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Game of Thrones/Best Scenes/Season 3 Episode 8/Игра Престолов/Лучшие сцены/3 сезон 8 серия

1548 ratings | 2363942 views
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Text Comments (26)
Sex video (14 days ago)
so sexual
wow hots movie
dybala. messi. (11 days ago)
😏😏first see you hots yak what a English is that 😑😑😂😏
Ibrahim Soja (22 days ago)
l need it
Manoj Tatamoter (5 months ago)
Full movie download Nahi hoti Hindi Mai Kaise kre
Gordon Ramsay (19 days ago)
Manoj Tatamoter bhosriwaale yeah movie nahin show hai gaandu
hoangliem lee (5 months ago)
Honey Killed Uno (5 months ago)
I’ve never seen a single episode of Game of Thrones
Omotola Joseph (1 month ago)
how ?...........................................................
Enottik (5 months ago)
You can watch it from season 1/episode 1 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWuL79EiBOw
Babu V (5 months ago)
Mother fucker
Lorenzo Volsi (6 months ago)
Forward Plans (6 months ago)
To be a real blonde, she should have at least dyed her eyebrows a light color.
Discus Keeper (7 months ago)
I wonder if she farted in that bath ? She had a sneaky guff grin 🤪
dybala. messi. (11 days ago)
😂😂😂😂shit man what are you all talking about 😂😂if it would happen the movie would be crash the the name of the movie would be THE GAME OF FFFFAAARTSSS 😂😂😂🤔
Rob ONeil (4 months ago)
No, Daenerys doesn't fart at all, at any time.
Hameed Ul Haq 1955 (6 months ago)
Discus Keeper Ll
Knightwalker V Peace (9 months ago)
Salma SherNi (9 months ago)
Like it
The Deceptive Perimeter (9 months ago)
संजु गुज्जर https://youtu.be/73s0WB-qslk Got Conquest and rebellion full
angelique mercado (10 months ago)
I just don't get the hype over daenerys. Arya or brienne yea but her, idk.
Rob ONeil (4 months ago)
are you kidding, she is a smart, cunning commander; who is also very beautiful too.
Acme633 (5 months ago)
But she was fairly generous with nudity, hope she had done some GOT scenes in the Terminator film.
angelique mercado (9 months ago)
The Deceptive Perimeter bro she's the cliche white girl, with a Mary sue story arc who everyone falls in love with. I'm good. Don't needa watch a video to know that lol.
The Deceptive Perimeter (9 months ago)
angelique mercado https://youtu.be/73s0WB-qslk Got Conquest and rebellion full
MDemonTV (10 months ago)
like it

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