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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 7: Army of the Dead (HBO)

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Watch a clip of the Army of the Dead in "The Dragon and the Wolf." Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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Text Comments (9204)
Ionut Tudorica (12 hours ago)
This should have been the most important moment in the whole show. Well, not
pohmakas33 (1 day ago)
That was insane...game of thrones best show in tv history
Game of thrones finale should be on theaters first.
derek82ify1 (2 days ago)
can they penetrate the wall without the dragon?
Sherak Eis (3 days ago)
The bloody wall will melt before an Umber marches behind a Glover
Troy Davies (9 days ago)
I summon blue eyes white dragon!! In attack mode! -seto kaiba
Troy Davies (9 days ago)
White walker says to night ugh boss there’s a pretty big wall in our way .. night king hold my beer dave I got this
kyuuyoshibi (9 days ago)
"The Wall can stop an army, but not a man alone" – Mance Rayder to Jon Snow All those nice quotes...
dr.derp (10 days ago)
only took 7 seasons
Addie 42 (11 days ago)
After seeing that wight bear, how could Jon and his suicide squad not think about the possibility of a wight DRAGON.
CrazyGamer1822 (12 days ago)
R.I.P wall season 1. /season 7. you were seeving us rest in peace dear wall
Nergal the Behemoth (13 days ago)
Night King will fight Jon with their dragons
ahmad saheer (13 days ago)
A modified Scorpion Qyburn with dragonglass bow will kill this nigga fast
Belkan Squadron (13 days ago)
Mexicans are coming
Ali Nijim (15 days ago)
My favorite scene so far
knessi ng (15 days ago)
I'm Rooting for Bronn or Tormund to win the Iron Throne.
Sandwich Anomaly (16 days ago)
I was told they were gonna finally reveal that swat that was supposed to show up in season 2 episode 45. Ah but this reminds me of the days of good ol Warcraft before it went all MMO.
Klaudio LordFokker (17 days ago)
An impressive season finale
Skull Face (18 days ago)
The day Westeros trembled.
smangaliso mazibuko (18 days ago)
Winter Is Here
Pepa S (19 days ago)
game of thrones is the bomb haha
old monk (20 days ago)
The fact that you can see stark sigil at 4:08 makes me believe that Night King is a Stark!
john mrema (22 days ago)
didnt even have to say "dracarys"
Brian Lineekela (22 days ago)
This is basically ''sins of the father, shall be visited upon the son''. The army of the dead is the results of the equation, for mankind's centuries of wars. The beginning of humanity's extinction.
drubujay (23 days ago)
After the Night’s King decimates Winterfell, and all in its path, Cersei will flush him out of the sky with Scorpions and WildFire. Everyone will he cheering for Cersei after what they’ll see the NK do to Jon Snow, Drogon and the Silver-haired Dothraki chic. Its Game of Thrones people! ...If you think this has a happy ending, you haven’t been paying attention -Ramsey Snow.
Asahel (24 days ago)
I think the Walls of Winterfell would be different since Bran is in there and it will be there Prison and some white Walkers Will go down south till they reach dorne ,but Kingslanding will be highlighted much and probably will fall and The Whitewalkers Army will be so overwhelming that no living army could defeat it so they make a plan to kill the Night king Jon vs Night King - Swordfight on the ground Daenerys on Drogo vs Viserion and Rhaegal Up high.
Now that he got Visireon,the Night King should fly to King's Landing first and show cersei what he is
Саня Паук (27 days ago)
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Angel Antayhua (28 days ago)
Well...they just threw logic out the window didn’t they
Bia rio (28 days ago)
And now they're making us wait another yeaaaaaaaarrrrrr!!!
jo eri (28 days ago)
Ofcourse out of the 3 dragons, Viserys is the one who lets the enemy jump on his back
King Of Everything (28 days ago)
Baycu Noyan (1 month ago)
4:08 Wolf Semboly? WHAT?
Hunter Wood (1 month ago)
Now he needs Rhaegel and Drogon to form Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon
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DickVanDork (1 month ago)
Is it weird that I kinda wished they had used the "classic" night's watch horn sound instead of this current one?
vaibhav bhavsar (1 month ago)
Give us some 360 vr experiance!
Ettayeb Noureddine (1 month ago)
That scene at 3:46 frozen blood on my body
Karrim TRAORE (1 month ago)
vraiment je suis content de la serie et souhaite quil puis refaire la saison 8 je vous encourage tres for cool
ZChronic Nebula (1 month ago)
the Red Woman said it in like season 3 "Death marches on the Wall." It had to happen eventually. It was inevitable. The Night King & his army would & will destroy everyone & everything no matter what. Would've been stupid to have them go to war with Cersei then to only get completely butt-fucked by the Night King against depleted forces. Idgaf I have to wait a year. They said it will have a bittersweet ending. And the more I rewatch the more I realize the Night King will sit the throne after all of this. And this way, as Jon put it in his Hardhome speech: "At least we'll give the fuckers a fight." Ice dragon versus Drogon! My body mind & soul is & will never be ready for that. Goddamn. Directors are brilliant. Just. Wait. Drogon is STILL growing.
egjw1234 (1 month ago)
They have endless amount of walkers since 8000 years but let me guess somehow they manage to stop them cause that’s the the kind of shit that happens
chika uzakbaev (1 month ago)
Oh my GOD!!!!! Oh my Fucking Goooooooddd!!!!
Ramon Amadeu (1 month ago)
The Night King is that baby of the ending season 3, saved by Sam and the whike walker chatch him e bring to his castle and transform in a regent.
Kannada Trends (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/-izv-eA5SvM Watch full episode
Ser Davos Seaworth (1 month ago)
Imagine if the wall collapsed backwards and buried the army of the dead 😂
Alicia (1 month ago)
This is so sad for so many reasons. Viserion baby, you didn't ask for this :(
Young Wolf (1 month ago)
Will they go to dorne?
Andrew Payne (1 month ago)
1:09 holy shit the giant has a bow and arrow!!!!
Sean Davis (1 month ago)
My friend during this episode's premiere last year: WE'RE FUCKED.
Mason Darlington (1 month ago)
In regard to the shows version of the story, I wonder how the night king was originally planning on bring the wall down. I mean he only has a dragon now because of Dany so he must have had another way at first?
mirasherko (29 days ago)
Mason Darlington there was a lake next to the wall some people say his plan was freezing to get to the other side they showed us that the dead have the ability to freeze water. I guess even their existence close to the wall would have been a danger to the night's watch they would freeze from the cold storm the bring with them. or it could be just another hole in the season. to be honest this whole plan from Jon and the others was so lame and I guess the writers rushed it up because the majority of people won't be interested to know details as "how the night king would have passed" all they care about are the great war and the battle between the dead & the living.
Mason Darlington (29 days ago)
mirasherko Then why were Jon and co so worried about the army of the dead coming and killing everyone if the dead had no way of getting over the wall? If they didn't go on that mission to capture one of the dead then the night king never would have got a dragon in the first place. Why would the night king come all that way if he didn't already have a plan to bring the wall down?
mirasherko (29 days ago)
Mason Darlington he wouldn't have passed the wall without a dragon that's why they were behind the wall for 8000 years
David Perrier (1 month ago)
It's nice how all that rubble made a smooth walking surface for the army
Nathan Forde (1 month ago)
This show is shit
Chain S (1 month ago)
The walls have been built and stand for thousand years now it crumbled in five minutes 😆
Christian Sison (1 month ago)
Who would win. Lord Sauron's army or the Night King
faustkampf (1 month ago)
abhishek raja (1 month ago)
fus ro dah
ShadowHunter Moon (1 month ago)
I love ice dragons ;)
M Anthony (1 month ago)
This was the scariest and most awesome scene on TV!
William Bedard (1 month ago)
So looking forward to next season. In 2019. Ugh.
The immortal (1 month ago)
getting some real Lich king vibes from the last few shots
bsgfan1 (1 month ago)
We’re gonna build a new wall. And the white walkers will pay for it!
D3V!L HUNT3R (1 month ago)
Jon: I must say that without the dragons it would not be a victory Bran: Victory ! Victory you say ? Jon Snow, not victory. The shroud of the Dark Side has fallen. Begun the Great War has !
Dark Miku123 (2 months ago)
That Dragon Like Blue Ice White Dragon 😂
rare437 (2 months ago)
Even if Westeros manages to somehow beat the army of the dead, wouldn't they all die from the winter cold anyway XD
Lord Giles (2 months ago)
I wonder if the Night King has some good reasons. The World becomes really boring if only rotten corpses are left. Has he plans after his invasion?
fuck all the dead bitcheys
KennethBackpacks (2 months ago)
Why is it still February and 2018? I can’t wait for 2019!!!!!
Kausik bora (2 months ago)
Wight visiryons sound is awesome 👌
Spartan0941 (2 months ago)
Mr torbechov tear down that wall!
Radio Konservativ (2 months ago)
Westeros needs Donald Trump to build a wall and make the Wights pay for it.
Reginaldo Dantas (2 months ago)
I just did not like one thing .. we did not get any giant on our side
Reginaldo Dantas (2 months ago)
Só não gostei uma coisa... Não ficamos com nenhum gigante do nosso lado..
Mohammed Matar (2 months ago)
Would the army of dead be able to pass the wall without the dragon ?
Evan Sawatzky (2 months ago)
I really hope this is only one of brans visions and didn't actually happen
Lander Dean Alcorano (2 months ago)
They will burn the entire Westeros through wildfire. Burn them all!!!!
Santosh Salian (2 months ago)
This scene gives me the chills
george thejoker (2 months ago)
Who fed shyvana????
Marko Radokicik (2 months ago)
At this point i just want the white walkers to win. Everybody beyond that wall is so beyond stupid except for Jon,Tyrion and a couple of others. I wish i could've seen the Night King's reaction when Danny brought her dragons to rescue them in episode 6. He was probably like "Are these morons serious?"
Joseph Leeroy (2 months ago)
BeastMode (2 months ago)
Damn this aint good.
Matthias Köhler (2 months ago)
Okay, I've already been scared of many things in life but the way that dragon roars scares the absolute crap out of me
Cilan Rai (2 months ago)
I can’t wait for April 2019
Ali Jassim (2 months ago)
Yes, to the Great battle.
C. Venom (2 months ago)
RIP, Westeros. It was nice knowing ya these past 7 seasons! 👋👋
The 3 wistles dont have the same sound as in all the other seasons
17 17 (2 months ago)
Someone's fucked
Nathan S (2 months ago)
If fire burns the white walkers and kills them, how does one kill the white walker dragon that spews fire?
Chris Barnes Barnes (2 months ago)
Nathan S a big ass dragon glass spear
Nashmann Jango (2 months ago)
Stupid !!! No defense on a [email protected] wall ??? And how is there no ice/rock debris after destruction of the wall ??? Game became a trone shit...
zakeneeny (2 months ago)
The day you where born the very Forrest whispered your name .... night king???
The White Wolf (2 months ago)
Anyone else think that Hodor and Summer might be marching in that army? We saw an undead polar bear, he probably has undead direwolves.
Rufus Greenleaf (2 months ago)
My uncle who had never seen an episode of GoT as he thought it was just about sex and blood walked in whilst we was watching this scene. At the end he was like O_O "That looked epic was that GoT?" I was like "Yea, you see...it does start off a bit slow but once you do your homework it becomes a thrill of a ride and excells with every season". He then went and watched it and is now caught up, he said it's one of the best fantasy TV he's ever watched.
chris basiaco (2 months ago)
The White Walkers, the most silent and the most dangerous of all of Westero's
Alter romance (2 months ago)
All Night King or Lich King ?
Aledileo (2 months ago)
Best season finale ever!!!
Thanquol180 (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iAgIZwKPC8E Hey! I made this game of thrones tribute video. check it out if you can
454ffv (2 months ago)
April 2019...
DarkReaperTV (2 months ago)
the wall stood through it all (except this 1)
robertwazhere92 (2 months ago)
Season 8 cold open: attack on a northern stronghold by the walkers...let's say the Last Hearth
Khaleesi Blunt (2 months ago)
My wig
Şamata TV (2 months ago)
it is greate
M00SEKNUCKLE (2 months ago)
This is all just Rick Grimes dream while he is in a coma

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