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Game of Thrones Beginner’s Guide: Uncensored (HBO)

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Text Comments (5326)
Jonathan Lopez (4 hours ago)
Fuck those dragons focus
Lara De Pauw (4 days ago)
2:33 Oohhooohhh, oh they so cuuute 😍😂
LD100 (9 days ago)
Albert Chehade (12 days ago)
Dear Sir, (GameofThrones) Thank you for this educational upload, it was enjoyable indeed:) However, Please note that everyone watching - and more importantly - LISTENING to this is NOT NOT NOT below the age of 9. Your 'sound bytes' were irritating............sorry. Thumbs Up though:)
effwutade (12 days ago)
the voice is super ANNOYING why does he has to speak like that ?
Hercules Baterna (13 days ago)
Samuel l jackson recently created a youtube account and i am looking for his comment on this video. Anybody knows?
Kwengu Nelson (15 days ago)
Peace time is done, finito!!!!
Equint77 (16 days ago)
Why couldnt these be recaps after every season 😂
Passee Jones (23 days ago)
An updated one needs to be done... I keep rewatching this and it brings me joy errrrrerytime!!!
- 이름은정국 - (24 days ago)
Shame. Shame. Shame. 😂😂😂😂
Zoe Walker (26 days ago)
You still stuck on those fuckin dragons?!
Amirul Ajmal Ahmad (27 days ago)
PLEASE PLEASE and PLEASE after GOT end... PLEASE make Samuel l Jackson make his story telling like this again..lol
TWSTF 8 (30 days ago)
Drink! 🍹 Every time you see someone thought they were the only one clever enough to leave a, "Bran trippin'" comment! 👍
Eltoroguaco (1 month ago)
I want Samuel L. Jackson to explain everything I love.
muqing yang (1 month ago)
Who else came from Samuel L. Jackson's undercover video?
Jesse Pinkman (1 month ago)
Seriously why does everyone want to sit on that stupid ugly iron chair made of swords?!?! Ned, Robb, and Jon, while being honorable fools, are still right to stay off that stupid chair. Ned could have taken it but he didn’t want it, Robb said he had no interest in sitting on that chair, and Jon cares more about people being alive and unified than who’s bloody corpse sits on a stupid ugly iron chair made of swords
shivam bansal (1 month ago)
Watch Ozzyman reviews too. 😂
NIcholas Davis (1 month ago)
Got caught up by watching all 7 seasons on HBO Go.....NEVER followed this show for 7 yrs.....and man, I was hooked...can't wait for the last finale season 8.....
Stranger Resuello (1 month ago)
“don’t get attached, im just sayin” 😂😂😂😂🙁
Ishotblanks 11 (1 month ago)
Channy Catiri (1 month ago)
Bran? Bran’s trippiinn!! 🤣🤣🤣
Depression Cherry (1 month ago)
Anyone here from the undercover video?
grayson english (1 month ago)
Looking for that Samuel L. Jackson comment anyone?
Phạm Chung Hiếu Link it
Lord Squip (30 days ago)
Depression Cherry (1 month ago)
+Phạm Chung Hiếu found him too lol
Phạm Chung Hiếu (1 month ago)
Lol the guy have three subscribers already
Phạm Chung Hiếu (1 month ago)
grayson english lol, I've found him. Just scrolls down a little bit more
Pang Yang Liew (1 month ago)
Morgan freeman ??
Arun Chacko (1 month ago)
nice family. don't get attached....😅😅😅
pauli figueredo (1 month ago)
PLeeeeease update this!!!
The narrator is annoying af
jai shankar (2 months ago)
Very awesome
Bo Wiggly (2 months ago)
Mr Jackson, I believe you deserve a cameo in Season 8 for that lovely recap.
Joseph Vickrey (2 months ago)
I want a full commentary on every episode with him, and Leslie Jones.
Kurosakekenshi (2 months ago)
It took Samuel M.Jackson 7 min and 30 seconds to say the word "motherfucker". I was beginning to think whether he was a fake but my doubts are now gone.
Steven Holt (2 months ago)
I so need to start fucking watching this now.
Paul Kelleher (2 months ago)
If iyou’re.t
A J Pro (2 months ago)
Is this Samuel l Jackson
HY Productions (2 months ago)
Braaan 😆😆
Lily Medaries (2 months ago)
I only watched the first episode so far and now I am ready for all seven seasons!! This video explained some stuff for me.
Blck Jack (2 months ago)
I fuckin love Samuel L Jackson. I just want to sleep on a bed made of his voice
TheRedHuskie (2 months ago)
This explanation kinda goes the same way when you try to explain the world of skyrim to your friend...
Kapil Singh (3 months ago)
It's the best thing!!!😂😂😂
A proud Gryffindor (3 months ago)
SLJ: Cersei, she basically Marie Antoinette in this whole situation! Cersei: *scoffs* Ha, the people... you think I care! That made me laugh really hard.
samantha18 (3 months ago)
Half of these comments are Bran...Bran trippin’
RPGMaster (3 months ago)
"You still stuck on these FUCKIN' dragons!?!?!"
Darsh Parekh (3 months ago)
If Samuel Jackson was in GoT, we would have House Motherfucker!!
Cameron Wilson (3 months ago)
How did they get Samuel l Jackson to narrate this
Alen S (3 months ago)
NO, NOT DRAGONS, FUCK THOSE DRAGONS, FOCUS! And bran..........bran trippin
Brit Mk 2 (3 months ago)
Lol brilliant
Secret Chord (3 months ago)
Never laughed harder while watching GOT
Brandon Balkaran (3 months ago)
Valar Morghulis motherfucker!!!
Yadwinder Singh (3 months ago)
I have recently started watching GOT. Made it to s6 ep2 so far and i love the fact that this video barley spoiled anything and i got to listen to Samuel l Jackson in just a perdect setup.Amazing
viggolover1 (3 months ago)
Doesn’t matter how many times I watch this 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nikky Krueger (3 months ago)
First thing you need to know is... No, not dragons! *FUCK THOSE DRAGONS* *FOCUS!!!*
Mrutyunjaya Jena (3 months ago)
Nice Family right?? Don't get attached....I'm just sayinn :)
Arman Sharifi (3 months ago)
Does anyone know the name of the music playing right at the end? It is not another piece by Ramin Djawadi, is it?
James Samuel (4 months ago)
I’m writing my own fantasy at the moment, and I need to know are “bannermen” or “House” (noble houses) historical terms that I can use or ASOIAF terms, just don’t want to steal from GRRM that’s all and google hasn’t been very helpful.
James Samuel (3 months ago)
EpicChocolate thank you very much I really appreciate it 😉
EpicChocolate (3 months ago)
James Samuel yes both are historical terms ie. house Of Windsor
Miranda Paige (4 months ago)
Omg thank you so much and your also super funny man😂😂😂
Giorgi Maru (4 months ago)
'was drinking coke and then line - "Bran is tripping'"came up and spit drink in my friends face hahahahahahahahahaha
Nandini Panda (4 months ago)
That fire lady said that the fight of 5 kings means nothing and she's probably right
Khaled Bendary (4 months ago)
Boško V (4 months ago)
Didn't understand a word. What language is that?
nicole elizabeth (4 months ago)
that dragon is so cute
CasanyoKP (4 months ago)
lol about to start watching this show. Been hearing about it for years, frst episode here we go
Tito Jr (4 months ago)
500 miles long, Samuel.
Joseph Connor (4 months ago)
Oh.. Sam L Jackson is soo dope...
Dontell Benjamin (4 months ago)
Mother fuckin Samuel L 🤣
Faizan Bashir (4 months ago)
Ivona Trajkovska (4 months ago)
We SO need an updated version of GoT by SLY 😂😂
greendayfecer (4 months ago)
Dear HBO Why aren’t there motherfucking more of these!?
Jonathan Blaze (4 months ago)
дача (4 months ago)
ayyanagouda aski (4 months ago)
Samuel o Jackson
Smurfy McGee (4 months ago)
“And Bran... well Bran trippin’ “ LMAO
Kaveh B (5 months ago)
Motherfucker? Shouldn't it be sisterfucker??
MURK3 (5 months ago)
I need to have a beer with Sammy
TiN TiN (5 months ago)
*Arya's doing her revenge dance*
Mochammad Novaldy (5 months ago)
And EEEEEEEEEEverybody thinks Bran trippin'
The voice is so Fuckin ANNOYING !
Teh-j Maxwell (5 months ago)
U wanna see a dragon muthafucka?😂😂😂😂
Kate Hanton (5 months ago)
"The dragons are doing some serious damage" THAT'S A LOTTA DAMAGE
#GMV (5 months ago)
bran tripping
Bijoux (6 months ago)
After watching this is the only reason I started watching this. Did miss Samuel L. Jackson but it was well worth it.
Jakub Bilski (6 months ago)
Who wins game of thrones? Best bet: white walkers or her dragons
adam7mma (6 months ago)
Lol hoping the writer of this wasn't white and wrote this word for word for Sam to read. I'd like to think Sam added to the writing of this with all of the cursing but ya never know.
Itilosi99 (6 months ago)
this is the best video ive ever seen
bird person (6 months ago)
is this samuel jackson?
Abhi Varma (6 months ago)
Bran trippin' !
Zlat (6 months ago)
How is this a beginners guide if you just spoiled the entire fucking show
Jarno Datema (6 months ago)
Is it worth watching?
Naveen Kaushik (6 months ago)
Lovely commentary skills. Samuel L. Jackson take a bow...
Pro-Tube (6 months ago)
Gta sa
Dana Ripley (6 months ago)
Makes me want to binge watch Game of Thrones.
Brandon Farrell (6 months ago)
This makes me wanna watch...
Rad Chad (7 months ago)
"bran... bran trippin"
Pauldjreadman (7 months ago)
Long asss winter coming lol I wasn’t expecting the naturation. Excellent
Andi Pratama (7 months ago)
Shame... shame... shame...
Suvendu ranjan Nayak (7 months ago)
The white walkers. .. the scary mother fuckers I laughed way too hard at it😂😂😂😂
Rich Kidz (7 months ago)
Yes!!! We have dragons after all that you still stuck on those fucking dragons
Raeyne Jaymeson (7 months ago)
Good point.. Cersei is Marie Antoinette, exactly the same
Volmaer Plays (7 months ago)
Biggeners guide huh. Too much spoilers
Jahranga Babb (7 months ago)
he needs to do one for Supernatural
blankblack ball (7 months ago)
Best thing ever Samuel.L.Jackson you the man

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