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SEASON 8 Top Predictions !!! | Game of Thrones

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Andrew Pike (20 days ago)
I can't wait to see the hound reunite with arya
royal griffin (1 month ago)
What? Jon is literally a stark and targaryen no need to point that out lol.
Jerry Myers (1 month ago)
Any chance Brandon Stark flies on a dragon if she dies having Jon's baby?
Anouar Yassin (2 months ago)
Viserion is not a whigte he is a white walker
well, he has already mounted a dragon (a blonde one)
Marvin Manibusan (2 months ago)
You should put spaces and pause between each word. Each sentence sounds like one big word you’re saying.
THEKINGOF Games (2 months ago)
i would say that john snow will die but he will have a baby and he will be theking of irone throne
Josephine Winter (2 months ago)
haha cringe-inducing reunion with your ex for Daeny... too much like real life:)
Josephine Winter (2 months ago)
hang on, IronBankMan says 'they have often helped us recover things from parties who had fallen into deep arrears' i never heard that possible double meaning the first time!!!
Josephine Winter (2 months ago)
sensible and interesting, and some very clever eg probably a wight resurrected 'old friend'
Veronica Stewart (2 months ago)
What if the white dragon turns on the night king and kills the others.
j p (2 months ago)
Guess I'm the only one nervous about jon meeting arya. Way back when this started. And you wanted to kill jon what character would raise the least amount of suspicion? Of all the possible culprits. Arya is tje only 1 still alive. Even bran says he isn't brandon stark anymore. Ned, rob, benjen (sort of). So only 1 left. Who wanted this to happen.? First canidate cathyren stark. Jon was a threat 2 her children. And would only be able to remove that threat without ned knowing. Argument against- sacrificing arya to kill jon. Well thats just a cunt move even for her. Even bigger argument. Shes always hated him. Why is that an argument against you ask. Would have been far easier to do when he was a baby. There os also the matter of price. Child of a nobel even a bastard would be a very expensive target. Now the more likely target. Speaking about jon. Stannis barathean said. They say he is neds bastard. And thats not ned. So the brother of neds best friend. Doesn't buy the shit they were selling. Robert may not be intellectual but he is far from stupid. And should know ned better than Stannis does. If you catch your best friend in a lie. What is the best way to handle it? Call them out on it or humor them as long as they don't bring it up anymore? He was a king that did whatever he wanted to do. So why had he never been. to winterfell after becoming king? Dude loved ned. Figuring if it was important enough that ned had to lie. It would still shame him to do so. So any meeting between the 2 would add to that shame. He also has no arguement against like catherine does and has the same reason to do it secretly.
Paul Christian (2 months ago)
Can’t stand the narrators voice
Mecha Kraken (2 months ago)
I'm pretty surprised, no astonished that there's not one video about what the hell Kyburn is up to? I paid particular attention to him on a recent rewatch marathon. He literally shows up as the /only/ survivor of a 'Mountain' led massacre and is told he is lucky, which clearly distresses him. A few season later he's reanimated The Mountain and is Hand of the Queen and nobody has noticed him? Nobody questioned him once, not on the show or other fans. Is taken to work for Lord Bolton. Helps Jamie with his hand loss. Impresses Cersei in King's Landing. Starts to work specifically for Cersie, while working on reanimating The Mountain. And you all missed this? It's like the bleedingly obvious Jon Snow arc lol. Once Ned refused to ever tell Rob about Jon's Mother, I realised it was either a deadly enemy, like a Targaryan most likely, or worse. A Targaryan Father and Ned's Sister is his Mother and I didn't see anything about that on youtube or anywhere else and then everybody was surprised.
Alan Clark (2 months ago)
Has anyone noticed that John Dany and Tyrion all killed there true loves symbolism? And there moms all died in childbirth. And they have all died and came back well except Tyrion but I believe he has or came close but he still might. 3headed Dragon?
Fred Cortez (3 months ago)
Fred Cortez (3 months ago)
Zorro Official (3 months ago)
spoiler alerts-the night king will destroy the king's landing.
Zaynnne (3 months ago)
Sorry to burst the bubble, but they actually ARE introducing a new character in S8 to lead Cersei's sellsword army. Marc Rissmann, as Strickland. If the show wanted to bring Daario, he would've gone with them in S7 imo. The actor has been busy with other gigs, so if he is in S8, he probably has 0 action scenes and barely any lines, and that seems utterly pointless. That's probably why they cut ties with his character completely in S6.
Geulez loves Dragons (3 months ago)
I hope what Sansa said, "when he sees you his heart will probably stop" is not foreshadowing.
Westley Lewis (3 months ago)
fuck the queen, fuck the king, fuck the king's guard'!
Thanks you for the new video! Also your English pronunciation is much better - I don't say this to embarass you, only to say that as a Scandinavian (speaking several languages) I have an odd ability to mimic any/all accents - however there are many people who, even after decades of speaking a second language still maintain their thick accent. Thank you for your GoT videos :)
James H (3 months ago)
This is your best video by far, I can’t believe you don’t have a mil subs?
Eric Rawlings (3 months ago)
The Dario theory is not going to pan out. The actor Michel Huisman will not be returning to GOT. In addition, I’m not sure if Theon will survive fighting his uncle while Yara escapes. They kept her around for the final season for some reason? I think he will save her in the end even if he dies in the process. They could’ve easily killed her off last season with the Sand Snakes.
A Dragon is not a slave.
Nataniel Tiglao (3 months ago)
Goolog (3 months ago)
i think the north is going to prepare for a siege and the night king is going to go right past them along the coast straight to kings landing lol.
Aunt Cat (3 months ago)
It occurs to me that "the dragon has three heads" could also mean Viserion, the NK, and Bran (three minds) all competing to control the body of Viserion. But maybe not, if the dead Viserion has no mind anymore... he still has a "head" though.
Anthony Rock (3 months ago)
What is it with this writer and incest? Wasn't one disgusting couple enough? Give me a break. Not another incestuous coupling please.
Great Dayne (3 months ago)
I think you're right about Theon rescuing Yara, but I think there's more to the story, I think Euron raped Yara and she has his child. She either dies in childbirth or shortly after when Theon attempts to save her. Theon can't have children so the Greyjoy line has to continue somehow.
Cláudio Borges (3 months ago)
you should get some references. the golden company leader is a new actor. its not dario. and please: more drama? dario against danny? really?? creating another problem?? no way.. let him be
MM 27 (3 months ago)
HODOR! HODOR! HODOR! NO...just no...that would be truly horrible...even though i would love to see Kristian Nairn "resurrect" his role!!! agree Bran alone would be the absolute worst person to break it to Jon that he is Aegon Targaryen... LOL thanks!!! <3
dardell2001 (3 months ago)
Jaqen H'Ghar will arrive with either his dragon egg or on a dragon, he is Rhaegar Targaryen (or the Many Faced God lol). The Night King will claim Cersei as his queen. Theon will rescue Yara but they will have to fight all the dead sailors that have just been raised by either a white walker or the Night King. Jon and Daenerys will get married she is pregnant
ledlevee (3 months ago)
My predictions: Dany gets pregnant so Jon Snow rides Drogon, not Rhaegon. Bran will ride Rhaegon on a saddle designed by Tyrion (and not warg him as many think)
Ben Clarks (3 months ago)
If we see Hodor as either a white walker or wight it will be so crushing and devastating that most people would drop it or cry for days on end
S Samaan (3 months ago)
Thanks for the upload - great as always. The Golden Company has been used to "recover significant sums from parties who had fallen into deep arrears"...the Lannisters owe a significant sums to the Iron Bank...wonder whether this is an opportunity for the Iron Bank/Golden Company...?
Mike Swig (3 months ago)
Only Death can pay for life and Teryon Jon Dany all mothers Died to give them life so they are the 3 head's
Darth Wiffy (3 months ago)
@Fire and Blood How much are you getting paid to make these bullshit commercials for the Game of Thrones: Conquest game? Nice fake accent.
Observing the Observer (3 months ago)
Another prediction: In season 4 episode 8 Dolorous Ed foreshadows his fate: "When I'm done with this world, I don't want to come back." We'll see Wight Ed
Andria Coombs (3 months ago)
🔴 Did you watch @ET Entertainment Tonight 05.July.2018 where @hbo has formally confirmed three major things: (1) they filmed multiple endings of GOT S8 finale and none of the cast know how the show will actually end until it airs in 2019 😲; (2) Jon Snow’s true heritage has been revealed to him; (3) an epic battle (which took 55 hours to film) is part of the ending but no hint at where it takes place. I’m basically 🤯 ...about the confirmed filming of the multiple endings; I understand why they did it and so far there haven’t been any plot leaks that hinted at this. What do you think? 🤔 💭 The long wait until April.2019 is going to be even more arduous! 😬
harlyn blanchflower (3 months ago)
The golden company are the second sons and they work for daenerys in meeren
It's Me (3 months ago)
I could see the night king sending his army to winterfell and him and viserion head straight to kingslanding to get a million soldiers
Leslie M. Isaacs (3 months ago)
I LOVE how fast you are putting out videos! Thank you so much!!!
Gtm Nayan (3 months ago)
Then, Why isn't she impregnated by Daario?
Liv Bøgh (2 months ago)
Gtm Nayan perhaps he just had bad sperm.
D S (3 months ago)
Gtm Nayan it could be that only a targaryen can impregnate her. Since there genetic bloodline is so muddy that maybe some targaryen only ends either not getting impregnated or ends up still birth and deformed or the only way to successfully get impregnated is with another targaryen. While some targaryens are lucky to have kids just fine.
Adam Espinoza (3 months ago)
Is it possible that only corpses killed by the undead can be turned? That way the night king can’t just resurrect every person that’s ever died ever? Cuz every person that’s ever died ever is a lot of persons and too many to be “realistic” in the series imo
Regouvousus (3 months ago)
thats more than certain
The Man (3 months ago)
John can't get Danni pregnant because he Shoots Shadow Sperm 👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻 Just like Melisandre has Shadow Babies 👽👽👽👽
Michael Reeves (3 months ago)
I'm sure we'll see plenty of our brothers in black as wites
Cheryl Baxter ,Stormborn (3 months ago)
Thank you for this video I always look forward to seeing them as well as Grey's an talking thrones all of you put alot into them for us especially with the history of the Targaryans an the main family's what they did an how certain things came about
The Anti-Christ (3 months ago)
Would love to see a battle between the Willdlings and the Golden Trade Company soldiers. Thrown in a giant and a mammoth and you have a potential cinematic masterpiece.
dianartimus (3 months ago)
Although good video, BUT can you slow down when talking? I can barely understand you!
Cheryl Baxter ,Stormborn (3 months ago)
Is there any chance of them getting more dragon's from her's as they are named after her brother's as we don't know if one is female as it's said dragon's can be both so I'd luv to see a clutch of Dragon Eggs as the show comes to an end maybe when her baby is born I'd luv to see them showing the eggs just before the finally
Kacey64 (3 months ago)
A Dragon is not a Slave!
Cheryl Baxter ,Stormborn (3 months ago)
What on earth does she think she is owed all she has that is her's is Castley rock an she dosnt Realy bel on the iron thrown or belong on kingslanding it was taken by her father he betrayed the Targaryans
Tammy Martinez (3 months ago)
If Dario is in it it might be only his head. I think the golden company will be hired by the ex slavers in mereen and conquer Dario and second sons. Then they bring his head to westeros to intimidate daenrys. That would piss her off big time!
The Lady Olenna Tyrell (3 months ago)
Thanks for another great video! You're theories are always interesting and many times they prove to be correct. I would like you to consider doing one about my theory of Daario. I'm certain that Daario will be back and has a major role to play, here's why. In the fighting pit scenes fighters say " I fight and die for your honor jachio Zeus Daaris ( Subtitles glorious queen ) If DAARIS means queen DAARIO means King? The golden company has ties to the blackfyers. The SECOND SONS name is intriguing. I suspect that Daarios knife that he loves is part of Rhaegars harp! I believe that Daario is Rhaegars son, either by Lyanna or Elia, (2nd son). Danyerys story closely follows Aegon the conqueror who ruled with 2 queens. I believe Danyerys the conquerer will rule with 2 kings Jon / Aegon and DAARIO / Aegon. Discussion welcomed. love QOT.🌹 😊
Rania Jones (3 months ago)
The Lady Olenna Tyrell yes I believe Stannis will destroy Ramsey with the help of Jon snow, but in the end it will be Dany who crushes Stannis Faegon and Jamie all at the same time as they form a pact and Alliance against her. Stannis will leave Jon in charge of the north but Jon will end up supporting Dany after he agrees to bend the knee No Dany is not the mummer Dragon, no doubt Dany is a Targaryen in my mind. I know it sounds crazy but I believe Dany is Rheagers daughter with Ashara dayne, there is a theory called lemongate which has Dany being raised in dorne, its pretty long to get into , but it suggests Dany could have martell blood or Dayne blood.
The Lady Olenna Tyrell (3 months ago)
Rania Jones I like this comment a lot. It's highly possible that Danyerys forces will destroy Stannis and many others. Do you think Stannis will defeat Ramsey and the Boltons? I almost think the mummers dragon might be Danyerys herself. So many mentions that she LOOKS like a true targaryen, so many names and titles and Quaithe "remember who you are ".
Rania Jones (3 months ago)
The Lady Olenna Tyrell Dany believes that she needs two husbands in the books, Jon is an obvious candidate and faegon another. I actually believe Dany will destroy faegon Stannis and the lannister army simultaneously when she finally arrives in westroes. Dany force will be overwhelming and there will be a pact against her between Stannis faegon and Jamie.
Shrey Khanna (3 months ago)
Valar Morghulis. 😍😍
Darklighting Gaming (3 months ago)
When is season 8 dropping n are they filming as we speak
Alan Clark (3 months ago)
Here is a theory that will blow your mind I believe that Tyrion is actually a targarian too that’s why Tywin hated him so much I believe that the mad king had his way with Tywin s wife and she died giving birth to him that’s why Tywin started the war between Robert Baratheon and the mad king he spread a lie about the mad kings son so they can overthrow him and get his revenge. I always thought what if a Targaryen “making the 8” is true when Robert said in the first season it was to sleep with a girl from each kingdom what if they accidentally had children. That is my theory
Summer88 (2 months ago)
Alan Clark Balon Greyjoy did not give his son away. Not in the novels, nor on the show. Even Maestor Luwin once referred to Theon as a prisoner when comparing him to Osha. He was taken by the Northern army in an effort to prevent any more rebellions from the Greyjoys. They often called him a "ward" but he wasn't in Winterfell by his or Balon's choice, they took him. If he'd been a bit older they probably would have killed him alongside his brothers.
Alan Clark great theory, would be an interesting twist and would make sense.
Hafiz Farook (3 months ago)
Summer88 to be frank, the theory that cersei and jaime are actually targaryen twins is more plausible
Alan Clark (3 months ago)
Summer yeah I know that but he gave his son away he wasn’t captured remember that why would you give away your last born and why would the honorable stark take him there is more to the story trust me or not and they are old theory’s but true and important facts for what’s to come ahead
Summer88 (3 months ago)
Alan Clark That's actually a very old theory that has become more and more unlikely over the years. Theon's father did not give him away either. His older brothers were murdered and he was taken hostage as punishment for his father's rebellion.
rahul sharma (3 months ago)
Second sons arnt known for their loyalty at all
Regouvousus (3 months ago)
Remember back in season 5 and 6 when Jorah was removed from the city? Well Daario loved Dany and Jorah loved Dany... they werent friends. When they were on Dany's rescue from Vaes Dothrak Jorah was a bit afraid of Daario.
rahul sharma (3 months ago)
Regouvousus why would Dario kill jorah?
Regouvousus (3 months ago)
Yeah i believe they will join Gold Company and Daario kills Jorah eventually.
E. R. (3 months ago)
on every one of these videos there are the same three comments.. seems fishy like a bot
Jon Stark (3 months ago)
Lol if you are talking about these 3 - “sharkvardes”, “dan” and “connor” they’re not bots lmfao they are always first to leave a comment to every GoT channel. Check The Last Harpy YT channel. You’ll see their comments everywhere
Big Boy (3 months ago)
thabks for talkig slower i love it
The Melophobian (3 months ago)
am i second
Big Boy (3 months ago)
Jon Stark (3 months ago)
You provide great content and thats exactly what I need in this long night. Keep doing amazing work until the end of Game of Thrones!!!
fatsunny (3 months ago)
OOH this was interesting
Gregor THE BIG (3 months ago)
FAB back at it again
Din Din (3 months ago)
GRRM tryna make all of them as incest as possible what a weirdo
petar komar (3 months ago)
Im gappy youre making videos this frequently
WarriorKing _Always (3 months ago)
I think Dany dying in childbirth is too obvious a prediction for GoT. I could be wrong but it’s unlikely in my opinion. Dario showing up hmmm I don’t see how it drives the story forward with so much else going on but it’s possible. Jon riding Rhaegal I certainly hope so.
D S (3 months ago)
Everyone has been predicting that it's death by childbirth since the end of season 7. I hope it's not true because that seems to obvious to go that route.
Rania Jones (3 months ago)
aquajasa I disagree, the fact that Jon die once already tells me that he doesn't have long left. What was it Jon said, If I die again don't bring me back.
Rania Jones (3 months ago)
Duke Silver I'm actually not much of a Jon snow fan myself, I think he is reckless and gets those around him killed all the time. Dany arch is not about the iron throne , it's about Dany coming fall circle and realising that she needs to destroy the iron throne. Dany never wanted the iron throne, its all over her chapters , just read the books. Its the pressure of being the last Targaryen and visery dream which had rubbed off on Dany, she will be the one to destroy the iron throne and walk away in the end
aquajasa (3 months ago)
Jon died already.. i don't think he will die many times lol
WarriorKing _Always (3 months ago)
Duke Silver wrong or right I like your Theon idea a lot.
John Smith (3 months ago)
I don’t understand how Jon’s the true heir when Roberts rebellion defeated the mad king thus changing the line of succession.
reeghae solomon (3 months ago)
got ick and morty ad
Etahn Doaln (3 months ago)
i agree with all you said
Tyrion Lann (3 months ago)
fnb is back
Lmao Lit (3 months ago)
Dan Jordan (3 months ago)
Lmao Lit (3 months ago)
JoniukasVader (3 months ago)
FAB is back baby!!!
E. R. (3 months ago)
dark light (3 months ago)
Great video! Keep it up!
Connor Glass (3 months ago)
Where there's Fire there's Blood...
TS Xtina (3 months ago)
Connor Glass what about smoke?
E. R. (3 months ago)
Xyz Y (3 months ago)
these top predicions are actually the top
WarriorKing _Always (3 months ago)
Thx for another great upload. Looking forward to more. ✌️🔥❄️
SHARKVADERS (3 months ago)
E. R. (3 months ago)
Sophie Ema (3 months ago)
Jon Stark (3 months ago)
Another video! Thats FABulous!!!
Aeris Aeris (3 months ago)
i was on PornHub when notification came. one has his priorities right
Hilda Ivelisse (3 months ago)
Aeris Aeris I think I remember you. You are the same dude from talking thrones stopping half way for game of thrones if not you stole it from him.
Butters (3 months ago)
What were you watching?
Jon Stark (3 months ago)
The Maze Show (3 months ago)
Finally first
Anna Johansson (3 months ago)
never been so early

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