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Jon & Dany - Like I'm Gonna Lose You | Game Of Thrones

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Thanks for watching. If you like the video share it and give me like. Subscribe for more videos. Hope you enjoyed the video. Subscribe! (if you want to) ^_^ Follow my social media: Twitter: queenM_michelle Tumblr: filthydespairing E-mail for collaborations : [email protected] Song: Like I'm Gonna Lose You (Cover by Ophie) Fandom: Game of Thrones
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Text Comments (735)
Anisa Alfikri (1 day ago)
Niceee song❤❤❤
Joy Atam (1 day ago)
Stella Maris Matevé (2 days ago)
Son los ganadores
Stella Maris Matevé (2 days ago)
Que romanticos son y hacen muy linda pareja
Pintu Bawankar (2 days ago)
Poliana Nogueira (5 days ago)
kikyo hijorachi (9 days ago)
oh my God this is so beautiful
Ms Micheal (10 days ago)
I should've commented each time I've watched this... I've lost count, I love it! Beautiful song beautifully sung✌💖
Pollyanna Cristina (11 days ago)
ele é lindo 😍😍
Yakoob Ali 8218555986 (12 days ago)
Bharat Tapkir (13 days ago)
A ma indian in my whats app nombar 7875079392
cinderella gumz (14 days ago)
Love this video so very nice love romance
Ravi Prajapat (15 days ago)
So lovely song
Danish Saifi (16 days ago)
So beautiful songs sexy
Houmin Khongsai (18 days ago)
sex untimete
Jason Garcia (19 days ago)
Awesome video well done
Tiasa Tilak (20 days ago)
Jon and Daenerys are not promised a tomorrow...
Ms Micheal (25 days ago)
Love, love, love this video! I've probably watched it a hundred times and cry each time because i know she's gonna lose him! I can't get enough of Jon & Dany! Thank you so much for making this video✌♥
Ker (26 days ago)
Whoever's voice this is. It sounds amazing and better than the original
Zondetta Kruah (30 days ago)
Really love this movie!
Tafheem Abbas (1 month ago)
Oxm video parts
manthan dubey (1 month ago)
Vishal Agarwal (1 month ago)
Nyc song
Abish Jee (1 month ago)
Anisa Alfikri (1 month ago)
Hagar Gogo (1 month ago)
رومانسى اوى الفيلم
ximena vazquez (1 month ago)
Que bonita historia
Kadie Gladys (1 month ago)
Dotem Yomso (1 month ago)
very nice..sweet. .I want sweet women to do with her like that.♡♡♡♡♡
Kruti Mahavar (1 month ago)
Please someone help me to download this version ....
دمعه حزن (1 month ago)
فلم خلاعى بلتفص يل امام الكامره
Rumy Sanjo (1 month ago)
Nice song
jackie saavedra (1 month ago)
Fan of got
Simone Ferreira (1 month ago)
SC zhen4
Eslam Bofen (1 month ago)
Muchale Zaiba (1 month ago)
Loan Mai (1 month ago)
Sapancali Muharrem (1 month ago)
Bu ne amk
maximusmaxim (1 month ago)
Just....yes....oh yes.....
ARIF NILIMA (1 month ago)
what is the name of this song???
Albina Reis (1 month ago)
Tata Yata (1 month ago)
Meghan Trainor.Isn't it?
Tata Yata (1 month ago)
حسن باسل (1 month ago)
يبووو دك نيج
محمد بسيوني (1 month ago)
paraag (1 month ago)
Have some shame... Dany is ur aunt jon.
A.E.L G.I.G (1 month ago)
raja sekar (1 month ago)
very nice to very good movie
Vusal Huseynli (1 month ago)
John Lapasam (1 month ago)
Datz coolz...
Paloma Regina (1 month ago)
lani Jurada (1 month ago)
Lani jurada
Андрей Ткач (2 months ago)
PALLAB BHUNIA (2 months ago)
So s
Fandom Domination (2 months ago)
Dear George R.R. Martin, If you kill anyone of those two I am going find you and using a sword as big as Ice I would cut your head of and you can join Eddard Stark and Jofrey Baratheon in the great beyond. I am not kidding, Me
mehmet koç (2 months ago)
bu şarkının ismi ne ya biri söylesin
Lalala Lalalal (2 months ago)
komal singh (2 months ago)
Mast 😊😊😊😊👍
Rain Rainny (2 months ago)
أحمد درباس (2 months ago)
مشهد رومنسي حلو
Junior Robinson (2 months ago)
Such a sweet video 😁😁😁😁😁😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
155 chimera (2 months ago)
Otp no 1... shit song though
ali (2 months ago)
Ali bahjat (2 months ago)
Seyfullah Kurbani (2 months ago)
Ali Bahh از
Michael Iyanu (2 months ago)
waooo so nice
Ram Seraspe (2 months ago)
I really love this season so much
Rini Oktavia (2 months ago)
love love....heheheheh
Mmesoma Uzoma (2 months ago)
MARJORIE MUTUC (2 months ago)
Who's cover is this?
Fio González (2 months ago)
Jonerys 🙈💕😍
Fio González (2 months ago)
Fateh Ulusoy (2 months ago)
Whatsapp nomer+994505816699.😘
aarifa sultan (2 months ago)
can u show us also in hindi
momnongpai1 (2 months ago)
It made me cry😭😭😭😭
Aida Shaxgerieva (2 months ago)
Brena Colombe (2 months ago)
i love you
Jenelyn Cousin Pepito (2 months ago)
whos the singer of this song
Collins Gandaria (2 months ago)
Gili ko😒
Jaipur Textile (2 months ago)
Kim Nana (2 months ago)
_lau._.raa_ (2 months ago)
This is so cute, I'm dying! 😍❤
Maria De Bono (2 months ago)
GuSTAVO GudTAVO (2 months ago)
Mukesh Gurjar (2 months ago)
Banwshaa QUeen (2 months ago)
فدووه تخبل اعشقهه😍😘
Mireya Lopez (2 months ago)
Ali Zida (2 months ago)
this is like women
Madasu Komali (2 months ago)
منوعات حول العالم
Mago Mendes (2 months ago)
Massa bem legal
goku rocha (2 months ago)
Não era o outro cara
Jairo Santos (2 months ago)
Eselente. Este. Fiume
Sophie Lenge (2 months ago)
j'aime 😍😍😍❤
Sophie Lenge (2 months ago)
j'aime 😍😍😍❤
Red Rose (2 months ago)
Amazing 😍😍
Christine Cloza (2 months ago)
The song describes the tragic ending to their lovestory. She's gonna lose him or he's gonna lose her. They will all die.

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