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JUST A LITTLE! (Papercraft Adventure EP8)

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Get it here: https://mcmarket.place/?id=G009SW1PQMN3 Paper thin, these incredible Minecraft mobs populate this massive school art class as you go on an amazing journey collecting Star Stickers to fill your notepad. In a mix between the art style of Paper Mario and the “collect all the stars” gameplay of Mario Galaxy, go on an adventure with dozens of quests, fun puzzles, and battles of all kinds. There is always something different to do and so many secrets to find. Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JiXsS_Xq510&ab_channel=Jigarbov More Info: http://www.jigarbov.net/papercraft-adventure-marketplace-release-win10iosandroidxboxnintendo-switch/ ======Credits=============================== Intro: The Return - Topmass - www.topmass.net ~~~~~~Ways to Support~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/koz4christ Looking for a good server host? http://bit.ly/1aWPFY3 --------Social------------------------------------------------------------------ Twitter = https://twitter.com/koz4christ Facebook = https://www.facebook.com/Koz4Christ/ ==========================================
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Text Comments (4)
Jigarbov (1 month ago)
I think it's funny how you keep calling Mr Stickers, Jig. It isn't me who voiced him haha!
Koz4Christ (1 month ago)
Dwarf xD (1 month ago)
Wow. Absolutly nice!:)
Koz4Christ (1 month ago)

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