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Free credit report.com full songs ( lyrics )

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All the five songs to free credit report.com with lyrics Note: Don't Make Bad Comments To download The new car song → http://friends21.com/search/playvideo.php?id=m8Dgu--CzGw&tag=free%20credit%20report.com To download the Bike song → http://friends21.com/search/playvideo.php?id=MN85C1XqBA0&tag=free%20credit%20report.com%20bike To download The rockstar rap → http://friends21.com/search/playvideo.php?id=WjH8NYJL8IA&tag=free%20credit%20report.com%20rockstar To download the pirate song → http://friends21.com/search/playvideo.php?id=P7sy-_Cgj4Q&tag=free%20credit%20report.com%20pirate To download the Dream girl song → http://friends21.com/search/playvideo.php?id=m7b_QQJbU8o&tag=free%20credit%20report.com%20dream%20girl 1. The free car 2. The bike song 3. The rock song 4. The pirate song 5. Dream girl To watch in high quality click this → http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=29UYRD6Usc8&fmt=18 Enjoy The Video...!
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Text Comments (127)
X8 Dank (7 days ago)
Michael Whatevs (9 days ago)
not a bad video but im gonna say one thing. FUCK I RAN INTO A WALL. BECAUSE MY CREDIT'S WHACK!!!!!!!
GrapeFlavoredGaming (10 days ago)
Thank god this is in my life.
Nyibbut (2 months ago)
That glowy background is gonna give me a fucking migrane, shit man
Mr Bing (4 months ago)
ya don't know what vinyl is, lol
crossgatezombie (4 months ago)
I like this 2008 video font shit lol
Eduardo Muniz (5 months ago)
Windows movie maker
Roshanda Walton (1 year ago)
Zaid Hage (3 years ago)
Vinyl (or "vynil", as your misspelling reads) is, in layman's terms, the plastic-y/fabric-y material used for the interiors of a lot of vehicles, that often sticks to your skin after a while. 0:25
Eon Lighthouse (3 years ago)
Miss these Jingles! They should Been Made out of videos!!
Indiethoughtsx (5 years ago)
stop being so negative about his spelling jeez.
Rachel Gross (5 years ago)
you seriously need to learn how to spell
X8 Dank (7 days ago)
i bet you have ligma
Mister Stoinklett (2 months ago)
Learn how to speel
Conservative Womble (5 months ago)
Rachel Gross no u
Dmitri Mendev (5 years ago)
Hey, um, tdre4000, English class starts every morning at 8 o'clock Monday through Friday. Perhaps you should join us.
X8 Dank (7 days ago)
only the sugandese people would get that joke
Madeline Fendley (6 years ago)
its phat not flat phat is nigro way of saying Pretty Hot And Tempting and flat sounds stupid
Zontafer (6 years ago)
THANK GOD they're back <3
LD Lunatik (6 years ago)
Camtoro13 (6 years ago)
they made a new one,,, im so happiiii
Dakota Bleigh (6 years ago)
Kassi Ray (6 years ago)
Liam Samuels (6 years ago)
not rolling flat, rolling Phat
jacob long (6 years ago)
i like the rockstar one lol
skullman251 (6 years ago)
Trololol Ironic That this guy can't spell.
halfmoon kid (6 years ago)
where do i download this XD
Alex Robinson (6 years ago)
I've only seen the car one, pirate one and the dream girl.
Abhi Gulati (6 years ago)
your a GREAT speller ;)
Ashley Garris (6 years ago)
i miss seeing these commercials on tv. :)
Alice Laurant (7 years ago)
It's phat not flat
Tristin Dowell (7 years ago)
the new guys suck
T. Davis (7 years ago)
i LOVE the first one... i sing that ALL the time
ashten nicole (7 years ago)
Nicole Marie (7 years ago)
I Like This Commercial Just Not The One With The Golf Cart.
Trysten Johnson (7 years ago)
Thats 5 songs you idiot!
HouseOfWolves1212 (7 years ago)
I like the one when they're in the car!:)
Stard0ggPolarBear (7 years ago)
Everybody makes mistakes :) rock star has always been my fav i really dont like the new guys...
Gonzalo Ruiz (7 years ago)
i fuken miss da comercials
victorisready (7 years ago)
@bluburrypie120 what are you talking about?
Emily Danielle (7 years ago)
@victorisready shut up dude nobody cares about your stupid life so go away and STOP CURSIN' ON FRIKIN UTUBE!
ben helber (7 years ago)
offer applies with enrollment and triple advantage.
Katie Lawrence (7 years ago)
omg u loserz ok nobody i repeat NOBODY is perfect dag on! yes they messed up somewords but does it really matter this isnt a spelling bee!!!! if ur a fan of these and the spelling is that important then SUCK IT UP!!!! cuz no one wants to hear u correcting everyone like ive heared before until u become a perfectionist dont criticize ppl
Luis Terrazas (7 years ago)
the new commercials suck identity theft
Brianna Young (7 years ago)
that is sooooo funny, i love this! we're performing this in my spanish III class! this should be good!
Taylor Yaklich (7 years ago)
Omg I love these commercials! Lol:)<3
Rohin Singh (7 years ago)
thumbs up if you saw all 11 typos ...;) it was a good vid though
Pants Mccrum (7 years ago)
@tdre4000 What the frik dude he/she was just sayin that u spelled a frikin word wrong! God you need to shut up
matpants (7 years ago)
I like the pirate one the best!
vinny619boy (7 years ago)
I don't like that 1 either! :)
Hanna Snyder (8 years ago)
i dont kow the person who made this vidoe. And he/she might have misspelled the words but thos of u who r putting this video dwon need to get a life if you take that mutch time to look at every detail of your life you must be pretty dang board!!! And like Poet0fDarkness666 said id like to see you take your time and spell every ting right!! People who putt this vidoe down need to get a life and stop being loserz!!!!
EmMaMe16 (8 years ago)
its exotic and bachelor and phat and vinyl. but anyway i love these comercials awesome video!!!
Nekromance21 (8 years ago)
for those of you who are putting this vid down why don't you take time out of YOUR day to make one exactly like this with the correct spelling...at leats tdre4000 was kind enough to post this for those who love these comercials and if you don't like it then don't watch it! it shouldn't bother you If you like it... Great vid
Jay ILL (8 years ago)
like all the song but hate the video
1990Anavi (8 years ago)
I like the pirate one :]
gmeeks13 (8 years ago)
love it
LP James (8 years ago)
well i was looking for a new car wich ones me a aconvortable or an suv to bad i didn`t know i got the sack to not im living on a old sainsburys flour unpacked J-A-C-K that spell me never ever trust a add u c
Saintly City Sue (8 years ago)
Hey everybody: If you enjoy these commercials and want FreeCreditScore to keep the Original Band, please join my Facebook page: "FreeCreditReport: KEEP THE BAND!" Just log into Facebook and search for the page above. :-D
calilovewendy23 (8 years ago)
i luv these songs lolz good job. and now they r tryna find a new band and that makes me so mad cuz no1 can replace these guyz lol
Avianator (8 years ago)
i like the pirate commercial :D
Nzimi Philpott (8 years ago)
I loveee thisss
Avianator (8 years ago)
I like the pirate one! :D
Avianator (8 years ago)
:D lol
Mike Berry (8 years ago)
e-mail me if you want a free credit report
PaulSoto3 (8 years ago)
no more of this band :'(
L (8 years ago)
Sam Cohen (8 years ago)
too bad you can't spell
Nameless goldfish (8 years ago)
a vynil are those for example: the flames on the side of a car
Pete Williams (8 years ago)
the rap one is my favorite
TristaN (8 years ago)
Hehe, i love them all, there all awesome... That will be all.
Emilia Lemmon (8 years ago)
Cool video! YOu should make another one with all the songs! :D
RainDrops680 (8 years ago)
i love the renasance one!!
anastasiaroxs (8 years ago)
What about the renaissance one
Chanel Chartrand (8 years ago)
awesome video that was terrific
Katiee Thomas (8 years ago)
love um all.....
Abbie H. (8 years ago)
I favorite one is the Rockstar Rap!
sandy buns (8 years ago)
i love these songs
jetfreedomfighter (8 years ago)
Lol the argument was better to read than the video (not saying the vid was bad but the argument is funny cuz u r all stupid for getting so mad).... Btw there were a bunch of typos.
sawyer crist (8 years ago)
would you people shut up? if dont like it leave. dont watch it. i dont understand y its such a big deal
victorisready (8 years ago)
@tdre you just don't know when the fuck to stop do you. how is that an ignorant comment? I already said you obviously took it the wrong way. And once again you're the ignorant one if I meant it to make you angry I wouldn't of said that I would have said hey dumbfuck go get fucking spelling lessons a retard is smarter than you.
victorisready (8 years ago)
In the original comment I wasnt "yelling at him" all i said was "dude you need spelling lessons" which I didnt think was that big of a deal. He couldve just left it instead he started freaking out saying fuck you and that I was a stupid bitch
victorisready (8 years ago)
@medaphsyco did you even read the original comments or did you just assume things? He's the one who needs to calm down
victorisready (8 years ago)
Dude you need spelling lessons (not leesons).
victorisready (8 years ago)
Why would I? So I can prove an eleven year old wrong no thanks you don't deserve fifteen minutes of my life.
victorisready (8 years ago)
Dude you need spelling lessons. (not leesons)
hipp1eguy (8 years ago)
his name is Eric Violette
Joe S (8 years ago)
it's "rolling fat" not rolling flat
Wisconsin222 (8 years ago)
The Car one is my favorite one.
Dragonfoe (8 years ago)
I just want to know the name of the band in these comercials. Are they a working band?
shadowkiss22 (8 years ago)
the pirate n dreamgirl one are my faves. lol
Skyfran11 (8 years ago)
wow you lose your tempure easily sorry if i hurt your feelings and i dont care if i spelled that word wrong and im not japanese
theres five songs there bud lol, free credit report, bike, rock star rap, restaurant, dream girl
PhrozenFox (9 years ago)
The compilation was much appreciated, but it would be a lot better if you looked up how to spell some of those words.
Ivy O'Neill (9 years ago)
haha. :D theese are funnyy. :D
Chris Heppenstall (9 years ago)
i like the rap better than the rest
Nikki Blunier (9 years ago)
first is best
shannon waller (9 years ago)
goldenrod666 (9 years ago)
you know i have a friend heather who loves these songs too! when i saw this i immediatley thot of her. lol waaaaaiiiiit. . . .heather is this u? lol
mat ferraro (9 years ago)
lol there is 5 songs!
Marque Cutidioc (9 years ago)
that was cool
dkproulx (9 years ago)
why don't you like the rockstar one?
Yog-Sothoth (9 years ago)
the download links don't work. but thnks for putting the songs on youtube.
Vivian Felix (9 years ago)
at 31 sec u spelled spell wrong u spelled it speels. but awesome vid

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