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Minecraft - EPIC Fire Dragon Tower Transformation!

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Exclusive Minecraft Maps: www.Jeracraft.net Minecraft - EPIC Fire Dragon Tower Transformation! Finnally back with another epic transformation video, back on the Pimp My Build series with an incredible fire dragon style tower by MinsterLagster101 I hope you enjoyed the video & possibly got some build tips & ideas for your next project! SEND THEM IN! =] You can send your creations and apply for the series using the old email: [email protected] Sorry for the 3-4 Weeks I've been away! But I'm back! A new list of ideas ready and waiting to be built so stay tuned! =D ------------------------------ Planet Minecraft: http://www.planetminecraft.com/member/jeracraft/ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3670009 Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jeremynsanchez/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Jeracraft-Minecraft-608857679267215/ Snapchat: JeremyNS92 Twitter: https://twitter.com/JeremyJeracraft ------------------------------ Jeracraft - Youtube
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Text Comments (1097)
Alex Tube (6 days ago)
You inspired me to play Minecraft again!!
ZaTrox (10 days ago)
This video made me rewatch "how to train your dragon"
Ar.In.G (11 days ago)
Reminds me a bit of chrono cross
Bezurk Instinct (12 days ago)
Reminds me of mt hyjal off world of warcraft
Dachi (14 days ago)
Yeah! Warcraft theme!!
FAMOUS (15 days ago)
Me: Oh, I could build that tower!! 1:19 "All new landscape" Me: ....
Al Kitchener (15 days ago)
You should of made the lava look like dragons
Soldier (16 days ago)
I almost died when I heard the firelands boss fight with Ragnaros from WoW
Gabriel Mattara (19 days ago)
Creta a mod for ir map, pls
grognakthecool hi (27 days ago)
my mind jus blew with enough force to destroy the galaxy
Aurora (28 days ago)
This is awesome! The detail is incredible. I’ve started to build it myself but struggling a little because I can only see parts of the building at a time on the video. Is there anywhere I can just see photos of it?
Michael Wilkinson (1 month ago)
reminds me of the towers of Valyria from 'A world of Ice and Fire'
Alberto (1 month ago)
I still can't understand how you made that hole using worldpainter, could you make another tutorial?
Sonand Uygun (1 month ago)
Make a vulcano
dem stoops (1 month ago)
I used to be a trash builder and cus of you I've become a great builder
NerdexDK (1 month ago)
if i buy the usb stick now, how in the world am i gonna get the future builds?
Liz Dawson (1 month ago)
Ha ha so funny 😆 aleao
C.O.E.S (1 month ago)
The original tower was actually kind of bad.
Freeze3045 (1 month ago)
I really think you should do berk from the movie "how to train your dragon"
Izzi McKemie (1 month ago)
Nice ragnaros the firelord voiceline, very fitting.
ida mattsson (1 month ago)
Kirito23 Edco (1 month ago)
You're so cool at transforming builds as always Jercraft!!! So EPIC!!!! Love it
Itz BananaMan (1 month ago)
this gave me chills
ColdMystery (2 months ago)
And when you thought, it's over - there isn't much more to add.. HE PUTS FKING DRAGON ON TOP OF IT XD
Crimson Writer (2 months ago)
Is it possible to merge world's 🤔🤔
ItsNoahScott (2 months ago)
0:56 The illuminati
Sing SongEditZ (2 months ago)
you really do set the standard man..
Professor Geek (2 months ago)
I get epicness overdose watching your videos
RENIEL SALYES (2 months ago)
jera pls make a vid tutorial how to make the main dragon on the top thank You if you made
Jude Archer (2 months ago)
Whoever has made this tower good job really man me and Brandon made a video on it
brotkruemel 117 (2 months ago)
Can you build a big fantasy world?
Emilio Ruiz (2 months ago)
you vs the guy she tells you not to worry about
Evan Riker (2 months ago)
make an adventure map (maybe something like tangerines paradise) incorporating some, if not all of your builds. btw, they are epic.
TheLastHopefulTear Drop (2 months ago)
Not that Im hating the dragon now, but I'd like to see its head pointed upward as though its breathing fire
Max R (2 months ago)
Jeracraft it would be ciil if you added a dragon on the cave pillar or add a dragon in the cave
Tessababoon (2 months ago)
That was awesome I’m gonna be a you tuber with my friend chickenlegend
JoeyGamerHQ (2 months ago)
grian vs jeracraft? who would win. I know they have different styles but i like jeracraft so much more. its like grian does basic but good stuff but jeracraft takes every build to the next level with epicness. hope they work together someday if grian agrees.
Talon Carpenter (2 months ago)
Who else agrees that Jeracraft should make an awesome Adventure Map all by himself? Knowing Jeracraft's skills and determination on builds, I think he'll do well
The_Best_Games (2 months ago)
5:14 is that from a movie or did you use a voice changer? If it is what is the name of the movie?
Moko Moko (2 months ago)
water and earth dragon maybe more
Meme Master (2 months ago)
The dragon bone was middle of lava and not burn. Sounds lik breaking trees with hands😂😂
Neppy Yetti (2 months ago)
So... I thought most great builders have OCD..
000CherryBlossom000 (2 months ago)
The Dreanor theme and Deathwing gave me chills while watching this totally amazed ^^
Willon Rice (3 months ago)
I can't stand stuff that is unsimetrical. I have OCD too.
Jan Luus (3 months ago)
just imagine if a fire dragon spawns and stays here and he is more powerfull than the ender dragon wow
Bagel (3 months ago)
Does this remind anyone of the swampy/volcanic area of Eastmarch?
Chris Osi (3 months ago)
Make a huge skeleton base like the fire dragon base!
Yu Han Cao (3 months ago)
I just can't help to fall in love with all those creations, plus the wow quotes just give me the chills, you're amazing dude
Nickel g (3 months ago)
Jeracraft I think your videos are great I'm really driven by your work
KUN KUR (3 months ago)
Wolves to the MAX (3 months ago)
The makers of minecraft should make a world dedicated to your builds
Jose Pena (3 months ago)
I bet it takes a lot of practice to be as awsome as him
DINOCU saurus (3 months ago)
Muntanga yung dragon sa taas parang sya yung pumatay sa isang dragon sa baba tas nag cecelebrate sha.diba another corny joke byyeee
Shoma Ganguli (3 months ago)
First of all I also liked symmetry but now I like insymmetry.
Eugenia Borgione (3 months ago)
Wow wow wow VOTING ★★★★★
ILove Puppies (3 months ago)
You have the videos of Perfection...I Love your vids!
Ethan Hendrickson (3 months ago)
Only way it could have been better if the dragon statue's head was facing up so it would look like it was breathing fire
MyTeez (3 months ago)
You should do fire lands in minecraft :-) or ogrimmar
Bruce Rutten (4 months ago)
make an water dragon tower! or a lot of skylands with some castles for dragons!
Jeff G (4 months ago)
cool how your including your fans work in your videos keep up the great work. Can you start doing smaller builds with just normal vanilla minecraft?
Itay Nissimov Brosh (4 months ago)
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!its so cool transformation
HM Gaming (4 months ago)
C’est de la merde t’est vidéo
Christian Phipps (4 months ago)
5 more likes on this video and it hits 1 M
ALOToflag (4 months ago)
Im looking for people to build with im considering comming back to minecraft to build, message me on twitter @drophcf if you want to build some amazing creations like jeracraft.
KRM20 (4 months ago)
2:16 “Perfect Symmetry” —Death the Kid
Tux Penguin (4 months ago)
I built what I thought the Hanging Gardens of Babylon would have looked like, inspired by you, Grian, and SPIKE-A-SAURUS. You three should collab on something, I can't even imagine what you would build would look like, aside from amazing.
HeavenHasANewAngel (4 months ago)
Pls do more of these
superzombie (4 months ago)
this dude loves WoW
Bored Gamer (4 months ago)
every time you those dramatic scenes i full screen my pc and put my volume to maximum so as if im in a movie theater
-spyro Notreally- (4 months ago)
I watch these while editing
James Weir (4 months ago)
Wow awesome job on the statue!!!
Cranky Wizard (4 months ago)
You are just to good i love your builds
Viktoriya Khegay (4 months ago)
Who the HECK disliked this
jennirussell1 (4 months ago)
Flash haaàaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah is the Unstoppable 😂😂😂
jennirussell1 (4 months ago)
Wwwwwwwwwoooowwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K !!!!!!!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!%%%%%236589 4125369807412589063258471128085523369608552369741477147144250088520*699=*6=/69*69
King Habeeb Gaming (4 months ago)
I started watching you bc i watched a top ten mine craft builds. Your desert castle was number 8 or so. I seen it and left that video and came straight to here.
Irma Giet (4 months ago)
Endra Sapphire (4 months ago)
I thought that the one who was speaking at the story thingy was Smaug 😂😂😂😂😂
Ferrel Timothy (4 months ago)
Do a collab with grian and goodtimewithscar
Foxy blast Gamer863 (4 months ago)
You expired me to redesign my old Minecraft worlds :D
Roblox™ (5 months ago)
Hollily Pip (5 months ago)
Do u actually have OCD? Or do u just like things to be symmetrical? Cus that's not what OCD is...
Xgkotkot (5 months ago)
justin sh (5 months ago)
awesome video thanks i will subscribe you
It’s Johnny (5 months ago)
For a beginner the tower was really good before the transformation
ᕼᗯ Howling (5 months ago)
Jeracraft if you couldn't build, what would you be doing? Would you be making redstone videos? Bed wars? Egg wars?
Javier Angeles (5 months ago)
Your my 2st place minecraft player
Kesho_Dragon (5 months ago)
i’d think it would look cool if there was stained glass that looked like fire surrounding the building like in the thumbnail
Keion Flenoid (5 months ago)
if I was half as skilled as you, I'd make the fire on top come out of the dragon's mouth
Spyro Malin (5 months ago)
Now for you...
Meows2much YT (5 months ago)
i bought the Pendrive
Asger Nyeng (5 months ago)
You are soo amazing
S H I N Y G O D (5 months ago)
LORD MELVIN (5 months ago)
I hate when things aren’t symmetrical
Joshua Haikins (5 months ago)
Mortal insects!!! Dude is Ragnaros is from WOW
King Marsh (5 months ago)
Will you put up these things for download so people can take a closer look and get more inspiration?
Gakusangi (5 months ago)
I really hope this series continues!
MrKingsman (5 months ago)
this is PERFECT
MrKingsman (5 months ago)
loved the outro btw
Saroma Ortara (6 months ago)
Anyone else notice that the ending always has some badass freaking roleplay type voice following the completion of the transformations

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