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Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 : Full Burst #7 - SASUKE BOSS FIGHT!

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Text Comments (48)
Thabile Dlamini (1 year ago)
All the battles are so cool
real dbz fan (2 years ago)
gokus vs gohans
jonas geneste (2 years ago)
Stop saying bad words like how many times have you said bad words in your life
Javar_Inquisition (1 year ago)
jonas geneste how you gonna tell someone to stop doing something like that, that's like telling me to stop what junk food
Shantel Hall (2 years ago)
your finish is yyb
Shantel Hall (2 years ago)
he got that dirty ass face
Daryanti Daryanti (2 years ago)
Charge you dumb ass
Darok (2 years ago)
one of my friend's friend said: John u know what the water is very wet
Chikgach Khat (2 years ago)
let's get it !!!
Angel GuZman (2 years ago)
this Xbox hold Y to change you cacra
Angel GuZman (2 years ago)
its under the health bar
Angel GuZman (2 years ago)
crunchy the blue shit is the chakra hold trigale to charge it
Angel GuZman (2 years ago)
crunchy triangle trigale cercale is the ultimate jujitsu hold trigale to cahge your charckra
lil xxtendo (2 years ago)
what happend to mini crunchy do a video with him
Marvin Galley (2 years ago)
thanks for 45 min vid
Jermaine McCrimager (2 years ago)
Are u going make more minecraft with minicrunchy
Supreme Dream (2 years ago)
rasangan that the name
Supreme Dream (2 years ago)
they can walk on water
Legacy Hunter (2 years ago)
Naruto will always be the best anime ever
Cmoney (2 years ago)
The water is deep it's just that they are balancing their ki at the bottom of their feet to stand on the water
Javar_Inquisition (1 year ago)
Cmoney this is not dbz they don't have ki lol
Miguel VASQUEZ (2 years ago)
these hoes ant loyal
Drago Dragneel (2 years ago)
wat r u doing play the other two before this one
crunchy super fan (2 years ago)
get naruto ultimate ninja storm 2 because it is one of the saddest one's and I want to see you play something that can touch my heart and if you want to know why i said that you should search on YouTube jairaia/privy sage dies we see that in the game
crunchy super fan (2 years ago)
To do Ultimate juisu finish hold y to get chakra then when the meter with the blue line is full press y+y+b
HeartlessChocobo (2 years ago)
Leave y pressed to charge chakra for ultimate finish
zay scales (2 years ago)
43:18 😂😂😂
HeartlessChocobo (2 years ago)
Sasuke ain't got time for side hoes
HeartlessChocobo (2 years ago)
Y+b is special attack y+y+b is ultimate, Y+A makes you dash towards opponent. And I do recommend the manga because the anime has way too much filler. Like 40 % is filler.
jay ka-ze (2 years ago)
that was funny when u said in your face ...... bitch
HeartlessChocobo (2 years ago)
This is a long episode
HeartlessChocobo (2 years ago)
It's cool though I like watching it cuz I forgot most of it.cuz my PS3 broke and storm 4 gonna be out in a few months
tonykp (2 years ago)
oh shit let's get it haha I love that catch freash
Tea Time Krew (2 years ago)
Also charge your chakra (the blue bar) hold y
Tea Time Krew (2 years ago)
Crunchy for ultimate justu finish its y+y+b
vegito blue (2 years ago)
do bardock and goku vs king vegeta and vegeta
Kejuan Pace (2 years ago)
when your enemy is almost dead u hit him or her with your ultimate
Next Gen Gamer (2 years ago)
Sauske:before I finish you off I got one question for you what are those
crunchy super fan (2 years ago)
crunchy super fan (2 years ago)
kenneth davy (2 years ago)
they can use their chakra to stand on water
kenneth davy (2 years ago)
they can use their chakra to stand on water
Kejuan Pace (2 years ago)
play just cause 3
marcus got the jucie (2 years ago)
hay dude what Up
soljahru1 (2 years ago)
savage af
cletus tyson (2 years ago)
Diamond Silver (2 years ago)
fuck me babe
Josh Hernandez (2 years ago)
Cool video men

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