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What Do The White Walker's Mysterious Symbols Mean? - Game of Thrones Season 8 (End Game Theory)

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season 8 End Game Theory Video. Today I am talking about the White Walkers, and the mysterious symbols they leave behind. They started to leave these patterns or symbols ever since the pilot episode of the 1st season. The White Walker's symbols have been seen a few times since then, but what exactly do they mean? Does it reveal their end game? Does it show the Night King's connection to the Children of the Forest? These images were also seen during the cave scene on Dragonstone. When Jon was mining Dragonglass, he showed the cave paintings to Daenerys, which revealed these symbols were first left by the Children of the Forest and not the White Walkers. I have always wondered what they mean, but will we ever get an answer to this long standing mystery? Let me know what you think. Thank you for watching! Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Support the channel on Patreon right here https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter right here https://twitter.com/Talking_Thrones Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc
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Talking Thrones (6 days ago)
Some of you may be wondering why I'm pointing at something on the thumbnail, but if you look closely at the stump there are symbols on it too.
Ethan McArdle (5 days ago)
I almost positive that the symbol of the circle with the line going through it represents the land north and south of the wall and the line represents the wall.
2222Kenneth (5 days ago)
im thinking the white walkers are helping jon for some reason maybe because the night king is a stark
Raquel Caban (5 days ago)
I agree and definitely think the symbols do mean something big. The shape of the pyre that Dany burns Drogo's body in, when performing get blood magic ritual to wake her dragon eggs was in a similar symbol. Also her hair each season with the twists of her braids. I think there are parallels and possibly overlappings with the Dothraki beliefs, the children of the forest, and the Night king with his Whites. What do you think? has anyone else noticed any of that...and the ring of what looks like salt around Winterfell that is shown in S1E1? The show producers are leaving these bread crumbs for a reason. I just can't figure out what it all means. I can't wait for season 8!
Ryan flowers (5 days ago)
The spiral horses look like a as an from battle of the basterds when the nights of the vail took out the bolten army
Boco Corwin (6 days ago)
Talking Thrones Thanks! I'll blame my crappy phone for that one. Haven't seen season one in at least 5 years but I intend to rewatch all the seasons before the final one. I'm sure there's a ton of stuff I missed out on.
You need to make your videos shorter
Talking Thrones (1 day ago)
You like short videos? Go watch The Last Harpy's then.
Alex Kirk (1 day ago)
Please try to do more white walker theory videos, this video is great
Talking Thrones (1 day ago)
I have a bunch on my channel. Just search for Talking Thrones Night King or Talking Thrones White Walkers. They will pop up. Thanks!
Hugh Wessinger (1 day ago)
The spiral you speak of is a Vortex Vortex's are everywhere in nature. Earth, our solar system, galaxy, universe
Bob Sanderson (1 day ago)
Walkers use of the Children's symbols could be a warning (to the Children) or perhaps more to show their adoption of the magic/physics that created them. True disciples so to speak. The symbols themselves probably represent abstractions about "deep" questions like the origin of the Children, their view of the "universe" or some basic myth about creation and time. There has been many good speculations on this. It would be fairly easy to weave this symbolism into the ultimate narrative conclusions of the story since the flexibility to call them anything still persists. It's a nice touch adding layers to an already deep story. Whether it can be bundled into a nice neat package? Who knows. This is obviously an after-the-fact layover by the producers, so I don't expect any essential "organic" causality.
Vixivian (2 days ago)
island of faces dude
jaythementalist (3 days ago)
You miss the fact that while the symbols aren't in Ice and Fire, they are in GRRM's other books, namely In the House of the Worm.
Kelly Trimble (3 days ago)
I think the Night King was a Stark that was captured. The symbols could mean that he's really just after the children of the Forrest & not the people. It still bothers me that they just walked right on by Sam Tarley. Maybe he knows that Sam will be the one to tell the whole story?
Phil Hibbs (3 days ago)
The horse parts spiral has 7 arms, whereas the spiral in the cave has 8.
Everett Kitley (3 days ago)
I don't think it is a coincidence that they have recreated the same spiral pattern surrounding Jon and Danny. After Daenerys frees Yunkai, they show the overhead shot of all the slaves surrounding her. During the Battle of the Bastards, there is an overhead shot of Jon surrounded by soldiers. The pattern has something to do with them.
violet Kelly (3 days ago)
Can anyone answer the question concerning baby Sam not aging as everyone else????
Talking Thrones (3 days ago)
Nope lol
Ajay Begda (3 days ago)
Is it possible that NK and other WW are committing to each other by symbols?
Jaime Kaisner (3 days ago)
You killed it again Dan, you have the best GOT channel out there for sure. You have stellar content as well as great POV'S and theory and not too mention you keep us, well me coming back for more!! Between you and GrayArea you fill my hunger for great content to get me through this long night, so for this I Thank you. Can't wait for the next great videos to come out so I can get my GOT fix!!!
C Buch (4 days ago)
In Teen Wolf, the Spiral represents Vengeance, or Revenge.. the way the white walkers use it may also possibly represent Revenge/Vengeance...
RachelG1979 (4 days ago)
In the books did the children make the nights king? Or is that just a show thing
Talking Thrones (4 days ago)
Just a show thing right now. The Night King has not been introduced in the books yet. There is only the legend of the Night's King who was the 13th Lord Commander of the Night's Watch.
RachelG1979 (4 days ago)
Where'd they get all the horses?
Talking Thrones (4 days ago)
They take them from all the Night's Watch Rangers they kill..
Dean Chase (4 days ago)
I understood Dan lol it's not g.o.t it's just one of the shows I watch we just don't want you stop making videos after g.o.t go's off and west world is kinda confusing at times there's no books to them so I'm cool with you
kboy4eva (4 days ago)
I think they have a very important significance but might never be revealed in the series. However, I noticed you didn't highlight in your shots the symbol directly beneath the feet of the 1st men carvings in the cave. Both the symbols from the opening scene and the milky way symbol were right beneath their feet. Given where they were drawn is a sense of importance, at least to me.
violet Kelly (4 days ago)
What is the reason for "little Sam" not growing? Everyone in the show is aging but that baby???
Peter Fälldin (4 days ago)
Looks like the one from the children of the forest who puts the dragon glass into his chest also have that symbol on her glove.
MrMobius010 (4 days ago)
The double circle with the lines running north and south is the same symbol as drogos funeral pyre.
Iya Ibeji (4 days ago)
This is off topic and apologies if you have addressed it before. I’ve just started watching your vids and I have noticed that they all end on an exact minute or at the 30th second of the minute. Any particular reason for this?
Shelby Kruger (4 days ago)
Can anyone tell me what they do with the babies when they get turned? Do they just sit there and grow or do they have white walker nannies? Lol I have no idea.
Michele Brondani (4 days ago)
Shoutout from South Africa
Joan Forest Mage (4 days ago)
Yes, very interesting that the spirals all have 7 threads/lines. Related somehow to the New Gods, The Seven?
Gus Gone (4 days ago)
People read far too much into GoT story lines.
lili lime (4 days ago)
Hi just a question I think the Valonqar prediction by Maggy the frog is about Daenery being the Valonqar because in valarian it is gender male/ female same meaning and Cersei could be a Targaryen her father could be the mad king making Dany her younger sister who could kill her just a theory please don't roast me thank you
TheBoyCalledSam (4 days ago)
Maybe the white walkers are simply sending a message? Children of the forest make these symbols for some magic purpose and so the white walkers make them out of bodies to show their magic is dead? Or that they have not forgotten about the children and are out to kill them? I think the fact that they only ever make them out of bodies is important, if they just wanted to make the symbols they could do that with wood, stones, fire, ice... But they choose to use animal and human bodies instead
Dwayne Johnson (4 days ago)
Great Video!! Thank you!!!
Talking Thrones (4 days ago)
Thank you D
SeXiMoNkEy95 (4 days ago)
If nothing else, its at least their way of saying "Da N8 King Waz Hea👑" 😂😂😂
Talking Thrones (4 days ago)
Kathy Byrd (5 days ago)
Maybe they r trying to get the children of the forest maybe they r trying to get to isles of faces
Ethan McArdle (5 days ago)
So Iv been thinking will John and Dany’s child be married to Cersei’s child to end the war kind of like the real war of the roses. And another thing at the start of your season 8 endgame theories you say that the Night king, The children of the forest and Azor Ahai reached some kind of deal and I thought that maybe that’s where the prince that was promised theory came from. By that I mean maybe the white walkers age and perhaps even the night king too so maybe he needs a prince with kings blood that would be incredibly powerful to take his place and that was the deal made by the three factions. Maybe the prince was John and rhaegar knew the deal but died and so could never uphold his end and now the night king is coming to get John. It might also explain why he hasn’t been killed all these times.
Anne Young-Alford (5 days ago)
Love the video and love the video clips! Question on the circular symbol ; why is it that when the NK is made by the Children Of the Forrest the area is green and lots of foliage but later when we see it it is all covered in snow and ice? It is the end of summer I know but that area looks like it has been iced over for a long time.
Shawn Edwards (5 days ago)
Not to deviate from the main subject matter but in the cave with Jon and Dany the night King is rocking a full length beard but the night King in present day has no beard makes me think that he's not the "original" original night King
RiseUpAndPlay 1676 (5 days ago)
I hope the GoT isn't a story about global warming because those symbols look like the famous Fibonacci Spiral or the "GOLDEN RATIO" that is seen in all of nature.
Stephen G (5 days ago)
Do you think they will have to rip the dragon glass from the Night King's heart to kill him? Is it still in there?
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
It should be there still, but I doubt they can remove it.
Brian Bernstein (5 days ago)
"he can (enter the cave) now. his mark is on you." does anyone remember what the mark on Bran's wrist looked like? cuz it seems like so far we've seen one of these magic symbols allow the night king to override protection enchantments created by the children on that cave. maybe the night king needs a similar mark to enter the crypts of winterfell, or Valeria or wherever the walkers are ultimately heading
Shriya Ramsodit (5 days ago)
The circle pattern looks like the three-headed dragon from House Targaryen...
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
Great point. The Children do have many connections with the Targaryens too. This is interesting.
Dina Brown (5 days ago)
To me the spiral represents the children of the forest. Continuity, timelessness like the wierwood-net. The other symbol looks like a shield and spear or sword, representing men. Placed together, as seen in the cave, the pact.
Grant Thomas (5 days ago)
they use the spiral pattern with horses because the khaleesi will fall
Bree Lovexoxo (5 days ago)
You notice everything! I love it 😊
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
Thank you Bree
AliceDL11 (5 days ago)
Thanks for the videos! I really like them. So interesting to see and you make it so easy to understand.
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
😁 you're too kind
Ceridwen Ania (5 days ago)
I believe they are to tell us what the WW want. A message of sort. Might be aimed at the children or everybody. Maybe Rhaegar found same of the signs and the meaning in the books he studied. It can be that Sam and Tyrion will find that information. It might also that it will give the answers how to communicate with WW. Find an other way to win the war. GRRM wouldn’t create a mindless killing machines with no agenda. Part from whites. Would he... or maybe my imagination is carrying me away. I think the sings are there for a reason. They are to tell us something, message, warning... who knows... part from creators ;) they are important anyway.
c w (5 days ago)
Thank you for these videos, I'm kind of a late bloomer when it comes to Game of Thrones, I began watching before season 6 started after listening to co-workers talking in the break room about it and did the binge, but I said all that to say I love your theories for me, they give me plenty to think about & just enough to take the edge off from not being able to watch the series till next year...so again thank you!!!!
Chris Dunlap (5 days ago)
Welcome to the party
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
Thank you, and welcome to the party!
Dean Wallace (5 days ago)
What’s the eerie theme that’s played throughout this video and a lot of other white walker videos?! So recognisable!
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
White Walker Theme Music
underpaidsucka (5 days ago)
Tell me your thoughts on the waif. She was spotted with all the cast members. What do you think about the waif actually killing Arya back in bravos and been wearing her face this whole time to infiltrate Westeros. That would explain a lot and would be a crazy twist. Seems that could explain jaqens reaction at the end. And why she’s been all crazy at winterfell.
underpaidsucka (5 days ago)
Since the waif and jaquen have been photoed with other cast members.
Moses Berkovic (5 days ago)
Stuff like this makes me feel like we already have the answer we just didn't know the connections so it might represent something like the Hammer of the water is or some sort of battle we just don't know it yet
The Night King (5 days ago)
Runic writing system of the First Men?
EurocorpFx (5 days ago)
Siiick intro buddy!
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
Thanks brotha
Daniel Worley (5 days ago)
I think the walkers are designing an eye with the body parts like the children use the trees to see
Jeroen Blankespoor (5 days ago)
you are way to addicted to game of thrones 😂😂 my question how many times did you watch it
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
Less than you think. I've only watched the show two times all the way through.
Justus Fernz (5 days ago)
What if Bran changes the past... Imagine the mad king NOT MAD... he he he.... everything will change...
Burt Maclin (5 days ago)
Well we can consider the nature of spirals themselves. They form when a central point starts rotating faster than everything else around it. Also, they have a central point that everything revolves around. Once while trying to answer a question I had on why nature has a proclivity to make spirals I remember reading something about how the Fibonacci sequence was a factor too. Any other points to add on the nature of spirals? Edit: phrasing.
Wayne Doehlman (5 days ago)
How many major houses are there? All the drawn to one center.. They are all connected
r mera (5 days ago)
What a waste of time, pssh!
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
saxeli gvari (5 days ago)
Maybe they use these signs so they appear cool :D It's intimidating, really :D Btw, this spiral pattern is a Swastika sign (one of the many variations of it) I don't know if there is any significance
Michael Dickson (5 days ago)
He might want redemption for failing in his job to defeat the first men. He might want to finish his job
Misz Twista (5 days ago)
could the symbols be the galaxy? the universe? or even bigger, the omniverse? could they represent Macumber's giant celestial blue eye? could Macumber's blue eye be a metaphore in that they world exists in his mind's eye? or could it mean that the world exists on a particle or atom of a cell in Macumber's eye? there is a real world theory of existance that correlates to this I might add.
kachina neon (5 days ago)
perhaps the split circle represents the dichotomy of the gods of men, good vs bad, the god of light vs the other. the spiral represents the old gods, the tree web. if the white walkers are walking trees, they would be fighting for the old gods. a symbol of men made of man-parts. this becomes a ragnarök. the old gods vs the new. men are incidental, tools the gods are using to fight their wars. like the wights.
Misz Twista (5 days ago)
does anyone else see that GOT is a giant metaphor for something in real life and maybe we're not seeing what the show/books are really "fore-shadowing"?
Shaun Chaves (5 days ago)
i'm surprised you didn't mention the amulet sansa is wearing at the end of season 7. it's the same symbol from the first episode
Susana Cruz (5 days ago)
THANK YOU!!! I've been waiting for someone to talk about this since I first notices the patterns the second time I watched the very first episode. I've always thought it is related to some kind of magic. I really hope they give us at least a clue of what it means in season 8. It'llbe super frustrating for me if they don't...
Jordan Pierson (5 days ago)
the night king and his army are headed to the god's eye to wipe out the rest of the children of the forest. while they'll stop along the way at Winterfell, the reason they've come south is to get to the god's eye
Casual Human (5 days ago)
Love the intro dude
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
Appreciate it
Levani Khidisheli (5 days ago)
The spiral might be white walker's way of saying winter is coming, aka winter storm. Since storms in real life has a shape of a spiral and brings basically nothing but death and destruction.
do you realised that White Walkers/Night King thing is so connected with Targaryen? what can kills them? 1. Valyrian Steel 2. Dragonglass 3. Fire and after saw this video, i realised that the symbol White Walker draw from their victims body is so alike with the sigil of Targaryen. can you explain to me about this? thankyou!
Brian Pica (5 days ago)
The symbols are used in George RR Martin's other books to represent different spacefaring corporations and this my assumption would just be they represent the different gods or factions.
rchippex (5 days ago)
Really random theory. When the night kind was defeated by Azor Ahai last time, could it be possible that the white walkers did not die with him so the Children needed another person to control them and take them back north? Therefore creating a new night king using Azor Ahai. Maybe they promised to change him back at the isle of faces but then they had the wall built therefore betraying him and leaving him stranded north of the wall. As a result perhaps he now wants revenge on them for betraying him after he killed the old night king for them? Thus he is on his way to the isle of faces to get revenge and be changed back? Maybe the north remembers means that he rememebers the betrayal and will one day want revenge. Like I said. Just a theory.
wight privilege (5 days ago)
I wonder if the gods wood trees on the isle of faces in the gods eye are spiral like too ? It could be the symbol of peace that could be broken
Rob I (5 days ago)
Why are the patterns really only visible at height above them ?? , like crop circles and patterns engraved in mountains here on earth ??? could this be for Blood raven while worgging into ravens ???
Alex Morariu (5 days ago)
Is Ned unknowningly sacrificing to the old gods?
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
Yes in a way.. He cleans the blood off Ice right under the Weirwood in Winterfell. The tree absorbs the blood. It is known..
Wayne Doehlman (5 days ago)
The look on neds face when he says a mad man sees what he see
Pam I am (5 days ago)
Well, since the symbols were shown to be in the cave on Dragonstone, maybe they are implying that the man who was turned into the Night King had visited Dragonstone himself. Could this mean that the Night King is actually from Dragonstone too? I know a lot of fans think that he is a descendant of the Starks, but what if he is actually a descendant of the Targaryens, or maybe even both? If that's the case, then it really is intriguing how he keeps locking eyes with the only other known Stark -Targaryen person known to be alive.
ali ahmed (5 days ago)
why do you always assume that the white walkers are the one who make this Symbols maybe the children of the forest are the one who make it till now
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
Because the children didn't kill all those people and horses.
Lycan645 (6 days ago)
Want to know what the symbols could be?? Why not ask Preston jacobs?
Lycan645 (6 days ago)
Hang on the weirwood was at the heart of the stone children of the forest... in season 3 Jon mance and co are stood at the heart of that one there
Tcb (6 days ago)
I love your videos
Evil Lucien (6 days ago)
George has been sitting on the history of the White Walkers and the Children long enough. To me this is now the elephant in the room. I hope we get this answered in the last season of the show.
Jeffrey Hamilton (6 days ago)
Seven arms on the spiral patterns/ Faith of The Seven?
mateo1726 (6 days ago)
The white walkers goal is to kill everyone. That’s pretty clear since they use dead bodies to kill everyone in their path
Michael Graaf (6 days ago)
Spider Queen 8 legs
Morangie (6 days ago)
Perhaps the phrase "The north remembers," is not referring to the people who live in the north at all, but the white walkers?
Chris Dunlap (5 days ago)
Had this thought myself. Westeros seems to have forgotten a lot, but the north remembers
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
ernest rodriguez (6 days ago)
Since GRRM lived in Albuquerque, NM, you can go to Petroglyph national park and visit the Boca Negra Canyon to see the rock etchings that GRRM got is inspiration from . If you climb to the top of the canyon, you can see the 5 nearby volcanos that GRRM got the 14 flames of valyria from.
RasBookie (6 days ago)
What if the night king is a refection of man..... Similar to a mirror... When I move you move! 🤔😎🇻🇮
Jenn Granger (6 days ago)
🌀I would ABSOLUTELY love it if GRRM wrote a POV chapter from (what the TV show calls) The Night King. Even if it’s a novella or stand alone. I’ve heard he’s been quoted about everyone being the hero in their own story. So let’s hear the White Walkers heroic epic battle against the humans, about how an agreement was made with that asshat Craster! What are their goals? Why? And the meaning of these damn symbols the artists in them love to make!! I’d even bet he could raise millions of $$ for his favorite charity from this!
Stéfhan (6 days ago)
You bring out videos so often!! I love your effort and appreciate it so much! You have my support man, keep up the great work bro. These vids are amazing whilst we wait on the final season.
Talking Thrones (5 days ago)
Thank you very much my friend!
Daniel Bentley (6 days ago)
Paulo Geração (6 days ago)
The first symbol (the circle crossed by the line) is normally used as the "two in one" may be used in reference of a God being made of 2 parts that are a whole (almost like in Christian faith that god is "father, son and holy spirit). That kind of spiral (maybe spining wheel symbol would be more acurate), in many cultures, is a solar symbol alas a symbol for god. Don't know if this can give you some insight! Thanks for your videos and keep it up.
Tito Jr (6 days ago)
The answer is in S1, the Night King's going 2 the God's Eye if he's not stopped 1st. He remembers and I think the final children are there.
ellymellyvids (6 days ago)
About the spirals - historically in real-world culture they are linked to the sea. Do you think it's meant to be a hint that the Children of the Forest are related or learned them from the Deep Ones (the ancient sea race)?
Annarwen S (6 days ago)
I think the creators were leaving clues for viewers to the WWs origins from the beginning. The wildling girl impaled on a tree is the one I particuarly like - its a child of the forset stuck in a tree (weirwood/greenseer). It could be NK foresaw Bran from the beginning
J J (6 days ago)
the swirl is the storm and its symbol means 666
misskimm (6 days ago)
Tell people that he remembers: The north remembers.. Maybe not just a phrase..
Talking Thrones (6 days ago)
That's what I was thinking also
Kylo Ren's Rage (6 days ago)
'Not in the books'.. Says it all.. Show really isn't cannon lol...
jaquan mcgee (6 days ago)
I think the symbols are the targaryen sigil what do u think
Emily Keeling (6 days ago)
The symbols translate from Skroth as, "YOLO!" and, "Your Mom!"
The VGirl (6 days ago)
I think some of the symbols are what the white walkers use to turn the dead into wights., because they don't have the skills of the Night King to raise the dead via magic. If you notice the little girl is hanging on the tree with brown eyes above the symbol. Later she is running along with blue eyes like a wight. The text doesn't mention that the night king was around during the scene when the Nights Watchmen fight the White Walkers. I think the symbols are for rituals practiced by the white walkers .
Sam L. (6 days ago)
Drogo's funeral pyre was the same symbol as the corpses as well.
Willie Kipkurui (6 days ago)
The spiral is made up of seven prongs connected at the center. I think that means the seven kingdoms must come together. The spiral seems to be drawn in an anticlockwise direction. I don't know if that means something. But I would guess it has something to do with going back in time. The other sign appears to be a circle split into two. I would guess that symbolizes the upcoming war between the living and the dead. These are wild guesses I may be wrong.
Is the night kings magic stronger than brans? How exactly and why I wonder.

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