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How to download Legend Of Zelda:The Breath Of Wild free For Pc!! (WINDOWS 10,8,7)

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How to download Legend Of Zelda: The Breath Of WIld free For Pc!! (WINDOWS 10,8,7) I WILL NOT BE UPLOADING MORE VIDEOS TILL 8TH APRIL 2017 !! ANY QUESTION JUST COMMENT DOWN! THANKS FOR 920 SUSBCRIBERS! COMMEMT DOWN IF THE LINK GETS DELETED I WILL UPDATE IT! :) UPDATED LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0vKSXQVYU2tM3JkUFdraGJzZUU/view Link To Emulator CEMU 1.7.2: http://cemu.info/ PayPal: paypal.me/TechClash Twitter: https://twitter.com/garniersean053 Subscribe Today: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTNZ2HqIUFZq5r1tHSmPTXw Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/techclashyoutube_116subs/ Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/techclash9 !! SUBSCRIBE TO ME !! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Must watch: "How to Get Gift Cards For Free! Working Proof! 2017 Legit Method!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU0qhzHWegQ -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (151)
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Rabbit Raider (1 month ago)
lol it already got rekt aka Got deleted lol
Jose Torres (30 days ago)
=01 Download Zelda Breath Of The Wild http://bit.ly/2Lq1UXi
Junneth Styles (3 months ago)
at least show you've downloaded the file we've been wanting to see. and the outcome. though, great video :D
Tech Clash (3 months ago)
Check out last video i posted on this for easy installation and download! if needed then ask me for new link!
A Noumnums (5 months ago)
What's the name of the intro song?
Tech Clash (5 months ago)
Quatro - Parrad
BplanPlayz (7 months ago)
there is no fucking link here dumass
BplanPlayz (7 months ago)
oh, srry
Tech Clash (7 months ago)
BLAZEROXX SLO idiotic person check Description
MacShots (7 months ago)
ziyad mahmoud (8 months ago)
does the game works on windows 10 64bit amd athlon tm ii x2 b26 ram 6 ati radeon hd 4200 2gb
Max The Kid (10 months ago)
where's the mega download link?
draxProgrammer (10 months ago)
Link Failed
Tech Clash (10 months ago)
draxProgrammer Watch latest video on this Topic!
Ender sniper (11 months ago)
AzureSkull (1 year ago)
Do you pin comments?
FAZERAZOR (1 year ago)
Vii U
ADGVLOGS (1 year ago)
Hey dude I like your channel wanna do sub for sub. Comment if u interested!!!!!!
Zen Happily (1 year ago)
The new link doesn't work. It tells me it is violating the terms and services of google drive
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Zen Happily Notify me when the game works
Zen Happily (1 year ago)
I am sooo gonna suscribe to your channel you answer so quick
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Zen Happily Check the playlist and new video in it!
SureTadpole (1 year ago)
It doesn't work
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
SureTadpole It works check out the updated video on this topic!
matan barak (1 year ago)
i cant open the dowload link, the file is blocked by google drive pls help!
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
matan barak Check New video on this topic
Allen Walker (1 year ago)
oh yeah I should be care next time. the tile said how to download (not install) the game in window 10. damn wasting time :(
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Allen Walker Check new video and you don't have to install this you have to load this in Cemu and from next time watch the video carefully!!!!
CyCadz (1 year ago)
thats not a dissapointment, kid. its fact. legend of zelda SUPPOSE to be only on nintendo
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
CyCadz Man Check out new video and no disappointment..
PC Pobre (1 year ago)
I'm new to youtube if you can give like and subscribe to my channel help. thank you. I'm going to make a series of zelda wind waker, resident evil 7, and the witcher 3
PC Pobre (1 year ago)
I did the test installing windows 8 did not succeed, I do not know if it is because of my onboard video card (Intel graphics HD 4400), Somento in Windows 10 I was able to run very slowly. More purpose is just to enjoy slow computers like my G3250 8gb RAM
PC Pobre (1 year ago)
not work win 7 ,8
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
PC Pobre It works for win 8
ProGamerisLTU (1 year ago)
you saiend all links in the desc. there is no link
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
ReAlziRr0w (1 year ago)
l33chers buy the damn thing . i have it and it rules
I from Russia
MrLolipopl (1 year ago)
cant be downloaded because too many people downloaded it, can you remake it pls? <3
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
+MrLolipopl Check My New Video!
alex (1 year ago)
link dead
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Milesgamix77 (1 year ago)
Download link doesnt work. Even the "Updated" one. Please fix i REALLY REALLY wanna play this
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Monkey_D_ Luffy (1 year ago)
is there for Mac?
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Hamad Alali No ! Only Windows
Kawaiiimouto 2nd (1 year ago)
wait for download and try :D
Ky Ra (1 year ago)
KevthaThug (1 year ago)
please update link
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
JO3L3TH (1 year ago)
update link please
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Ralph Brando Bernabe (1 year ago)
please torrent link
AMiN sTaR (1 year ago)
do we have to download OpenGL? so that cemu works.
Caleb - King (1 year ago)
marprice (1 year ago)
Uhm I downloaded this zip data and now? Thats the wrong file type
marprice (1 year ago)
Oh, thank you!
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
dmnslvtr Load the RPX file from the first folder
marprice (1 year ago)
"Unknown file type" ? That message pop up
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
dmnslvtr Load It in Cemu Emulator
Tomer Ashkenazi (1 year ago)
I am using a windows 10 64bit system. I have 8G of RAM and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti graphics card, but for some whatever reason, when I choose to launch the U-King.rpx file the Cemu immediately crashes. I kept trying to open the game file for about 20 times, and it keeps on crashing. Do you know whether the problem is on my end or maybe it's the link?
Peter Griffin (1 year ago)
The game isnt really optimized yet for the emulator. I supposed it should work fine on future uptades.
Tankst3r (1 year ago)
Link not working anymore :(
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Tankst3r (1 year ago)
This file has recently been viewed or downloaded by too many users. :(
Michael Vas (1 year ago)
can you uploda it more or use another method to many download it at same time and link dont work
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
T3chNo_3D (1 year ago)
virus ? malware ? :C
SonkuSwify NuSpotter (1 year ago)
No I see everything fine in my computer there is no virus.
marprice (1 year ago)
No everythings ok
Tobias Carlsen (1 year ago)
Hm, i got as far as everyone else. To the "Press A to start" screen. Then when i press A the message disappears and it just stays black. I've waited an hour and i've restarted the simulator multiple times. Regarding the input settings, plugged in my XBOX controller and manually entered all the controls. Why does the screen just stay black ? Hope you can help me :)
bingo (1 year ago)
The game doesn't work on CEMU yet..
Game Reviewer (1 year ago)
i'm the 999th subscriber COME ON WE CAN MAKE IT TO 1K
Leonid Halezov (1 year ago)
New Link? This one is Down
Lignum (1 year ago)
I have a question. Is the whole game there if I download it?
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Leonid Halezov Link Updated!
Steven OhGhostv1 (1 year ago)
new link ?
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Steven OhGhostv1 Link Updated
RetardiCorp (1 year ago)
Link is down
RetardiCorp (1 year ago)
thank you babe <3
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
RetardiCorp Link Updated
Kunchinaba (1 year ago)
Yo m8 your link for the download is not working anymore
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
SouUmCapitaoAlegre (1 year ago)
Please update the linkkkk not workinggg
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Kunchinaba Link Updated
Epsiebeng (1 year ago)
link down
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Epsiebeng Link Updated
OBRIGADO CARA!!!!AAAAHHH EU AMO ESSE ZELDA VALEU SOU BR!!!!!!!! HABSNDNNFNXNDNDJDJSJSJ FINALMENTE ,faz muito tempo que eu quero jogar esse jogo aaahhhhhh!!!!!
SapoTriste (1 year ago)
serio que funcionou ?
Lucas Carlos procura na internet ou vai ter um arquivo escrito no download do jogo geralmente tem eu peguei na internet o meu nao testei porque meu pc é ruim entao vou passar o jogo e o cemu para um pen drive e na segunda vou ir para a casa da minha mae e la o pc é melhor ai eu jogo é facil
Lucas Carlos (1 year ago)
Sabe em qual pasta no jogo eu acho a key?
Lucas Carlos vai na pasta do cemu vai ter um bloco de notas escrito key vc coloca a title key do cemu e do jogo,se nao entendeu é só ver um tutorial de como configurar o cemu
Lucas Carlos (1 year ago)
como faz isso? não entendi direito o que este cara falou se vc puder me ajudar, eu já modifiquei os controles e apertei A quando o jogo pediu, o que mais precisa fazer?
DantoTH (1 year ago)
do you know the input settings for a controller ? (like xbox 360 or ps3 controller)
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Danto When you will connect your Xbox controller and choose Xbox controller it will automatically change the controls !
Travisty21898 (1 year ago)
Alright i have all the controls set up but after i press A the screen goes black and nothing happens.
Smieoss (1 year ago)
Can you please upload A mediafire link please? I can only download 5gb of the game from mega
Smieoss (1 year ago)
Can you use An xbox controller Or A keyboard with it?
GamingDolphin (1 year ago)
Doesnt work please help.
AMiN sTaR (1 year ago)
but you need a wiiU gamePad :( Is there no other way?
RebirthofJanus (1 year ago)
The game is not playable atm. Wait 3 to 6 months and it should be much better.
TerraBravo (1 year ago)
Ok.. i see many others having the same problem like me, maby its just we who doesnt understand what you mean with (Change The control settings from input settings ). i have binded all my keys and chosen wiiu gamepad in the imput settings but still when the game says press A , i do so and the screen goes black in the emulator. is it at that point we have to wait? becuase ive waited 10-15 min like that and nothing happend. please like if you have the same problem as me.
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
oscar pallesen (1 year ago)
Tech please help us
Dod ψ (1 year ago)
well its working for me i waited 20-30 s and it worked
Dany Veiga (1 year ago)
i think you should make another video explaining everything step by step until the game works
darkslapp (1 year ago)
i did all i have to do (changing the Controller thing) but how minute its suppose to take after i ''Press A'' at the begining ? 1min or it can take 10minute ?? EDIT: i just realise that the FPS drop slowly and when it reach 19.50 or under, the game just freeze (by the game i mean the blackscreen) what can i do ? :O (and yes i set my controller correctly, a USB xBox controler)
michael (1 year ago)
its stuck on nintendo preasents
ThePo0010 (1 year ago)
Same here
michael (1 year ago)
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
mip mipmip If it says Recharge , then go to input settings and it will be disabled change it to wii u game pad!
michael (1 year ago)
help pls it says the batter on the game pad hes run low i and i use keyboard and mouse
R. KLIG. (1 year ago)
Hello, I have a problem with running the game. I also did not really unterstand this part of your video (at 3:47...). I downloaded the 7zip data and also the cemu. When I open the emulator and try to load the zip game, it does not work ("unknown file type"). Unzipping the folder is not necessary, right? Please leave some instructions so that I can maybe get this nice shit started. Btw good work dude!
R. KLIG. (1 year ago)
Okay thank you. About how long does it take till the game is launching? Because now it is only some Fps and a "shimmering" black screen since a few minutes.
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
+Ralph Iwaszkiewicz You have To Extract the zip and then open the first folder and there will be a file named as " U-king.rpx" Load that file in emulator!
Dany Veiga (1 year ago)
i make a double click and the game said that cant start that, help !
TerraBravo (1 year ago)
Same problem!
Dany Veiga (1 year ago)
I changed all the controls and press the A button that says and then nothing happens... Or it takes 20 min to start??
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Dany Veiga (1 year ago)
now apears in the screen you must press A them i press A and i have a black screen and nothing happens
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Dany Veiga You Have To Load the " U.king.rpx file"
TerraBravo (1 year ago)
every time i start it it says i have to connect or recharge my wiiu kontroller .... help!
Galaxy Duck (1 year ago)
Where tu find the input setings ?
TerraBravo (1 year ago)
have already done that
taursanx you have to change the input control to gamepad
TerraBravo (1 year ago)
Did you understand my problem?
TerraBravo (1 year ago)
i have the A kontroll to E on my keyboard, do i have to bind it to something else? the game just goes black after i press E
GamingDolphin (1 year ago)
If this works I love you!
Austin Carpentieri (1 year ago)
Do you need the key in "keys.txt"? what is it???
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Austin Carpentieri No key is required
Moritz Mika (1 year ago)
bro its dont work when i klick a i get a black screen and its happend nothing
Adam Corneille (1 year ago)
it says i need to buy winzip to download the emulator correct?
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Adam Corneille Just click Download And Afterwards Extract it ! if you don't have full version of win zip in your PC , then double click to open and select all and drag to desktop!
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Adam Corneille No It Is Easy to Download Cemu 1.7.2
Silverfox (1 year ago)
Well done, you just got a sub!
ToxicSurprise (1 year ago)
When i the screen comes when you must press A i have a black screen,how can i fix that?
F4T4LSHTz (1 year ago)
I changed my input settings and still the same thing. :(
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
ToxicSurprise Change The control settings from input settings !
Shrekt (1 year ago)
is it working for real?
M.K Studios (1 year ago)
Is this the Europe version of the game ? When no where can I find the Europe version ?
Tech Clash (1 year ago)
Samuel Derome Yes!
ZentroFTW (1 year ago)
Thanks man, you got a new subscriber
Flaming Gaming (1 year ago)

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