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Top 10 Things Brigitte Mains Hate to See

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Top 10 Things Brigitte Mains Hate to See. Briggitte Mains will find this list very familiar. These are the things that every Brigitte player hates to see in an Overwatch match. 🔔 Subscribe to TGN for daily video game videos: http://bit.ly/1KJq3G2 🔔 We love making gaming videos and we can only do it with your support. ⭐️ Donate through Super Chat by clicking the 💲 icon during livestreams Video by Rusty Molboxer Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple Music by Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com
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Text Comments (1287)
Cody Smith (7 hours ago)
Try beating a Sombra as Tracer while you are hacked
ur mum (9 hours ago)
the thing Briggitte players hate seeing is another Briggitte player on the opposite team........
Richard Smith (9 hours ago)
"Just play her like reinhart" is 'good enough'. If you learned how to play reinhardt, then you can immediately pick up brigitte and feel at home. You just have to remember to look for hurt teammates every 5 seconds, drop the shield as soon as you have real cover since the shield is weaker, and to hit something every 4 seconds to keep your passive going. However, you will quickly realize that brigitte isn't actually as powerful as you thought, and she is heavily teammate reliant. Even the best brigittes have few gold medals, but they will ALWAYS have a defensive assist card, or armor provided card :)
Paolo Molina (16 hours ago)
B-R-I-G-I-T-T-E. I-S. O-V-E-R. P-O-W-E-R
Rustymoon (1 day ago)
I’m a Brigitte main so my no.1 annoying person is... PHARAH
Rustymoon (1 day ago)
FlamingPheonix x (1 day ago)
Dude has no idea what he's talking about... Brigitte counters everyone and you can't lose when playing her unless there's another brigitte on the enemy team.
Madison Drake (2 days ago)
When you have rally but your team is on every corner of the map trying to avoid your shielding.
leyalien 8 (3 days ago)
So there is already Brigitte mains but almost no Orisa main like me ?!
Logum (3 days ago)
the patch notes :)
Inger Garcia, Esq. (4 days ago)
It’s Brigette, not Brigeeta.
mcfortner911 (4 days ago)
11: Everybody scatters when Brigitte pops her Ult, making it as useful as Mercy's in the same situation. And I can't tell you how many times I've had to tell everybody how f*cking SLOW her recycle is on the armor/healing, and they STILL won't help with healing. Even the S:76s on the team seem to forget they can drop healing. FML.
archangel Tan (4 days ago)
im a rein main and have played brigita in many games a good management of you cooldowns and focusing on canceling or interrupting enemies is actually the best way to use her for me alot of my enemies call me a try hard even thou im the only healer in the team yet they cant kill anyone
evetrix (6 days ago)
Tracer player TALKING about briggitte??!! And not shouting????!!!! WOW
Rick van der Leck (8 days ago)
Briggite wins every fight I fight her while being rein i lose I fight her using bastion i lose I fight her using any hero i lose
Zachary James YONG (8 days ago)
I got POTG with Brigitte and reaper
Khalil Hmida (8 days ago)
U forgot doomfists ... 🤯
The common Skrublord (9 days ago)
Groudon Tube (9 days ago)
Ummmmm tracer are like bugs to me idk what about you but when i play brigitte i rape all tracers
if you manage to fuck up brigita you are going to be in bronze for a LOOOONG time
how do you counter an arrow to the head
Joel Embeast (9 days ago)
Lmao if you can’t kill tracer as Brigitte that’s sad
Joel Embeast (9 days ago)
Delete her please
nintendofreak11 (10 days ago)
11 - all non aim heroes are taken so you have to play something with skill
Trash Rabbit (11 days ago)
3:18 As a Brigitte main, just spin. Her mace has 360 degree damage if you spin.
lester mckay (11 days ago)
ok so good tracers are hated i wonder why sinatraa one of the best tracers NA has a 38% winrate on her when brigette came out ? hmmmm
ACGamer123 (12 days ago)
As a Brigitte main, I understand every one of these completely! It's frustrating, but funny at the same time.
livy_me_loo (12 days ago)
Brigit Just won't Die When I try to kill her!😭😂
Caizer (12 days ago)
I hope you realize that her passive is for healing when her armor/healing pack is on cool down
Derrick Ng (12 days ago)
Brig main here
Riley kemp (12 days ago)
Ooo! 11 almost killing a tank and mercy comes and heals or rez.
dollahbill510 (13 days ago)
I absolutely hate Brigittes stun. It's beyond stupid. Eating that stun as any non tank is an instant death. It should flat out be removed, and compensated by buffing her shield size, healing, and overall efectiveness as a support.
dollahbill510 (13 days ago)
As a Genji main, every new hero feels like "fuck, looks like another hero in running away from, until they get nerfed." Then you got the quickly Brigitte players that used to play flankers, just waiting by the flanks for a genji to come running through.
I hate Brigitte for copyed Ash from Paladins
Caleb Elliott (15 days ago)
I don't think your perception on the role of this character is correct. Brigitte, from my experience of playing her, is not a front line character. She is a back line support that defends the other support and dps by punishing flankers and out of position heroes. This makes not only you more survivable, but your whole team in general. Leave the killing to the dps.
M Daniel (15 days ago)
Really Confused If Your Talking To The Brigette Mains or The Other Players
Shiroo (15 days ago)
One guy told me to stop dpsing and heal. I didn't know how to respond. He reported me.
Hawkkiller2 (16 days ago)
I love how you're all "Good tracers beat Brigitte" and then later mentioning "Zens not being able to do anything about it (Brigitte wailing on them)," when a good Zen can beat Brigitte (Discord and headshots), and a Good Brigitte will still beat that Tracer... probably. Maybe? Eh, it's a toss up. Mind games, folks! Oh, and additional..."interuptions." Damn you, Junkrat on the other side of the wall!
David Mobeck (16 days ago)
I think her bash should be on longer CD but her shield and healing should be buffed. Less DPS more Tank/Support.
Crazy'z Mod'z (16 days ago)
Brigitte is most broken hero yet imo... Sym was more broken b4 that... then Moira...
SanityDragon (18 days ago)
when nobody stays together so no one gets the aoi heals
SeedlingNL (19 days ago)
If there is a counter to Tracer, it must be Symmetra. Sym isn't chasing down Tracer so much as she is luring her in with that glorious disco orb shield generator tucked away in a laser show. Tracers are so dazzled by it, they will spontaniously appear in matches as soon as "You are protected!" echoes through the streets.
Luke van Duijn (19 days ago)
hey ign, brigitte can deal 155 damage by 1 combo, she's a support who wasnt sym or zen, she can just 1v3 a couple of team she ''she's good in her place'' thats even more bs than she is
Gene Scriptbound (20 days ago)
Brigitte is a cancerous, desperate attempt at trying to stop the dive meta, which ends up making her counter WAAAAY too many things WAY too easily.
Danny Rijks (20 days ago)
brigette mains shouldn't be a thing.....
Jim (20 days ago)
if they mess up Brigitte like they did mercy i quit, try hard cry babies trying to ruin a good thing.
waterdragonofpeace (20 days ago)
Hate to break it to you but She has 80% Winrate in bronze and 70% in MASTER! She is a HUGE problem
Jeff Song (20 days ago)
"Brigitte mains" Boi, she's only been in the game only a month and half or so.
TheDarkSlo (21 days ago)
and you really cant be good at brigita she has not alot to learn or master
TheDarkSlo (21 days ago)
i hate her
CitrusRepublic (21 days ago)
2:03 this bitch empty *YEET*
carl brutananadilewski (21 days ago)
I hate when people say mains like wtf play a hero people need not what you want from the gate
Romeo the Wylddchyld (21 days ago)
Bridget is to over powered they need to nurf her like they did to everyone else but times thousand
GamesAndSuch (21 days ago)
what happen to people being able to read and pronounce names? Said like BRIDGE-IT nor BRA-GEE-TA.
Origami Tesseract (21 days ago)
As a Orisa main, I loath Bridgette. xD Your damage over time does nothing to distance your self from her ability to rush you with a shield and shield bash you where the sun don't shine. You could Fortify it or make a sad amount of distance with your impulse, but it is inevitable. Once she is in flailing distance. You just shoot waiting for the sweet embrace of a drawn out death. You cannot do enough damage to overpower her self healing. You can ult but what a waist for a gamble you might win a solo fight instead boosting your team. I just switch to Pharah in hopes to demoralize Bridgettes to switch. xD
ArtSaiko (22 days ago)
Papa Jeff better Nerf her harder than Doomfist was 🤷🤷
Will voorhees 22 (22 days ago)
Let’s be honest genji and Brigette are the only heroes who can solo dva
J P (23 days ago)
1 and 2 wise, brigitte was MEANT to counter dive comps, she was DESIGNED to fight tracer and genji and anyone who would dash, play out the enemy you're vsing, if you're losing vs tracer she either has ult, or you arent auto attacking
blackbokuto (23 days ago)
not gonna lie all it takes is a challenging briggitte for me to just tunnel vision and just all in. even if in the back of my mind i know a zenyatta or widowmaker is lining me up for shot or a moira is obviously right behind her.
AI DUSTY (23 days ago)
The fact that she can 1vs 1 nearly every hero apart from pharah Her skill cap is the lowest in the game Op ultimate that can't be interrupted and last till it's shot off.
AI DUSTY (23 days ago)
A high skill cap Roasted
Katze Puschel (23 days ago)
tracer is op? wtf, if you are a good player, tracer is good too. skill heavy heros should be stronger when played well. heros like brigitte for example are low skill lvl heros and shouldnt be unpunishible after mistake... she is low risk high reward. your opinion is garbage. i realized that after 3 mins.
Katze Puschel (23 days ago)
if you miss dat shieldbash on tracer (for the oneshot 170 dmg) just press rightlick 5 secs and you got it again.... but well braindead heros like her are meta now...
Ry Guy (23 days ago)
Been getting potg every game with her, just play near corners (helps when you don’t have enemies w vision I.e. Widow or Hanzo) and never chase with your shield up unless you’re close enough to shield bash. Always spam flail shot as well.
AceOwTV (23 days ago)
Tracer overpowerd, hahaha, what a home, brigget is so fakin High value for no skill, compared to a tracer
Love D. va (23 days ago)
I hate when there is a enemy team moria cause when she pops her ult the shield does nothing it just goes through.
One Darkwolf66 (24 days ago)
Now I like Brigitte don't get me wrong, i hate playing against a good one, but my complaint is that her shield bash needs a longer cool down, just like Mccree and Ana stuns should all be about 12 to 10 seconds. Everything besides that is fine
Hachibi Storm (24 days ago)
🔥KACHOW🔥 (24 days ago)
One thing I hate when I play Brigitte is when theres an another Brigitte on the other team and we just constantly bash each other
Yosher (24 days ago)
Not trying to be a jerk but she has the passive where she heals people around her when she hits... I feel like you knew that and I'm being stupid
Dzeintra (24 days ago)
I enjoy playing Brig, hate playing against a -good- one and I honestly dread her going into comp. It will either be a huge hard cc meta (Brig, main healer, Junkrat, Doomfist, Rein, Orisa/hog) Or a range poke of shield-death (Brig, main healer, pharah, mcree/soldier, Rein/Orisa, Hog/Dva) at least until people settle down and realise that the other heroes exist too. It's going to be hell. So much stun. So. Much. :(
Sondaiek (25 days ago)
I've always HATED Tracer, back-shooting all the time, blinking the moment you even think about turning towards her, almost dead? LOL RECALL. I've killed my fair share of Tracer scum so far, the one-shot combo is something most aren't ready to counter.
FelipeGames2000 (25 days ago)
Am I the only one who thinks Brigitte needs to be more of a tank rather than a healer (but at the same time, keeping her as a support type)?
Dan Wild (25 days ago)
re: #1 Brigitte is not designed to be a substitute for a main healer. If your tanks are going from 100 to 0 in the time it takes for your armor pack to cool down, that's above Brigitte's paygrade. The blame falls on a Mercy, Moira, or Ana, or lack thereof.
Shiqos (25 days ago)
I needed this...
Paul Thompson (25 days ago)
Has she been out long enough to be anyones "main"?
Rukia Sama (26 days ago)
You can literally 1 shot Tracer with a combo, I make Tracers switch when I play her 😂😂. Tracer is not annoying to see with her.
Addonexus TheDeestoyer (26 days ago)
Brig needs to be defense, not support
Hiro Coldy (26 days ago)
I never liked First person shooter games, but when i heard about Overwatch, I was amazed and started showing love to them. It's sad that the devilish *Fortnite* is making people forget about this awesome game.
arbiter0018 (26 days ago)
Any dive hero? shes good agains everyone except 3-4 heroes
Kruno Fadljevic (26 days ago)
all who main briggitte are fking losers..
Robert Mackerron (26 days ago)
can't she heal by hitting her teammates with her flail
HughHughez (27 days ago)
Uncl Dolan (27 days ago)
I completely agree. Shes balanced as a jack of all trades support with a focus on short range. Its honestly a l2p issue for ppl saying shes OP. But since playing her non stop since her release, I have noticed ppl getting better at countering her which makes me better as well ofc.
Keren Wolf (27 days ago)
Random Person: "Who do you main?" Me: "Brigitte" Random: "SHE SO OVERPOWERWD I BET YOU CANT REALLY PLAY" *Rocket flail to the face.*
Lloyd Noble (27 days ago)
Cause tracer is broken
Dreigonix (27 days ago)
Also: #11. When people pronounce her name as “Bridget”.
Syed Amirul Hakim (27 days ago)
The thing that brigitte mains hate to see the most, is other players having fun
My Name Jeff (27 days ago)
Brigitte ain't a support stop picking her and saying your helping you pick her to run and die like moira
Cesar Morales (28 days ago)
Brigitte is gonna make me stop playing comp, yes she changes the meta but just makes the game so fucking annoying
PrinzPapiertuete (28 days ago)
I absolutely don't agree with point two. A Tracer in my reach is always doomed as long as nobody interrupts me.
Megatto (28 days ago)
Brigitte is the best hero in the game and I'm proud to be a Brigitte main :b
miggee47 _ (28 days ago)
Brigitte doesnt have good processor becaus she cant multitask.
Justin Davis (28 days ago)
Any competent Brigitte of equal skill will shit on any enemy tracer.
Smash-ter (28 days ago)
She needs an indicator like tracer or junkrat on her healing abilities.
ID10Tpig (28 days ago)
Top ten things mains of every other character hate to see. 1. Brigitte 2. Brigitte 3. Brigitte 4. Brigitte 5. Brigitte 6. Brigitte 7. Brigitte 8. Brigitte 9. Brigitte 10. Brigitte
Dreigonix (28 days ago)
What does “dive” mean? And Brigitte main here saying they had better not nerf her.
Shattered 09 (28 days ago)
There isn't any counters in OW just tough match ups
Covencraft (28 days ago)
Had anyone tried Symmetra, Torbjorn, Bridgette? Everyone's a tank!
wanerty2 (28 days ago)
Things Overwatch Players Hate to See... 1.Brigitte Mains

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