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Monopoly Big Event - £30 Mega spins! Big Feature! Online slot...

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£30 quid mega spins, great result! As you can see by the second spin it's not always this good! play online @ http://www.fruit-machine-emulators.com
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Text Comments (36)
James Messham (4 months ago)
Says fruit machine emulators in the corner
UK Gambler (4 months ago)
James Messham that's MY watermark 🙄
Calimari Club (8 months ago)
You must be one fat fuck with that breathing
ste emsley (1 year ago)
Walk away after your win, dont throw it all back in!
Jamie Stables (2 years ago)
got £800 from a 30 spin last time and never played agin
Carl (2 years ago)
lol at the sounds of jacking off in the background - made this interesting to watch
Steve smith (2 years ago)
haha yes I thought the same
chris 7 (2 years ago)
What's up with your breathing
UK Gambler (2 years ago)
+james 84 Yeah good one James, I'd get well excited over a couple of grand lol.
Carl (2 years ago)
+ukslots its true you sound like your jacking off
UK Gambler (2 years ago)
are you really concerned about my health? as it happens I didn't realise the mic was turned on, I don't see the big deal.
MJC Productions (2 years ago)
do u have breathing problems?
Jon Mckeown (1 year ago)
+ukslots not a troll. I thought you were jacking off or something
UK Gambler (2 years ago)
dilwich123 (2 years ago)
You can tell this is not on 'DEMO' because he is breathing like a rapist.
UK Gambler (2 years ago)
+Garry Cowan ha ha! good one! you'll get some laughs for that mate.
dilwich123 (2 years ago)
+ukslots No I am used to my breathing when I leave the house with my rope & sack. 
UK Gambler (2 years ago)
sorry I brought back memories for ya mate, the flashbacks must be terrible :(
mick mayor (2 years ago)
can not play this in demo retards I seen a lad on here name matthew major 20k win you fools so shut up hating sad twats
odd tremorz (2 years ago)
Where can't you play it on demo? https://www.mariacasino.co.uk/gameplay/[email protected]
mick mayor (2 years ago)
+odd tremorz were can u play this on demo never talked shit just said never seen it on demo fucktard anyone who plays demo and pretends it's real is sad and only kidding them selfs
odd tremorz (2 years ago)
+mick mayor You can play this on demo, including big bet. Why talk shit to make no point?
UK Gambler (2 years ago)
thanks mick. I wasn't aware it couldn't be played in demo cause I've never tried. Maybe it'll shut the haters up... until next time.
[SCO] Gaming (2 years ago)
I had a feature like this, similar circumstances, mega spins, feature icons stay for 5 spins, 4 icon trigger, 20 odd spins but it was on 3x with locking wilds... went for just over 1k!
Martin Swift (2 years ago)
Top vid mate great win ...
Sam (2 years ago)
UK Gambler (2 years ago)
+James Collins Yeah that's my own watermark so nobody steals my videos and free advertising for the website. Doesn't mean it's not real.
James Collins (2 years ago)
+ukslots ot says it in the corner 'fruit-machine-emulators. Com'
UK Gambler (2 years ago)
Thomas Otter (2 years ago)
These not demo?
UK Gambler (2 years ago)
no this one was real play, generally the only demo vids I have on are the ones taken of my own 777 fruity. playing demo online does nothing for me lol.
MrPDJ123 (2 years ago)
Great hit
MegaKingoftheswing (2 years ago)
Awesome win!

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