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What Does The Night King Actually Want? - Game of Thrones Season 8 (Theories)

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season End Game Theories Video. Today I am talking about the various reasons why 'The Others' are heading south. They have been active for years, but why are they just now moving south? What is the Night King's Plan? Does the Night King have a motive? Where are 'The Others' going next? These are some of the most important questions we need answered, but unfortunately we do not know enough about them. We found out the Children of the Forest created the Night King, but we still don't know the Night King's true identity. According to the creators of this show, there will be 3 big twists. I'm expecting the last one to involve the Night King, but how?.. Where do you think the Night King is going? Does he want a Night's Queen, or Gilly's son? Let me know what you think down below. Thanks for watching! Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Support my channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/Talking_Thrones The Others Artwork By: http://www.magali-villeneuve.com Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc&app=desktop
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Text Comments (1210)
Asmo day (14 hours ago)
they are probably going to kill him and give no explanation
truthseekr420 j (20 hours ago)
There is not enough time for the others to have a deep meaning behind them, they are simple killing machines. The twist will be who is the night king, in my opinion its bran.
Dforce 10 (1 day ago)
I i had to take a guess why the Night King is coming south now it is because this is probably going to be a very longest winter in a long and will reach much further south than ever before, it will be his best chance to kill all the humans in Westeros in one go
Dforce 10 (1 day ago)
I started rewatching Game of Thrones from the beginning again to see if there was something I missed. There was a conversation in season one where one character asked another (I can't for the life of me remember which characters it was, I want to say it was a child asking a grown up about the dragons). The conversation went something like this, Child: were they heroic/good men that killed all the dragons, Adult: no it was not. Now that I think about it it might have been the conversation that Daenerys had with here servants right before one of them stayed to give tips on how to please Khal Drogo. This might be a hint to it actually being white walkers who killed off most of the dragons
William Stephens (1 day ago)
What if the Night King and The Great Other are different people, one good, one evil, and the Night King broke the Wall to help men fight against him.
I heard at one point in the series that the white walkers hadn't been seen in a 1000 years, and many thought they were just legend . At another point , I believe someone mentions that the coming winter will be the coldest and longest in 1000 years. If this is the case, I don't believe that is coincidence . rotting corpses need the cold to keep them from disintegrating and so a long military campaign south would need a long cold winter to be possible, and so the night king has been waiting. Perhaps its that simple?
Tina Muse (1 day ago)
He wants what was promised to him, the prince that was promised.
Adam and Eve Reptiles (2 days ago)
haha.. I just said #1 on another video of yours... If they're running from something worse that would be epic. And there ends up being an extra unannounced season.
Bart van Dijk (2 days ago)
I think the theory of the Night King having the greenseer ability is true. He might have known that he needed a dragon to be able to get to the south. So for the time being he was biding his time. Letting some people live to go south spread more rumors of the white walkers being real. Thus most likely having more people check if it is really true. More people for his army. I would also not be surprised if the endgoal of the Night King is to undo what has been done to him by the children of the forest. If there would be any place in the world that he might revert his spell it would be the God's eye.
Kage Sama (3 days ago)
i do not know what he wants, he wants what he wants that's all i need to know
The last Jerk-i (4 days ago)
I dnt think anything anyone did during the show set him off, simply cause Mance Raider was gathering his 90 clans long before the show started. An he got them together because they all had walker sightings. "They knew they hed a dead-line..."
Katarzyna Paszko (4 days ago)
For me the biggest question always was what does the Night King want? Why he was all those years at far north and now suddenly he is going south? why? And the more I think about it, answer is coming to me clear now: - "the prince/princes who was promised" ... what do you think about it? In the profecy there is not said what for prince is promised. And for whom they are promissed, for human or for whites ? Maybe for wedding with Night King...? or for replecing him...? or joining him...? - last time the hero defeated Night King, he didn't kill him. And after defeating they build the wall. How about they came to an agreement and they promised something for Night King? and in return Night King might even himself helped to build Wall. and Starks were in Winterfell to remember the promis. Why all those seasons they keep repeting that "the North remember" and " there always must be Stark in Winterfell" -> maybe it was part of agrement with Night King - Jon Snow already took a knife to his heart for his people, so maybe he will do it again to replace Night King and take all white walkers back to north... Together with Dany? And by the way, why Dany was mentioning this knife so many times in last season? maybe to hint something for us...? - Dany already step into fire with dead khal Drogo in s1e10, she as well was ready for giving herself and her life... - Dany in her vision in the hause of undying crosed the Wall and seen her housbend and baby behind the wall? why there were behind the Wall in this vision...? maybe it foreshadowed that she will after all go there again and spend there her life with her housbend - Jon and their baby - Deny dont want to be queen of the ashes, same as Jon, so they might agree to fulfill promis that was given years before. When Melisandre meet Dany she didnt say that prince will defeate Night King. She said that the prince that was promised will" bring the dawn". - maybe Night King just want to take last 3 dragons(targerians - Dany, Jon and theit babay) to prevent strong magic be on this world (magic was born again with dragons), so nobydy ever after will be able harm anybody like children of the forest harmed Night King - and how about 3 headed dragon is actually 3last dead dragons/Targeriens ( Dany , Jon and their baby)? I dont know much of the history and timeline in Westeros, but maybe doom of Valyria was part of pact with Night King. So nobody ever after will suffer from strong magic like he did. And last 3-headed dragon was promised to him... If 3 headed dragon dies, there wont be Targeriens anymore, so nobody will be able to reborn dragons again. - White walkers/ Night King cant speak. But how about they actually write down their agreement - all those symbols. It was even in s1e1 - made from dead bodies. Maybe it was like " We came back to fulfill the agreement" This sign (circle divided for 2) looks to me like 2 parts of same apple - two halfs of same part (Jon and Dany, Ice and Fire)- and seed at the same time - last seed (their baby). Those same signs you can see in cave. - and how about cave scene - Dany said : they chose you to protect them. Isn't their survival more important than your pride?" And after that both Dany and Jon go from darknes to light... its like foreshadowing what will happend. The longer I think about it, the more hints I see. What do you think of this theory?
Marcus Williams (4 days ago)
I think the night king knows who azor ahai is and that's why he's on the move
Talking Thrones (4 days ago)
Yeah he does have Greensight like Bran Stark.
Lynn Lockwood (4 days ago)
My question about this is if the whitewalkers are bringing the dead back to life wouldn't it make sense that all of the characters from past episodes be resurrected also?
Ralf Peppekus (4 days ago)
The night king is coming now because it’s finally winter. And his troops are not melting.
Daniel Griffin (5 days ago)
as soon as he could he there were spells in the wall and walkers can't swim.
Burt Maclin (5 days ago)
I think (or hope rather) that well get more information on the gods in this story as my guess is they still have a role to play. This doesn't mean we'll see them or they'll directly interact with characters as G.R.R.M. has explicitly stated they won't be "appearing" in the story but I think it would be pretty cheap for example to have "the lord of light" revive Jon Snow and we never get a more detailed explanation as to why. This doesn't have to involve direct contact with a God to take place. The "gods" I'm most interested in are the lord of light, the great other, and the old gods more so than the 7. Personally I think the old gods and the great other are connected in some way. The old gods are referenced by the wierwood trees and the great other by the white walkers (which hasn't been confirmed 100% it's been mentioned a few times). The children themselves are a direct link between the trees and the white walkers thus connecting the old gods to the great other (who's true name shall never be spoken). On a side note (tinfoil incoming) I think the faceless men are connected to the children/great other/old gods as there are too many similarities to be ignored. The wierwood trees place an emphasis on faces just like the faceless men do. The temple of black and white even has a wierwood door at its entrance. Both groups also place an emphasis on death and seem to feed off of it in their own ways. I wouldn't at all be surprised if the faceless men ritually sacrifice bodies to an ancient or great wierwood somewhere in the temple hence the importance of cleaning the bodies of impurities before feeding them to the tree. This might also help explain how their magic works and/or why that location was chosen as the location of the city to begin with (unless you think the "foggy region prophesized by the moon singers which would protect them from being spotted by the dragon lords" story suffices). Maybe the alternate faction of children mentioned in this video are actually the faceless men. After all legend has it that creatures matching the description of the children did exist in Esos and we know they like it underground, in caves, or maybe even Valyrian mines and we know they are magical in nature. The faceless men use some sort of magic and the only two sources of that as far as I can tell are the lord of light and the great other/old gods. The faceless men dont seem very Lord of Lighty soooo.
Ben 808 (5 days ago)
If Jon is "the Prince that was promised" reincarnated, maybe the night king wants to kill him as revenge for how the first "Prince that was promised" defeated him in the first long night. Simple but makes sense. Do you agree?
Rob Hamilton (6 days ago)
If the night King controls all his little dead men is it beyond reason to think he can see what they see? If the answer is yes then when Jon and crew presented the white walker to Cersei did he maybe see her and think hmmm, she will be my Queen? It was after the dragon pit meeting that the Night King breeches the wall and marches South. Maybe I'm just crazy thinking this but I can't help noticing he was in no hurry to get south until the dragon pit meeting. Also, when released that walker ran straight at Cersei and focused all it's attention on her, even reaching for her desperately.
Sentient Thundertank (6 days ago)
Bran is the night king
Owen Harris (7 days ago)
They want better writers..
Jair Castillo (8 days ago)
Or he knows HOT PIE will eventually win the GOT and wants to serve him.
Jair Castillo (8 days ago)
Because he wanted to lay by the beach and crack open a beer. He's in retiring age and wants to spend his last days in peace.
Dats Theway (8 days ago)
NK could be coming not for Gilli's but Jon n Dany's son, since he could have foreseen this happening. Think of it...the battle beyond the wall, Danny loosing her dragon, Jon being attacked by NKs army ( but not killed and not just once ) ...all seems like a well planned moves to facilitate circumstances that brought Jon n Danny closer....eventually leading up to this moment... Another evidence point to this direction is, the moment Jon n Danny decided to sleep together the NK storms thru the wall...
David Borrelli (8 days ago)
It's Bran playing out the fantasies of a crippled boy. He wants to avenge his family so he went straight for Little Finger. He wants the rightful heir on the throne to rule Westeros so he's helping Jon Snow. He wanted a dragon because he can't walk, so he took a dragon in order to be able to fly.
Jeremiah Peterson (9 days ago)
I think the army of the dead represents a combination of nature and death.
fenofio tyres (9 days ago)
dude...Samwell Tarly's life wasn't spared ... check that scene again and you will know ... Sam sitcat the foot of the large rock and the other is BEHIND him... they never see each other directly, you can that the General was on his undead horse a few paces behind!!
Glyn Humphrey (9 days ago)
Number 9 is very interesting
EnragedGravy 44 (11 days ago)
When people say 'Bran wil end up being the Night King' I think why and the reason most people come up with is that 'they look similar'. I like the theory itself, but the actor was cast as a boy and he looked nothing like the Night King then so it seems just like a coincidence brought about by the actor's face changing as he ages with the show
iamamogka (11 days ago)
Bc the brothels are better in kings landing
Ben Nelson (12 days ago)
Talking Thrones (12 days ago)
No... Tour-Wurdz
Michael Winter (12 days ago)
It’s pretty clear to me that the night king is a metaphor for monotheistic religions. The people of Westeros are currently ruled by symbols of polytheistic, and/or pagan religions. I would wager that the night king is going to operate as God the father. He starts off looking for sacrifices, but ends up looking to sacrifice his children for the people of Westrose. In the end, I believe the night king will be the revered figure, the Savior. Similarly, all other religious metaphors will be extinguished by him. Well Jess will have a large impact on the elite, the average person will not be heavily impacted by this rectifitory shift.
Sean King (13 days ago)
Toe wards
Talking Thrones (13 days ago)
Nope.. Tour-Wurdz
Rider Smith (13 days ago)
They are still being controlled.
mikemorr100 (13 days ago)
The night King wants the baby that Danyeres will birth. That baby is the song. Jon and Dany are Ice and Fire. Why the baby is important I don't know. Dany will be killed and perhaps turned by the night King. But Jons Taragaryen ancestry will allow him to keep control of the dragons and finish off the others. The final episode will be years down the line. With Jon as king in the north. With winterfell the new capital of westeros. As Kings landing will be destroyed. The final scene will be him watching over his son learn to shoot a bow. Just like his "father" did with Bran. He'll even say the same line. And the scene will go dark. And that will be the song of ice and fire.
Olivia Moore (14 days ago)
This is sorta like the lich king. When he’s gathered enough strength he reawakens. Another analogy is the reapers from mass effect. After a set of time / when humanity has progress enough they return
samuel bekele (14 days ago)
There is a lot of death and suffering maybe the Night King wants to be the common enemy that will unite everyone? Maybe he wants peace, and immortality is a huge plus, people would give up so much for that.
samuel bekele (14 days ago)
I think this is all because of John Snow... This is what happens when you mix ice and fire, Targs and Starks are not ment to mix.
Unknown Pleasures (14 days ago)
my little naive and crazy idea: maybe NK just wants to be a human again?? this thing just popped into my brain so i couldn't help but share it with you
Unknown Pleasures (14 days ago)
or the Night King simply wants to stop his torment of being Other? like, idk, don"t you think that it's kinda hard and burdensome to be an immortal ancient monster for thousands years? i guess yeah. well, this is my ultralight version :)
Incognito Mode (14 days ago)
The idea that they might be running from something is brilliant. It would make such a great twist,
Marcus Aurelius (15 days ago)
The answer to what the Night King wants: "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for wight children.”
4ern ic8it (15 days ago)
the little Sam theory #1
Sarah Walker (16 days ago)
I think he's out for revenge. I think he's the nights king who was defeated by the nights watch and the wildlings. Nights king. Night king. The alliance probably killed the nights queen and banished the nights king. He was beyond the wall building his army and forces all these years making deals with men like craster for their children to make make more white walkers. But there was still the problem of the wall. When he saw the dragons it was the last thing he needed. Now he's finally ready to go south and seek his vengeance.
Green Leaf (17 days ago)
White walkers are fleeing from Stannis the Mannis
FlyingMonkies325 (18 days ago)
I don't think it's any of these things, why? because 1 thing nobody notices is in the intro there is a sword with magical symbols and then a big glowing orbs, Sam also saw this in The Citadel and you don't know what experiments they do there at all... but something very secretive seems to be going on there... could it be to do with this glowing ball thingy and the sword with runes? could that glowing ball be what activates The White Walkers? even if The Maesters say they hate magic they still study it and also when you watch the intro and you're looking at things from a birds eye view and like a magnifine glass is being used we see a giant magnifine glass thing in there too, it gives us a sneak peeks of it for a few seconds and goes by SO quickly, on the covers of the books are all objects based on what looks like Norse Mythology, look it up and you'll find a small number of people have been paying particurly attention to this and i think it has something to do with THAT. The Night King doesn't seem to want to kill anyone except for who gets in his way... and he seems to be showing off at points as to say "Get in my way and i could easily add them to my army" but yet mostly he just walks past people... and anything else he does he does it to sabotage gathering forces that might help to stop him and his army like he did with The Wildlings but that's it, why did he go to ALL that bother of everything he's done so far when he could just appear in Winterfell at the start? what is he looking for? who? why did he leave that 1 guy and then throw a head on the floor infront of him like some kind of warning or threat then leave Sam alive knowing he'd go and tell everyone? why do that if he doesn't want to kill everyone?. If we went to ALL that bother including making sure he could get past any magical wards by putting that mark on Bran then maybe he's wanting to get into some where... but why?. A scary thought that just occured to me is that Bran and The Three Eyed Raven went back to watch The First Men being turned into The Night King but we know he can see Wargs and Green Seers when Warging, so what if he is wanting revenge against those who turned him? and what if he thought The Three Eyed Raven and Bran were involved? but then wouldn't he know that if he can see into Bran's mind because of The Mark? just a thought that may not be true because revenge is such an underwhelming reason for what's going in but neverless... wires can get crossed so never know lol.
Subtitle portuguese please
Talking Thrones (19 days ago)
I dont know how..
Eric Bedenbaugh (20 days ago)
I have a feeling the Night King wants to become human again. He needs Bran for his sight, Sam to find the formula and Jon to stab him in the heart with the flaming sword to destroy the dragon glass in his heart. Once he is human the army of the dead will become alive again.
Jack Business (20 days ago)
He went South because the Krispy Kreme hot doughnuts light is on.
Harish T.S (20 days ago)
I think nightkiing is actually a good guy
Yocum88 (20 days ago)
What if the pact that was broken was, “there must always be a Stark at Winterfell” huh? Think about it, it’s one of the main things that’s ALWAYS emphasized in the show. If you pay attention the only things they show for the Night King as activity is when they spared the one Crow. That could have been a warning to the south to not do what they were about to do. As a result it lead to NO Starks at Winterfell, and that’s when all out war started to slowly unfold.
Some men just want to watch the world freeze
Agent Orange (21 days ago)
Night king went south because he knew winter was coming and didn’t want to have to shovel his driveway
Stephi Maneki Neko (21 days ago)
Cersei lost all the warm feelings she was ever able to feel together with her children. That leaves only pure evil (Ice Queen?`). She will do everything to get what she wants now. And thats having her next child! BUT she was told that she will only have 3 children! So is she dying before birth, or was it never ment to be hers? She also exhales cold air - does that already come from the child? Is it going to be born dead, while winter is coming?
Šimun Špoljarić (22 days ago)
Maybe he wants be a human again
Jamie Dacey (22 days ago)
Hi talking thrones I love ur channel anyway I actually have an idea that kinda clicked to me as I was watching hard home last night I don’t know if it has already been brought up but I wanted to throw it out there cause I thought it’s a subtle hint but it’s in your face at the same time which I have always thought GRRM was a pro at doing that through out his story. When Jon is defending hard home from the others at the gate he turns to the hut to go and fetch the dragon glass before it’s to late, won won proceeds to burst out of it and Jon and a thenn walk in. Now correct me if I’m wrong but a walker is walking in at the same time and starts turning his head as if he’s looking for something but noticed he wasn’t alone. Why would the night king send in a walker into that particular hut? There was nothing in there accept for the dragon glass.... what if he needs dragon glass to keep his magic alive? What if the reason they have stirred is because he’s running out and needs more? I might be looking to far into it but it started to make me think a bit. What do you think?
Freedom for U (23 days ago)
Lol...i think little finger is running this channel😂😂
Aleksandar Stamenkovic (24 days ago)
he will go to King"'s Landing no to North. They have milion citizens army for the dead. And he know that they are waiting him at Winterfall.
Will Hawkins Coaching (24 days ago)
Basically, this is how it went down.....he swiped right on Tinder, matched with an absolute belter, she was only visiting the area (north of the wall) and headed back to Winterfell. Because he is a highly motivated individual, sick of changing human babies into white walkers he wants to get down and dirty he's heading to Winterfall to take this gorgeous girl out on a date. just thinking out loud. Great videos by the way TT XX
Amaan Qureshi (24 days ago)
The night king is comin for sansa stark. She ll become the night queen.
The Anti-Christ (24 days ago)
He most likely wants to destroy humans, but maybe with some deeper reason.
Hugo Namur (25 days ago)
Maybe Jon Snow is the reincarnation of the hero, because he is far too honest and full of integrity for a protagonist in the GoT universe :D I wonder if he will become the hero who will unite westeros to defeat the night king. I do believe that there has been some kind of pact in the past that has been broken, or some kind of magic that would force the Night King to hence north, because then it would make sense for him to kill the Raven as he was able to see the past.
pccalcio (25 days ago)
I think it's somewhat simple. The pact was that men should provide little boys to the Night King (as Craster was doing in the first season). The moment men stopped, the Night King reacted.
Lord Mozaner (25 days ago)
He simply felt Starks blood, his blood. He know circle is closing but one thing he dont know is that you cant change the future.
Tira Faison (26 days ago)
I think for the show #5 is most likely the reason given that the scene of his creation by the children in the series. Of course the Night King is just an animation of the great other to oppose R'hllor
Joshua thehand (26 days ago)
I'm just waiting for all of them to see Zombie Hodor kill one of the main characters.. you KNOW that's going to happen.
Panama Craig (26 days ago)
What's the Night King's plan? ..... Easy... Kill all humans.... It shouldn't BE that way, but it is.... GRRM doesn't see the Others as evil like Dan and Dave do... They're horrible entertainment producers
Rob Sanders (27 days ago)
What if the song of ice and fire is: the night king (god of death/darkness) put into a human body by the children of the forest who made a pact with a different god, and rhellor (the god of light/fire) to be embodied or have an avatar of via the prince/princess that is promised. And what do we say to death? Not today.
JacksAdvice (28 days ago)
Knight king just wants a hug but he ends up controlling anyone he touches... so is it real love? is it a real hug? He must hug everyone until he learns! We are all sorry Jesus :(
Full Comic Alchemist (28 days ago)
For some reason I've always thought of the white walkers as the force of preservation by destruction like in the old religious texts like the great flood or sodom and gomorrah and I think if you look at the series of asoiaf one thing the people of Westeros like is to indulge themselves and push everything morally to the extreme until someone stops them but all the more moral centric characters are dead
Petr Maly (28 days ago)
I believe (I'm talking about the books) the army was assembled to free the imprisoned Great Other, the Queen of the Others. She lies in the crypts of Winterfell, with Lightbringer impaled in her chest, still on fire, heating the underground waters, with dead Starks, keeping her as a prisoner - with their swords across their knees, denying her her guest rights, including her freedom to leave. She is the reason the blue roses grow, they grow from her, her flower, symbol of ice. And yes, the sword Ice the Starks have is named after the original one, made of Ice. Starks age guardians. There must always be a Stark in Winterfell. Otherwise, the seal is broken and winter comes. However all of this is nothing compared to the real mystery - Who is Coldhands? I know. Do you?
the flash (28 days ago)
Malasandra is old.omg she was nights Queen
james mayo (28 days ago)
I like the idea of a broken pact, but not between the others and men, but between the old gods (or the children of the forest as the race most in tune with them) and men. In the show the worship of the old gods is fading and being replaced by the seven, weirwoods are being cut down, etc. It could be that when the pact between men and the c.o.f. was made it was stipulated that if the pact is broken the others would return. Just like a machine the night king is simply following his programming; the pact was broken and now the others have been activated as a result. The isle of faces is where the pact was signed, it could be that has something to do with why they seem to be headed there.
Carmen (28 days ago)
Going with the narrative of GOT that history depends on who tells it i would love it if "the others" will turn out to be the good guys. And the wall didnt defend the Kingdom against them but protect them from the powerhungry Kings and Queens we met along the Story of GOT. And the North bloody remembers and is freaking afraid because of that.
Pavel Mecer (28 days ago)
You are forgetting one important thing: the TV show is getting simpler and simpler. This is too complicated. But in the books... why not
Talking Thrones (28 days ago)
dannym300 (28 days ago)
Maybe sams baby is just a distraction, and hes coming for dany's + jons baby as jon is reserected? so the baby will be 'half dead' - which could become a female white walker if the baby is a girl? Would explain why hes coming now if he can see the future, he needed to push jon + dany together to have a child. Would also maybe get around the prophercy about dany not having a living heir?
Nick Steadman (29 days ago)
The wall is magic. The night king had no way to pass the wall until Danny and her dragons.
Zack f (29 days ago)
Talking Thrones (29 days ago)
No, it's tour-wurdz.
James Champaco (29 days ago)
Theyre following the weather - nothing more. As the deep winter is spreading, so is his ambition to increase his land.
Hello! I've just watched your video about the tinfoil theory on the Prince that was promised being Jon and Daenerys son and I thought it was quite interesting! Than I watched this one and started wondering... What if, considering Dany is Azor Ahai and therefore the Princess that was promised and Mirri Maz Duur profecy was about she only being able to be pregnant again when she is dead... Or turned into a White Walker in this case, with the heir of the Night's King in her belly... Maybe it could have something to do with Jon being technically someone who is already dead... She asked more than once about what does Sir Davos meant when he said Jon took a knife in his heart... I hope you have understood what I meant... It would be awesome if you could give me your thoughts about this! Thanks!!!
2100briex (29 days ago)
He chose to move South and break down cuz he has the dragon now that can actually tear down the whole wall
roy kerkhoven (29 days ago)
Ned stark said someting before dieing in season 1 like the packed can / may never been broken to a servant of him.
Jason Bean (29 days ago)
Think about it this way: the dead don't need to eat, at least in this series. They don't need to drink, or have sex. Apart from fire or dragonglass, they are basically immortal. They don't even breathe! While some have internal organs, they don't function anymore. Even in skeletal form, they are mobile, agile and have basically the same abilities they had during their lives. Suppose the NK truly believes death and resurrection under his power is the best possible outcome for all living things, human, plant and animal alike. Certainly, it's madness. But wouldn't being dead make you insane?! I know it would me. No more pizza! Aww..
Jason Bean (29 days ago)
Think about it this way: the dead don't need to eat, at least in this series. They don't need to drink, or have sex. Apart from fire or dragonglass, they are basically immortal. They don't even breathe! While some have internal organs, they don't function anymore. Even in skeletal form, they are mobile, agile and have basically the same abilities they had during their lives. Suppose the NK truly believes death and resurrection under his power is the best possible outcome for all living things, human, plant and animal alike. Certainly, it's madness. But wouldn't being dead make you insane?! I know it would me. No more pizza! Aww..
Josh S (1 month ago)
The first night king looked sooo much better..i hate the new night kings nose..it bothers me
rob stouffer (1 month ago)
Think its a pact to do with a stark always in wintetfell. No stark or guardian of the north there then the south weak and ready to b tsken by whitewalkers. Not sure how timeline matches tho
King Tunchi (1 month ago)
Cuz ned died
GeminiSneed (1 month ago)
Hey man really enjoy your video's. I had a question and would like your opinion. I've read the books is ASOIAF twice but it's been a couple of years. One of the questions is why are the White Walkers back now. Well I remember a conversation in ASOS in one of Jon's chapters between him and Ygritte, it was the chapter they were climbing the wall. Ygritte was really upset and crying when they were finally at the top and Jon thought it was because she almost fell off the wall, but she tells Jon "Not for fear!". Well she goes on to tell him "I'm crying because we never found the Horn of Winter. We opened half a hundred graves and let all those shades loose in the world, and never found the Horn of Joramun to bring this cold thing down!". Now the question I've always had was this what basically woke the White Walkers, and I guess my lean is to yes, but I'm not solid on that. I know Mance had been building his army for years, because of how difficult it is to unite the free fold(wildlings). I know some people say that he's looking for the horn to get away from the White Walkers and that sounds solid except it makes more sense that he wants the horn to bring the wall down so he can lead his people to better more fertile lands to live on, it doesn't make sense to want the horn to bring the wall down to get away from the White Walkers for whom the wall was built to keep out so if he finds the horn and uses it to run from the Walkers he's basically also giving them the green light to follow them. Also some say it's probably just wights but I just don't think Ygritte would be physically upset about loosing some wights who the wildlings know you can easily kill them with fire. Like I said I'm not completely sure about it, but when reading for the first time I assumed that was what woke the White Walkers. Mance had been building his army for years and wanted the horn to use as leverage or to physically use to bring down the wall and march his people to better lands. I think his wanting to find this horn so badly he started digging up graves and just dug up the wrong graves and whatever spell or deal that had kept the White Walkers away had somehow woken them, probably magic reentering the world, much like what allowed the dragons to be born. I was just curious as to what you think or what your opinion might be on this subject.
Annette Smith (1 month ago)
What would death say!
bustermk2 (1 month ago)
Why would the Night king want to kill everybody? He relies on living humans to provide him with babies that he can turn into white walkers. Unless the others are immortal killing all humans will eventually lead to their own demise.
Gee Mac72 (1 month ago)
Since they don't talk, how will we ever know?
Daniel Oliveira (1 month ago)
Rui (1 month ago)
The theory that the Nigh King is fleeing from something worst than them is Very Interesting Indeed! (based on that ... And What if The Night King and the WhiteWalkers are already fleeing from Azor Ahai itself ? ) - Portugal
The NIGHT KING IS Charger Targaryean... The Prince who Proised and Betrayed by Wveryine!!! Even his sister he never met!! Like Viserys!! That's why he took Viserion, to Remind her of her betrayal!!
Nights Kings Landing!!!The Pact was Broken with the Baratheons committing a blood Crime thru Jaimie!!!
William West (1 month ago)
Man I love the thoery of the Night King running from something else. With an army like his and a dragon..thats a serious power he's running from.
Imani Scott (1 month ago)
its possible he wants to take over the world but because he left people survive it tells me he's more interested in something else. I want to believe that without babies his life force is draining, but the problem with that is that he can create kids of his own right? And they'be taken plenty of women at some point already right? Why not mate with them? I also want to believe that he is seeking a queen, one that can rule with him, but I feel odd about this one too because why not send scouts, they won't be defeated really anyway and just kidnap a few women, why on earth do you need a whole army to do that? I like to believe that the NK wants to flee from something, but this one seems like a lazy plot twist like thing. What could be more powerful than zombies that can only really be killed by glass made from dragon's fire? We've already seen dragons, we've seen giants, we have seen fire proof people (danny), we've seen two other types of zombies (the mountain, and i forgot his name but the dude living in the gave that challenged the hound to a fight, lost and was brought back to life by a drunk priest) and we've seen seers and (technically, the children of the forest) elves. I seriously doubt there is something worse than frozen zombies that refuse to die for anything besides some glass made by a dragon. I believe that the Night King is actually doing two things, he is waging war because of some broken treaty that was forgotten, and he is also seeking the throne. I am convinced that a forgotten treaty was made and with it being broken/forgotten, the NK started his invasion. He also decided that destroying everything wouldn't be in his best interest, for whatever reason, and decided that he will also take the throne and with him ruling the continent he would have both sacrifices and the end of the god's eye (assuming that there aren't god's eyes in the other continents that weren't connected to the one on the isle of faces). but whatever he wants I know I want season 8!
GreenOlivia (1 month ago)
He cannot kill all humans. They will run out of army too. It is the universal balance. Perhaps, he just wants to be prominent race and not the underground creatures anymore.
Tim Rafferty (1 month ago)
So the Dallas cowboys will win a Super Bowl ...
moisesalva (1 month ago)
Bran is the Night King. Do to figure out what the Night King wants, figure out what Bran wants. He will learn something we don't know yet what it is
Billy Lyons (1 month ago)
It could be just symbolic. The NK is winter and he's spreading as winter does. In winter time you have dead looking trees and the the NK has dead people as his army. Ice and fire can not both exist in the same space at the same time so they're destined to destroy each other. Just as winter spares some trees the NWers spares a few people.

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