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Singers Most Embarrassing Moments (2018) CRINGE

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IF YOU SUBSCRIBE ILL TAKE CARE OF YOU LIKE A MOTHER GOOSE AND HER GOOSELINGS!!! MY BEST CELEBRITY IMPRESSIONS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL4WI_C8f2Y Singers most embarrassing moments 2018 IG - @MrGrandeOfficial Twitter - @TheMrGrande
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Mr. Grande (10 days ago)
Y’all.. I made a VIDEO CALLED “If YouTubers Had A Rap Battle” .. and I LITERALLY had a Rap Battle With Myself😅🔥 WATCH: https://youtu.be/94XNkQ9vPFw
Johnny Grande (6 hours ago)
Mr. Grande https://youtu.be/duv-4djruec
Jayne Mansfield (1 day ago)
Who won?
Richard Moroney (3 days ago)
Mr. Grande czfxg bjcjvhhsh sgc
roblox giana nieves (4 days ago)
Mr. Grande i love your vids
NOBLE's Makings (10 minutes ago)
Atleast Beyonce gave the fans their ticket worth
India Thomas (18 minutes ago)
ChefBoi Jayden (1 hour ago)
Didnt know Steve Harvey sings
Seelenwinter 666 (3 hours ago)
8:20 like i ever say... grande, swift, gaga, gomez, cyrus and co are only no voice bitches...
Shei Lyn (4 hours ago)
The first one was my fav!!
william grajo (4 hours ago)
KT KLT (4 hours ago)
White people are so fake
Dave Crockett (4 hours ago)
Not Becky Good Hair......Stupid coon
Faiza Mo (5 hours ago)
I love the way Beyonce kept singing even with her hair stuck in a fan
nejacne68 (5 hours ago)
Sandra Squad (5 hours ago)
I like how Beyoncé keep singing when her hair got stuck(never give up
isabella wyrick (5 hours ago)
awww kate parry don't cry we all ready knew you lip singked
Christian Stephan (6 hours ago)
I was cringing the entire way...
Honestly, this is kinda funny
Joanna Paula Castaneda (6 hours ago)
Beyonce and Britney 😍
Karl Ely Balmes (7 hours ago)
Appleseed Gamer (7 hours ago)
Aww, I feel bad for them, at least they tried, I'll give them an applause!👏👏👏
Katy perrys a fake😂
Nicole Bruner (8 hours ago)
How can you forget Miguel kicking a fan in the face jumping from one stage to another? That was iconic
Chara Subliminals (8 hours ago)
Meghan’s fall was actually very professional XD
Etho3112 (9 hours ago)
My respect for Katy has gone
Gacha Turtle! (9 hours ago)
S Se Sel Sele Selen Selena Selena G Selena Go Selena Gom Selena Gome Selena Gomez Selena Gome Selena Gom Selena Go Selena G Selena Selen Sele Sel Se S
Kayla Willis (9 hours ago)
Faith Hall (9 hours ago)
katy perrys was genuine though lol at least she confronted them saying sorry i cant play the flute lol she just wanted something extra in the show
Shelly Garcia (9 hours ago)
lh od
Max Engelman (9 hours ago)
whats the first song?
Cassie The Kitsume (9 hours ago)
At least for the fan incident she kept singing, the show must go on XD
Barb Edwards (9 hours ago)
The news guy no hug so rude
Briannah Galaxywolf (9 hours ago)
Queen Got her hair stuck and kept it going
Hannah Greene (9 hours ago)
I remember watching the New Years one
LJ ESTRADA (10 hours ago)
Steve Harvey is not a singer
El Roquero (10 hours ago)
What is my opinion about Ariana Grande? Hmmm, I would start fucking that pussy until my dick falls off.
El Roquero (10 hours ago)
Mariah is just like looks I am not singing, look at my big boobs.
El Roquero (10 hours ago)
Emma Watson, one of the few I would love to go straight down to her va jay jay, and start smelling it, slobbering all over it, licking it, sucking it, making love to it, my goodness....!!!!
Faith Maple (10 hours ago)
Awwww poor people
Honest Truth (10 hours ago)
Fergie killed it
Alex Wood (10 hours ago)
Damn and Beyonce dont miss a beat and keeps singing. Woman is a beast !!
Ellie Davis-prrice (11 hours ago)
Yo it was so funny when b hair got stuck 😂
wilfredo rodriguez (11 hours ago)
Fuck you red neck mother fuckers with those comments about Adriana grande fuck you fat Ass hole
Jasmine Thai (11 hours ago)
Katy Perry had a double fail. #1 She used a recording. #2 She called the recorder a flute.
Grace_slimes_xoxo (11 hours ago)
Keddie (11 hours ago)
I don’t see how tripping or falling is embarrassing, it could happen to anyone. The lip syncing is embarrassing though
Julie Alcin (12 hours ago)
Beyonce gets hair caught in fan. Doesn't even stop performing
Elizabeta Bosnjak (12 hours ago)
2:49 this totally blows my mind........😐
Shia (13 hours ago)
Beyonce, Britney and Iggy just kept on going. Not embarrassment at all. More like amazing adaptation to stress 🙌
Zaakiya Cuellar (13 hours ago)
I love seeing these entertainers make a complete ass of themselves.
SnakZ Gaming (13 hours ago)
Yes, Miss Universe is singer competion.
Mya Harrington (13 hours ago)
Yilan Dish (13 hours ago)
That was 😄
Adam Malec (14 hours ago)
Katy Perry.. even worse.. it wasn't a flute idiot
Gee Wiz (14 hours ago)
What was the deal with Mariah? I know vaguely about what happened there and didn’t watch that live at the time. You know what, who cares. I’m over wanting to know already 😆
ThatOneDumbKID (15 hours ago)
1:37 when I make a easy mistake in a game but can't stop playing
mlbarden43 (15 hours ago)
Did Justin beiber throw up
Maisie Riley (16 hours ago)
GUYS wach my yt channel it's #wachmegame
JESS Torres (16 hours ago)
Poor katy parry
LOLGIRLY SLIMES (16 hours ago)
Andreia Fernandes (17 hours ago)
Beyoncé é mesmo rainha
Ava Schwartz (18 hours ago)
When Ariana Grande messed up, that was a live performance but her voice sounds soooooo good!!!
Sfaz Rauf (18 hours ago)
Beyonce looked so relax
Nadia Alhamali (19 hours ago)
Faith Clarke (20 hours ago)
What this is weird 🧠
Bg_Gamer 22 (21 hours ago)
Emma Watson is not a singer!!!
skyler gina (22 hours ago)
Ariana grande hahaha did you forget the song lyrics 😂😂😂
Abbie O Leary (17 hours ago)
bob marle . yeah
skyler gina (22 hours ago)
4:38 my favourite singer😍😍
Sebbchen (23 hours ago)
What is embarrassing in the last one with fergie?
Evan Schaeffer (23 hours ago)
Beyoncé was so pissed
Adam Craig (23 hours ago)
some of them aren't funny
Adam Craig (23 hours ago)
omg, this made me die
Callum Marsh (23 hours ago)
lily pad えぢts (1 day ago)
Rip katy
Ruhil Ariana Wilson (1 day ago)
I was like, it's a fucking recorder
Chelsea Shaffer (1 day ago)
Jerry is a real dick...glad I was never a fan of his.
paleegg (1 day ago)
'sorry i lied, i can't play the flute' THATS A FUCKING RECORDER
Poppy Lawrence (1 day ago)
I like the fact that they spelled Jennifer Laurence wrong
That add at the beginning is fire asf
Nicole Palomino (1 day ago)
The Justin be over one is not even funny that is really disrespectful to cultured and other people and he screams so much how does he think it was funny but the rest were so funny good job making this video and I wasn't saying you did wrong I'm saying Justin did wrong not you
Shanyn Hill (1 day ago)
I love how when Beyonce got her hair stuck in the fan she just kept performing just for her fans
Beatriz Teixeira (1 day ago)
Oi br's como vcs vieram parar aqui?
Alex Aguilar (1 day ago)
Chris Larson (1 day ago)
not sure why you added “ (2018) “ in the title cause a HUGE majority of them are obviously not from 2018 😂😂
Valentino Valentino (1 day ago)
Can't stand Beyonce. She bugs me!!!!
BeautifulMzE (1 day ago)
Dang Beyoncé hair got caught in the fan right on beat😂😥😕
Kaming Ko (1 day ago)
wow Fergie just wow
Kerry Smith (1 day ago)
Black Charmeleon (1 day ago)
Can you get contact shame, I think I have that now.
The beanie Show (1 day ago)
I love know matter what happens you never stop singing :D
No One (1 day ago)
“I can’t play the flute” that’s a freakin recorder.
天空です (1 day ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is not a singer
C t g s l a y e r (1 day ago)
God I hate all of the lip syncing. Reminds me of that Regular Show episode...
Jordan Aaron (1 day ago)
Wow, Beyonce's was more inspirational than embarrassing! She just keeps singing despite getting her hair pulled into an undoubtedly powerful fan blade!
lorraine van zyl (1 day ago)
so fanny bit sad 🙁
diamond webb (1 day ago)
Fergie said " I am singing this song and I will be the best singer of the National Anthem ever. Bye Whitney!" OH NO!
Jane Somogat (1 day ago)
Whats happen to pink?
why is katy perry’s a mood
Issa.Potato (1 day ago)
The 1st one killed me
osaghadia Agho (1 day ago)
Did Justin just puke
The Uncanny Truth (1 day ago)
Beyonce played that well!!

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