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Game of Thrones: Season 7 Episode 7: Army of the Dead (HBO)

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Watch a clip of the Army of the Dead in "The Dragon and the Wolf." Game of Thrones airs on HBO on Sundays at 9.
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Kuroro Luxifer (1 day ago)
Lets just hope Podrick won't become a wight in the last season. Everyone would be fucked….Literally.
II for Freedoom (2 days ago)
nights king is a civilizat man. he destroyed berlin's wall.
علي محمد (2 days ago)
Night king 😍
Derya lll (2 days ago)
The fragman is a little big unreal, because of the castle black has very high defender wall which taken impossible as we saw previous seasons. The wall is too high and big, but it seems only one dragon's fire is enough... l dont think so
Marina Proger (4 days ago)
Can't wait for epic dragon on dragon action.
zamlı bazlama (4 days ago)
orospu çocukları
Sweet Revenge (9 days ago)
Now create A Dragonglass Balista Arrow.
Marlouis Planas (9 days ago)
I see a wolf formation at 4:07. And a wolf is a Stark's sigil. What do you think?
EloImFizzy (9 days ago)
So they traded a dragon for a wight, seems like a pretty shit deal, but hey at least Viserion's sacrifice wasn't in vain, because they got to show that wight to Cersei, who is planning on providing forces to fight in the Great War . . . . Oh wait.
Zero One (10 days ago)
4:22 ...Wraith of the Lich King
The Bad Guys (12 days ago)
there must always be a lich king.
Jason Dang (14 days ago)
Jaqhen: Speak 3 names, and a man will do the rest. Arya: The Night King Jaqhen: This a man cannot do.
Cristopher Zamora (14 days ago)
Winterfell is next!
Widya Ayuni (15 days ago)
This happens because of Tyrion's idea. He's such a shitty hand
anand sin (15 days ago)
Justin J. (16 days ago)
A man can't wait for season 8 anymore!
Darth Noòx (16 days ago)
Winter has come, and it brings with it, DEATH!
jatuphong koyo (17 days ago)
Teheráni Veterán (18 days ago)
The Iron bank will desttlory evrything 😂
Alex Blais (19 days ago)
Seto Kaiba should be riding that blue eyes white dragon!
Usul573 (19 days ago)
That's it. I'm finding an island.
Master Epps (21 days ago)
I'm literally aching for Season 8. Goddamn....
Aam wahyudi (21 days ago)
Is tormund dead?
Gargantuan Moist (18 days ago)
Aam wahyudi No hes alive
Holy fucking shit it's impossible no getting excited with this bloddy stunning season finale
Ali Asgar (22 days ago)
How does the fire not burn the wight dragon cause fire and dragonstone kill white walkers?
SkillexLionYT (24 days ago)
4:06 they were ligit making the stark logo just look closely and like if you agree
Feather boa (26 days ago)
Damn that looks cold I’d rather be home with a hot chai any day 😱
Trexmaster12 (28 days ago)
Moral of the story: people's little squabbles mean jackshit if a cataclysm of such magnitude is going to wipe them all... yet people will trouble themselves with squabbles until they see the first signs of the impending doom.
Trexmaster12 (27 days ago)
If the Night King wins (which I really do hope the show will conclude with that), the ending could be one of the two: *1)* The remaining characters will abandon the entire Westerosi continent in favour of Essos and for those islands down the map with what remaining vessels they have. During the last scenes of the last episode, we see the entire army of dead aligned across the coastline near King's Landing, staring towards the East (towards Essos shall we say) in a hollow silence and, despite that they cannot swim (as Jon said), the Night King & his lieutenants are shown using the wrecked ships (from Battle of Blackwater) being brought from the depths, repaired using their ice magic sorcery, with the wights boarding them. As the one final scene, we see the Night King & his lieutenants riding Daenerys' three dragons (all the dragons, not just Viserion), pulling the repaired ships with wights, heading towards East and South, Southeast. *2)* Everyone dies, life on Westeros doesn't exist anymore. Al[most all] of them then get revived to serve the Night King (I do mean everyone _since season one_ that weren't burned), including the main characters of this last season and the next one, behaving like regular wights serving the Night King. During the last scenes, it is implied that the Night King will reign freely in Westeros doing nothing OR... do the same thing as in _1)_ gathering the remaining vessels, rising the wrecked ships from previous naval battles that we've seen in the show, repair them using ice magic sorcery, make the wights (including the main & secondary characters since season one) board those ships and sail onto the sea (which may or may not imply Essos). Something like this would fulfill the ”If you think this has a happy ending, guess again” premonition and the cataclysmic outcome lesson that, everything we've seen, all the gore, all the tragedies, all the scarring, the gruesome deaths & torture, scheming and fraud, honor & dignity, heroes, anti-heroes, and villains, slavery & liberty, laws & lawlessness, faith & fanaticism - EVERYTHING... to have been for nothing (as Cersei said) because they didn't took actions (for all the continent to work together I mean) to prevent the only important danger. Instead, they bothered with squabbles and, in return, their entire world that they knew is gone into the ice cold abyss, including themselves doomed to serve forever in the Night King's army.
Stannis Baratheon (27 days ago)
So when they all die what will happen in the next epsoides?
Sansern R. (28 days ago)
George RR Martin play World of Warcraft ?
Mrakstunna (30 days ago)
The Ring-wraith might be flying atop the skys but Frodo will use his invisibility cloak and definitely destroy the evil Smaug once in for all
Suparna Hom choudhary (1 month ago)
Once the night king dies,everyone including the viserion will be dead..here bran is the only key to make it happen so after a huge battle its bran in the end who has to make the ultimate sacrifice..season 8 is gonna be the season of blood as old world will be gonna and new world will began.
Nussherndl (1 month ago)
That would not have happened if they took their time and build the wall from stone.
Alexlink qc (1 month ago)
Season final
zaandarbrow (1 month ago)
Season 1 : Winter is coming Season 7: Shit possessed dragons
Evil Gopher (1 month ago)
It’s becoming a little too much like LOTR
Evil Gopher (23 days ago)
Jon Snow you're telling me this scene doesn't scream LOTR?
Jon Snow (23 days ago)
Uhm, dumb much ?
majed8192 (1 month ago)
Man longest march in the history of all tv it took that army to reach it's destination like 6 seasons !!
Jon Snow (23 days ago)
It's not that they couldn't have reached it it but they couldn't find a way to pass the wall until now
Toni Rocha (1 month ago)
2:35 Krypton from old Superman film
Olaf (1 month ago)
Those dead giants are scary af!
Steve Ross (1 month ago)
Shitty concept just done for dramatic effect by the terrible HBO Writers (with Lazy Fat Bastard's consent). They shouldn't even have been able to pull Viserion from the lake as they COULDN'T have had those fucking huge chains just lying around! The Undead couldn't have made them, nor the Free Folk, so where the fuck did they come from? The Night King's arse I suppose? How did they even attach them as the Undead can't swim? What should have happened (and would have been even more soul destroying) is, in the very harsh winter to come, the sea would have frozen and the Undead Army could have simply walked around the Wall. Nature itself fucking over the Kingdoms of Westeros!
Gargantuan Moist (18 days ago)
Steve Ross Hardhome was a port wasn't it?
Th3V1p3r (1 month ago)
The undead dragon was to exaggerated...
Jon Snow (23 days ago)
Your grammar is too shitty
jai hind (1 month ago)
i guess the sample collection for cersei turned out expensive..............
Raj Singh (1 month ago)
I would love to see statue from bravos in fight as said by man sailed Arya to Bravos
Raj Singh (1 month ago)
They can use wild fire Smartly to win war without problem.
Raj Singh (1 month ago)
Dragon was adding ice to wall
K-pop Gamer (1 month ago)
So like whats happening
K-pop Gamer (1 month ago)
Oh simon got a new haircut? He looks gorgeous now
Bihane bihane djilali (1 month ago)
The white walker has developed the fire of Daenerys's dragon, which was working with natural gas, into a dragon working with kerozine
ACE 1986 (1 month ago)
This is all tyrion,s fault 🙄
shock69 Boom (1 month ago)
Night king uses a cash mount, now the free to play players were dead meat
Cold Fury (1 month ago)
Need update to balance op frost dragon !
Sergio Blanco (1 month ago)
Night king is pretty much BACH FROM BLEACH LOL WHEN A SERIES is rushed and you have an op boss they usually die in the most bs way lol watch sand kill him with the horn of winter
Sergio Blanco (1 month ago)
All I can say ESSOS is FOOKED!!!! They got air power now lol
Sergio Blanco (1 month ago)
3 horns RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pescuit SiNatura (1 month ago)
Come on ... I don’t like this
Jon Snow (23 days ago)
No one cares what you like or not douche,also no one fucking asked you
crocodileguy (1 month ago)
Pescuit SiNatura why not? Are you a bitch? Are you a fucking bitch?
The Anti-Christ (1 month ago)
Anyone else want to see giants vs dragons for some reason?
The Anti-Christ (1 month ago)
2:55 My friends and family watching me destroy my own life and isolate myself from everyone because I'm suicidal asf
The Anti-Christ (1 month ago)
I hope Tormund and Beric survive but end up seriously injured. One of them sends a raven to Winterfell while they rest in one of the nearby towns.
Tony Stark (1 month ago)
The last 30 seconds are exactly copied from “World of Warcraft”
Jon Snow (23 days ago)
brandonisi (1 month ago)
This really is horrific when you stop and think about it. We’ve seen the army of the dead in action. They’re not like other armies. They don’t tire out. They don’t stop. And when they kill someone, that person just becomes a new recruit. With every defeat their army grows. And we’ve never, not once, seen their army defeated. At best we’ve seen people escape....to the safety of the other side of the wall. That barrier no longer stands between them. This is going to be bad....very very bad.
brandonisi (1 month ago)
Cersei: Summon the night king and tell him I wish to join our houses.
crocodileguy (1 month ago)
brandonisi considering her trackrecord i wouldn't be suprised.
Victor Ruiz (1 month ago)
If trumps gonna build a wall he better take notes and make it anti-dragon
Nightdreamer08 (1 month ago)
This scene is just op. Love it
Luke Dolan (1 month ago)
Just imagine see alliser being there and saying "fight you cowards"
bhhkcd hhju (1 month ago)
Ther somthing about the king of the dead make be like OHOGOGOGO YASS DADDY.
zyan malik (1 month ago)
Where is the episode 8 please anyone tell me how i get
crocodileguy (1 month ago)
zyan malik there is no episode 8
zzz1111 (1 month ago)
For a sec I thought this was Lich King
Tonio9606 (1 month ago)
What confuses me about this scene is that fire or any kind of flame thrower wouldn't have any physical force to break the ice like that. It's just heat and would slowly melt the ice in reality!
Jon Snow (23 days ago)
Some random person Oh look guys we have an expert,apparently he show many dragons in his life and knows exactly how they shouldn't or shouldn't die,lol,fucking neckbeard basement dwellers
Jon Snow (23 days ago)
I guess you must have missed the hundred times they said the wall is magic and only a magic thing aka dragon fire,can break it,why are you dumbfucks trying to act intellectual and think like you know shit when you are dumber than a fucking rock ?
Some random person (1 month ago)
yeah and throwing an ice spear at a dragon that a ballista shot would be a slinter to shouldn't impale it and send it crashing into the ground but night King is using hacks
Adam Mts (1 month ago)
How can they win these all deads with 2 dragons
Saumya S (1 month ago)
4:05 the white walkers formation looks like the Stark vigil aka Dire Wolf
TWSTF 8 (1 month ago)
Why does the man who has climbed the wall, "half a hundred times," say, 'Crows keep telling me I'll get used to it." when Beric says, "It's a long way down." ?!?
Luã Victor (1 month ago)
Esse dia vai ser foda
Venim850 (1 month ago)
Why didn't they just build boats and go around by sea?
Matt Allen (1 month ago)
Dragonborn: "sorry guys, I'm busy. You're on your own here"
Jason Salvatore (1 month ago)
Fucking white walkers. HAIL KHALEESI!
crocodileguy (1 month ago)
Jason Salvatore retard...
Yash Sinha (1 month ago)
Cant they just shoot viserys with a Scorpion(one which qyburn made) dart with dragon glass head
Some random person (1 month ago)
yo he's fast as fuck tho good luck hitting that while it's flying
Nicolas Melendez (1 month ago)
Seven seasons build up for a 5 minutes scene
Jon Snow (1 month ago)
It's a 5 minute epic scene
Noob Da (1 month ago)
Jon fucked the mother of dragon The wall has fallen Sansa killed the little finger Cersie had try to kill jammie Now truly said the long and dark night which is full of terror has come
Alissa L (1 month ago)
It's GOT, all of the characters will die at some point. Maybe two main will survive but most of the population of Westeros will die.
จอน สโน (2 months ago)
มันจะข้ามกำแพงมาเพื่ออะไรว่ะ มันจะมาฆ่ามนุษย์ทำไม ใครเป็นคนเริ่มสงคราม ใครรู้บอกกุที กุดูซีรี่เรื่องนี้หลายรอบล่ะยังไม่เข้าใจเลย
Aditya phutane (2 months ago)
They just clearing path not killing
joshua mwebesa (2 months ago)
Those falling from the wall should not worry about dying..if u kno u kno😉
Anup Vasudev (2 months ago)
Mah boii Viserion sounding like a broken radio.
RedBullD6 (2 months ago)
I wonder if the dragon has that new car smell
CernobilRS (2 months ago)
And without dragon what was the plan?
Some random person (1 month ago)
Night king has farseeing or whatever it's called like bran, he planned this out
snillocgrom (1 month ago)
I'm sure there was a plan, but this made a faster plan possible
I'm wondering the same thing.
Himi Jendrix (2 months ago)
If Jon and the crew hadn’t made plans to go beyond the wall to capture a wight, then the dragon wouldn’t have been killed and been reanimated as a wight (so there would be no way to bring down the wall). I feel theres another sort of prophecy going on thats not been made obvious in the books or films. I think the Night King can predict/see the future
nino (4 days ago)
it was everybody actions that led up to this not just jons
jack larkson (2 months ago)
well if the fire in game of thrones follow the rules of the real world,we all know it change color when it get hotter from red to orange then to yellow and finally blue,so i think Viserion can defeat the other two if they counter together. in game of thrones they always told us fire cannot kill a dragon but yet through the all history of Valeria no dragon ever face a fire like this not even in dance of dragons event,all the dragons killed in dance of dragons the death was not made by fire. so now it gets tricky how a undead dragon can breath fire hotter than a living dragon? we know white walkers lost all their brains function except the tiny percent which they can walk and attack,flying is harder than walking how a dragon can fly and maintain his balance and breath fire all in once when he actually dead or there is some night king magic is involved. when i first see Viserion open his blue eyes i thought he become one of the icy dragons live beyond the wall thousands of years ago and i said well he will breath icy beam which is more reasonable because night king power came from ice and cold and fire is weakness for his army and again i told myself how his gone bring down a icy wall with icy beam it just make the wall stronger till i see there is no ice at all lol. again im confused if blue is hotter than yellow where green wild fire took place in the chart? sorry for my long comment.
Nu lukk (2 months ago)
3:29 who else loves that dragon scream ?
Moaz Alharbi (2 months ago)
Next season will 2 hours episodes its not just 6 episodes 😍😍 .. amazing finale
Alan O'Connor (2 months ago)
hope this sets up episode 1 season 8 too be best so far can't see how it won't take my no1 place with how this looks
Divyachitti Divya (2 months ago)
Season 8 should come soon😭😢😢
Mduduzi Nkala (2 months ago)
Qyburn's scorpion with a dragonglass tip bolt comes to mind. But seriously they said that the magic on the foundation of the wall prevented the undead from passing and white walkers and wights just pass right on top of it without anything. Really looking forward to season 8.
Evander Holyfield (2 months ago)
Now he’s the father of the dragons
SAHIL KUMAR (2 months ago)
Is this a last episode?
Carlou Espedillon (2 months ago)
"Come on man. You trashed my life's work." - Brandon the Builder
spiros liosis (2 months ago)
Instead o f Game of Throne, season 8 should called = World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King
Alejandro Karry (2 months ago)
Donald Trump cried watching this scene
Juro Jurkic (2 months ago)
Wow Tormund is dead for sure :(
erik bergman (2 months ago)
imagine if hodor is a white walker
Cameron Turk (2 months ago)
Did anyone else not find this Final Scene Terrifying when they First Watched It? I don’t find many scenes from Movies and TV Scary but remembering watching this for the First Time I Seriously felt Shivers and Goosebumps!
kisisel gelisim (2 months ago)
Amazing awesome

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