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Direwolves/Seasons 1-7 all scenes/Лютоволки/Сезоны 1-7 все сцены

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Text Comments (7)
Louis Mcarthur (2 months ago)
The starks and the direwolves did not deserve such a fucked up fate
c4 hunter man (2 months ago)
Sonia Ndukwe (3 months ago)
Jon was definitely braver than Robb
Sonia Ndukwe (3 months ago)
I didn’t know shaggy-dog was so aggressive
Sonia Ndukwe (3 months ago)
Robb should have slapped the piss out of Theon for that back talk
VinessaGaming (8 months ago)
Robb I miss you!!!
Enottik (8 months ago)
The guy was married anyway... Jon Snow is our only option))

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