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10 Most Expensive Items in Games That Cost a Fortune

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It’s not about pay to win, it’s about spending money on the most ludicrous in-game items that most of the time offer nothing except an esthetic value. Some players have made a habit from buying all kinds of rare items with the sole purpose of collecting them. But there are also games that encourage you to trade, speculate the market and make quite a profit from buying and selling expensive objects. The reason why people go to such lengths to achieve these items is not so important now, because we will be focusing exclusively on a list with 10 of the most expensive in game items that really cost a fortune. Narrator: Davide Arbisi http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Text Comments (709)
KitKat Studios (1 month ago)
Tank strike Gaming MOUSE (3 months ago)
Go look for...Tank strike OASIS IOS! if you started a new game account! And you want buy the top tank its like 4000$ whit no upgades!
Craigs Daddy (3 months ago)
Entropia should have all 10 spots on this list , the other games are like playing with monopoly money
Uniquer (4 months ago)
Crag Gullunburg (4 months ago)
Idk why the entire Destiny 2 franchise isn't on here
Khosmo (6 months ago)
Expensive items that cost a fortune No shit, Sherlock.
philosophical vibes (6 months ago)
now all this is illegal. no more ripping off scrubs ahaha.
Teun Rijswijk (6 months ago)
Where the awp dlore fn souvenir at tho?
Aurîthiel (8 months ago)
No mention of Light Sprites (43k gems 8ish months ago? 100g is about a dollar) and G1 imps on Flight Rising?
Daedric Johnson (10 months ago)
Sandór A Betyár (11 months ago)
The saltyness in the comments is fantastic. People just cant comprehend how 100.000 dollars is like pocket change to some ppl, jealousy is a weakness, lose it
A Proud Weeb (1 year ago)
Tf2, The world's first war-themed hat simulator...
gespilk (1 year ago)
lies.Nobody is that dumb.
Chace Shinohara (1 year ago)
If i had that much money i wouldve been set for life...
ULTRAMAN (1 year ago)
If I had the money, I would spent thousands of dollars on roblox
Jevon Barner (1 year ago)
The cool thing is my mom.was part of the group that made second life
Cjur (1 year ago)
There is a way to make money, farming for only as little as 15 min. a day. Read more
Jjinxx (1 year ago)
+Ecap ikr my mom was watching with me and was like that suuuuucks and I said yee it does
Ns Gaming (1 year ago)
you can my chanel advertising
Eli Daniel (1 year ago)
I opened a rocket league crate once
Xmayne (1 year ago)
Why would you pay $9,000 for a max level WoW character with the best gear? What's the point? Isn't a large portion of the gameplay leveling up, getting items, doing quests, etc? You've left yourself with nothing to do if you just instantly have a character like that. And then you get banned because it's against the rules, and all the money is down the drain. I don't understand how people are this stupid, yet have all this money to blow. I would love to see what these people are like and have someone interview them. Truly incredible specimens.
Xmayne (11 months ago)
Except that it's still lame to buy a PvP character, too, because it's unearned and you paid a (potentially) sickening amount of money for it. How fun PvP must be when you're playing on a character someone else leveled and geared. Completely takes away any satisfaction of creating something of your own and putting it to the test. And no, it's not extremely moronic to point out that you can be potentially banned. Especially when you draw attention and pay 9 grand for a character. It's not moronic to point out something bad that could happen as an effect for something that's already dumb to do in the first place. So no, none of that brings me any new insight or new things to consider. Normally I would commend someone if they brought up decent counter-points, but both points you made were pretty weak.
Skindoggiedog (11 months ago)
"You've left yourself with nothing to do if you just instantly have a character like that." That's an extremely moronic thing to say. People use them for PvP. If you don't like the PvE grind and just want a great character (or characters) for PvP, you could buy an account. "And then you get banned because it's against the rules" Again, another extremely moronic statement you've made. People only get banned if it's discovered. Most don't get discovered. Instead of going "OMFG gug gug ppl r so stewpad", consider that there may be more to something than it first appears. You'll come off as less of an idiotic, ignorant child that way.
harm991 (1 year ago)
Somebody made a WoW video about it back in the day. Buying a famous 'lvl 60', walking around like an idiot - making jokes how he is going to pwn. Yeah it kind of beats the point was also the story. (still back then it skipped you 20 days of leveling).
silverdragon0000120 (1 year ago)
Where's runescape?
lol no rocket league
Zd3stoyer2 (1 year ago)
Damn and I don't even spend 100$ on one game
ahmed dt (1 year ago)
u missed perfect world
WimpyMcWeaksauce (1 year ago)
You got so many things wrong in this list. The thing that stuck out most was Echoing Fury. The weapons themselves were not all THAT rare. There were thousands of them in existence. But the one that sold for so much was perfectly rolled. Also, it was originally sold at the maximum amount you could list it for on the official AH. It was immediately flipped onto third-party sites for far more money.
eX Pulse (1 year ago)
how the fuck do you pronounce NEVERDIE as NeverDi
Alpha League (1 year ago)
When somebody asks for $9000 just for an ice cream in Dubai nobody gives a fuck. But when a Chinese guy spends $16000 on a sword everybody flips out..
averwhy (1 year ago)
As soon as I saw this I KNEW TF2 would be on this list.
Spencer Grady (1 year ago)
Party Hats are so cheap now..I miss when the biggest trades happened at Varrock West Bank 😫
Dead Baron (1 year ago)
Entropia is a money laundering scheme. There's no other way around it.
shredded shrine (1 year ago)
what about the white hat from rocket league?
jmjmjm97 (1 year ago)
Wtf the manticore isn't $3,500 it never was. I would find this item all the fucking time
wtfskilz (1 year ago)
Probably best that I avoid all of these games.
Sr TITAN (1 year ago)
I feel much better after this vid :D :D :D
Rest Peace (1 year ago)
These shitbrains pukeheads are the reason why AAA games are full of microtransactions...they are no gamers, they are spoiled pieces of shit that cant think at all
200dollarbill (1 year ago)
6 million dollars for a planet in a virtual game. You could have bought a real life house that could be used for years
Damien (1 year ago)
I don't feel so bad now for spending over $5000 total on virtual items.
miatra (1 year ago)
That bike from Pokémon red, blue, yellow, fire red and leaf green
Aaron Rory (1 year ago)
Real money or....Game Money?
Yirzm (1 year ago)
1. Burning Flames Team Captain Hat $12,000 - $16,000 -Team Fortress 2 2. M9 Bayonet: CRIMSON WEB (FACTORY NEW) $5,900 -CS:GO 3. Zeuzo (elf rogue character) $9,000 -World of Warcraft 4. Revenant Supercarrier $11,118 -EVE Online 5. Echoing Fury $14,000 -Diablo 3 6. Dragon Slaying Sabre $16,000 -Age of Wulin 7. Pink Ethereal Flame War Dog Courier $38,000 -DOTA 2 8. Amsterdam $50,000$ -Second Life 9. Club NEVERDIE $635,000 -Entropia Universe 10. Planet Calypso $6,000,000 -Entropia Universe thank me later
The Great Cornholio (1 year ago)
buying a level 70 character in WoW and then having his newly purchased account banned by Blizzard... must had been the best day of that guys life damn idiot.
Sar Agorn (1 year ago)
So a videogame costume cost more money than my first car ? I call bullshit
Go Hizle (1 year ago)
You can't get the twin blades of azzinoth by "doing quests". You have to do a 25 man instance
Matty Crane (1 year ago)
If I bought the island I probably wouldn't receive it knowing my luck
E D (1 year ago)
Please speak faster, I couldn't understand what you said ^^
Nopar Despar (1 year ago)
0:23 game name please?
magicmulder (1 year ago)
Diablo 3 Echoing Fury, talk about inflation, today this is worth zilch even if it were tradeable. I can't count how many (Ancient) EF with socket I've salvaged because their stats are sh*t compared to current weapons like (Ancient) Immortal King's Boulder Breaker, (Ancient) Godfather or (Ancient) Furnace.
darkmster 6 (1 year ago)
never die not neverde wtf english aswell shame n you
Tasty Muffin (1 year ago)
And I thought my Fantasia addiction was expensive.
Crossfade AF (1 year ago)
runescape yaaassssss
08wolfeyes (1 year ago)
And the funniest thing of all is that being an artist, i can model these items myself in the computer so cost me nothing but a bit of time!, lol! Can never understand why anyone would want to pay so much real money for something that is made of a few pixels on screen. Ok, so they use polygons to build the models but at the end of the day, still pixels and nothing but zero's on ones in a computer!
Givup (1 year ago)
Just like your bank account, just zeroes and ones, no worth at all...
Abdal (1 year ago)
John Bläckhem (1 year ago)
Super inaccurate list.
Wallapee12 (1 year ago)
its never DIE....... not neverdee. jesus christ that drove me insane
Qay Contra (1 year ago)
Human beings can be dumb
Ross Geller (1 year ago)
Number 1: EVERY SINGLE FUCKING ITEM IN GTA ONLINE. $5,000 for a jacket? $20,000 for tire smoke? Fuck off.
Ross Geller (1 year ago)
No. Although sadly most people do which is what makes Rockstar so fucking greedy for more.
Bora Boyacı (1 year ago)
do you buy them with real money?
TheSpartanboy10 (1 year ago)
This is the free to play apocalypse.
Sam Jacob (1 year ago)
NeverDIE not NeverDEE :)
OOF (1 year ago)
6 MILLION dollars? And I thought dragon lore's were expensive
Keepyourpride (1 year ago)
List me a number of games that you can sell pixel weapons for real money
Eric Long (1 year ago)
30s commercials.....really...
Zervin Lupus (1 year ago)
gradient man (1 year ago)
"Sparked some unusual intrest" 11/10
DCFanatic7 (1 year ago)
Spending all that money when months later no one will play it anymore therefore no one will care...kys.
Cadence Huirama (1 year ago)
9000 dollar loss in eve devastating? There have been been battles where hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of ships bave been lost
After_Midnight (1 year ago)
Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity and I'm not sure about the universe.
JimmyBobJoe Gaming (1 year ago)
You forgot the one in Castle Clash, a YouTuber spent 40k just for a hero, a week later, the hero was known to be the worst in the game
3zzammm M (1 year ago)
Were the f is the white hat from Rocket league?
Badgey (1 year ago)
6:11 yeah we DEFINITELY wanted prostitutes, the fuck no.
kevaplaya137 (1 year ago)
Runescape - Party hats
Dominykas Zakrys (1 year ago)
150000 dollars for a virtual pixels...
SirWoozy (1 year ago)
the most expensive cs item is a the souvenier d lore and the stat track karambit its way more than the m9
Austin Mosier (1 year ago)
Runescape blue party hat!
MarshmelloEater (1 year ago)
what about roblox and the domino crown in it?
madmaddoxxx (1 year ago)
6 millions to buy a planet are they fkng kiddind? :D
FROZ XXN (1 year ago)
And here we are, wow crap > not worth > playing high end pvp, gladiator and i was doing much trading, sold gold as student over years to people ingame for an value around 250$ per month ( not all of my gold, only a little of that) i was over 8 millions gold at WOLTK. d3 crap > not worth ( i was doing as #2 best hc wizard world - sold my gear only, for around 3000$) second life, its not more worth, only at start it was fine to create some citys for sell.. Entropia Universe > it is really the most expensiv game, people can do any profit each time, the tradesystem never will die i think so, neverdie is the right word, i play it for still 2 years, its the best game to play, doing money, and build his own charakter and skills, the value ingame will never change, that means your items cant be lost to much value, items ingame can be only be more worth or lesser, worth be selling for 100% - 200000% , but it cant go under 100% Value, at all its the best game, the own little world of entropia ((: its not here but Path of exile, with the last year the game is more easy, that is bad, because the game was more hard, and hard to get some items and gear or level (100), some items have a good worth, but now !! the bad thing is, the market is now going to low (die) only for old items its worth ! the best items ingame are worth from 150-1500 $ all what i sold was the first hc finshing rod legendary, for 600$, she is now worth of nothing... and i got some big loots, my best item was Kaoms heart, an cheast ingame (now worth around 800$) at my time it was maybe only 60-80$ worth, i die in hardcore and sold that cheast for 10-20$ on softcore that time, it was an great time too, but how i told, this game is going to die ( of items worth). but the game is one of the greatest games i ever played !! poe is love !! still playable, but not for money. with the years, in many games it was the chance to get be rich, really many games, only with trading, u can sell things for 50$, if ur lucky u get 5000$ back, lesser or more !
Bon Bon (1 year ago)
White hat in rocket league is $12000
Olek_Gannon (1 year ago)
yeah my old d3 account made 2k from just 1 rare wand that had perfect rolls then my account was banned because i was making money everyday on even useless gear.
LemuxL (1 year ago)
As a csgo/tf2 trader ppl that say we are stupid on wasting money are fucking retarded. They dont buy shit to progress in games. They buy it to make more money,hell some traders make more than the average job.
Tiaa (1 year ago)
I play secondlife and it's literally a world you can become rich off of. A lady became a millionaire selling virtual shoes, and another selling land
Edward G (1 year ago)
Only smart person in this video was the guy who made a business with his map and ended up selling the pixels for 700k.
DatSuperDuperScythe (1 year ago)
real money or fake
LemuxL (1 year ago)
Spuash ! Real
Pertl49 (1 year ago)
I once spent $10 on bl2 skins, now I don't feel like i wasted that much money
dageo gaming (1 year ago)
Real hunting knife : $20 Virtual hunting knife: $200
MR Darkman (1 year ago)
Real hat that has been set on fire: $0, Burned away. Virtual hat that has been set on fire: $12,000 - $16,000.
Adam N-A (1 year ago)
Most expensive items that cost a fortune is redundant this made me hate the internet
Figman Games (1 year ago)
Rocket League White Hat. 7~8,000 usd
DewGaming (1 year ago)
When he pronounced the "Twin Glades of Azeroth" wrong at 02:35, i died a little.
mural (1 year ago)
if you pay that for a fucking in game item then you are not right in the head
LemuxL (1 year ago)
mural Most of the items are not items that the company sells. Its more of a gambling system and the items are rare af.
Pedobear (1 year ago)
white hat Rocket League $7000?
Sumit Mishra (1 year ago)
6 million dollar,god damn it
Timothy Dickinson (1 year ago)
Rocket League White hat?
Liamsipsnx (1 year ago)
Amsterdam famous dutch city :O !? Really ?!
Charles Dinatale (1 year ago)
lol insiane...
Mark Redfearn (1 year ago)
I've Made over £1,000 from the game Yoville or as its known now YoWorld and have spent £0 on the game .....I started playing from day one played for a year non stop then didn't play it again till 7 years later hen I logged on I could see items I had selling for mad amounts of money so I went on eBay and sold then ...... The game is still going now and I still have good items ... As for me I would Never buy something that is not real or is only virtual!!!
Noah Bollinger (1 year ago)
White hat, rocket league 8-10 thousand dollars
DidacticCrane27 (1 year ago)
Roblox Domino Crown should be here!!!!
Trevor J (1 year ago)
I thought buying a game for $60 was expensive enough now i dont feel that bad lol
rooshhi (1 year ago)
10 Most Expensive Items in Games That Cost a Lot
Hairy Slother (1 year ago)
G4 Games (1 year ago)
Check out the game "Warframe" and look for the price of a mod called "Primed Chamber"

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