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[PATCHED] TIPS ThirdPerson on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Hi (Sorry i forget turn off the radio) ! This is not a cheat ! it's a legal commands of Cs:go and you can do it. alias first "bind MOUSE4 firstperson; alias test third" alias third "bind MOUSE4 thirdpersonshoulder; alias test first" alias test "first" bind "MOUSE4" "test" This can be good for a movie :)
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Text Comments (29)
Synthm (1 year ago)
whos watching in 2017?
o que escreve cara nao consigo bota
Dominik Vlašič (4 years ago)
dont worked
Gdoura Mahmoud (5 years ago)
Gustavo Lopes (5 years ago)
velho se e muito cagão kkkk quando eu jogo eu vo com tudo só na cabeça vei
Covert Person (5 years ago)
how to open console?
BluPegasusMusic (5 years ago)
Blitz (5 years ago)
Well, if you READ, the title of the video it's said "PATCHED"...
BluPegasusMusic (5 years ago)
Don't work -.-
Orthope (5 years ago)
How do u make ur own svr???
Marcus Jensen (5 years ago)
hey i know this is patched and stuff but is there no way to make it look a bit more like this with cam_command 1?
How to do 3rd person from shoulder like in video?And where put this commands?
Amanda Trent (6 years ago)
Type Cam_command 1 To disable type Cam_command 2
Marcus Jensen (6 years ago)
what is the thirdperson command?
TyrannyforSupper (6 years ago)
unless someone makes a mod liek they did for L4d2 which make sit possible to use 3rd person on any server.
Mark Bodagh (6 years ago)
what do you press to switch between first and thirdperson
Victor Hummel (6 years ago)
omfg now lisin to me when i do all that theere are right in description and the comments and i press mouse4 im still playing in firstperson !!! wtf shall i do pliz tell me
Victor Hummel (6 years ago)
tell me what shall i write in console when the map has sv_cheats on 1 ??!?!?!
Victor Hummel (6 years ago)
i now dude but what shall i right in console when i have set it to sv_cheats ! :)?
Victor Hummel (6 years ago)
tell me dude what i shall write in the console beacuse in the discreption that yuo right that is not working !? so tell me
Blitz (6 years ago)
This is patched, the only way to make this work is to put sv_cheats to 1
Victor Hummel (6 years ago)
wy the hell it is not working ?!?!?!?
Teequedo (6 years ago)
Imagine surf_ maps in 3rd person :D
priestskorge (6 years ago)
no u can not
Checko Celano (6 years ago)
can u do this on xbox?
Blitz (6 years ago)
You can do centered, but is patched know no more legal, if you want do that you need editing CS:GO and is cheating...
Tom Newbold (6 years ago)
Do you have to have it over the shoulder or can you have it centered?
Blitz (6 years ago)
@kevbot003 Yes is a private server but the sv_cheats still 0 you can try it. i give the commands in description.
Blitz (6 years ago)
@steveoooo00 Yep..

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