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Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #5 Clip – Hold The Door (HBO)

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Text Comments (5966)
Suppah Rance (1 day ago)
anybody here because of family guy 🤣
Droho (7 days ago)
He should be a saint of all night clubs gorillas
EDU BOSS (7 days ago)
EDU BOSS (7 days ago)
EDU BOSS (7 days ago)
Jesse Pinkman (15 days ago)
It is Bran’s fault that the three eyed raven, summer, leaf, and Hodor are dead. Due to his reckless working, he allowed the night king to be able to find them and he in the process messed up young Hodor and made him a simpleton
Jesse Pinkman (6 days ago)
Droho that’s why he wanted to master his warg powers? Jeez what a pervert
Droho (7 days ago)
and all that for the sake of free porn
Tio Makkusu (17 days ago)
That was the only moment i almost cried.
Maulwurf mitgasmaske (17 days ago)
Spoiler: who needs zombie dragons when u can have zombie Hodor ??
Terrence Choong (18 days ago)
So all along Bran was the one who make Wylis Hodor….
Timschn chillig gaming (19 days ago)
A punch in my face.
Rob G (23 days ago)
Fuck you Bran.
Venge Ance (1 month ago)
I sincerely hope that Bran dies the most horrible death in the series. Little shit. Jamie should have launched him on his fucking head.
Toros Yılmaz (1 month ago)
Im cry in this episode :(
John Oliver (1 month ago)
why cant i hold all these doors?
oberstul (1 month ago)
Goodbye, brother.
Joe Scotton (1 month ago)
GoT died with Hodor
Alex Perez (1 month ago)
Legend has it, he's still holding that door...
Anthony MacClaning (1 month ago)
I would be even more sad if they show Hodor as a wight..
Standeck23 (2 months ago)
Fantastic. George RR Martin is just a great story teller. He must had the plan for Hodor just from the Start, before he wrote down the First Book.
Tiger Mafia (2 months ago)
I said this one time when i was trying to catch the train in NYC and it just left without me...........
arkim ve (2 months ago)
When the realization from watching 6 seasons then you finally know why he only says ''Hodor'' only for you to find out 10 seconds after this episode ended, you're tearing up. Its fine, you aren't alone homie
Stefano Ajio Ajio (2 months ago)
Hol de doo
BK (2 months ago)
Jesus fucking Christ
Sadest momment of all seasons 💔
Abhishek Jathar (2 months ago)
you know who could've had an excellent career as a bouncer?
Prometheus Gaming (2 months ago)
que sad men
Elite Otaku (3 months ago)
the last words of hodor " how long am i suppose to hold the door there aint much left to hold"
Riley Pagano (3 months ago)
Me after a good nut
Virat Kamble (3 months ago)
Hold the door........
Shanethefilmmaker (3 months ago)
Hold it in!! HOLD IT IN!!!
IronVigilance Gaming (3 months ago)
Tony Shaw (3 months ago)
Probably the saddest scene of the series.
Press F to pay respects
Jesse Pinkman (15 days ago)
Danbat pichulaloca Pinksheep's bro F
Mool2Mool2 (3 months ago)
f*ck u Bran 2018!!
Alibaba Saluja (3 months ago)
Family guy did a parody of it. "Hold it in! Hold it in!"
DarthMorl (3 months ago)
Had one job and did it. Farewell, good-hearted giant😭.
the Palantir (3 months ago)
Hodor's entire life was a premonition of his death. How sad is that.
Franz Marcos (3 months ago)
now i know what my mates were talking about that time...
Saitama 64 (4 months ago)
I’m here because of family guy
Queen (4 months ago)
This was like the saddest scene
Marcel Duran (4 months ago)
osamon1982 (4 months ago)
الي جاي من مسامير لايك
Syntox09 (4 months ago)
i dont get it
Zaid Alazwi (3 months ago)
Syntox09 have you watched the series? In the past parts Hodor have never said any word except Hodor And that secnse explained why He lost his ability to speak when he was a child And the tragedy is like the whole time he knew how he would die.
nwankpag (4 months ago)
Always have to give a special thanks to Brandon for this.
Guard Passer (4 months ago)
I crie
Mason RobertsTV (4 months ago)
Here from 9gag
mjstory1976 (4 months ago)
RIP Hodor a true hero
Kyle Dang (4 months ago)
Fuck you Bran! Thanks to your curiosity, you lost your god damn legs and started the War of the Five Kings. And you killed Hodor!
Hungary (4 months ago)
before 1minute, now i saw it. :(
Probably Joseph (4 months ago)
Not all heroes hold a sword... some of them hold a door
Ironiiic (4 months ago)
Didnt this happen because you cant warg into a normal person or theyll get messed up? Present hodor was "mentally disabled?" so it never did anything like that to him
Sociopath king (4 months ago)
Fuck you hodor
piyya lukjeng (5 months ago)
Orlando Flores (5 months ago)
Some hero's do wear capes (RIP Grenn and other nights brothers held the gate) While some just hold the door (RIP hodor ;-;) While even others break the door (RIP Wun-Wun ;-;)
Not an NPC (5 months ago)
I've never seen this show but I just had to look it up after it was referenced in Modern Family. First time I watched it I didn't really understand what was going on. But after doing a bit of research, I re-watched this video and I will admit, I cried like a little baby-man. :'|
Hello it's Bea (5 months ago)
Poor Hodor, I miss him. He was a *door* able
Oozaru 313 (5 months ago)
I fucking hate bran the bowl haircut cunt
Ashley Alkire (5 months ago)
Ughhhhhh...I am forever sad!! I love you Hodor!! :'(
Gentle Breadcat, Esquire (5 months ago)
Just when you think this show has shown you all it has, it throws into your face a bran time traveling greensight warg into present day Hodor with Hodor’s origin story and his death all in the same fucking scene
Artur Araśniewicz (5 months ago)
Bran rly?
Lily Raimey (5 months ago)
One of the MOST emotionally f*cked up things I've ever seen on television.
Ramboth3 King (5 months ago)
To this day it’s the saddest death in G.O.T
Gaming Lification (5 months ago)
No doubt its the saddest moment in the show for me. Nothing is close to this one
Zacman1a (5 months ago)
For some reason i never cried
Fátima Zahra Serhani (5 months ago)
mattecoo (5 months ago)
281 ppl still cant believe he is dead
Boutaina Elkhomssi (5 months ago)
saddest scene in GOT
No One (5 months ago)
And now his watch has endend
André Hernandez (5 months ago)
Top 10 saddest anime deaths
Kidd Honest (5 months ago)
Damn he sound like my girlfriend at every store we go to
Michael Kelly (5 months ago)
By far the saddest moment in game of thrones
The Satisfactory (6 months ago)
I cry every time.
Elizabeth Horner (6 months ago)
I tell you, GOT has so many surprising, crazy, sad moments but this one, this moment is the one that gets me. I watched this episode like a month ago and I'm still shook that Bran goes back in time and fucks up this nice boy's life. Hodor isn't crazy, he was accidentally crafted by Bran to fulfill one purpose in life, the moment of his death. Jeez. My mind still can't take it.
PalomaLuluLambada (6 months ago)
Hodor - my favorite hero
Toastmannen (6 months ago)
Im seriously weeping to this.
ماجد عبدالله (6 months ago)
I don't know how explain my feeling just i want to cring
Insider (6 months ago)
So i know where Hodor's name comes from --> Hold the door has the similar tone as Hodor, get it? .... get it?
Shae Jackson (6 months ago)
Mert Ceyran (6 months ago)
god damn it
TheHenryxl (6 months ago)
This is epic
LaVenganzaDelDonut (6 months ago)
When I saw this scene of the episode my brain just exploded
vaibhav (6 months ago)
I cry each time i watch it :(
BbyBear XD (6 months ago)
sad moment :c
Quién viene por luisito comunica ?
TOÑO 123 (6 months ago)
Like si vienes por luisillo el pillo
Tito Amendola (6 months ago)
hold the door :(
GLC jonsan308 (6 months ago)
To a non fan, this shit looks hilarious
Louis VLOGS (6 months ago)
This was the saddest moment after watching this I stabbed my poster that had the night king in it
Ben Jen (6 months ago)
Hodor lived just so he could hold some door
Mikoto Suoh (6 months ago)
This scene always gets to me /.\
Aftermath Music (6 months ago)
I actually cried :(
Robin Dude (6 months ago)
I don't even watch this show and this scene makes me want to cry. Moreso than the other scenes I've seen..
daxax foru (6 months ago)
So hodor is like that because future bran?
File Transfer (6 months ago)
They needed Bran to take over Hodor's mind so that he can drag Bran's cripple ass out of the cave, yet when they get out and Hodor lives up to his name, the girl starts dragging Bran away into the blinding snowstorm........BITCH if you had just done that in the beginning and gotten out before the white walkers got to you, Wylis could've remained Wylis his whole life. #Hodor'sLifeMatters
File Transfer (6 months ago)
And even if Hodor was able to hold the door for awhile, the White Walkers would've caught and killed Bran and the girl with how fast they move. And that vegetable woman killing herself and some walkers with the vegan grenade is retarded, guess producers needed a way to kill off an irrelevant character in a dramatic fashion. Shit's starting to become unwatchable.
beachcity (7 months ago)
Very sad but omg it was so satisfying
Dux. C (6 months ago)
beachcity I thought you meant that his dead was satisfying man.
beachcity (6 months ago)
Dux. C it was satisfying that his name had a history and it was all planed since the first episode! Wtf
Dux. C (6 months ago)
beachcity you're disgusting
RZPogi (7 months ago)
If Bernard Lowe saw the door, Hodor would be still alive.
Patrick (7 months ago)
Hodor will never be forgotten. Thank you, Hodor.
Snowy Derps (7 months ago)
Aldy Al-jufrie (7 months ago)
Hodor experiences his own future death and ended up damaging his mind. George you twisted bastard!
Enrico Palazzo (7 months ago)
A true gentleman holds the door

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