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Mark Ruffalo Curb your Avengers Infinity War Spoilers [Duh! Spoilers]

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Mark Ruffalo spoiled Infinity war 9 months before its release at D23 whether he was aware of it or he was just joking, it was a shockingly true prediction, which is crazy. All rights to the clip belong to GMA, I just made a fun edit
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Nightmare Boy (3 months ago)
Yo thanks for subbing but why?
Hessian (4 months ago)
What the hell dude? Is this real ? I haven't seen the movie yet
Oscar Bunting (4 months ago)
Hessian He’s kinda right, if you want the spoiler details, see below. *SPOILERS* Thanos gets all the stones, snaps his fingers and finishes his plan. So almost all the avengers die. We’re left with just the first avengers.

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