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Text Comments (22165)
Ender Logan (11 hours ago)
You could say these were the P R E Q U E L S
Theoddballguy (20 hours ago)
EVAN mcgregor 😂
gks gg (23 hours ago)
you lock like dan tdm
Shameless Spaceman (1 day ago)
When your smoke alarm catches fire *Ironic, he could save others from death but not himself*
adam HD (1 day ago)
هل أجد من يستغفر الله ؟
Outarel (2 days ago)
Pewdiepie old "makes millions playing videogames all day" Pewdiepie now "makes millions browsing reddit all day"
Absolutely Solid (2 days ago)
6:45 what?! I’m pretty sure that says 262,144 not 262,177
Marski Snuffykins (2 days ago)
I don't like sand
HDDC 1 (2 days ago)
I heard my name a lot in this video.
Sofia is here (2 days ago)
9:55 LMAOOOOOOO thats the best one
Imperial Cav (2 days ago)
There is never enough
DamageIncM (3 days ago)
"What if you reorganize the letters in the word senator?" "Then it is treason."
brinson trahan (3 days ago)
But can you do this
Diamond Breeze (3 days ago)
More pls
Victor Marthinson (3 days ago)
When you go to the doctor and they asks if you want a lollipop. - That's why i'm here . by obi wan
Alexei Tremor (3 days ago)
did u hear about lord of the rings shireposting?
Memlrdd DD (3 days ago)
can i borrow a gun.
KILL HOUSE (3 days ago)
Фак ю бич соси кирпич
Connor Weaver (4 days ago)
hello there
Simon Oliver (4 days ago)
senator palpating
And then we removed the subtitles on all our memes. We win
inferno parrots (6 days ago)
capatalize the g in god ewan mcGregor
Total Failure (6 days ago)
How about this, i’d take the 1 million dollars to pay ewan mcgregor to do the thing.
nishi cj (6 days ago)
Novakzmus (7 days ago)
2:41 Christen Hayden
TheBrendon67 (8 days ago)
It’s sand then!
TheBrendon67 (8 days ago)
You did that yourself!
[email protected] (9 days ago)
I want Ober-Won to jump down behind me and say "Hello there" with that stranger danger tone of his.
atlantic games (9 days ago)
Why you keep saying Ewen
Phil Thomas (9 days ago)
dude prequels are lit, idgaf
GamingDragon (9 days ago)
Did he just call me a dummy dumb dumb bum #offended
Pepper Shaker (10 days ago)
Capitalize the G in God Capitalize the G in God Capitalize the G in God Capitalize the G in God Capitalize the G in God Capitalize the G in God ewan mcGreGor
Console Shrimp (10 days ago)
6:45 pewds struggles with numbers
The Thought Criminal (10 days ago)
It's as if a million memes cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
Kyler Dougan (10 days ago)
After 1:10 insert the laugh version of what makes you beautiful
4LifeGamer (10 days ago)
ULTIMATE_Bloody_ 56 (11 days ago)
A dummie dum dum... Roasted toasted
yaman daduces (11 days ago)
"Its over Anikan, I have the high ground!" " BUT CAN YOU DO THIS! $399!"
Eden (11 days ago)
Im uncomfortable that this is called reddit review and not meme review
Adam Hall (11 days ago)
When saying stfhhftfh saves you from getting demonetized
Da_Swifta (11 days ago)
09:10 I'm 6 feet tall. Suck on that mothafuckas
Latvian Dragon (11 days ago)
PT is still better TLJ
Cry (11 days ago)
its thresom then
Ben Love (11 days ago)
YOU-AN not Evan
Sage Bias (12 days ago)
I think youtube is throttling your videos. They always stop to load, and other channels run smoothly.
Rooster Food (12 days ago)
6:44 77*
EthanFOG (12 days ago)
6:51 why did he say 262.177 when it is 252.144
Tame Stingray 789 (13 days ago)
Bleach Challenge (13 days ago)
Stop ruining the memes
- H3xxel- (13 days ago)
But what about the droid attack on the wookies?
MR. MonkeyMovies (13 days ago)
Yugo Boss (14 days ago)
I am the Senate
Zack# MOBILEGEND (14 days ago)
Cure (14 days ago)
PewDiePie has the high ground.
Adnan Hossain (14 days ago)
6:45 HmmmmMmmMmmmm I think u skiped math classes pewds
Nordic Gamer (15 days ago)
I have the high ground
WhiteBoi 55550 (15 days ago)
6:50 177 YOU MEAN 144
Bg Mapping (15 days ago)
i need a part 2 of this
koala kid99 (16 days ago)
Max Rubert (16 days ago)
Everyone's bitching about him saying "Evan" When he said fucking "Christian Hayden"
Marsman Studios (16 days ago)
That last meme was too good
Manuel Olvera (17 days ago)
3:21 that hairline 😂😂
Sam Conroy (17 days ago)
SkyZ Melo (17 days ago)
He has some trouble reading😁
SkyZ Melo (17 days ago)
Revenge of the sith is the best movie
Serenity Films (18 days ago)
i wonder how many comments there are about he pronunciation of ewan
LilTylenol (18 days ago)
Thanks for infesting our subreddit
evan smith (18 days ago)
Loving the pronunciation of Ewan in this video
RealJoshTv (18 days ago)
I had honestly had gotten so used to you with and without the beard, that I actually thought it was the glasses that was supposed to be different about you.
EJ Aunu (18 days ago)
Senator is a anagram for treason yep George Lucas is a genius.
TGA 44 (19 days ago)
3:22 is that paul rudd??
TGA 44 (10 days ago)
I dont know he had a curly hair?
My skin just got even whiter after saying that
Zepher (19 days ago)
My God, he didn't hate them! YES!
Lethal Only (19 days ago)
Ethan Maywether
Lapna Xerio (19 days ago)
6:49 he said 77 when the post said 44 🤔
Lapna Xerio (19 days ago)
Lapna Xerio (19 days ago)
theofficialkumayl (21 days ago)
kim martino (21 days ago)
My dads friends cousin is Aniken in the prequels
MrHatoi (21 days ago)
1:57 RIP
wubla kubla (21 days ago)
No un't
英雄Brine (21 days ago)
Tom McBraffin (22 days ago)
Jumper...he didn't die
Matthew (22 days ago)
Mete Tural (22 days ago)
Add the treason and Senate thing with that scene in the second film of Harry Potter and we'll have a Top 10 Anime crossovers video.
Mete Tural (22 days ago)
2:31 The only time Hayden Christensen was on fire in his film career. *Seinfeld theme plays*
ROCKEY POKEY (22 days ago)
Not 77 ... 44
sorry i'm untterly stupid *admission*
yeah and your mission is to shut up
Aidan F (23 days ago)
it's pronounced you-an
LilSpoon (24 days ago)
Tommy Jansen (24 days ago)
Holy shit. I never thought I'd love the prequels. But now I love them because the newest 3 movies.
weekend new tricks (25 days ago)
Luke Wulff (25 days ago)
*When you're gonna watch a video about prequel memes and the ad is about the prequels on dvd*
Tencent games (25 days ago)
Titouan Pontet (25 days ago)
Sammi Here (25 days ago)
Did he just ... he really did... he just said the number 262144 as 262177
Lil_A_20 2.0 (26 days ago)
They’re dead now
Jango Fett (26 days ago)
am I the only one who think ,that in Dark souls 2 the area filled with manaquins would suit better? especially becuz you can have the highground over them :F "ITS OVER MANAQUIN , I have the highground!"
GeekRobot (27 days ago)
Ah Victory
Yaingee Yams (27 days ago)
Im an Asian

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