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Top 10 Things Brigitte Mains Hate to See

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Top 10 Things Brigitte Mains Hate to See. Briggitte Mains will find this list very familiar. These are the things that every Brigitte player hates to see in an Overwatch match. 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. ⭐️ Donate through Super Chat by clicking the 💲 icon during livestreams Video by Rusty Molboxer Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (1730)
Mirel Danila (2 hours ago)
I hate brigitte
ABodSA21 (1 day ago)
I hate her so much
Lol its satisfying to kill a ulting Brigitte with doomfist punch 👊 the moment she activates it 😌 Never gets old
Neko 9699 (2 days ago)
You pronounced her Name wrong😂
Solar Boy (3 days ago)
You are the biggest idiot i have ever seen when it comes to overwatch brigitte is obviously overpowered
Shark Bite (3 days ago)
Cool vid
GoldnaZ (3 days ago)
I hate Brigitte Soo much bc she’s so broken so thx for the vid
Matthew Mitchell (4 days ago)
Roman S (4 days ago)
I personally love to flank the enemy team and burst all of them down... The time they realise the damage isn't coming from the front side, they're already dead... (20 player kill streak)
Dark Raven (4 days ago)
i just hate brigitte... i can neither effectively play her nor conter her
Brachiale (6 days ago)
I love brigittes playstyle but i do agree that some people dont Realize that u need another healer. Especially in quick play where everyone wants to play genji and mcree or all the other super squishy dps’s
GregTom2 (7 days ago)
Repeate after me. Bridge. Brig-et. Brigitte. Not Brig'et'a.
john mcmasters (7 days ago)
ok multitasking can be a weakness but how come that ain't a thing for mercy??? like lejit i do that stuff every other day when in a solo healer comp and i have to heal so default to mercy and bam multitasking hell in playable form
SAMUEL LUDWIG (7 days ago)
This dude is the worst Brigitte ever
Jesu 1603 (10 days ago)
other brigettes
Anthony Arias (10 days ago)
(Warning large rant ahead) Sometimes I wonder why I watch these shit videos normally I like them their OK but when you complain and complain over and over on the most overpowered character in the game right now it feels like you can't do anything else then whine she can stun very frequently yet you complain she has a huge amount of survivability yet you complain on it oh widow is a pain in the ass then you complain some more show a clip or her getting a headshot on you then you destroying her for like 3 clips not to mention you say she's weak to burst like tracer sticking a bomb to you...she didn't even stick it to you she threw it on the floor and you walk into it you didn't even put your shield up to try and block it you just kinda accepted your fate I sometimes despise these types of videos since if its on a character thats kinda crazy I find you complaining on her best parts and in a very dumb manner too its as of you try to be a tad too relatable I've played brig when I was stuck as supp I've had barely any complaints other than i need healing which seems to be your major trigger since in every supp vid you mention how annoying it is when a fellow teammate has low health and ask you to do your job honestly what do you expect out of them to keep their mouths shut? maybe its because she's the easiest most bs hero in the game? Hm no it couldn't be yet I see you saying how others always say its all your fault idk how it is for you idk maybe it does happen a lot to you maybe the blame always goes to you whenever you play brig maybe your team does think a 250 HP brig with a 600 HP shield can carry a team of whatever unreliable bs you have on your team but for me it seems as if you're just a big lier maybe lower it to top 5 things this and that hate to see because then there'd be good things that are truthful and not just a bunch of spots in the video where you just ran out of ideas
Daddy Love (10 days ago)
If you’re a Brigitte main then you get a special place in hell
Polat Aktaş (10 days ago)
Brigitte is dps tank and support Not only support
Honestly Brigitte should have a lower cool down on her heal. Maybe like 3 seconds?
DannyBouySyn (12 days ago)
Most of these are wrong lol
Meme Wolf (13 days ago)
Everyone here is talking about Brigitte being OP, but what about Bastion? If you sit down in a decent enough spot, you can wipe the entire opposite team clean
Martyn Currill (17 days ago)
Thanks for this, I consider myself a Brigitte main and agree with all of these. However...can someone explain to me what a 'dive hero' is? I'm not clear on the more competitive terminology...
QuickMalcolm (18 days ago)
Listen. Brigitte can easily kill a Tracer. You just have to be good.
ItsSkyeDuhh (18 days ago)
her shield bash still needs nerfed tbh, everything else is fine. But a hero who can heal, tank, do damage and stun is a bit much XD
skippy weeko (18 days ago)
Is it really that hard to pronounce Brigitte. For you English speakers, say: Bridge + eat. There...
N8 is so GR8 (19 days ago)
What the fuck I thought it was pronounced BRIDGET not BREGITA WHAT THE FUCK
1:28 i am always able to kill a tracer on a 1v1(but i do use Sombra, so i guess i have the advantage)
Fnatic_Sumashu (20 days ago)
Yeah Tracer... let’s talk about that. Im a gm/top 500. I do main Tracer, but Brigitte is not fine where she is right now. Now to Tracer. 1. She has a stun to one shot combo against her that has a stupid hitbox. 2. She has a self healing that is stronger than tracers dps out of Tracer aoe. And you are gold don’t give out comments about the balance of overwatch
Brigitte is like soldier and rein and road hog
Based_Oxy (21 days ago)
Phara x10
JonZillaGaming (22 days ago)
No literally everyone agrees that her stun is a little too strong. I'm personally glad she's going to get a slight nerf where she'll stun herself if she shield bashes a charge attack like Rein's charge... That just doesn't make sense that she can stop a Rein dead in his tracks from a charge.
Enen Sehu (22 days ago)
zen is support dps just dink 4head
Gimblegorf the purple (22 days ago)
she needs more counters than just tracer
Being a Brigitte main I identify with all of these
Tracer will take you to prom and force you to be lesbian
Nicholas Woo (24 days ago)
I'm sure this has been said, but briggete has AOE healing anytime she hits anyone...
Alex Distler (24 days ago)
as brigitte you should always run into the first cluster of enemies. you can hit multiple enemies with 1 swing and multiply the heals. remember just to keep you team close and just keep swinging for those heals. the repair is better pre fight than as a heal.
James Ebdon (24 days ago)
somehow you make briggite look bad
Erik Sab (24 days ago)
6:06 TGN scrub: "Brigitta is a super fun hero" Brigitta: "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA"
Big Oof (24 days ago)
She’s broken
ElsiPlayz 01 (24 days ago)
It may just be me being bad but I find her really hard to play and just end up dieing about 500 times if I try to play her. Probably just me though
namelessone (24 days ago)
Brigitte is already very hard to play. If opposite team is not idiot. She is one of the easy to learn hard to master hero. Most negative thing about her is that some time you make miracles but nobody realizes it since you always stay in mid damage, mid healing etc. Nobody actually realizes how you cancel deadeye or rein dive, and the game does not reward you either.
300Spartans1cup (25 days ago)
I fucking love Brigitte. The Melee Melee Stun Melee Fling Mace wombo combo
Francisco Macedo (25 days ago)
Lol you dont say Brigitte , you say Brigitte
Ender Girl (25 days ago)
Rusty u make good Videos I am from Germany and understand the most and you’re right. 😄
*Pinecone* (26 days ago)
*top ten every main hates to see: Brigitte*
Umayrica (27 days ago)
there are many counters to the baguette lmao just shoot her from far away like use bastion or just use sombra hack then outrange slightly or just use tracer and be good or just use brigitte and kill with teammate when she’s alone or just use pharah and outrange her or just use ana to sleep & grenade or just use widowmaker and snipe or just use symmetra and place turret or just use torbjörn and place turret or just win
Misael Castaneda (27 days ago)
as a brigitte main i fucking hate the bash cooldown now
digi882m (27 days ago)
Well the list is spot on
Doge (28 days ago)
Most players: support=healer...
Elise Bieze (28 days ago)
I am a brighette main and all my friends hate brighette its so annoying i just know if you cant beat me you cant play i have been killed many times easyly by one person so yeah guys sucks to know XD that they are not so good as they think
Kuri Mc.Mystic (28 days ago)
Sombra hacks you and you can't do shit
Maggot King (29 days ago)
why is everyone including you saying her fucking name the wrong way?
matthew bennett (29 days ago)
Actually good tracers only counter you if you mess up your bash and you have armour and if you the bash you can use a combo to oneshot so really bridgette mains hate people who shouldnt even be in the same rank as them (tracer isnt op) oh and if said bridgette mains shouldnt be in a 2 v 1 anyway neither should any hero in the game
Dingelnator (29 days ago)
Worst Brigitte video ever lol
Kenny Mansy (30 days ago)
You forgot that Brigitte make a regen when she hit a ennemy
TheDoctorOfThrills (1 month ago)
As a Symm main: Briggite is a demon spawned from the lowest pits of hell
Jan Lisik (1 month ago)
11 Ana
Ash P (1 month ago)
The biggest problem is the enemy pharah whom the rest of your team ignores
Sanzo (1 month ago)
whenever tracer or gengu kills me as mercy or picks on my other support fellows i pick Brigitte and kick the shit out of the annoying bugs... very good tracer n gengu counter. but if i see phara and out dps suck..nop..switch time.
Antoine MANGANE (1 month ago)
11:PHARAS!(ennemies) soo annoying for me even if i manage to hit them sometimes with my shift ability they are still out of reach of basic attack
Po Wolny (1 month ago)
I hate to see baguette
Fernando Ruiz (1 month ago)
I love her
Robbie Hayes (1 month ago)
I find this list VERY entertaining. I like watching Brigitte mains suffer
Rebel2538 (1 month ago)
Does he not know about the group healing that Brigitte does when she does damage because he’s only talked about the single healing pack that she gives out
BB Hoody (1 month ago)
The thing about the Tracer match up is not to kill her but to discourage her from flanking. Your presence along with shield bash makes her not fully commit to a flank. Yes good Tracers will try to bait out the bash. But don't get baited. Don't immediately try to go for the kill. Take it slow Keep shield up when she fires. Use the whip to knock her away, thus forcing her to waste a blink or two to reengage. Then you may have the opportunity for a shield bash. Only shield bash right away if you get the drop on her. Other wise be patient and wait till she used up blinks. Just remember. Until she sees shield bash used. She will not fully commit to a flank. So as long as you have it you get her to back off. And a tracer that isn't flanking, is basically making the match a 5v6.
Doodlescnof (1 month ago)
i just realized something... BRIGITTE IS LIKE BAGUETTE but what does that ever do......................
NickTheBicc (1 month ago)
Brigitte is actually better than people think
hopes (1 month ago)
i must become all of these things
P. Gawol (1 month ago)
You know who we hate to see? Brigitte mains
Bazen Ferhadi (1 month ago)
Eric Porter (1 month ago)
Funny, everything you just said was wrong
Samantha Womack (1 month ago)
She definitely doesn't need a nerf
Carl Schulze (1 month ago)
She’s more annoying to play against
Cetrakh (1 month ago)
I started playing over watch 2 weeks ago , with 3hi to orissa and 5h into Brigitte... she felt more balanced then all the Champions I've played in lol and I play that game since s3 ... if I did something stupid then it felt very hard to undo that stupidity , if I overextended it meant 90% of the time I was going to be dead and when you positioned her right she felt like a capable support , in those 8h of accumulated playtime I am near lvl3 honor and I already did 2 placement matches wich I both lost to my own stupidity in the first and a troll soldier 76 in the second ,those 6 second of downtime on her shieldbash are the most intense ones because a decent player could capitalize on it very well , burst damage gets you down in 2 seconds and tank / heal in 5 ... so you had to bridge 1 second before the stun or you need to effectively hit 2 people at once to survive ... now that they've nerfed it to 7 seconds I am goddamn afraid as fuck to engage for my team or to stun that one extra person if I catch them over extending, especially when they have higher mobility then I do ... they could have balanced the nerf out with 50 more hp on her shield to be honest to bridge that 1 second of survivability in my opinion
Kamdyn Rasnick (1 month ago)
Her passive heals its not just the ability 🙄
Kamdyn Rasnick (1 month ago)
And nah its definitely your job to get tracer.
A (1 month ago)
I hate brigitte mains shes too easy to play
Calvin Pratt (1 month ago)
2:40 not to mention she makes dive tactics even more overpowered.
Thescott16 (1 month ago)
"Just wait it out... It'll all be over soon." 5 months later and it's still not over.
יונתן שגב (1 month ago)
you can't miss a briggite shield bash. if you miss a shield bash you have to reconsider your life
VG WARH3R0 (1 month ago)
1 thing console players hate to see, Brigitte mains on the other team
George Somers (1 month ago)
You missed the most triggering thing an Ana grenade when your doing the shield flutter to stay alive
KindButler (1 month ago)
A mirror.
oi ioop (1 month ago)
I hate
Mine_Assassin50 (1 month ago)
I like Brigitte but I either wish she had more flail range or more flail damage that or multiple heals at once like tracer and her blinks or junkrat and his mines
Jiggle Meats (1 month ago)
Pick a healer please....no a HEALER
Reno Brooks (1 month ago)
I love most Brig players, most play out of position, pop ults without team mates around. Mostly when I see one I lick my lips because I know most fights will now be 5v6 in my teams favor
Brendan Tjeerdsma (1 month ago)
11. Bastions. Just Bastions
Lt Scouton (1 month ago)
Brigitte is barely playable by new players, but good players make her op *she is unbalanced*
zer0619gta memerson (1 month ago)
I play a lot of souls borne so whaen Brigitte was released I herd a calling so I brought her knight skin and proceded to murder the filthy casuals
Cifer Null (1 month ago)
I started playing about a week ago and Birgitte is one of my favorite heroes to play as. Then again I haven't reached comp play yet...
Macnetfeek (1 month ago)
Top 10 Things Overwatch players hate 1. Briggite 2. Briggite 3. Briggite 4. Briggite 5. Briggite 6. Briggite 7. Briggite 8. Briggite 9. Briggite 10. Briggite
gray blood (1 month ago)
Bridgitte don't need help, we need help us
JENeration (1 month ago)
I got Overwatch right after Brigette was released, and she was the first character I "clicked" with and enjoyed playing. She's versatile, fun, and not as overpowered as people make her out to be.
Krystian Golus (1 month ago)
wow, he said brig needs lower cooldown on heal and that tracer is overpowered, wtf is wrong with u isnt it enough that she counters every hero in the game except pharah?, and no, her bash is instant and u usually dont have time to react, and as she bashes u, u r basicly dead in next 3 secs
ImmortalTom2 (1 month ago)
You can't focus fire someone because no one is ever in team chat
Fiji Fuji (1 month ago)
6:29 Don’t ever bully a zen as Brigitte, he might just switch to Brigitte, whip your ass, and win the game within a minute after swapping
Rachetmasta09 (1 month ago)
5:29 Moira? As a Dps? With literally the lowest damage output in the game? Wouldn’t Zen fit that much better?
spotlesslion (1 month ago)
I don’t die during my ult that much

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