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Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Opening Fanfare(PHASE 2 AND 3)

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This is a compilation of the best marvel cinematic universe opening marvel fanfare which builds hype for the movie. My favourite one is from Civil war. Vote for yours in the poll. I do not own any of the footage . All rights belong to marvel studios. Movies: Captain America: Civil war Doctor strange Avengers: Age of Ultron Antman Guardians of the Galaxy
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Text Comments (7)
I love MCU
legion (7 months ago)
Guardians is the best
SimonSaysWeCanParty (8 months ago)
1:52 Welcome to the world of Marvel!
Ryan Smith (10 months ago)
Antman and Guardians of the Galaxy all day long!
Ramrati Ram (1 year ago)
civil war and ant man was the best one
Eric (1 year ago)
Henry Jackman knocked it out of the park with the one for 'Civil War'.. I don't understand why you made the one for Doc Strange backwards...?????
Nayshjin (1 year ago)
cause he reverses time , but also there was a copyright strike

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