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Cersei Lannister with Ellaria and Tyene Sand - Game of Thrones S7E3

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Cersei Lannister gets her revenge - Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3
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Takedo Muremasa (3 hours ago)
Okay, but for real though? That kind of gag wouldn't really impair your speech. Like, at all.
oldedude51 (4 hours ago)
This show was beyond brilliant - the writing, the acting, the sets, everything and this scene is a gem in its crown. Absolutely perfect. It does everything it needs to do, with a minimum of effort - a room, 5 people... Not a single misstep.
Lohan Cindy (10 hours ago)
They should have done more with the dungeon. It’s rarely used
MrLordbubasith (20 hours ago)
Yes now the rains weep o’er his hall, and not a sand to hear.
Allt med Juankå (1 day ago)
La leona ya sin corazón reclamaba por su dolor. Mycella era la más buena de los tres tenía el corazón de Jamie y la belleza de Cersei. A Cersei la odio pero esto lo merecía.
Maqidah M. R. Jihad (1 day ago)
"you feel powerful now?" how she just walks up to her and didn't flinch
Hardik Solanki (3 days ago)
Im 'still on Ellaria's side.Yes she killed cersei's innocent daughter but she's just following the principle of eye for an eye.The lannisters (through gregor) killed elia and her innocent children and killed oberyn in the most horrifying way. So ellaria taking revenge on cersei and her children was no big deal.
HufflepuffsCup (3 days ago)
Well done Cersei
naleybaby (3 days ago)
I wonder if having that poison in her body will affect her baby next season?
Deadmanlyndon (4 days ago)
cersei is the queen of all revenge. damn i hate that bitch, but i love her work omg.
Storm's End (4 days ago)
HER revenge? More like the end of a unnecessary plot line and another sadistic scene straight out of the mind of a monster.
CoolStoryBro! (4 days ago)
1:15 That's a question Cersei should be asking the writers, lol. I'll put it even better: Why did you kill off your own family and an innocent girl, to avenge your partner, who made the decision to risk and inevitably give his life after volunteering for trial by combat?
Killing Tortilla (4 days ago)
plot twist someone switched the poison
JustRnG (5 days ago)
What if bron saves her? !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Andres Greene (5 days ago)
Cersei's an evil cunt, and no amount of sorrow or grief will change that. But holy shit Lena Headley and Indira Varma were magnificent in this scene.
Scarlet Cross (6 days ago)
This is why you don't fuck with her
Nayvio Campbell (6 days ago)
Hate her, love her, hate to love her, love to hate her - I don’t really care but if Cersei does one thing right, it’s vengeance.
Joseph Lauren (6 days ago)
Don't start none don't get none.
L.J. Kommer (6 days ago)
This is so perfectly evil, I love it.
A. Sulejmani (6 days ago)
meyus lord (6 days ago)
Emmy worthy performances from both Lena and Indra right there
Underscores_Are_Ugly (7 days ago)
But did we like the sandsnakes? Of course not.
Emanuel Mouratidis (8 days ago)
evil bitch
Melissa Ballau (8 days ago)
i find cersei is so a great Charakter
TheJediEagle (8 days ago)
I am not upset, Ellaria deserve to suffer
That revenge was so beautiful. Brilliant Cersei! Brilliant! :)
Lady of Winterfell (9 days ago)
Lena is fucking fierce 💕💕
bigmac_attack90 (9 days ago)
All hail Queen Cersei of House Lannister. Long may she reign.
Ромашка 1941 (9 days ago)
Well fucking deserved.
Trixie Gustavsson (9 days ago)
Watching this scene i just can't NOT love Cersei.
sun (10 days ago)
Actually ellaria deserved this and I loved what cersei did her tbh. I also couldnt forgive the sand snakes for what they did to the last martells and myrcella.
Samuel Thomson (10 days ago)
GoT tried to make us feel bad for them, but I can't help but feel elated. These bastards killed their Prince, his heir, Areoh Hotah (I spelled that wrong sue me) and murdered an innocent girl who was just unfortunate enough to be born to Cersei. A young innocent girl who was under the safekeeping of the Prince, protected by guest right, murdered by the corrupt, petty, wannabe bad asses (in the show at least, in the books they're actually good strong characters). Really just a bunch of cry babies who were salty that their paramour/ father died due to his own sheer arrogance in a duel he willingly agreed to do, in fact no one even asked him to do it. If Westeros was real and I lived in it, I'd say that's justice what happened to the Sand Snakes.
hanspeter (10 days ago)
I dont think that ellaria is gonna die because of this poison.
MrSuperkillen (4 days ago)
me too, dosent people use small posion of there own to make a immunitet to it
Patrick Lubbers (11 days ago)
Lol this was sickening to watch but I suppose most of us are into sickening things noe
Riyun72 (11 days ago)
I still think being forced to listen to Vulgon poetry to be a worse torture.
Kevin Walter (11 days ago)
To be fair, Cersei kinda deserved this one. She's still a cruel, spiteful cunt though, and I hope her end is slow.
Paul Nelson (11 days ago)
Shes pretty hot for an evil bitch
Connor Smith (11 days ago)
I cummed lol
HYPER WAVE (11 days ago)
The acting in this scene was insane. Everyone was top notch but ellaria was absolutely phenomenal in this scene. You can just see the hatred then the anger and then the pure fear all by her eyes. She definitely deserved an Emmy for this scene
Michael Joyce (11 days ago)
Aww Ceri you poor thing if only you knew what was coming for u
Bálint Magyar (11 days ago)
Probably the only moment of my life when I fully agree with Cersei. She could not have done it better!
Sir .Driken (12 days ago)
Oscar worthy scene
Sir .Driken (12 days ago)
Thats what you get you fucking bitch for poisoning Marcella
ffp08 (12 days ago)
Calling it now, Bronn saves her, but the daughter is dead.
cobracurse (12 days ago)
Even though I hate Cersei as a character, I'm glad Ellaria and the Sand Snakes are no more. This is what they get for murdering Doran and Trystane Martell. Thanks to the stupidity of Ellaria and her Sand Snake brats, the kingdom of Dorne is now nothing more than a headless viper. As for Oberyn Martell, he got himself killed by not finishing off Gregor Clegane when he could. A simple and swift downward spear thrust through Clegane's throat while he was down would have done the job.
Nathan Manning (12 days ago)
ugh, I hate how horribly D&D utterly screwed over the Dorne plot to the point that it has no resemblance to actual Dorne, and the characters have little resemblance to the actual characters. Oberyn was their only somewhat decent portrayal, and things went straight down the crapper from there.
Hunter Haycraft (12 days ago)
Cerseis message: you brought on your child's death yourself Tommen: oh btw
wilshirejkk (12 days ago)
So brutal
Scott Dixon (13 days ago)
If Cersei has a quick death I'd be so pissed off, she deserves to suffer like all the people she's made suffer. Hopefully Arya sees to it.
NickTheBastard (13 days ago)
Eric Verster (13 days ago)
Lena is such an incredible actress tho
intldawn (12 days ago)
What an amazing scene. The emotion is so fucking raw. Lena and Indira just nailed it.
Rubashow (13 days ago)
Well that was cruel and unusual but tbh it was a dick move to kill Myrcella in the first place.
CaptainAWESOME117 (13 days ago)
The bitch deserved it. "My beloved has been killed (lawfully in a fight he volunteered for). The path is clear to me. I must massacre what's left of his family!"
Austin K (14 days ago)
poor oberyn tho!
svenlittlecross (14 days ago)
GoTmotherm, cersei camora che che
giuliarossano (14 days ago)
steven smith (14 days ago)
THIS is the ONLY time i sided with cersei. ellaria deserved this for what she did. Now that this punishment has been served i am 100% against cersei again.
carpeDiem (15 days ago)
that truly was the one of the most evil things cersei had done
Ping (15 days ago)
Aw, and that was the hottest of the 3 daughters
wazzobazzo (15 days ago)
So...no bad pussy for Bronn?
Oliver (16 days ago)
Everyone speaks about Cersei. Does not anyone approve that this bitch Ellaria finally got what she deserved? There are very few characters whom I hated more than this cunt and her pointless actions
Yashasvi Mishra (16 days ago)
Not a single word but still everything Indira said(expressed) was loud and clear. What a remarkable actress!!
hillem97 (16 days ago)
How can’t she wipe off the poison? Her hands are free. I assume it’s already in her system but they could remove the gags for a second despite being guarded.
rsviews (16 days ago)
Criss d'osti d'salope de tabarnak !!!! I like her.
Leshaun Griffith (16 days ago)
"You will live to watch your daughter rot. Watch that beautiful face collapse into bone & dust" I know she had that coming but I felt this line too much.
Derek (16 days ago)
Lannisters always pay their debt.....
Thomas Kolter (16 days ago)
A Lannister ALWAYA repay their debts good and bad.
Javier Luna (16 days ago)
So much raw hate in this show...
terry waller (16 days ago)
Cersi should have let the Mountain screw the daughter to death with the mother watching.
Above you Done (16 days ago)
I believe Bronn saved them for sparing Bronn life before.
꾼모 (16 days ago)
This scene was marvelous But still.. I can’t understand the way she died. Doesn’t it should be swallowed? Why she even open her mouth when Cersei kissed her..? Even though she opened, she could chew Cersei’s half tongue out but she didn’t! And She calls ‘Mama’ with such frustration right after Cersei kissed her, it means she instantly knew what Cersei done to herself.Than why doesn’t she just spit it out or opens her mouth for whole day instead of calling mama like, I mean why doesn’t she do something? Death was inevitable but the way wasn’t understandable. Writing of this scene was bit loose.
Wawa M (16 days ago)
That pink lipstick she had on was everything
Pranab Jyoti Deka (16 days ago)
i was thinking that Mormont would save her.
Xpanderr (16 days ago)
Billie Decker (17 days ago)
Not gonna lie but this scene turned me on.
Lightingwarrior (17 days ago)
You know I get where cersei is coming from, I really do, since I would want to kill the person that killed my daughter too, but still this was beyond cruel. As badly as I would want to make that person suffer I don't think I could do something like that.
Iammorph (17 days ago)
El beso de la muerte
Luis Barrera (17 days ago)
Without a doubt I would serve Queen Cersei! She has to win the game of thrones.
kashattack (17 days ago)
Such great acting from everyone but Lena was especially epic
ThickBoy (17 days ago)
She deserved it she killed myrcella at the worst time ever
Echo Ryu (17 days ago)
im so sad that she has to die.. but wait; we didnt see her die so maybe there is still some hope
Edgy Cat (18 days ago)
Tyene is absolutely gorgeous
Rin0Kaka (18 days ago)
Imagine if Cersei becomes a white walker :D
fl333r (18 days ago)
The dialogue in season 7 feels extremely hamfisted.
Raven (18 days ago)
And it was sealed with a kiss 😂😂😂
Randall Robarts (18 days ago)
Winter is coming, her name is Cersei!
Matt (18 days ago)
you know i kinda give this one to cersei she deserved her revenge. after all, all her kids died
Helli We (18 days ago)
This Woman is nuts
Harasuke Amu (18 days ago)
It's really something to see- both cold, vicious, cunning women in their own right. Loved their families and craving vengeance.. Ellaria made a mistake killing Marcella tho.
Yippee Ki Yay (18 days ago)
damn, Cersei know how to commit brutal revenges...
wuraola olagunju (18 days ago)
The thumbnail looks like Cersei is proud of a shitty makeup job she did and Tyene wants her money back
이해동 (19 days ago)
서세이 복수할 때는 화끈하게 하는 진정한 썅년이다.
K Fures (19 days ago)
Cersei puts a whole new meaning to the term "Revenge is a dish best served cold"
Iceman KRC (19 days ago)
As much as I don’t like Cersei , she did get them back for wrongfully killing the daughter
Martin Tähtvere (19 days ago)
Go Cersei!
BaiPlays (19 days ago)
I respected Cersei so much after this scene.
CarysParis T (19 days ago)
Well that's one way to deal with your problems
R (19 days ago)
I have tbh, sometimes Cersei looks like Michael Jackson wearing a blond wig. Goddamn, her face seems to be static in time. She is a great actress, but the plastic surgeries are starting to get too noticeable lol
David Scott (19 days ago)
Looool if weak men still ruled Dorne ur daughters would still be alive

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