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Game of Thrones History and Lore season 1, full. In full HD

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"Histories & Lore" is a series of short animated videos included in Blu-ray release of each TV season of Game of Thrones. Game of Thrones Music and Video used under rights of Fair use for criticism and review purposes. A Game of Thrones is owned by George R.R. Martin and HBO. Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. 00:00 The Children of the Forest, the First Men, and the Andals by Bran Stark 02:50 The Age of Heroes by Bran Stark 05:38 Valyria and the dragons by Viserys Targaryen 09:09 The history of the Night's Watch by Lord Commander Jeor Mormont 14:03 The History of the Night's Watch by Maester Luwin 16:56 The History of the Night's Watch by Tywin Lannister 19:08 The Old Gods and the New by Bran Stark and Catelyn Tully 22:09 The Field of Fire by Robb Stark 23:57 The Field of Fire by Viserys Targaryen 26:43 The Order of Maesters by Maester Luwin 29:17 Mad King Aerys by Maester Luwin 32:01 Mad King Aerys by Robert Baratheon 35:25 Mad King Aerys by Tywin Lannister 38:25 House Targaryen by Viserys Targaryen 41:32 Robert's Rebellion by Robert Baratheon 44:48 Robert's Rebellion by Viserys Targaryen 47:32 House Baratheon by Robert Baratheon 50:06 The Sack of King's Landing by Maester Luwin 53:10 The Sack of King's Landing by Robert Baratheon 56:12 The Sack of King's Landing by Tywin Lannister 59:08 The Sack of King's Landing by Viserys Targaryen 1:02:19 House Arryn by Catelyn Stark 1:04:22 House Lannister by Tywin Lannnister 1:08:08 House Stark by bran Stark and Robb Stark Visit scrivatv.com website for more
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Text Comments (733)
joy olufemi (8 days ago)
Tywin legit talks like Tyrion doesn't exist.
Josh S (16 days ago)
Eddard stark was the OG!
S S (17 days ago)
I was waiting for story from old nan
Tamara S (19 days ago)
Naga means dragon in Indonesian folklore
SPM Magharibi (23 days ago)
BMan Wells (1 month ago)
I love the way this tells the same story from so many perspectives..
Dwarven Hammer (1 month ago)
What is this?
PRINCE KRAZIE (1 month ago)
How can these gods be faceless if they have faces on weirwood trees?
Tcc (1 month ago)
Ned Stark looks like David Beckham
173rd Sky Soldier (2 months ago)
We need a segment about the Knight's King and his corpse bride!!! Anyone who doesn't know what I am referring to - go look it up!
Rhys Humphreys (2 months ago)
i do love house tirill
Chris Roberts (2 months ago)
you can see why ned lied to everyone about jon's true parentage.if not jon would have been killed as baby.
Tenz Account (2 months ago)
Robert's hatred for the Targaryen's was so unequivocal that he forgot that he's a Targaryen himself, though he did use it to justify his right to the Iron Throne.
Steph Peric (2 months ago)
Harry Lloyd (Viserys) narratives are absolutely wonderful!!!
This Face Believes You (1 month ago)
I love the little personal details in these lore videos. Like Tywin’s belief “chaos benefits no one”. We all know that opinion is neither universal nor true. Or Robert’s rhetorical question to Ned “is it a crime to wipe out a family of lunatics born of incest?”. Ned’s choice to warn Cersei before he informs Robert of her children’s true paternity proves his answer is *yes*
Paul Wagner (2 months ago)
"The rightful king still lives in exile". On the Wall.
Mateo Sepulveda (3 months ago)
i am a lord of the rings and legends, silmarillion, And j RR tolkin fan. this history peaks my interest and i just might start watching game of thrones.
Dillon Morrow (3 months ago)
I watch these story’s at night because they put me to sleep that’s not meant to be a bad thing the just immerse me and help me sleep
Godfather 300 (3 months ago)
Would have loved to see tywins reaction to the wights and white walkers now
Stève SIKATI (3 months ago)
Whose voice is this?
Casper Cito (3 months ago)
I don't think the Valyrians originally discovered dragons. I think they discovered wyrms or wyverns, can't remember the exact nomenclature. I'm pretty sure they were blind and buried under the ground. They definitely couldn't fly but did indeed breathe fire. It was from these that dragons originate.
Casper Cito (3 months ago)
ScrivaTV you guys got any fun work I can do, perhaps? lol I'm a voice actor, atleast. And I LOVE GoT
ScrivaTV (3 months ago)
Well, yes, but somewhere in the same book there are mentions of the dragons in the other parts of the world, before Valyrians rode them. And yes, that book gives un many hints that perhaps Valyrians did not create dragons, and haven't even found them, that they originated in the other parts of the world, perhaps. But, sure, there are mentions of the fire breathing wyrms or wyverns in Valyria, you're right.
Casper Cito (3 months ago)
I thought that was canon, from the world of ice and fire? I'm fairly sure that's where I read it
ScrivaTV (3 months ago)
That is one of the theories
Mystique Dreamer (3 months ago)
Viserys sounds downright pissed off in some of these, lol.
Dave Snyder (4 months ago)
🇬🇮🇫🇴🇬🇪🇫🇮🇮🇪🇮🇸🇳🇴all the flags are so pretty.
Dave Snyder (4 months ago)
Why did Jeor mormont first go to the nights watch.🎅☝️👀🛡🏹⚔⚖🗡♨️🏯⛼🎚🕯🔭✨♣️🍞🌰🥜🍄🥕🥔🍺🍻🍗🍜🧀🍇🐖🕸🐾🐐🦅☘🍃🌲??????
Kim Lillico (4 months ago)
I’ve been ill in bed and these vids have saved me I love them thank you and more more more
Neil Frank (4 months ago)
Great story.....thanks for posting!
nick kos (4 months ago)
so will have god sea monsters end the dragons is the most powerful end only will see in the series wtf
esrapk (4 months ago)
if only this wasn't narrated by a fkn baby...
DD RION (4 months ago)
Can we please have some subtitles?
Dante Marotta (4 months ago)
Thanks for the upload mate these are brilliant
animusqueen (4 months ago)
Me: // is brushing teeth // Bran and Robb: // start speaking in unison // Me: // BUSHES TEETH FASTER //
Lovleen (2 months ago)
46:20 Viserys: LIES lmaooo
Lovleen (4 months ago)
Lmao Viserys takes sm proud in his Targaryen ancestors history I kinda miss him now
judith watson (4 months ago)
Loving the artwork. I love this video! 💙
Jaqen H'ghar (5 months ago)
The first men came and cut down their sacred trees. The children trapped the 3 eyed raven in the roots of a ww tree for centuries.
Patrick Snavely (5 months ago)
These videos are awesome
Nam Nguyen Vinh (5 months ago)
plz add Eng sub, that would help a lot, thx!
ame7272 (5 months ago)
34:18 LOL..poor Robert. You lived in a lie all your life.
Christopher Gallegos (5 months ago)
Roberts "Battle" and "GAWDS!!!" i love how he delivers lines.
antoine satre (5 months ago)
Can we have a fr traduction pls ?
Alex Todd (5 months ago)
So I get that the Targaryans raised the dragons, but how is it that they have dragon blood flowing through them?
IvanSensei88 (5 months ago)
It's not a bad idea to see this bit first before watching the actual series. I remember when I first watched the series I got a little lost with who's who and what's what. Lots of house names, relations, areas, past events that they mention, and this can give you a nice baseline from which you can connect the events that take place in the series and know what they're talking about.
IvanSensei88 (5 months ago)
No, I think this came after. But regardless, had I watched this first, and then the series.. I would've had a much easier time understanding what's going on xD At least I believe so.
Malcolm311 (5 months ago)
IvanSensei88 this came out before the show started?
Aurea (5 months ago)
Can you add closed captions, please?
DJ big leg (5 months ago)
king robbo a 5ft warrior with a slow heavy war hammer won the battle with the weight of his weapon ??? was robbo,s war hammer targaryen ??? was rhaegal,s armour not valyrian steel questions i ask because im nosy lol great post really good that its the actual actors..
Astrid s (5 months ago)
Anyone else that thinks that bran stark went back in time and also was brandon the builder?
Jay Bone (5 months ago)
House ‘tirul’
Senga Sengana (5 months ago)
It's "Robert's Rebellion", not "Robert ` s Rebellion". What's wrong with them?
Broken T (6 months ago)
I'm new to this world. Thank u for creating a great video series for the lore
Chaos Blitz (6 months ago)
Yo are these the actual actors? Cuz guy talking about dragons sounds like my boy viserys Targaryen
John Lindsey (6 months ago)
Tywin calling The Rains of Castamere "a quaint little song".....
ShadowBreaker (6 months ago)
I rather episodes first & then this. Don't wanna spoil the surprise <3
Michael Petrovich (6 months ago)
Robert is a piece of sh_t
MrMMitchell (6 months ago)
Vicerys and tywin are pretty choosey about their wordings when they narrate
Yellow Blitzer (6 months ago)
fire as black as night?
the noob aquarist (6 months ago)
Woah. Viserys sounds awesome!
Lena Aalt (6 months ago)
Charles Dance's voice is just pure sex.
Cait Anderson (6 months ago)
Love this! So glad I found this series
Yuka Mochida (7 months ago)
Bran mispronounced the Tyrell name, kinda cute
zintosion (7 months ago)
War what is it good for
jatochgte (7 months ago)
With what software was this animation created? Can someone tell me for sure?
jatochgte (7 months ago)
thank you very much for taking the trouble to answer my question, have a good day!
ScrivaTV (7 months ago)
Adobe After Effects I assume
AHELI BISWAS (7 months ago)
a woman! the same old reason even our two great epics the Ramayana and the Mahaharat started all because a woman was kidnapped or humiliated. Say what you want but these women have the capability of bringing down whole dynasties and not to offend anyone but a lot of concepts of GOT are indeed borrowed from these epics.
The Lady Olenna Tyrell (7 months ago)
His name was Jeor Mormont, he came to us from bear island way, He rode far, fought hard, and defeated many foes, he had the blood of the first men, and was a man of the real north. Well not see his like again. ...and now his watch has ended!
seungcheols (7 months ago)
45:13 "House Baratheon owed its very existence to the Targareyns. Was it not the Aegon the dragon himself who elevated the bastard Orys Baratheon in the War of Conquest?" I've heard it being said that in the final season of GOT we'd get to see history repeat itself. Since Gendry is the only living Baratheon left what if Daenerys legitimizes him? It might be impossible since it was his father who killed her brother but it is still something cool to think about (it could possibly be Jon too if he's only king. Stark/Baratheon friendship and all that.) The bastard Gendry carrying on the Baratheon name.....
TCG1984 (8 months ago)
They need to make so many more of these. Beautiful, epic in the truest sense, and adding a layer to the storyline GoT deserves.
Death (8 months ago)
Khiem Ngo (8 months ago)
I'm always amazed by those who can create another world, reality out of their imaginations like this. Wish i could do it too. Btw is this part included on the books ASOIAF ? Or GG R Martin releases it later after it?
Najma Salem (8 months ago)
Just love the blend of Robb and Bran's voices at the very end !!
Paul Sheridan (8 months ago)
Robert Baratheon was an idiot. Not surprised Lyanna ran off with Rhaegar
Dan Osborne (9 months ago)
Thanks for this!!
Hustle (9 months ago)
Tywins voice is by far the best Only Morgan Freeman could beat him LoL
IluSsIoNnN (9 months ago)
I don t get it. So 1st there were the children. Then the First men came. They fought, then made peace. Then the Andals came and fuc*ed up everyone except the north, which remained to the first men. Where were the valyrians during all of this? I get that when Aegon conquered they were gone for some time but in the beginning Viserys says they ruled almost everything. When? Or was it just on their continent? Maybe I m just thinking about Westeros.
ScrivaTV (9 months ago)
Basically, they conquered half of Essos (what's known of it) and Dragonstone was the only part of Westeros they touched. They were not interested in Westeros, I assume.
Joho1208 (9 months ago)
Is it me or do the actors pronounce House Tyrell differently or is there some other house related to it?
Jericho Cruz (9 months ago)
I listen to these videos while playing World of Warcraft. The best.
ionthegravity2 (9 months ago)
Damn, I wish I would have seen these first before binge watching GoT...
Money Bills Beerus (7 months ago)
ionthegravity2 lmao me too it only took me 3 weeks to finish 7 seasons
Ola C (9 months ago)
Wait... If Lann the Clever lived during the Age of Heroes, does that mean that the Lannisters are descendants of the First men?
JessieGr 101 (10 months ago)
rHaEgAr AbDuCtED LyAnNa
jinzo saroun (10 months ago)
great thanks man
ScrivaTV (10 months ago)
GoT History and Lore and Conquest and Rebellion Season 7 Full: https://youtu.be/qBupfOy4W0U
Carl Viernes (10 months ago)
are these the ones that come with the GoT dvd/blu-rays?
ScrivaTV (10 months ago)
Vesper Venom (10 months ago)
Bookmark 47:38
anders johansson (10 months ago)
Benjamin Byrnison (11 months ago)
I wonder what Maester Luwin would’ve thought of Qyburn
Connor Williams (10 months ago)
well maester luwin did study the higher mysteries at the citadel in oldtown and so its likley he would enjoy qyburns faith in magic but not necessarily his experiments
Fednia Menard (11 months ago)
I hate Tywin so much for he did to Elia and her children
Soap Opera (11 months ago)
hyndergogen (11 months ago)
"Countless other stories, too many to count" yeah, that's precisely what countless means Bran.
NickHomie (11 months ago)
Whoever put this on my feed damn you I need to sleep
Darrell Hardy (5 months ago)
NickHomie I always listen to these when I go to sleep <3
aidan ransome (11 months ago)
The history is so detailed and interesting that it makes me angry with the show sometimes. The fall of high garden was ridiculous! Even taking into account the betrayal of their bannermen the castle should still have been at least an episode's worth of viewing and the Dornish army? Did they just go home because the sand snakes are captive? They needed 10 episodes and they should have used them. Best and worst season in many different ways
Reina Jancorda (11 months ago)
House Starks gave me chills!
Genile Bankai Elric (1 year ago)
Boy Robert loved to hear himself talk. You can tell he loved to tell this story over and over. Too bad his betrothed did not love him....
duane farnsworth (1 year ago)
This is great 👍
ka faz (1 year ago)
watcher on the walls* so their were multiple walls? did the nights watch exist before the The Long Night?
ka faz (1 year ago)
ScrivaTV well, maybe you haven't read the books because there is examples that contradict each other. but no worries I googled it and it seems others are trying to figure this out as well. also I just read someone disputing the long night was even the fight against the Others.
ScrivaTV (1 year ago)
Night's Watch did not exist before the Long Night. It's just that "there" may have been other Walls as well. And the only possible place where they could have been is in between the Five Forts. So the Night's Watch, perhaps, originated in Essos, also during the Long Night, and then just opened "franchise" in Westeros. Just mere speculation.
ka faz (1 year ago)
ScrivaTV I'm totally aware of the five forts but doesn't nearly answer my question.
ScrivaTV (1 year ago)
Well, no, but there are Five Forts in Essos, under control of Yi-Ti. https://youtu.be/vdXv7AC2zS0 So there's plenty of room for speculation.
Dallas Kroyer (1 year ago)
Why wasn't Ned voicing the North/ House Stark history and lore parts?
MissLovelyMonet (1 year ago)
Let's be honest... Brandon Stark died like an idiot. He practically hung himself! He let his wildness get in the way of logic. Yes, your father is burning before you, but be smart, live another day so that you can avenge your family. But noooooo... He kept reaching for that sword.
Kristin G. (1 year ago)
Omg I am so happy these are being voiced by the actual actors.
Corey Pain (1 year ago)
Those sound like the real cast members, is HBO behind this in anyway?
Corey Pain (1 year ago)
Thanks, but it would have literally been shorter, less time consuming, and a bit more respectful and viewer friendly for you to simply type the word "Yes"
ScrivaTV (1 year ago)
Read the description please.
Barbara Cowley (1 year ago)
Is Mark Addy (Robert Baratheon) the new Richard Burton?
C no evil. (1 year ago)
Game of Thrones needs more audio narratives from a women's point of view. How about an Elia vs. Lyanna pov? How about a Cersei vs. Elia pov? For example, what about an Ashara Dayne vs. Catelyn Tully pov? What about a princess Shireen Baratheon vs. Myrcella Baratheon (Lannister) pov etc, etc the audio narratives from the female pov would prove interesting.
Sir Devil (1 year ago)
They can't do that because a lot of the ones you named are characters that aren't currently in the story yet. That's one of the reasons we haven't had a Rhaegar point of view despite him being arguably the most important dead character.
C no evil. (1 year ago)
Disgusting and unforgivable what was done to poor Elia Martell who never received any justice. Poor, crown princess Elia. Then to learn that her husband Rhaeghar had dumped her for the northern, homewrecker, Lyanna Stark. Did Rhaeghar care so little for Elia and the children he made no plan for their safety? So tragic for princess, Elia an innocent victim. Its said the war's victors tell the story. The Lannisters and Baratheons were monsters evident in how princess Elia was treated with inhuman, outrageous brutality.
Sir Devil (1 year ago)
We don't know her opinion on the matter but regardless D&D have dub themselves a MASSIVE hole in the Jon Snow being a secret targaeryan mess. As for no justice, you seem to have forgotten that Tywin is dead, Amory Lorch is dead, and the Mountain's body has been turned into an undead corpse so I think she got justice for her and her 3 children.
Tom Merker (1 year ago)
it's a pretty cut down and mostly loose interpreted version of the books history
Nick Scardigno (1 year ago)
So who wrote these stories?
Sir Devil (1 year ago)
Nick Scardigno George RR Martin.

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