. the anvil cannot accept custom enchant
Daniel - Pvp Content (2 years ago)
You Click it With You CE Book
mmdl8888 (2 years ago)
when i click on the enchants it gives me a enchant book.
mmdl8888 (2 years ago)
ok thx
gunstinger8384 (2 years ago)
u have to us the forge inside the gui, /ce menu and its the last option on the right, u may need to update it
mmdl8888 (2 years ago)
so I dont know what to do with it I put it in a anvil and didnt work
Foxy The Pirate Fox (2 years ago)
that intro O_o my servos
Angelina (2 years ago)
wait so every person on my server can get any enchant book for free?!?!?!?!?
Green Ninja (2 years ago)
please send config in download  i have problem please !!!!!!
Bro Riders (2 years ago)
please give config?
Bro Riders (2 years ago)
sorry i have problem with config !!
Amethyst Orchard (2 years ago)
Thanks! I was unable to use the give command cause I was confused with the command the dev wrote in plugin description xD
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
You're welcome!
MrBirchyLadd - (2 years ago)
All your tutorials are top, easy to understand your just the best!!! First tutorial of yours i watched i just thought, wow this guys on crack and doesnt know what he's talking about but actually i was the noob and you was right :P
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
Lol, thanks! Glad to help!
Obi Wan Kenobi (2 years ago)
why when I use these enchantment they never work or do what they say ive tested a drunk sword on my bro didn't do a thing
Obi Wan Kenobi (1 year ago)
BlaziDude oh well damn I don't wanna be drunk I wanna make people drunk
BlaziDude (1 year ago)
If it wont work look it up on a site but Drunk on a sword? Its a armor enchantment
Major Hunter (2 years ago)
Drunk is for armor...
XxCraftedxX (2 years ago)
Do an announcer plugin
MoonFoxHero (2 years ago)
UTK Jellal (2 years ago)
if you could do complete setup of essentials.... i tried and i get it to where i cant build so i cant tab and its just a pain please help
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+L3GEND4RYGAMER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G4GcbkCK4pI
Moonysaurus (2 years ago)
Are you able to enchant books like an enchanted book so it works in anvils? I can't get on my computer right now so I would love if you can answer this.
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+Moonysaurus I do not know, sorry
Watching this again, for the fourth time - still so handy :P
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+Miscellaneous Minecrafter Glad to help!
Caleb (2 years ago)
Coffee = Lyfe
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+Crazykk1449 Agreed!!
Author's Perspective (2 years ago)
how do u change the lore colour when u enchant it? like when u put the cnhant on the item it will have the colored lore immediately
Author's Perspective (2 years ago)
uhmm okeh:D
Koz4Christ (2 years ago)
+The Minecraft Player Don't recall
HotDogKing2468 (2 years ago)
how can i make my own enchant
HotDogKing2468 (2 years ago)
+GamerFreakz k
GamerFreakz (2 years ago)
Not :) Its really hard I think

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