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Singers Most Embarrassing Moments (2018) CRINGE

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IF YOU SUBSCRIBE ILL TAKE CARE OF YOU LIKE A MOTHER GOOSE AND HER GOOSELINGS!!! MY BEST CELEBRITY IMPRESSIONS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KL4WI_C8f2Y Singers most embarrassing moments 2018 IG - @MrGrandeOfficial Twitter - @TheMrGrande
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Mr. Grande (1 day ago)
Guys.. I Finally sang without Auto Tune.. 😰 This is my real voice.. https://youtu.be/o8lXsozj2KQ
uriosteguib (6 days ago)
Mr. Grande trtttt
Jason Hasimllari (7 days ago)
Ka2 55(?33. ; yy y yu 0
cynthia dengler (11 days ago)
Mr. Grande a
Siya Magassa (18 days ago)
Mr. Grande ur not ariana grandes husband
clyde glinogo (18 days ago)
Hyper Chloe Carnate (14 minutes ago)
3:32 Britney goes crossed eyed 😂
Lance Mcclain (1 hour ago)
**calls the recorder a flute** *me who actually plays flute* : T R I G G E R E D
Lia 10 (56 minutes ago)
I play the flute
Zoe Vernon (2 hours ago)
Now I know the truth 😱
Emerald Wood Archives (2 hours ago)
Pink is a badass though. See that mic on her? That means she sings live.
amybana (2 hours ago)
I didn't know Jennifer Lawrence was a singer
Narii Marekino (2 hours ago)
Kanye: Dw bout it, my wife's fake bum cheeks shall comfort my head #poorbastard 😂
ya gurl Hanna (3 hours ago)
Katty has a excuse bc I can’t play the flute eather
Lia 10 (55 minutes ago)
it's a record ef
Jadden (4 hours ago)
I love Jennifer Lawrence ;)
Jeff Cranford (4 hours ago)
How she kept her cool when her hair got caught in the fan.
Jace Snowberger (5 hours ago)
Mariah Carey's lip syncing was probably the worst one.
Nelson Oliveira (5 hours ago)
it would be a dream cum true to see Britneys bouncers
Tony Tang (7 hours ago)
Katy Perry truly is a piece of shit.
gay/mixed shipper! ;-P (8 hours ago)
What's the difference between a recorder and flute?
Ella R. (8 hours ago)
Lil fro (8 hours ago)
Everybody makes mistakes fuckers
Sonja Stojanović (9 hours ago)
Emma Watson is a singer?
rainbow justis (9 hours ago)
Katy Perry is a crybaby
Samantha Geigert (10 hours ago)
Byonce over there like a Pro. Also everyone lip syncs on those floats. Jennifer gets boosted when she does things like that because it fits her character. Britney did a fairly solid job handling it as well.
Trivia Crush (11 hours ago)
LOL Beyonce had to keep singing because of Lip Sync and would've been exposed.
Kat TheFox (11 hours ago)
Beyonce kept going! Our queen will never quit on us.
Nah Pink (12 hours ago)
Fracasso essa Britney dançando
misterToby&emile (12 hours ago)
Crinch not
Justin bieber is not even lipsing he was drunk and then in the concert hi was sick so stfu every celebrity play their song on their concerts and then they so ........?
Renad Alrumaihi (13 hours ago)
Aww jimmy fallon helped magan from getting embarrassed
I mean Beyoncé just kept sing that is dedication
Donna Erna Rubin (15 hours ago)
fergie....damn...lucky those players not burst to laugh. I guess she dragged that song too far..
Turkish_ Belieber (17 hours ago)
Justin only human Please MORE LOVE LESS HATE
Turkish_ Belieber (17 hours ago)
Justin not cringe
I Love Apples (18 hours ago)
Thomas Dougherty (20 hours ago)
I would think that ANY TIME Justin Bieber opened his mouth would be an embarrassing moment. Both for him, and all of humanity.
Masii Xo (21 hours ago)
Hey that thumbnail was fricken fake
tosh kong (22 hours ago)
hair caught in the fan but keeps singing...... AND THAT'S WHY BEYONCE IS QUEEN!!!!!!!!
Julie Monarch (22 hours ago)
When you're not watching where you're going.... here's your sign. Poor Kanye. That's going to leave a mark. The rest of the performers caught at being the fake paper people they are. My sides are hurting from laughing so much.
Zig Zag_46 (23 hours ago)
Pink was really hurting! Not even funny. She could have really injured herself seriously. Ps: Post Malone MTV award show performance should be in here. The part when 21 savage came on, his auto tune was not turned on and it sounded wayyy offf.
Sarah Lulu (1 day ago)
Beyoncé gets her hair caught and keep singing... QUEEN 🙌
Haritha Hari (1 day ago)
Beyoncé is great artist !!
WolfieGirl10 Gaming (1 day ago)
Brendel Sparks (1 day ago)
At the end of this shit I got yank off the stage.....pink
Katherine Nguyen (1 day ago)
??? ???
Cariad Lock (1 day ago)
Katy parry was playing the recorder
Judit Gonzalez (1 day ago)
Oh I thpught the first one was seeing her underwear??
Sk Asif (1 day ago)
Agung priyo utomo (1 day ago)
Miss world so sad
Elsombre2013 (1 day ago)
ariana grande screw up with style.
Elsombre2013 (1 day ago)
kanye west haha, just skip to 7.10 for best part of vid.
Skyla Thomson (1 day ago)
9:50 "Pls end the pain"
Elsombre2013 (1 day ago)
seinfeld what a prick.
Thomas Dougherty (20 hours ago)
Why is he a prick? He didn't know who she was.
Fiza Parween (1 day ago)
OMG it's so horrible 😨
detiyan j (1 day ago)
Omg Meghan Trainor hahahhah 😂😂😂
sara Regato (1 day ago)
trash trash and more trash.
ridhi garg (1 day ago)
9:47 I think this one was the most embarrassing😝😂
Shanise L (1 day ago)
Beyoncé and Brittany still Slayyyyyyy ❤️
Shanise L (1 day ago)
I don’t know the words so I say Did he say potato or Dorito😂
INKMAN (1 day ago)
oh didn't know jennifer lawrence was a singer
aria caria (1 day ago)
At least now we know brittany doesnt lip sinq
radar 211 (2 days ago)
Too bad she didn't get her voice stuck in the fan.
WingedUmbreon13 (2 days ago)
:Star Spangled Banner plays.. Me: Nailed it? (Lol XDDDD)
Chris Thomson (2 days ago)
no respect for any artist that lip syncs
Nivea Chavez (2 days ago)
I love the fail... That I actually fell for that clickbait.
purelitenite (2 days ago)
no means no Ke$ha
Mariyanesan Reetaiah (2 days ago)
I question why half these singers were lip syncing
Mariyanesan Reetaiah (2 days ago)
Except for arianna
Mariyanesan Reetaiah (2 days ago)
Britney Spears is soooooo lucky her top didn't fall off completely
Magic Minefreaker (2 days ago)
How did Beyoncé mess up? Beyoncé: Cause Im only human, just like you If u know this u a G
babacar diop (2 days ago)
Kanye look foward😂😂
Jennifer C (2 days ago)
OMG! Fergie still beats everyone as having the most embarrassing performance! And she chose to do it that way! Not everyone else had a choice, accidental or whatever happenstance.
I like how it just says Justin Beiber with no context it's just him in general
Thomas Dougherty (20 hours ago)
"Most embarrassing" IS him in general.
AMANDA SWORLD (2 days ago)
In their Massive efforts to look great they made themselves look like Twats soooo much talent !
Meriam Gaaloul (2 days ago)
poor Katy😭
Giovanna Caligiuri (2 days ago)
Justin Killed me.
Hadlee Storms (2 days ago)
Okay it not embarrassing OR cringy when someone gets hurt you clickbaiting minor YouTube channel gaining poor content based on other people’s achievements
Shadow Eagle (2 days ago)
Jennifer Lawrence is a singer???
Thomas Dougherty (20 hours ago)
Look up "Hanging Tree". I like her voice.
Fhay Vlogs (2 days ago)
I hate Justin anyways Justin vomited ewww
Vera (2 days ago)
Nelle Destiny (2 days ago)
Katy got me dead asfffffff😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😭
Rachel Elizabeth (2 days ago)
Fergie, girl, what da fuuuu
mya camp (2 days ago)
What did he say to Ari
Rachel Elizabeth (2 days ago)
"Leave Brittney alone!"
Rachel Elizabeth (2 days ago)
Jerry is a dick js
chandra gm sitindaon (2 days ago)
concert but lipsing wasted money to buy ticket
Lindy410 (2 days ago)
I love Jerry Seinfeld.
Audrey Contreras (3 days ago)
If u make a mistake everyone won't forget it
Zodiac Starlight (3 days ago)
For Justin Bieber's first mistake singing Despacito was very offensive. I know it was an accident but I feel offended and like my language is not welcomed in the concerts of this guy. I like some of his music but after that performance I just feel like everytime I hear one song I think abt that mistake.
Thomas Dougherty (20 hours ago)
You feel offended? Poor, poor, pitiful you. Guess what happens when you're offended... NOTHING. Move on and grow up.
Chaze Salvana (3 days ago)
steve harvey part
Ava Smith (3 days ago)
When it said Beyonce hair got stuck in fan i thpught it meant a fans ring or necklace got caught on it... Im an idiot.
Stephanie Blair (3 days ago)
So what actually happened at 8 mins n 8
QueenOfThe 12 (3 days ago)
I love Beyoncé. I love Jennifer Lawrence.
Grim Griefer (3 days ago)
Kudos Beyonce didn't stop lip syncing for a second.
Panda Lover (3 days ago)
I love how Beyonce kept singing even though her hair was in a FAN!!!!!!!!! Love her
Xayah (3 days ago)
00:17 OMFG XD
Athena Athena (3 days ago)
Justin Bieber fails at everything he does
ItsMe Thesoundyn (3 days ago)
*the singer falls off the stage*: *gasps* *the singer stands up*: *everyone claps*
A Kid On The Internet (3 days ago)
Poor P!nk
keeler life (3 days ago)
Wasn't it a recorder
Saturnian Pytonwielki (3 days ago)
More like respect for beyonce. Im not HAIR FAN or anything
Cecil DEAS (3 days ago)
who noticed steph curry
Salobrena Smith (3 days ago)
if you are selling tickets to your concert, you should not be lip syncing..
Salobrena Smith (3 days ago)
If these people would just sing and stop with the acrobatics.. jeeze
Sarah Ahmed (3 days ago)
Ariana is so dramatic
Miny Smores (3 days ago)
fergie fergie fergie STOP MY EARS

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