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10 Gamers Banned For DUMB Reasons

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Most bans in gaming are warranted, but some are completely unintentional or...really stupid. Here are our favorite examples. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv http://segmentnext.com/2015/07/15/hacked-items-in-dark-souls-2-pc-version-can-still-get-your-account-banned/ https://gamerant.com/battlefield-1-players-banned-too-good/ https://www.reddit.com/r/forhonor/comments/5vd6yi/i_got_banned_even_though_i_dont_even_own_for_honor/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvK6xE-Bgh8 http://gtaforums.com/topic/793632-next-level-hacking-in-online-screens/ https://www.polygon.com/2017/2/22/14698354/club-penguin-ban-speedruns http://kotaku.com/bioware-is-sorry-they-accidentally-banned-all-those-swt-509627331 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXrIdCyzZwI
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Text Comments (16228)
gameranx (10 months ago)
Have any of you ever been banned for a dumb reason? .....AAAAND I just called Widowmaker "Black Widow" FFFFS I need coffee
Dank Memes (10 days ago)
gameranx why u do this I’m a widow main that’s meen u dank memer pls stop bully me
Chao (1 month ago)
I have not but I YouTuber has. His Name is Mrflimfam (somewhere along those lines) he got banned from Roblox by one word "yes". That was word he got banned
Smooth _E (1 month ago)
#dumb reasons
chris sun (1 month ago)
I got ban from gta 5 for being to good at , on last team standing with no kill limit I would go 108-2 or with a kill limit 50-0. I'm use to military tactical game like arma 3 or sqaud so coming to a super simple like gta 5, well you see how that turned out. And I have no idea why but it seems like every gta 5 player is allergic to using cover. They will stand in the open and roll and when you kill them 10 in a row they call you a modder/hacker. I'm like they're standing in the open it's super easy to kill them.
Trevor Frye (1 month ago)
I got a SR penalty and temp ban in comp on overwatch after my PC crashed while streaming. I rejoined the match and everything, we ended up in a draw. After the match I saw my SR drop 100 points and could not play for an hour because I was a "leaver"
Lukefell06 (7 hours ago)
I got suspended for talking on xbox live
Landen Orellano (8 hours ago)
Called widowmaker black widow
Legolas Gaming (12 hours ago)
I was banned for a month due to calling someone bad and building 6 crystalin bracers in league of legends never returned to the game -.-
Morteza Afshar (14 hours ago)
TriHard 7 =))
Gamer Gapple (20 hours ago)
Fortnite is better than PUBG
Tomson (1 day ago)
In rebirthro i got banned for nothing
the real link link (1 day ago)
Yes I have one day I was playing roblox (I dont play that game anymore) and what happened was I was enjoying my time playing robeats and all of the sudden I lose connection so o refresh the page and I got a 5 year ban for getting an a+ on the hardest song
I've been banned once for being stupid in a forum, the thing is I did the same thing another girl did. She didn't get any repercussions for it, I left that site after. It really wasn't fair. Their reason was she was insane.
TechMickey (2 days ago)
I was banned on one Bf4 server for killing admin with sniper rifle 😀
Alvin Olavarria (2 days ago)
Black widow lol
Mozokuni (2 days ago)
I was banned from World of Warcraft for buying gold. I hadn’t played the game in five years and definitely didn’t buy any gold. When I receive the email I didn’t want to lose my account so I called them they said it was an error and reversed my ban.
Robert Han (2 days ago)
Back when I was really into call of duty, there was a problem in the game black ops 2 where I would get kicked for killing my teammates in the game mode hardcore even though I didn't kill any of my teammates. There was an explosive weapon called the bouncing Betty, where if a teammate finds one that you place down they can shot the explosive and kill themselves with it. A teammate purposely shooting and killing themselves with a bouncing Betty that I placed down would be classified as me killing them, and if they kill themselve with it enough times I would be kicked from the game. So basically I would often get kicked from a game for a teammate purposely killing themselves. This happened to me four times, and was even threatened to be banned
ARlaevxen Cronin (2 days ago)
I don't know if this tecnatly a ban but IV been banned for just dancing in club penguin
Noob Saibot (3 days ago)
Hanzo and Widow should have never been in overwatch in whole, im not a bad player i played widow ''very Good'' but it doesnt feel fair to me, headshoting isnt hard at all takes no skill.
Hantarkeya109 (3 days ago)
harambe the 100th (3 days ago)
My brother got harassed for using symmetra. i forgot how to spell her name
ChickenSnitt (3 days ago)
be careful who you kill because it might be a streamer? I'll stick to playing the game and killing all enemy's, no matter if they are "Famous". Doesn't make them an untouchable god.
ShadowmarkReturns (3 days ago)
I was banned from Wizard 101 for a Dev logging into my account.
E M (3 days ago)
I got kicked because my teammate walked into my grenade
Brodie Pierce (3 days ago)
I was banned from party chat for 24 hours because I was reported 100 times for being disliked
Yo, I got banned on Roblox for saying hi to my friend REAL LIFE friend LIKE WHAT?!
marius siegen (3 days ago)
I got banned in cod ww2 because i got a cross map grenade kill
GamerChillz (4 days ago)
TESO has plenty of stream snipers for pvp streamers and one of the streamers decided to ask zos (TESO devs) what they could do about it and it turns out if he has solid proof of a player stream sniping him in pvp zos told him to send their ign over to them for harrasment now idk if hed ever go this far but when your interrupting someone whos making content for a living it practically disrupting their business
Da Ne (4 days ago)
I have got banned for spinboting in cs go
Mauricio Garcia (4 days ago)
Long ago, i reached the top 100 on a leaderboard... And banned for that, lol. (remind me of the BF1 guy in the vid) I was getting a specific number of stars to climb; got to #51, (apparently, they were "a lot in very little time") and one day, i was hidden from the leaderboard. Got really mad...now i can laugh about it.... But not.... These...days...
James Clark (4 days ago)
I banned on cod bo3 by bitch who saying "I been tick people into traps it's just FUCKING joke I did it once JUST ONCE!!! Then I got new account for cod bo3.....
Orion Carmine (4 days ago)
I forgot what game I was playing but one time I just got banned for logging in....
Crazygamer 59 (4 days ago)
Black widow 🤣
Red Void (4 days ago)
we don’t like hanzo and widow because people can’t play them well. if you can’t play it don’t play it. expect toxicity if you suck and told to swap
Richie Peds (5 days ago)
Yea, I Got Banned For A Minth For Calling a Kid a Squash
Killer Frost (5 days ago)
Dornda Defender (5 days ago)
I was banned from a now deleted roblox game for completing a quest only I completed and grabbed a legendary weapon I was unbanned after a admin found out I beat it -_-
ThunderGamer78 (5 days ago)
Black widow it’s fucking widowmaker. Smh 🤦‍♂️ I cringed so hard
ChewsWisely (5 days ago)
Did he say Black Widow? 6:45 ITS WIDOWMAKER
Unifox64 Music (5 days ago)
I was banned from Fortnite becuase i used a vending machine while using a shield potipn
GOLDEN GHETTO 77 (5 days ago)
In halo 5 I got a temporary ban for missing a jump and falling to my death
TheGameMage (5 days ago)
The gta 5 one was way worse on the Xbox 360 version Every time I went into my apartments garage it exploded and I ended up stuck in the elevator not able to move And I could go through the garage entrance because someone put shipping containers in a box formation in front of the garage with windmills in the center, so yeah stopped playing after the 50 or so hacker lobbies where every kept getting exploded
RyanH Does stuff (5 days ago)
Its widowmaker not blackwidow.
Leafair The Gamer (5 days ago)
I know it's not a game thing, but I was banned from twitter for being my age. (That of which I shalln't say.)
Nothing will beat Basically Homeless FINALLY getting permanent banned on r6s. It was beautiful.
Meme Lord (6 days ago)
I been ban for a # yes a hashtag
And that's why I played Ds2 offline
BuckRage712 (6 days ago)
Back when I played bo2 I got banned because whenever I would kill last person on free for all. All the trickshotters would get triggered and report me lol
Spectre 1007 (6 days ago)
I got banned on cod ww2 because I killed a lvl 98 and I'm lol 23 xD my ban lasted a year and I'm still waiting for a lift... :/
Balisong Clyde (6 days ago)
I got banned for telling someone to “Suck my tits”
Jason Rhodes (6 days ago)
You called widowmaker..... blackwidow...
Danielpro125cc Rider (7 days ago)
banned for winning 34 matches in one day in ufc2 for a week
Dig Strayan (7 days ago)
I got permanently banned from GTAV online because i bought a shark card, rockstar is fucked
Baptiste Barre (7 days ago)
desire group reveal cut wait pretend psychology sex.
GoHGaming (7 days ago)
THE SAME FUCKING THING HAPPENED TO ME IN MW3 I WAS 17TH PRESTIGE AND I GOT BANNED FOR 48hrs FOR “BOOSTING” and got all my stats reset and I also argued with CoD support and got 2hrs of double/double weapon xp -.-
Irvin Vasquez (7 days ago)
I haven't gotten banned but i have been kicked for joining a game on the loosing team and killing a lot of the winning team players
Evan S (7 days ago)
i got banned for "injecting a dll/hack" for no reason
Banaanijärvi D (7 days ago)
My stats got once cleared in bo2 by random modder. ONLY because I camped with LMG :P . That's not ban but I thought it was really funny
PMURP (8 days ago)
yes banned from gta online for killing one guy once after he killed me 11 times in a row he reported me for cheating cause i got sick of him killing me so took a shot at him that was months ago and havnt been on gta since and it was only a 24 hour ban
Cookie Chip (8 days ago)
A minecraft server had added a new rule 2 hours befor and i didnt know so i unkonwinly broke that rule and got a 3 day ban. the rule was. You cant kill more than 15 sheep in 5 minutes because for some reason sheep were special
Bennycocopop (8 days ago)
my friend was banned from Dying Light for a day or so for being "too good"
richard reeves (8 days ago)
I just think the guy banned from a game he didn't own should be number 1 on the banned for dumb reasons list. I don't know how you could beat that for stupidity.
Fukase (9 days ago)
My boyfriend got banned off of osu! for placing highly on a global leaderboard (3rd) in the mania game mode. A couple of mania “pros” reported him and he got a 3 month ban, just for playing the particular beatmap lots and getting good at it, almost taking the no 1 spot in the world for that particular song Some pros in some games are salty cunts lol
Joe S (9 days ago)
I got band from a mobile game called Z-Girls by them giving me items that have me 300 gems each for buying it (was on sale for $10 for 10 boxes of gems) and i got pissed off because i played alot and gridded to get where i was to loss it all
horrorcase419 (9 days ago)
I was banned from mw3 cause this guy from new York made fun of my chicagl accent so I told him atleast planes didn't fly into my buildings so they banned me for bullying
Brolution Gaming (9 days ago)
There’s cheaters on BF1 People playing too “good,” is always funny- I’ve seen players cheat many ways- I doubt this dude was Innocent- especially with no proof. Same with the Modern Warfare dude- that game ran rampant with cheaters- a off sided screen shot doesn’t help-
Jeremy Banham (9 days ago)
within about the first week of getting nbn and playing online for first time, I was in GTA on xbox 360, was in a small session so didn't think much of just leaving my character while i went to make a coffee. While I was away some modder dropped like 100m on me and because I was so new and naive all I thought was this was some amazingly generous gamer who was trying to help me, i promptly bought all the cool stuff i wanted. About a month later I upgraded to xbox one, and within a day or two of signing in I got a 30 day ban and of course character completely reset etc. I understand why I got the ban, but I hate that there was nothing I could do to appeal it because it wasn't a deliberate thing
Dat Boi (9 days ago)
I was permanently banned from a game because an admin argued with me and lost
Henri Xhakollari (10 days ago)
i dont understand how can they prove stream sniping? You cant prove unless you put a malware or spyware in your game that scan you PC and gather your information outsade the game software. Doing this you go in to criminal grounds coz hacking and spyware on other ppl pc is ilegale.
nathan geyer (10 days ago)
You know call of duty with it’s system of banning you for leaving games so my power went out I got on the game and boom ban
Christoph Stott (10 days ago)
My sister got banned from shin menagami tensi imagine online. She bought out the entire supply of a high demand resource for like 3 months straight till Basicly none were being posted anymore then reposted all of that material for like 4x the original price and refused to let anyone else put any on the market 😂😂😂
I got banned on ps3 for my username being CALLYOURMOM6969 ... apparently it was too offensive
Layne Vierk (11 days ago)
I was banned from War Thunder for supposedly cheating because my job went too fast and pulls out of using speed hacks in the game which I wasn't I was just falling out of the air like a freaking dead bird with my engine still going on my wings cut off for my Pilot's Night by a freaking bomber that I was trying to kill when I was wrecked I think it was the German war super bomber whatever the green thing I don't know the name of it
David (11 days ago)
On an old MMO some gold seller hacked into my account, spammed he was selling gold, and deleted my highest level char with all my items. Game Devs didn't believe I got hacked despite that the IP must have been different and my char had been deleted (I only found out it was deleted when I eventually asked for my account back years later). Reason for ban was "spamming". I asked for my account back again 7 years after the initial ticket when I got curious how the game was going.
random as shit (11 days ago)
I got fucking banned for winning a stunt race in GTA. No warnings just a permanent banned. I was level 135 and never did anything wrong in the game. Just liked the cars. But apparently rockstar doesn't like to unbanned people even if it wasn't their fault. I even sent them a video proving that i didn't do anything. But it's what ever now.
The Outlander (11 days ago)
Because KL-Spazmo=The Legend 27
Colin Claesson (11 days ago)
Iboxy Gaming (12 days ago)
I one got banned from sea of thieves for saying hi
EXPERT GAMER313 (12 days ago)
This probably doesn't apply to this list but the website modb banned my account for me not interating with it I even tried to ask them to unban me but almost a year later and still banned
David Garcia (12 days ago)
I am banned, from warframe until 2035, for no real reason -__-
kinodvd1 (12 days ago)
Not banned but toss off from servers for playing good, yeah..some times xD
Rad2916 (12 days ago)
I got banned from a minecraft server for crouching on a cliff
kiran M.O.D. (12 days ago)
CS:GO vac banned for scroll bhopping
Plasmatooth Gaming (13 days ago)
I was banned from a Minecraft server for “flying” when I literally just jumped...
SiFire Gaming (13 days ago)
So I got banned for Mineplex for being in an egg wars game with 7 other hackers flying.
Slashy (13 days ago)
I was once banned worldwide on PS3 Battlefield 3 for doing really well with the Hawk shotgun and flechette rounds.
Robert Glenn (13 days ago)
I got banned for communicating with my teamates at league of legends
ghvhvjhh gaming (13 days ago)
I am to good on star wars battelfront and i got banned 1 week(my favorite game =-()
WafflesX (14 days ago)
Where’s the guy on Roblox who was banned for no reason at all after he won The Domino Crown
RandyawesomeL0L F (14 days ago)
I got banned on roblox for saying your mom gay
The Triple crown-_ (14 days ago)
I got banned for 2 weeks beacase I called someone gay at school
Oddly Ali (14 days ago)
I was banned for lag. What happened is I jumped in the game and that’s when lag set in leaving me up in the air for about 5 seconds, and then I got banned for flying.
Et3rna11yD3ad (14 days ago)
I was banned from a minecraft server because two people in my home played on that server. There was a rule for no alt characters and I had to go to their forums explaining that my character and my family members character are two completely different people. They did undo the ban, but I haven't played that server in forever
Et3rna11yD3ad (14 days ago)
I also got banned on this website rp game called Wolfplaygame for having my picture look too human, then another account had the same name as my first so I got banned for having my bio "breaking the rules", then finally I made a third account and sent a msg to the creator that the rules of their games sucks ass, and just delete my accounts for good. Nobody play that Wolfplaygame, their rules are stupid and strict. I tried to talk to a mod/admin about it but an account I didn't mention got banned for even that
Andrej Stojanovic (15 days ago)
i was banned on club penguin for saying you smell like an old boot to a bully and that was considered swearing
Elijah Kane (15 days ago)
I got banned for using the f word in a chat on Xbox by a “friend” who was upset I did a raid in destiny without him though he was 13 hours ahead of me making it difficult and losing 15 years of progress on Xbox live.
IBEAWESOME 68 (15 days ago)
I was banned from a gmod server for going AFK
legit booty29 (15 days ago)
"black widow" *TRIGGERED*
Fire Fox (15 days ago)
I was banned from my favorite rp for a month. TWICE. 1st time: some idiot was playing with me and had apparently hacked the server and gotten admin. They were putting a kick command in the chat kicking everyone and he decided to ban one person. ONE PERSON ONLY. That person? Me. 2nd time: my rp name was Almondtail. A admin was on my server. They came up to me and started saying stuff about my name. This is what I remember (it was a warriors rp btw) Admin:Almond isn’t a valid prefix. Me: Almondtail used to be a kitty pet and kept her name as her prefix. Admin: still not valid Me: But what about skyclan? Admin: this takes place before all dat Me: but what about the original leaders? Admin: ok fine. Random kit who I wanna include for no reason just cuz they were there: Birdsong? (Birdsong is the name of my other warriors oc) The admin then walked away. They stopped dead in their tracks to ban me for a month. .-. I do have access to the game again.
Carlos Valdez (15 days ago)
I got cussed out by a youtuber on his livestream for taking 5 shells in fortnite then tried to banned me
Jim Fitzgerald (15 days ago)
I got banned from GTA Online just for a mod menu that I NEVER OPENED AND USED while playing Online.
_The_Tiger_. (15 days ago)
Once I got banned for like a day for using the Troll face. To be honest, it looks pretty cringey.
AxelBelnas0123 (16 days ago)
Maybe unfair bans because of your internet speed is very slow to handle to ban.
xXHishamXx (16 days ago)
I have banned for hacking is that bad ?
Mighty Turtle (16 days ago)
there is so many 4 year olds in call of duty ww2 that once I said crap and game chat and got banned for harassment and inappropriate language

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