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Quads gone wild "Dirt Drag Racing"

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Extreme Dirt Drag Racing
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meawesomeinstinct (2 years ago)
the most red neck thing I seen ever lol
Rob Keogh (2 years ago)
Amber Main (2 years ago)
c iiyf
Livia Kelemenova (2 years ago)
Denny's Phone (2 years ago)
Needed to goose the throttle for no apparent reason at least 30 more times.
Levi Jasperson (1 year ago)
FlyBoySlim : you burp the throttle because hes running alcohol hes running 2 bottles of mix to 5 gal. vs race gas its one bottle to 5 gals. they load up and foul plugs if you dont clear them.
chimp3376 (3 years ago)
Incredibly focused construction, no fat on the frame.  Even the wheelie bar is part of the frame.  One issue and this would have to be rebuilt.  But the fact they have just made it strong enough is bloody brilliant.
chimp3376 (1 year ago)
are you being held against you will??  punch v p h on the keyboard we will rescue you.
chimp3376 (1 year ago)
As a mother of 2 I completely disagree
Sandra Lahaque (1 year ago)
chimp3376 2rd
Gera Castillo (1 year ago)
chimp3376 jjkppkl
Gera Castillo (1 year ago)
chimp3376 vhpj0
will t (3 years ago)
Banshee was getting it, Have to love a 2stroke.

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