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Game of Thrones - I'll Make a Man Out of You

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"Let's get down to business. To defeat the Huns." HBO's Game of Thrones. Mulan 'Make a Man Out of You'
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KingLink95 (1 year ago)
1:58 Sansa's head movement and the line "Heed my every order" with Joffrey sitting right there makes this scene look a lot worse than it is.
"With all the strength of a Raging Fire" 1:37 Hahaha Not so raging
Jeremy Brookes (1 year ago)
the babies in the jars was so wrong yet so funny at the same time.
Hail King Cerion (2 years ago)
This song should be a tribute for the Night's Watch and have Alliser Thorne as the general.
Tarvoc (2 years ago)
Not enough Dothraki.
Kia Maria (2 years ago)
"Did they send me daughters, when I asked for sons?" *Cue Selyse in front of Stannis's pickled sons* I FREAKING DIED. That was so evil but well played lmao.
Piratearicat (4 years ago)
I lost it when Tywin started singing! WOAAAH
Heather's House (4 years ago)
Liz Hummel (4 years ago)
Thank you for that! Finally someone who appreciated the tempo of that song :) Loved it!
kristina tollefson (4 years ago)
I so love this video it so cool and sweet
demigod2324 (4 years ago)
love it! well done!

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