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An Inspiring Story of A YouTube Commenter.

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Text Comments (52265)
kurt giger (2 days ago)
RascalMSP (2 days ago)
Oh, pece be with him.
Gaming 1.9 (3 days ago)
Well,I guess that's interesting
Anusua Das (4 days ago)
I cant understand the video can someone explain me
Melbourne Meliodas (4 days ago)
Where is Falcon Lover?!?!
Dj Spaghet (4 days ago)
Liek if cri evrytime
Miss Emil_yy (4 days ago)
I cri everyday
dllman d1d (4 days ago)
skites 2 (4 days ago)
people dont hate justin y.
GDF Tech (5 days ago)
*Falcon Gaming Gaming, LOL*
unknown boy (7 days ago)
Please forget to subscribe
Soumick Gamer (7 days ago)
I cried after seeing this :(
Danica Gabuat (10 days ago)
dont hate and donate
Hello youtube
Bobby Harold (12 days ago)
What the
bennyson samuel (12 days ago)
Why always supporting falcon lover??
juask2018 (13 days ago)
Clumsy Gus (13 days ago)
rip falcon lover cause of death: haters(z)
monika monika (14 days ago)
KURAPIKA KURTA (16 days ago)
We are the kings in YouTube !!
Jad Y. (16 days ago)
*der faclon lovers*
Follow my on Instagram (marinos_kitsas)
Pan Noodle (17 days ago)
Wait isn't this the guy that hacked one of edds channels?
RandomRussianGuy (17 days ago)
Good luck in Africa.
FàD øÚå (16 days ago)
why ?
S & J gaming (17 days ago)
Just Phagocyte (18 days ago)
I'm holding back my tears ;-;
Prime Time (18 days ago)
Taethestic (18 days ago)
*:(* aw
Lol Wanted (19 days ago)
Falcon Lover (20 days ago)
I’m back. Pls forgot too subsribe
Giraffe Man (21 days ago)
I’m also a giraffe
GENISIS Emerald (21 days ago)
I wonder where he is now
Mini Waffle (18 days ago)
I guess he's in the plain fields of Africa
Invincible 3301 (22 days ago)
Dear falcon lovers....
VR Prassad (23 days ago)
Please forget to subscribe Lol
Falcon lover suffers get noscoped every day in the wide fields of africa
Inga Retta (27 days ago)
Pew, I have something to tell you.
Meme Otaku (30 days ago)
We need a backstory if Justin Y.
Flea Pictures (1 month ago)
Follow me please
Trey Hilliard (1 month ago)
I’m dead 😂😂😂
TheCryngeHasBegun (1 month ago)
Thomas Turner (1 month ago)
Rishan Dahal (1 month ago)
ayyy lmao (1 month ago)
back when i was gullible and thought Falcon Lover was a legitimate person commenting this shit
Justin V. (1 month ago)
Bro fist make every thing better
LEGO Marvel Collector (1 month ago)
*forget to subscribe*
Party Poison (1 month ago)
This is an important piece of YouTube history
anonymous anyone (1 month ago)
What did i just watch! What did I just fucking watch!
Raging Roadhog (1 month ago)
Please forget to subscribe!😂
Sathyanarayan's VLogs (1 month ago)
Plz forget to watch my vlogs and mixtape on my channellz
Suja Ramesh (1 month ago)
Gorget to subscribe
Suja Ramesh (1 month ago)
Suja Ramesh (1 month ago)
I died luaghing
Justin ABC. (1 month ago)
If only I was Respected like this
CesTech (1 month ago)
He has 109K subs now...
90 days for new name (1 month ago)
Justin y?
Dank Chronix (1 month ago)
"Also forget to subcribe"
Shadow X.X (1 month ago)
Who searched him up
Doritos Doritos (1 month ago)
1:44 im sorry i laughed it saaid "it will make your pussy wet"
moqensen (1 month ago)
Most underrated Pewds video!
francisco j garcia r (1 month ago)
😭😭😭😭😂😱😱😱 das
Raw Square Gaming (1 month ago)
What was this lol ??!! 🤔🤔🤔🤔
Ma Ja (1 month ago)
If y’all ever played PewDiePie legend of the bro fist you get to fight a giraffe named falcon lovers
Arthur Van Lierde (1 month ago)
I’m searching for this dude here in the comments i thought that i would find him in his naturelle habitat
James Anderson (1 month ago)
I finally found the truth of the situation... I'm pregnant
Y nitsuJ (2 months ago)
_pece will come to you my friend._
Taulant D (2 months ago)
5 ubs
Willas (2 months ago)
Im Just Ryan (2 months ago)
I shall forget to subscribe for my lord falcon
Sara Loves Pear lol (2 months ago)
why im i tearing up
Matwew21 (2 months ago)
Does anyone knows what the background song is?
Dear friends please subscribe my new channel
Pew .mp7 (2 months ago)
Let’s see if falcon can fight with Justin Y.
emily mcgowan (2 months ago)
please forget to subscribe
Jay Schanus (2 months ago)
Its been 4 years and only recently have I realized that this was a meme and not real...
Nerd In Disguise (2 months ago)
How did the giraffe type ._.
Xzortix YT (2 months ago)
Thx you ppl for letting me hit 15 subs...i might do viral vids now... and if i reach 30 subs i might make gaming videos now... :) (and also don’t mind meh for having bad fever it’ll be gone for weeks :) #DontWorryAboutMe
KJ Gaming (2 months ago)
I'm sorry to sound rude I really do , but that spelling got on my nerves every damn time. I know he's young but it got to the point where I gave up reading . "Why do people unsubscribe, maybe they hater" I swear that annoys me the most. Hope Falcon has a good life I guess
Young Messiah (2 months ago)
Does anyone know the name if the music piano in the beggenning please
Atleast it's sadder than roblox story
Yugi Muto (2 months ago)
Bring back FalconLover
Cobra (2 months ago)
what a falcon
Kitty Life (2 months ago)
Bob Builder (2 months ago)
Hey bob builder lovers I have 0 Subs please sub No hating please
Bob Builder (2 months ago)
also subscribe pleSe
ToMoKo_ tHe_qUeEn (2 months ago)
Try not to cry challenge thumbs up if u lost so did I :,(
Mixer Includer (2 months ago)
Subscribe to my channel then I'll subscribe to urs
RagingGamer (2 months ago)
Opick Hidayato (2 months ago)
i'm cool even when no one talk about me being everywhere on youtube T_T
bubblegum foolkind (2 months ago)
It's kinda annoys me, Is he spaming?
puspin cat (2 months ago)
First of all i tought it was justin y.
DJ BLACK STAR X_Ø (2 months ago)
DJ BLACK STAR X_Ø (2 months ago)
Louoh Edits (2 months ago)
Is that....... the n word? 0:37
Match__ (2 months ago)
MichaelK12 Kroll (2 months ago)
Thank you.
Prof. Gio (2 months ago)
az_hr _ (2 months ago)
What just happened?
Dylan Zelaya (2 months ago)

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