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Jon's Speech proves to Daenerys he's a Great king | Game Of Thrones 7x05

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If Daenerys knows that Jon snow is her nephew, She must be DOUBLE PROUD of him ! ***** MIND CONTROL ALERT ***** INCEST IS A HUGE SIN, (A;LERT YOUR KIDS WHO WATCH THIS) BUT IF YOU DONT KNOW YOU ARE SEX WITH YOUR NEWPHEW IT NOT CALCULATED AS A SIN! No dirty comment here please! Copyright TO Game Of Thrones | I dont Own or Monitized. thanks ^^
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Text Comments (3585)
Sean Ortiz (2 days ago)
What if Tyrion was hoping Jon would die trying to get a white? What if his plan was to try and off him and keep Dany losing the war?
Mark Vildosola (2 days ago)
At that time, Daenerys got wettie.
Adam. C (2 days ago)
as much as I think Tyrion is awesome, this is by far the stupidest thing he could've come up with, the only reason they got past the wall was because of the undead Viserion, had they not gone past the wall then they wouldn't of gotten trapped, Dany wouldn't of come to rescue them and the night king wouldn't have an undead dragon to take down east watch.
Guşef Canlı (2 days ago)
the conversations became really dull in the last few seasons
Ernest Mofokeng (2 days ago)
LOL with the Queens permission I will go north and take one. Who does Jora the Andal think he is?
Colleen Kelly (3 days ago)
I love that slight moment of panic that hits Dany when Jon makes the decision to help capture a wight. She doesn't want to see him get hurt or killed
Sam Wallace (3 days ago)
Everyone bitching about “bad writing”. The writing is fine. Yes, there are some not very well written moments, but overall it’s fine. All y’all are complaining about the writing because you just don’t like not knowing what’s going to happen ahead of time now that the show has passed the books. Quit your bitching or go watch another show
Willdaberry Blue (4 days ago)
lmao stupid cunts, the lot of ya
Some Random Fellow (4 days ago)
Anything beyond 4/5 season is such a bore to watch...
yachtrockman (5 days ago)
This scene. This dialogue would be so much more poignant in the books...if they could ever be written. Too bad GRRM has turned into the Joffrey of high fantasy writers. He’s now a man who’d rather attend conventions than finish his work. Has there ever been an author who has exceeded his credit limit this badly? I can think of no other author who has been rewarded so much for a work so incomplete. If he’d finished the books, the scenes in this show would be even better! Robbed potential because GRRM is a spoiled child in a candy store.
Alexius Nemo (5 days ago)
The look Dani gives Jon...
moviez on (5 days ago)
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Supriya Sha (6 days ago)
Very bad idea Tyrion. That cost a fucking Dragon!
jdsol1938 (6 days ago)
the saga rushes to a conclusion, critics of lesser skills will criticize the story, they reveal their lack of skill in storytelling, it is always done this way
Mundane05 (6 days ago)
This scene is way overacted in retrospect... Harrington does his lines super melodramatically, staring at people, staring at the distance. It would've played out way better if he'd just done it nonchalantly.
Dessert Storm (7 days ago)
3:32 wetness intensifies
Rust Cohle (7 days ago)
the writers are decent when the sources or books are done, but without george rr martins official writings, the quality of the writing is just bad or unpolished. Jorah just came back and they are just eager to just throw him out there again? Season 7 just feels so rushed, and i find it out of character for tyrion to just trust cerci to make the right decision, the bitch is fucking crazy after all. I know they needed to find a way to get dany to trust jon, but I think they could have expanded their time together more. But whatever, im sure you guys think this season was amazing due to the action and TWISTS!!!!!!!!!!!
cchill68 (7 days ago)
At 3:20 that sound you hear is Daenerys's ovaries going into overdrive.
Archelaus Naphtali (8 days ago)
Dany’s expression when Jon says he’s going just screams “W-what?! He can’t leave! I haven’t banged him yet!!”
Daxy (8 days ago)
How they can transport zombie beyond wall to Kings Landing, when the Wall is protected by magic and zombie should turn into dust when it pass thru wall...
TheRealTerryMclovin (9 days ago)
Marc Schulz (9 days ago)
Is Danys hair covering one of the dragonheads? Like foreshadowing what was going to happen?
You can see how Daenerys crumbles when Jon says he'll go.
Jessica Caron (10 days ago)
Hey guys- Joffrey used "the", Jon uses "a".
Randy Barber (10 days ago)
2:28... thats the face of a woman who is realizing the person she loves could die.
Zenic1 (11 days ago)
Difference: Joffrey I AM THE KING=you better do as I say or else. Jon:I am the King =I'm going to do what I said I'm going to do
Squidward Tentacles (11 days ago)
Ummm that description???
Lex Lutha111384 (12 days ago)
shit if that was my aunt??...................
Go Revive Yourself (12 days ago)
Jon: okay.. we'll get 1 zombie. Can you use a dragon to just fly in and snatch one? In and out before they can react. Daenerys: no.. i will not risk a dragon.. (1 hour later) (Risks all 3 dragons)
Fragile As Glass (13 days ago)
2:40 You can see how good of an actress is Emilia. Look at her facial expression, look the way she takes those little gulps of saliva 'cause she's incredibly "worried" for Jon. The way she speaks, everything. The way she portrays her roles are simply amazing and so real.
See Cha (13 days ago)
3:17 That moment genetic sexual attraction started to bloom
Jaqen H'ghar (14 days ago)
2:53 A king must say I'm a king who is not a real king!! By Tywin lannister
Seth Alvis (15 days ago)
Why did you alter her image to make her cheeks so red
Rodrick Hatton (15 days ago)
"I don't need your permission, I am a King" Love it!
jeff fielding (16 days ago)
She wants to suck his dick
m3hm3t 4L1 (16 days ago)
1:42 The look they gave to Sir Davos :)
Susan Barbier (16 days ago)
What’s this movie?
Yung Percocet (18 days ago)
Books are without a doubt 10/10 and the show is 10/10 still both amazing but in the end you cant please everyone
djjazzyjeff123 (18 days ago)
0:04 wow that fortune cookie must be next level.
xaoc (19 days ago)
Probably overreading the scene but did anyone realise Danys dragon broach only showed 2 heads of the dragon? Possibly foreshadowing a death of Viserion?
KillaPea (19 days ago)
foreshadowing on dany's dragon pins
Albert Liu (19 days ago)
A meme was born...
22steve5150 (21 days ago)
People are shitting on Tyrion here but think about it. He doesn't know how far off the deep end Cercei has become. He doesn't know that she no longer listens to Jamie. He didn't know the Night King is a greenseer and therefore could foresee what was going to happen. He didn't ask Jon Snow to go and find a wight personally, he proposed a team (like expendable soldiers) goes and gets a wight. He didn't tell Jon to go on fucking foot instead of on horseback where they could outrun the walkers if they are found out and chased, and he was against Dany flying her dragons north of the wall. Tyrion is making the best judgements he can make given the very limited information he has, and to compound it all, Jon and Dany fuck things up quite nicely without his input.
Chairman Meow (22 days ago)
the could've used the dragons to grab a wight insted of walking thousands of miles. but yeah...
Not Alfie (22 days ago)
'' Any man who must say I am King, is no true King '' Tywin Lannister '' I don't need your permission. I am King '' Jon Snow lol
Thaddeus Lehman (24 days ago)
I hope Jamie is the one who kills Cersei
the boy coalition (25 days ago)
Jon’s a pathetic excuse for a Commander and a leader
Kathleen Smith (25 days ago)
The fake tan on Daenerys is bad.
reza F (25 days ago)
yes that was a glorious speech,but still it,s the dumbest scene the series ever had
Harita Rao (25 days ago)
Jon Snow does not need anybody’s permission
Harita Rao (25 days ago)
Jon Snow is tougher than Daneyres
Alex E (26 days ago)
Hearing one of the most intelligent characters in the books say such a stupid idea just proves once again why the books are always better than the live adaptations , also why you should stick with the books to avoid these problems
andreas1218 (27 days ago)
Is there something in Dragonstone that makes everyone stupid? Tyrion: Comes up with the stupidest plan ever and says that Cersei listens to Jamie (uhh.. no she doesn't) Davos: Says that the goldcloacks may not recognize a well dressed dwarf with a huge scar on his face (maybe the most recognizable person in the world) Jorah: Searches the world for a cure for an incurable disease to return to Dany but as soon as he gets back he proposes to leave Jon: Somehow forgets that the white walker in Castle Black turned being brought dead there and not only agrees to the stupidest plan ever but wants to go himself Varys: Well Varys has been pretty much useless since coming to Dragonstone Daenerys: I guess she gets a pass here.. She's too smitten to think straight So yeah, Deagonstone: where everyone's IQ plummets. Great beaches though, and a lot of dragonglass..
jayakrishnan k r (28 days ago)
Something is missing in this season. All those scenes are not up to the mark. I don't if am mistaken. But kinda feels like there is some flaus in those dialogues ....
Willowy (29 days ago)
All these comments have me deaddd😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂
Aja Wilson (29 days ago)
im over daenerys. like i hope jon wins and if she dies or doesn't get the throne oh well.
Lanamarana Bananarana (27 days ago)
Aja Wilson what she did this time??
Aidan Paulin (1 month ago)
I surprised jon snow is still jon snow
Wet panty look @ 3:24.
Joe Jasat (1 month ago)
Read the description, it’s fucking hilarious
keepyour headup (1 month ago)
whoever put that yellow cakey foundation in her beautiful face should be burned alive!
Eric Wong (1 month ago)
Cersei had all Lannister armies marched together for the crusade against the night king, commanded by Jamie. But nobody know that Cersei had repaid the kingdom's debt to Iron Bank and they are eager to provide thousands of fresh soldiers to Cersei t take all land when everyone marched North.
Shakester71 (1 month ago)
The majority of the Targaryen line is through brother and sister marrying and having children, so a nephew and aunt isn't all that bad.
Nick Shepard (1 month ago)
2:52 somebody got wet lmao
Sensibility (1 month ago)
The worst and stupidest plan in the history of idiots.
Jackw00pw00p2 (1 month ago)
What's the composition that plays during the last third of the scene?
Bruce Borowski (1 month ago)
no he didn't prove phuck all.. the stories not even phucking real
Arun Gokul (1 month ago)
Jon snow still know nothing. He failed to understand, it's love coming out from dany, when she blocks him. He took that too seriously
Gekokujousama (1 month ago)
Any man who must say, "I am the King", is no true king.
J Phillips (1 month ago)
Hurry up season 8!!!!
Gerson Monroy (1 month ago)
@2:58 yeah Jon I dont think they'll actually do that to you though
Ramos Kova (1 month ago)
what is the name of the music in the end
Tim woodgate (1 month ago)
I was doing a poo while watching this
Bald Arrow (1 month ago)
Danny thirsting for Jon so badly in this scene.
mobil kiwi (1 month ago)
she caught that moistness during that speech
Miguel Quixote (1 month ago)
What did we learn today? Jon Snows penis is named "Trust".
Michai Lameijer (1 month ago)
Danny looks strangely orange in this scene like she got some gnarly as spray tan before the camera started rolling....
Leonardo Fabri (1 month ago)
This was the most terrible plan ever!
Andre A (1 month ago)
why didn’t they ride a dragon past the wall and scoop up a white and fly back over the wall?
Vanessa H (1 month ago)
I hate john now
JaLomangino (1 month ago)
3:02 heheheh
Lesminster (1 month ago)
It doesn't prove he is great king at all xD It only proves that he is jealous of Jorah.
Jan-Niklas Holst (1 month ago)
I dont need your permission, im a king BUM BUM BUM
Willz __ (1 month ago)
Like Geoffrey, spoiled blond cunt "Daenery" i guess her name is... Geoffrey is dead so why is she still around? She isn't as bad but that little spoiled brat face makes me wanna slap her. Hate her acting and her character. Only people i like or only family is the Stark family.
Tetra Digm (1 month ago)
"im the only one whos fought them" well yeah. if you count flailing around aimlessly trying not to die fighting, sure.
alex 96 (1 month ago)
+Tetra Digm no aim? Then how did he killed the whitewalker? Did it lost balance and fell in Jon's sword?
Tetra Digm (1 month ago)
the flailing is in how he "fought" just swinging his weapon wildly with no aim.
alex 96 (1 month ago)
+Tetra Digm if you mean at Hardome, yes he fought them while saving the wildlings and he killed a whitewalker and killed a bunch of whites, where is the failing in that? That he run away from the battle while outnumbered 0.5 out of 10 against immortal creatures?
Tetra Digm (1 month ago)
while flailing around trying not to die, yes. fought though? far from it.
alex 96 (1 month ago)
He killed a whitewalker
SubZero589 (1 month ago)
If any of you GOT lovers are trying to find any excuse to watch all the GOT episodes then buy them on Blu Ray if you haven't already, the quality is amazing
Martha (1 month ago)
Dany it’s like: OMG KISS ME JON SNOW!!!!!
Tnv Madhav (1 month ago)
3:18 when the love juice decides to bail
antisonosam (1 month ago)
tom campbell (1 month ago)
I’m warning you, I’m not a fighter *survives the battle of the bastards*
Jashan Reeves (1 month ago)
Damn I need to watch this season over again this is so good
Bilbo Baggins (1 month ago)
Her voice gets high pitched everytime shes close to Jon, she wants to get smashed lol
Krum Parvanov (1 month ago)
tyrion with the worst ideas whole season oh my god how does he lose his wits over a season break i dont get it
Mac G (1 month ago)
dannys heart sank when jon said he was going and that he didnt need her permission cause hes a king
adica (1 month ago)
I can feel the moisture in her panties through my computer screen hahaha
Muhamad Dakota (1 month ago)
3:21 that score sounds like star war's
Samuel Arana Tessari (1 month ago)
0:57 Dumbest plan ever.. It just seems they forced the story into giving the bad guys a dragon
Arslan Amer (1 month ago)
@2:49 Any man who must say, "I am the King", is no true king
A Phoenix is Rising (1 month ago)
2:44 :) the girl is smitten!
Lauren Tomlinson (1 month ago)
Know Never (1 month ago)
Used to wonder what caused GoT`s absolute downfall. Then it clocked: HBO took over writing.

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