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SEASON 8 Major Theories Confirmed !? The Royal Weddings ! | Game of Thrones

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Text Comments (304)
Emperor Xander (7 hours ago)
she will for get a stark become no one but then marry a blacksmith
petis1976 (1 day ago)
Jon isn't marrying Dany. She'll die probably before the finale and Jon will marry Sansa to unite Houses Stark And Targaryen. Remember, if you think there is a true happy ending in GOT, you haven't been paying attention.
Emma Lee (2 days ago)
Plz try your hardest to slow down. Its annoying
Rezarta Caushaj (2 days ago)
Has anybody ever thought about Sansa meeting Daenerys? Maybe she'll realize she has feelings for John.
radiant812 (4 days ago)
I think Arya will get married, but she will not have a typical marriage and fill the role of a typical wife/lady.
Hot Video (4 days ago)
Henrik G (4 days ago)
My prediction: Both couples will marry, but Dany will die in childbirth. Jon will walk away from his claim to the throne, because he doesn't want to rule. Either he will disappear or die for real somehow. Thus leaving Arya and Gendry to rule, and because of their dramatic and lowborn growth into adulthood, they will eventually "break the wheel". The cliffhanger is the Targaryen baby and whatever children comes of Arya and Gendry. If Sansa survives, which I'm not so sure of, she'll become queen of what's left of the North, and she will marry Robin. Almost all other major characters will die, except for Thormund and Brienne. :) Tyrion might survive too.
Donnie Locklear (4 days ago)
, Dude, all of your videos are the same, you just word them differently! Give us some new stuff! And there's not going to be enough time to show Arya and Gentry have a wedding.
Joe Ann Todd (5 days ago)
I agree with your prediction about Arya and Gendry, and I’d like to see that. Arya also said “that’s not me”, when she a girl. She’s a young woman now and like her Aunt Lyanna, she could easily fall in love with Gendry, who would accept her as she is.
William Baynes (5 days ago)
That John's a Geordie isn't he? A lucky Geordie if he married what's her name! Do you think their kids will be Dragons?
Jamika Paulicelli (5 days ago)
If Gendry and Arya marry I will cry my eyes out with LOVE!!!!!!! LOL 💛💜👑⚔️🛡
Finally someone put up a video with the Arya:Gendry scene [foreshadowing]. Even the very first time I watched that scene (let’s face it everyone on here has now seen, and read, GRRM’s genius many many times now) I thought it was a really obvious hint for things to come.
Rob rosado (6 days ago)
The Steve hawking voice killed it for me
suryansh gupta (6 days ago)
https://wp.me/pa26kq-11 arya stark gives out spoiler
Bam Bam bigmouth (6 days ago)
What I want to know is why it’s about 3 years from the walk of shame why Cersei’s hair hasn’t grown at all really ? Even due to the time being slower on the show her hair should be quite a bit longer by now
Beta he tu Mera (6 days ago)
Hahahhahah. She married twice or thricee
I know Arya did have some feelings for Gendry but to get married I'm not sure but I can't wait to see her face when they meet again I'm so looking forward to when Jon Daenarys an the rest all meet at Winterfell so many reunions especially Jon an Arya
Also Jon has Stark blood an Targaryan blood , he's a wolf an a dragon as it's called Ice an Fire 👑🐲👑🐺
Deborah Kogan (6 days ago)
I bet you're right, on both accounts.
Shamun Freeman (6 days ago)
I completely agree and believe both will happen
PBR Streetgang (6 days ago)
There is a good chance that Gendry was Robert's legitimate son by Cersei; book and show evidence have set that plot up if the show decides to go down that route. In the show, there is an extra scene in S01E02 between Cersei and Catelyn that wasn't in the book, and there's a scene in the books (Jamie's Dream) that didn't make it into the show. I doubt Gendry would press his claim, and that could be the ultimate irony - someone with a strong claim not wanting that power, just like his father. Edit - I just watched your video about this theory (almost missed the annotation) - very well done. I hope it happens.
Carol Murray (6 days ago)
You've got the wrong sister. Gendry will reunite with Arya, who will introduce him to Sansa. Gendry and Sansa will marry. If not Gendry, Sansa will marry Podrick Payne.
J W (6 days ago)
I hope they marry for the baby sake, and they don't find out who his parents are until the last episode, so it will be too late. As for Gendry and Arya, sounds good! They can rule Storm's End!
a g (7 days ago)
Sansa will marry gendry...to jealous no one
buddahstar8 (7 days ago)
I think Arya will not marry Gendry. I think somehow Gendry will marry Sansa and it will break Arya s heart and she will go off and be a faceless man or a leader of her own pack like Nymeria. We shall see.....
MrGizmoRogers (7 days ago)
You forgot about Cersei and Euron! They are going to be married, but I would bet Euron kill's her on their wedding night. Would that fulfill the Valanquar prophecy? He IS a younger brother, just not HER younger brother!
Edward Morley (7 days ago)
Arya was stabbed multiple times I dont think she can have kids. she may get togeather with Gendry but kids? im not holding my breath
Connie Biggers (7 days ago)
I want to see Dany & Jon marry. I think Arya still has some growing up to do before she would be ready for a marriage.
Sierrah Soto (7 days ago)
I hope we have a nymeria and ghost reunion... if possible they'll recognize each other they are brother and Sister after all ❤😊
T bunt (7 days ago)
Aria will be the Spider for the J+D rule.
nenabunena (7 days ago)
I agree on your interpretation of Arya becoming a Lady and marrying Gendry. Sansa otoh either has to be Jon's second wife and birth Starks for Winterfell (similar to Dune) or marry into a minor House in order to keep the Stark name for her children since I don't think Bran can be the Lord of Winterfell or have children himself. Strange how Sansa, the one who wanted to leave Winterfell and the North the most, has become the one most likely to be the Mistress of Winterfell and be it's most ardent supporter
Stephanie Snitily (7 days ago)
Gendry will marry Sansa, making Arya his "lady" because they will be related. Lady is a term of respect for a high born woman.
Stephanie Snitily (7 days ago)
Jon slept with Dany because she said she couldn't get pregnant so no risk of having a bastard. I know this will be unpopular but if Jon and Dany get married and/or have a baby will be a "jump the shark" moment for me.
Geulez loves Dragons (7 days ago)
I hope we do see a wedding between Daney and Jon. But I think Gendry will marry Sansa, not Arya. Arya is too independent, I don't see her ever getting married. Sansa, is the Lady of WF, and if she married Gendry then we would have a Stark and Barathian back in WF.
Bagatur Hitro Vragov (7 days ago)
can i have Sansa then ?
mo0onlightmovies (7 days ago)
how many times people have to confirmed this .. we already know that since we saw them in bed together
lol_itsgonenow (7 days ago)
good info, i think..., hard to understand you
Arc Kocsog (7 days ago)
Where's the confirmation? This is just a repetition of fan theories.
Joseph Handibode (7 days ago)
Be awesome for dany and jon to marry.
EKnova (7 days ago)
Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me... I aint looking forward to NO WEDDING by GOT
Historic True Crime (7 days ago)
I really believe Arya's story will mirror Lyanna's, but Arya won't die in child birth. I think Gendry will allow Arya to be herself, and not force her to be a lady which goes back to season one's "that's not me".
Vanessa Raices (8 days ago)
I hope jon and dany will get more love screen time😥😍💑👑😉
blackeyedlily (8 days ago)
Nice job! The books also have a couple more places that could be read as foreshadowing an Arya and Gendry wedding.
Shae Kazi (8 days ago)
Have you seen Joe Dempsie's interview at Comic Con 2018? Even he couldn't really deny why fans want/can foresee the A+G pairing happening. Obviously he didn't want to give anything explicit away, but you could tell a little something is going to go down between those two.....probably at the most inconvenient time knowing GOT.
One Journey (8 days ago)
🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🌎🌍🌏 ★★★★★ 🧐 👩🏾‍💻 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing. ❤❤❤❤❤ 👁👁 👍🏿 🗺 Nice matchmaking...
Angel Pabon Jr (8 days ago)
I don't think Dany or Aegon will care, especially if Danaerys is pregnant. Death pays 4 life and Viserion died.
celt4 life (8 days ago)
Gendry is stuck in the friend zone,a bit like howland reed with lyanna,.
Mav Mav (8 days ago)
Wow this guy is just mumbling his way through this video. Can't understand a word he's saying.
Joslyn Jade Christie (8 days ago)
Only death can pay for life. Dany's child Viserion's death has paid for Dany's child with Jon to come to life
Ada Janczak (8 days ago)
I think... i hope that we will se another merrige. Tyrion + Sansa. She was seld, raped, and the only men that treat her well was Tyrion. Margery told Sansa that he's short, but he have experience with a womens, so it's most possible that he will be that one, who will make Sansa fell good. I remember a line from serial "so is my watch begin " Tyrion sed. He didn't be with any women from wedding night.
Oceana Kennedy (8 days ago)
I’d love Sansa to fall in love with Gendry. Arya and Gendry were meant to be as siblings, not lovers. And Sansa has had a rough time. She needs a kind romantic interest to come into her life so she doesn’t become bitter or scheming like others around her.
Diana smith (8 days ago)
I thought Gendry was a television series character only.
TheOnlyEthan (8 days ago)
no he's in the books, in the show they merged gendry with edric storm
mojojo Josiah (8 days ago)
Jon snow is not the true hire to the throne it daeny because Regare T was not the king when he died so when the mad king died that left visyion the king but since he dead that leaves daeny so jon is second to the throne but if daeny pregnant that leaves him 3rd in charge his on son would out rank him 😂
mojojo Josiah (7 days ago)
The Last Hero true but I don't think deany would haves problem with killing both of them tho
The Last Hero (7 days ago)
Yeah, I was talking about the books. No time on the show. I don't think he is truly Aegon, but he is already in Westeros and has Dorne behind him, since Dany turned them down. And a Queen. So it will be interesting if she finds out about him taking the throne. She doesn't even know about his existence. Will she argue with him, will she accept it who knows. But it is similar with what you are saying..As the son of Rhaegar, the crown prince, he is first in line no matter what
mojojo Josiah (7 days ago)
The Last Hero I don't think they put the other aegon in the show
The Last Hero (7 days ago)
It doesn't quite work like that, I mean the laws of succession, but why people are so obsessed with the stupid throne? I know because of the title of the series which is only the title of the first book. Jon doesn't want it anyway, and yes who could possibly argue with her and her dragons. She already stood idle and let one brother die, I don't think she would have problem killing her nephew as well. Unless he gets the other dragon huh. Targaryen civil war, another dance of the dragons. I am just kidding, it won't get to that with the time remaining. On the show cause in the books, there is one more Targaryen who claims to be Aegon, the son of Rhaegar and has already landed in Westeros and goes after the throne. Pretty same age yeah. Jon is older though, close to a year.
mojojo Josiah (8 days ago)
TheOnlyEthan daeny has dragons so who going to argue with her btw way I think jon and daeny are the same age
Sue Hastings (8 days ago)
Arya is my favorite character. I would love to see her with Gendry.
h3ticgam3r303 (8 days ago)
ayra an jon snow will happen XD
Rob Brown (8 days ago)
I see the possibility of both marriages: Jon + Daney and Gendry + Arya. Wouldn't those both be wonderful! But those are by no means guaranteed. Lots of things could get in the way of each or both.
Historic True Crime (8 days ago)
Arya and Gendry.
king oLHx- (8 days ago)
the white walkers will kill evereone
J Faria (8 days ago)
Jon will marry Sansa Stark. They will be the final king and queen of the 7 kingdoms
Mel*of*Winterfell (8 days ago)
I definitely want a Targaryen wedding. I have never thought Arya would marry (nor Sansa) but you make a compelling case. I like it. I don't want her to be an alone assasin her whole life wondering the world, she has done that and came home. She has done what she needed to do(by the end of S8) so maybe she can still enjoy a fun fight but also be a wife. I do believe you changed my mind, which isn't easy.😉
anahid817 (8 days ago)
Gendry will marry Sansa
michael lacey (8 days ago)
She said only death can pay for life. she lost one of her pets now she can get pregnant
Fritz vanLonden (8 days ago)
I've been calling both for a while... Jon & Daenerys was a given when he became king... I mean, who else could she marry? There aren't that many options out there. She killed Dickon Tarly. Robyn Arryn? Gendry... when she legitimizes him? Jon's the King of the North... okay, WAS (now that he's bent the knee) but, he still holds more power than the rest... and she likes him. It's an obvious choice and makes practical sense. As for Arya, once she told Jaqen H'hgar, "My names Arya Stark and I'm going home." that all but sealed it. Many think, she would never marry, just travel the world and become a contract killer... but, I think things will change once everyone arrives at Winterfell. I feel that once she admitted she was Arya Stark, everything for her changed... and she would go back to Winterfell and do her duty as a Stark. Remember, her reaction to Gendry when she saw him in the Brotherhood camp, without his shirt... sweaty, muscles flexing as he worked his smithy trade on their metal. Now she's grown up and those same thoughts will arise but, she's older now... and will appreciate them more. I've a question for the women (Hell, the guys too) here. When you were little... what did you wish for to be your future? A princess? Movie star? Model? Trained killer? Did it come true? When Arya told her father that she didn't want any of the things he told her she'd do when she was older... she was like 8-10 years old. How many of you went on to do what you said you'd do when you were a child? How many times did you change your mind about what you wanted to be, when you grew up? People's ideas for their future, is a constantly changing thing... even adults flip flop over time. What doesn't look like a good plan, when you're younger, becomes a great one when you grow up... opinions change as time moves on.
Rachel Recca (6 days ago)
Fritz vanLonden not to mention that the show and (mostly) book have drilled into our heads how Arya is basically Lyanna reborn. She’s identical to her. Lyanna was the same as young Arya, and then she grew up and fell in love, married and birthed a child. I think they’ve drilled their likeness of each other into us for this reason; Arya will end up like Lyanna in the sense of falling in love, marrying and having children. I just foresee Arya’s ending to be what Lyanna’s should’ve been: happy.
tintersdepot (8 days ago)
Aria & Gendry, I like it!
Roy Smith (8 days ago)
Jon and Dany will end in heartbreak. Arya and gendry will be the happy ending
Melissa Zelaitis (8 days ago)
Yes!!! I love your opinions and videos! I would love for all these things to happen!
Hobodeluxe960 (8 days ago)
Someone doesn't understand the word "confirmed". But it makes great clickbait :)
Hobodeluxe960 (6 days ago)
cool, friday at 6pm as usual?
J (6 days ago)
Hobodeluxe960 nothing is free in life..... Except for my rim jobs.
Hobodeluxe960 (6 days ago)
what about the free rim jobs?
J (6 days ago)
Hobodeluxe960 well there you have it, you're a fucking blind bitch. Next time read the title .. but like actually read it. Backfired on you huh. Btw, I'll never stop fucking goats.
Hobodeluxe960 (6 days ago)
Have you stopped fucking goats?
Martin Taylor (8 days ago)
A statement, often written, that an arrangement or meeting is certain... CERTAIN. able to be firmly relied upon.. not definite though
Tammy Martinez (8 days ago)
Putting”confirmed” is click bait
J (6 days ago)
Tammy Martinez it's a question. Do you not see the question mark you stupid blind bitch?
Beany Stryker (8 days ago)
I love Dany but I want her to die. No more marriages for her. Jon's a nice kid but he should have a bittersweet ending. Totes rooting for Stark/Baratheon though. Also, I want Jaimie to marry someone. He needs a happy ending. Poor guys deserves a good ending. He has literally gone through the most character development.
Daemon Blackfyre (8 days ago)
Starks practiced incest to. Uncle to niece. Cousin to cousin. This doesn't make sense. Starks wed Starks and Karstarks. Greystarks to before the culling. In fact Eddards line is from a Stark marriage to a Stark from his father's side.
Nathan Young (8 days ago)
There is nothing confirmed here
J (5 days ago)
Nathan Young I'm a sad and pathetic person. :(
Nathan Young (5 days ago)
J it is sad and pathetic how offended you are. Again, nothing confirmed !
J (6 days ago)
Nathan Young I'm not trying to write as best as I can. I was trying to let you know what it is, which is that he never said it was confirmed. Do not switch it up on me when clearly you made tried calling this channel out. You're the only dumbass here. #illiterate
Nathan Young (6 days ago)
J lol calling someone illiterate while writing a sentence with multiple errors. You are a true dumbass to the crown
J (6 days ago)
Nathan Young which is why he added a question mark in the title you illiterate dumb bitch
Sarah Bedazedxox (8 days ago)
What if gendry marries sansa and creates a drama between sansa and arya, arya in love with gendry gendry and sansa
Sarah Bedazedxox (8 days ago)
How so?
Tillie Mchone (8 days ago)
Sarah Bedazedxox he's way to good for sansa
Tamera Shields (8 days ago)
Omg, why does this guy speak so dang fast?
FlyJonat (8 days ago)
Again with the speculations we heard a hundred times.
Adam Espinoza (8 days ago)
So do you just confirm that it is a theory or are you just click baiting? Edit: I need some clarification here
J (6 days ago)
Adam Espinoza there's a question mark you stupid bitch. Pay attention you fucking twat
Laris G (8 days ago)
What if N + A = D? And Daenerys is Ned’s daughter? She marrys Gendry because he’s heir to the throne and she’s a gold digger.
Tillie Mchone (8 days ago)
Laris G Jon would also be heir to the throne and she already has his baby
CJ in PA (8 days ago)
6 episodes do not seem like enough to wrap up all these loose ends. I know they are supposed to be ‘featured length’ but that could be anything over 60 minutes. Also, I’m getting antsy waiting for season 8 !!
Another great video, Thanks. In all kindness, please S-L-O-W...D-O-W-N....Pause after periods, sentence. I think you're right about Jon and Dany, I hope Arya and Gendry survive and Marry too.I really hope Jaime, Brienne, Sandor, and Tormond find love too, but it's GOT... Love QOT.🌹 😊
dardell2001 (8 days ago)
Rhaegar (Jaqen H'Ghar) will convince them to continue their relationship and rule together.
Pearl (8 days ago)
Excellent video! Very good point about what Jaime said about the missing Arya, but that's why I'm convinced it's a red herring (as Arya IS trying to forget that she is a Stark in Braavos and we all think she will get with Gendry the blacksmith in the end, neither of which will probably happen in the books). I hope the Gendry/Arya relationship is more a parallel of the Ned/Robert best-friendship by the end. I'm anti the Gendry/Arya marriage, because it is a very direct parallel of the Robert/Lyanna relationship, and in the books at least, it's clear that Gendry has problems understanding Arya, for the same exact reasons that Robert did with Lyanna. So it would be tragic if Arya settled for a marriage to someone who doesn't get her, especially since she has such an independent and intuitive personality. She's not about following societal rules at all, even when she was a child. If the direwolves are reflections of the Stark children's futures, Nymeria is feral and named after the Dornish queen that united Dorne and abolished patriarchy: Arya has to be destined for so much more than being a Lady Baratheon, or I'd honestly be so disappointed.
Ben Clarks (8 days ago)
I can assume Jon would wed Dany so if she gets pregnant the child will be a legitimate heir to the iron throne and a true Targaryen but this would be before they find out it is a child of incest and if not then he could wed his sisters Sansa and Arya.. i would like to see that
FE Rebekah (8 days ago)
I love Arya and Gendry, but I always remind myself that she drank the water in the House of Black and White. She’s dead.
The Anti-Christ (8 days ago)
I see no "confirmation"
Maaike R (8 days ago)
Hihi are you a mindreader? I've been posting this like a couple of hours ago. I think sansa will die leaving arya as queen in the north. The wise wordeness of the north arya will unite the north behind the Targaryens without bending the knee nor bloodshed. The 2 queens will simply swop cousins. The fire queen gives arya her cousin gendry to marry. And the ice queen gives dany her cousin jon to marry. Uniting their houses by blood. Like the war of the roses it started with fire killing ice and it will end with fire and ice marrying each other. Arya gets her wish of being the LORD of a holdfast Winterfell and gendry will be her "lady".
Maaike R (8 days ago)
Fire and Blood Yeah but when it turns out jon isn't who they thought he was....ned starks blood doesn't run in his veins nor is his name stark...he is a Targaryen that usurped the throne...the north will riot. You already saw it happening last season. They don't trust Targaryens and jon is one who "sold them out" to dany by bending the knee... and they already wanted sansa. I think sansa will think "chaos is a ladder"(for her to become queen) and will become the figurehead for the Targaryen hating fraction....and it will be the death of her. I think the betrayal for love will end with sansa's death....its the open flame in the fuel tank that is the north...the only question will be "will sansa die an innocent or does she betray her family first?". Shit will hit the van big time. Like LF said last season "jon was named king, he can be unnamed". The north will not accept a Targaryen as their king....it has to be a stark....and there must always be a stark at winterfell....jon's place is with dany in kingslanding....arya will be neds successor and the wordeness of the north like ned was for robert. I can see 3 possibilities as the betrayal for love: 1) sansa betrays them cause she wants to be loved by the people as their queen. She always said she would make them love her. She is not giving up power and letting dany live her dream. 2) someone who loves dany will see sansa as a threat and kills her. They get betrayed but it comes out of a place of love (for dany). 3) tyrion loves his sister(s kids) and kills sansa in order to stop a Targaryen-stark union and to prevent "the younger queen" from going after his sister. But I'm pretty sure sansa dies early on next season by the betrayal for love. Lady died so Nymeria's could live and lead the pack....the lady of winterfell dies.... so her little sister may lead. The north will not be subservient to a Targaryen king....no bending of knees...but they unite their houses instead....it unites all the kingdoms.
Fire and Blood (8 days ago)
Maaike R i think you forgot that Jon bent the knee to Dany so there is no independent kingdom of the North anymore. Jon has been named Warden of the North (HBO posted the letter Jon sent to Sansa in episode 7, and on it, he said he has bent the knee and swore allegiance to queen Daenerys. Plus, he has signed the scroll “Jon Snow, Warden of the North”
Maaike R (8 days ago)
I explained it better in my older comment so here is a copy of it: Gendry will make kings rise(jon and himself) and fall(NK and Euron). I think shit will hit the van when they find out jon isn't a stark. The betrayer for love will probably cause sansa's death. And the north will be divided without a strong stark ruler to lead them. And they will be against house Targaryen...but the lone wolf dies but the pack survives...they need to unite and do so fast!! I think they will unite the kingdoms through marriage (like dany said already, and has been forshadowed like crazy from day 1). Lets just look at it from a formal perspective...Marriage is business right. They must unite house stark and house Targaryen. But officially house Targaryen is run by dany and house stark will be run by arya...both can't marry each other. And jon has a claim but can't proof he is Targaryen. Gendry has a claim but he can't proof he is baratheon. Solution: both queens have a basterd nephew to swop. Arya gives dany jon to marry. And dany gives arya gendry to marry. 2 houses bound by ice and fire blood into 1 family....uniting the north behind a Stark wordeness of the north and a Targaryen king and queen. The north doesn't have to bend the knee cause their stark queen is part of the kings family already. It fixes the succession problem between dany and jon as well. And when they realise lyanna wasn't kidnapped but broke her marriage pact...technically speaking house stark owes house baratheon the hand of one daughter. Its a win-win-win people. I think arya gets her dream and will be Lord of the holdfast Winterfell with gendry as her "lady". 😀 My best bet for the timeline next season: Ep.1/2.: reunion time, parentage shit hits the van, lyanna broke her promise, sansa will want her dream of being queen and thinks "chaos is a ladder" and will be the figurehead for the rebellious houses against the Targaryens....which gets her killed, shit will hit the van big time while the NK is coming closer and closer. Ep.3 Arya figures out who killed sansa...gets justice and becomes lord stark and unites the north behind her (like the fates of their direwolves). Ice and fire unites with 2 marriages in the godswood. Ep.4/5 The united ice and fire front figure out what the fuck is up with the WWs and stop it. Again a lot of people die but they stop the WWs. Ep.6. They go south and kill the shit out of cersei and take the throne. My best bet is arya is the younger queen with Valonqar Jon....cause both ice and fire need to go into battle as a united front thats why I think its both of them...and its jon who needs to claim his throne (its the dragon flying over kingslanding moment). Either dany is pregnant and with gendry at winterfell or some have died during the war for dawn. And some might die taking the throne from cersei. Don't know the ending but I'm pretty sure this will be the following events. And something tells me one of those main characters could die.....especially if they secure thr succession if they have a baby...good chance one if its parents will die for that throne.
Raymond Weir (8 days ago)
Let's try and pause a bit after you sentences. You run your thoughts together and it's kinda hard to understand you at times
J (6 days ago)
Raymond Weir yeah tell they got with thousands of subscribers how to run his channel meanwhile you can't attract flies to the tv
Kitty Mia (8 days ago)
When I think of Arya maybe changing her mind about getting married I could believe that to be true. I go back to the scene in Season 7 Episode 1 when she meets the soldiers and they are talking about the guy who just had a baby. She ask boy or girl and he said he didnt know, but hoped for a girl. She ask Why? He said that boys go out and fight in wars but daughters stay and take care of their papa's. Massie Williams has very expressive eyes, almost as though the character was thinking of her father.Although she believes Gendry was killed by Melisandre once she see's him, sparks will fly... Danny and Jon are a given...
Rudy Sanders (8 days ago)
Your definition of "confirmed" is interesting...
J (6 days ago)
Rudy Sanders don't you see the question you fucking twat?
Lord of wolves (8 days ago)
Don't forget the fact Arya had a helmet on when Robert arrived gendry had a helmet as well a who knows
Jordan Lexa (8 days ago)
I don't think this guy knows the definition of the word "confirmed".
deborah hobbins (8 days ago)
what about sansa
anycullen21 (8 days ago)
I hope the dead rip her to shreads....slowly, just like she dreamed in the books
Thato Omphile (8 days ago)
Death Shadow she's still married to the imp
Death Shadow (8 days ago)
deborah hobbins Dead hopefully
Hello Youtubers (8 days ago)
Let's hope Dany doesn't marry Jon, she is too good for him. Jon's a complete loser
Rania Jones (1 day ago)
The Last Hero LOL that was hilarious, yep you are too transparent, thanks for that copy and paste argument , I actually didn't bother read the whole of it because you coming across as bitter and twisted as the fake dany Character you are describing. You need to claim down Jon show fan and claim down quickly, Im actually starting to feel sorry for you that you believe that nonsense that you are typing. That delusional schizophrenic and twisted interpretation of game of thrones shows that you have trust issues in your life and the fact that your getting so angry , makes me laugh to myself inside. If Grrm was to read you stupid argument he would be laughing at you and saying what a complete idiot this guy is. I think it's about time to accept that you reverse psychology and psychotic interpretation of game of thrones is a complete joke ,the only person I can see Turning evil in the books, is JON SNOW when he comes back from the dead. That will be the consequences of his return. Its clear to me you can't see an obvious red herring when it's prosented to you, the fact that danys father went crazy is the most obvious and dumbest story GRRM could do for danys Character, congrats moron, you have fallen for it hook line and sinker 👏👏👏👏😀
Hello Youtubers (1 day ago)
Manuel Rocha Time to write Some more Sansa and jon hate. You're one easy dickhead to trigger with your multiple accounts LoL
Manuel Rocha (2 days ago)
Damn bro. I can see you doing life in the booty house for some vile type shit. Hoping to see women raped and murdered. Plus your disrespect of actual human beings cuz they disagree with your opinions about a fictional t.v. show says a lot about your character as well. You should read your own comments on here and try to get a grip on your thoughts cuz it'll be you getting raped in the booty house if you dont.
The Last Hero (2 days ago)
Rania Jones I've seen your previous comment and I had decided to ignore you because I was busy at the time and frankly you are not worth the effort Yet I decided to check the comments again because sometimes I am not getting notifications and I found something entirely different Personal attacks and the same usual pathetic nonsense about misogynists all of her stupid and ignorant fans are employing every time someone says anything against her. That's the only way you can right since you've got no other arguments. You are so delusional and desperate to defend your idol. So desperate for everything to be nonsense haters are saying without any basis..Little boys who hate women and have and agenda against her. You know I can make assumptions too. It's not hard. Just like you, I have an idea or two about what kind of people her fans are. You wish HA! I barely said anything about the things I have already written.I can go into further details and there are more..Everything about DaarioQuentyn, how she treats Barristan and how she refuses to listen to him (god the usurper's dogs). Her smugness (but I am only a young girl), the bed slave, about how dull and boring she is. And in details about her stupidity arrogance and hypocrisy about everything including slavery. And especially about everything she has caused to the cities she supposedly freed and to those people she supposedly freed and has dragged them into a civil war and reward them with starvation and death because of her whims and incompetence. You are a poor excuse of a woman and a delusional hypocrite if you think employing the services of a man like the shavepate and his beasts a former noble Dany is in bed with can be justified. A man who can make anyone confess to anything. Including a man who might or might not have been guilty by torturing and killing and who knows what else his daughters. If she wanna look for enemies she only has to look at hernew husband HA! Though it's good to know there's is nothing you won't try to justify. Typical delusional behavior and the known denial her fans have about what she has become no matter what her true goal was. And let's not forget siding with this other guy who wishes for characters to be raped only because you looove the same character.You are a piece of work you know.How many innocents have she killed? How many people have paid for their families mistakes? I wish the rebels had gotten sooner to dragonstone to kill that abomination and her brother for her father's crimes..See it's not just Dany I despise and loathe because she is mad and evil. It's her house as well. Actually it is heavily implied but I am not surprised you can't spot it and especially accept it. Based on everything she has done at an age even her father was believed to be decent. With the power she has and with losing more as the time goes by. It's only a matter before she snaps for good. Dany is an invader and a tyrant. A psychopathic teen way in over her head. Someone with no skills or the necessary education who is killing and bulling everyone in her path who won't do what she's asking. She has no respect of those people customs and no regard for their lives (or the lives of her followers She is trying to destroy their livelihood and they have every right to fight back. Especially when you consider what a Valyrian with dragons represents to those people. She is a known cheater with no morals who can't be trusted. She is a completely incompetent teenage girl with dragons who has become more monstrous than her monster enemies who will do anything to defy her. Even something so stupid as killing 163 people which she answered in kind by demanding 163 people who might or might not have been innocent to die. Never bothered to conduct an investigation, to lookfor those responsible..Just demanded blood. That's her twistedsense of justice..Aerys's style.. She is the mad king's daughterand nothing can save her from that. I really meant it though..I could give two or more shits about what you believe and whatever bullshit you can come up with to justify my hatred for her. Whether you believe it or not which is completely irrelevant. I used to like her..But then I learned about her family and what she truly is. I cannot in good conscience support a monster who has killed so many people. A monster who has sparked a civil war into an entire continent for which countless people have paid with their lives. Imagine what she could to Westeros when you consider how stupid and arrogant and hypocritical and entitled she is since she doesn't know anything about her family or even her father's crimes because she prefers doing other things instead of listening for example to a man like Barristan Selmy who is truly honorable and universally respected by everyone. When you consider the power she currently has..It's true what they say about power corrupting. Not better example in ASOIAF than Dany. The rape/incest byproduct of a madman who at the peak of his condition hadn't done 10 percent of what his 16 year old daughter has done. Darling you don't even know the definition of the word Mary Sue..Everyone has paid for their mistakes more or less. Except Dany who keeps fucking things up. Someone or something always comes along to her aid.. A city, an army, Barristan, her dragons., Illyrio with his ships,.Strong Belwas, DaarioAnd she doesn't even have a scar to show for..So stop your nonsense. And here's hoping this extremely good fortune she has will run out. Cause Dany might be the only character who keeps getting dumber and making stupider decisions. Eventually this will come back to bite her. And then her ascension to madness will be completed. This is not without basis no matter how hard you try to disprove it. Go ahead..I can also give two or more shits about that as well. But don't be so naive to believe for just one moment you can sneak stuff like you did before in a desperate and pathetic attempt to gain the advantage and make me look bad. Nothing and no one will stop me from answering in kind. Yeah insecure, delusional, paranoid, hypocritical back at you.I hope you truly mean it this cause I've wasted plenty of time on you already. I told you from the start. I was fucking with this other guy because he was annoying. As if I care about who will marry who or defending show Jonto people who don't know the first thing about how he is. Yet once again, yousided with the guy who wishes for characters to be raped and has insulted other female posters because you looove the same character and decided to bother with me. That says it all about what you are. Your refusal to accept that there are people who dislike Dany for very good reasons is why we are where we are. Not all people love her like you do. There is no agenda, no hatred for women or whatever else bullshit you are saying yourself to sleep through the night. People dislike her for what she has done, what she is and what she could potentially become. There's always the chance of her to redeem herself and change. Personally I doubt it and I don't wanna see it. Not after everything she has done.
D Halps (8 days ago)
Also, Stark married Stark cousin too!
Rogelio Torres (8 days ago)
Great stuff, can't wait for the serious too start already
Eric Womack (8 days ago)
I disagree that they won't continue an intimate relationship after they find out their are related because their relationship is based on love between them not a power alliance so yes finding out they are related will cause drama but the deep feelings they have and them having a child will seal their destiny with each other.
Lisab Sau (1 day ago)
The Last Hero I ship Dany and Jon so hard! And, they are not even real!! When Jon finds out about his true parentage (and, Dany's his aunt) he will have to put his feelings aside to fight TNK and his army. Dany's not petty and will battle the NK as well. After TNK is defeated they will have to resolve their problems. Jon is deeply in love with Dany aunt or not. I can't see him not loving her because of who she is nor her with him. Dany has never judged Jon and he will not judge her. If he's a Targaryen it's acceptable (per Sam to his devastated friend). I would like to see Jon lose the Ned Stark "honor" and become the Targaryen he was meant to be. Ned, Robb, Cat, Talisa/baby, Rhaegar/Lyanna, Jon's siblings, etc are dead because of the Lannisters. I want Jon to go 100% Targ on Cersei's ass! PS It's parents and siblings frowned on in Westeros
The Last Hero (1 day ago)
I don't think there's anything stopping this train, even if they both find about being related. I am just not sure why. Will it be for the people or is this is meant to happen. Dany will have no problem. Her grandparents and parents were brother and sister. And she has been told by Viserys that if she was born sooner Rhaegar would have her instead of Lyanna. About Jon I find it a little hard to believe based on what I know about him that he would continue the relationship after he found out..First,second cousins is not a taboo even in the North, but aunt and nephew not so sure.
Lisab Sau (1 day ago)
Manuel Rocha D&D made it clear to the viewers that Dany and Jon are in love. Dorthea told Dany "Love comes in the eyes" and Dany and Jon were shown making serious eye contact while consummating their relationship. And, Bran's voice "He loved her..and she loved him" as Jon and Dany's faces were shown at the appropriate time was confirmation. Not to mention the writers, directors and the actors said so.
Manuel Rocha (2 days ago)
Who says Dani is in love? She told her lover before she left to westerose that she would be looking for a man to marry when she arrives. Well.. she didn't waste any time. She married the first guy she met. She's kinda slimey and John should get his junk checked to make sure he's okay.
Lisab Sau (3 days ago)
Queen B Dany is not mad, nor has she shown any signs of madness. That review is an opinion but a military strategist would tell you that executing the Tarlys was necessary. Tarly refused to bend the knee, so what would have been the chances his men would have? So, it saved lives. Tyrion tried to give the Tarlys choices which Dany accepted but they refused. At that point Tyrion was trying to make Dany appear weak. She kept her word, the soldiers bent the knee, and no one else had to die. Also, Tyrion killed thousands of people with wildfire, as did his sister. Lest we forget he's a hypocrite.
maura lee (8 days ago)
Both weddings
The Man (8 days ago)
John can't get Danni pregnant because he Shoots Shadow Sperm 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻 Just like Melisandre has Shadow Babies 👽👽👽
Hobodeluxe960 (8 days ago)
both have died and been reborn. sorta. maybe that's what the Night King wants. The baby. Or maybe he wants Dany to be his Night Queen and the baby is the prince who was promised?
Tammy Martinez (8 days ago)
The Man the baby is a red herring anyway
Finish (8 days ago)
"Confirmed" Fucking clickbait
Summer88 (8 days ago)
Fritz vanLonden We're not "bitching". Someone made an observation and a number of people agreed. It's not the end of the world.
Fritz vanLonden (8 days ago)
Oh, you did see the question mark... good. Now, I know for certain that, you're someone who likes to bitch for no reason. 😁
Summer88 (8 days ago)
Who's crying? We're just making an observation. And of course I saw the question mark .The title is still misleading. There are no confirmations here and he obviously included the word as click bait.
Anna Johansson (8 days ago)
ikr.. let the crybabies cry lol
Fritz vanLonden (8 days ago)
I guess you didn't notice the question mark in the title?
Wesley Mansbridge (8 days ago)
Never clicked on a GOT video so fast!
Shae Kazi (8 days ago)
Me too dude...I'm so ashamed of my smutty tatste in GOT videos but this one is so gooooood :)
Anna Johansson (8 days ago)
Wesley Mansbridge your fast af boi
Leslie M. Isaacs (8 days ago)
That still picture of Dany and Jon holding hands under the Weirwood tree...I've never seen it before. Where did it come from? Is it from season 8? It looks like it could be their wedding it's beautiful! Notice how Dany is wearing the colors of the Weirwood tree?
Summer88 (8 days ago)
Fan made manipulation. I think that pic was originally of Daeny and Jorah saying farewell. Definitely from last season though. She's wearing the dress she wore in Eastwatch.
Fire and Blood (8 days ago)
It’s fan made. I have this picture on my phone since three months.
Pearl (8 days ago)
It's photoshopped.
FE Rebekah (8 days ago)
Looks fan made to me. And Dany looks like both ice and fire here..
Thato Omphile (8 days ago)
Leslie M. Isaacs maybe it's fan made but I might be wrong

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