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Vulcan Slot RTG - 7405.75$ BIG WIN!

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BIG win on RTG's Vulcan slot with BIG multiplier!
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Maximum Payout on 300X Multiplier Regardless on Minimum Bet or Max Bet
Doinikins V (1 year ago)
Ok. Its a good game. Hope we have that in our place
Doinikins V (1 year ago)
Is the multiplier set to 30x everytime you get bonus?
BigWinVideos (1 year ago)
Ferdz V No it's not. You need to get retriggers to increase multiplier. If You start free games with 3+ scatters multiplier is 3x, 30x and 300x. If You hit free spins on feature quaranteed multipliers is 5x, 50x and 500x
I'm waiting for this RTG game Vulcan to be available in the Philippines...

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