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What Does The Night King Actually Want? - Game of Thrones Season 8 (Theories)

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Welcome back for another Game of Thrones Season End Game Theories Video. Today I am talking about the various reasons why 'The Others' are heading south. They have been active for years, but why are they just now moving south? What is the Night King's Plan? Does the Night King have a motive? Where are 'The Others' going next? These are some of the most important questions we need answered, but unfortunately we do not know enough about them. We found out the Children of the Forest created the Night King, but we still don't know the Night King's true identity. According to the creators of this show, there will be 3 big twists. I'm expecting the last one to involve the Night King, but how?.. Where do you think the Night King is going? Does he want a Night's Queen, or Gilly's son? Let me know what you think down below. Thanks for watching! Images and video clips from Game of Thrones are property of their creators, used here under fair use. Support my channel on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TalkingThrones Follow me on Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/Talking_Thrones The Others Artwork By: http://www.magali-villeneuve.com Outro Music: Light of the Seven Remix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXCuTo-x0Wc&app=desktop
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El Tigre (12 hours ago)
After the april fools day vid I dont trust you anymore.
Richard Alexander (14 hours ago)
An ancient pact may not have been broken at all...it may simply be time to renew it
April Cooper (14 hours ago)
He wants to die. That's all he wants. Bran is the Night King, he merged his mind with the sacrifice the children of the forest used to create the white walkers. He has been stuck throughout the time of the past. They had an agreement and the Night King honored it, but when he realized that his actual time in here he started making plans. He knows that as long as Westeros keeps fighting amongst themselves he will continue to be alone. Seeing the dragons return and the possibility of someone powerful to destroy him, he marches towards his death. He set the trap for 2 reasons. One, to see if Snow is powerful enough to stop him and two, to get a dragon to take down the wall so he can initiate a war. He knows the prophecies and can see them happening. He simply wants the prophecy to be fulfilled, he wants to die.
erik shaffer (19 hours ago)
I've given this quite a bit of thought I just rewatched this for the third time or so I'm thinking that the main reason the night King and the white walkers are coming back is that there aren't enough children the forest to keep them at Bay with their magic anymore so they're coming back because they can
Rojen K George (1 day ago)
He is coming to meet the best swordsman podrick😁😁
Rabbi Pepe (2 days ago)
He wants Hotpies Cookin
Nivesh Krishna (2 days ago)
You missed a very famous theory, Bran himself is the NK. Trying to stop the NK, Bran goes back to the age of First Men even before the NK was made. Children of the forest catch him and turn him into the NK.
Willz __ (2 days ago)
Whoa, that monotone tone...
Sean Last (3 days ago)
the Night King wants to purify Westeros of the hate and devastation the human kind has delt upon the land by killing and resurrecting them as whites he believes he is saving Westeros.
Bree Lovexoxo (3 days ago)
Now I’m thinking 3 months later ☺️
Jordon Jensen (3 days ago)
Who shovel punched him into speaking this way?
Babar Kirmani (3 days ago)
NK is going to king's landing to kill Cersie's unborn child because he doesn't want someone born of incest to sit on iron throne. He could not come when Targaryens were sitting on iron throne because he was afraid of dragons and he had weak army as well plus he had not marked anyone from south of the wall.
Mike Croxson (3 days ago)
Someone spit on his grave. He's gonna finish them.
He is marching chasing the wildlings.
FireSkidd (4 days ago)
Azor Ahai is Samwell Tarly confirmed.
Jon H (5 days ago)
The knight king braucht Lebensraum
THUG LIFE (5 days ago)
Wun Wun To The Sea. i wanna cry i heard. but i dont know why
suicide kid (6 days ago)
he wants to sex cersei with his ice dik
ProfRaccoon (6 days ago)
The Night King was a former IBB (Iron Bank of Braavos) employee, who was send to the Forest Children to piss them off, such that they used their magic and turned (as anticipated by the IBB) him into a universal threat 'night king', which is the logical method to unite all thrones under one leader. It is easier for the IBB to send their many-faced-god assassin to the remaining leader, to put themselves on the iron throne once and for all. The NK wants to freeze the assets of the IBB (and his former boss) to avenge himself, and liberate all kingdoms from their eternal IBB debt, a debt that turned everyone into footsoldiers and whores in the first place. The IBB financed all thrones for warfare with fools gold for ages. The first 3eyed raven (also an IBB agent) foresaw that Bran would make a mistake, which would unleash the Night King and eternal winter into the southern lands, according to IBB plan. So now you know how the game of thrones is played (think: "scared magical physicist", atom bombs, nuclear winter, united nations, world bank debt, new world order, secret societies, obscured knowledge and top classified technology). Time to acquire old and new knowledge, like Sam, and we might have a slim chance of survival.
jagarzond (7 days ago)
The NK is Rhaegar Targaryen. He'll come to Winterfell to raise Lyanna and get revenge of everyone.
john francone (8 days ago)
I haven't read pages and pages of theories like many people have (though I am super interested) but so far in my "thrones theories" education, I haven't heard anyone mention that the NK might be seeking some kind of way to turn himself back into a regular human. Maybe take the iron throne and after he is sitting on it, have something help him return to humanity
Bamboo Shuffle (8 days ago)
He wants to raise awareness, Cold life matters!
Night King (8 days ago)
Theory #1 is correct. I am fleeing from Chuck Norris
Sushma Cheedalla (8 days ago)
Coz it's too cool in north,So he wanna come south 😂
setvenharis (9 days ago)
Where did you get the image of the Night King with beard on the thumbnail for this video?
Isaiah Gideon (9 days ago)
They just want to know what podrick did to those hoes
FizzY (9 days ago)
Anyone think little fingers got anything to do with the NK/WW ?
FizzY (9 days ago)
Oh and i think hes alive cuz apparently in the scene where arya is spying on him in the shed thingy he pays a girl a faceless man coin to turn into him when he gets accused for murder/treason and gets killed but it was actually the girl who gets killed not petyr balish and he disappears somewhere ?
Sean Francis (9 days ago)
This music is freaking me out
ken ove Tangen (9 days ago)
he only wants to lay down at the beach and get a tan :D
DrBiddle (9 days ago)
the night king and the nights king are two different charcters, as the night king came before the nights king. but its true he met what can only be described as a female other.
Killface Killer (9 days ago)
He wants to hear the ending of Tyrion's joke.
T. S. Simonsen (10 days ago)
Burger King foot lettuce.
splinter360 (11 days ago)
I'd actually like it to be number 5. For them to be pure evil with no emotion or reason.
Peter Quinn (11 days ago)
The key to what the night king wants is near the very beginning. The famous scene where the 3 rangers from the watch encounter the butchered wildlings is a message. What we see is a girl fixed to a tree; body parts arranged in a circle with a line right through it; some random body parts and heads on short stakes. The circle with a line through it represents a womans genitals; the random parts moon blood and the heads on stakes children. In the book Daenerys is 13 at the start, the girl is about the same age or slightly less. The night king is saying that his woman has reached the age that she can have children. He expects her to be handed over. It must be Daenerys because she is linked repeatedly to the night king. This arrangement must be part of the ancient peace deal somehow. When she is not handed over the night king gets more and more angry.
Narayan Ojha (11 days ago)
He waited all this years fr dragon to grow big enough to release Fire. Thn he set a trap fr dragon & now he is on this way
Kevin Raphael (11 days ago)
Those ugly duckers 🤬
Ninko (12 days ago)
#1-4 Are pretty strange in the sense they assume that the Night King has goals or ambition. But honestly #5 seems like the best, considering that it's most likely that the Night King is just doing what he was created to do. Also, I don't think #7 will occur. If it was really going to happen, it should have been foreshadowed much earlier.
Nancy-Jo Nunez (12 days ago)
I think the Night King could be coming after Bran because he, Bran, could be Azor Ahai.
bluerisk (12 days ago)
A tall ginger as bride...wasn't he ginger to back in the day. Sansa is so damn unlucky with future husbands...
Ryan Powell (12 days ago)
NK turns baby boys into WW's.. What about a baby girl into the NQ? Cersei's baby perhaps?
Paradise Fallen (12 days ago)
I think that the night king is controlled by someone actually !
Dev Patel (12 days ago)
The reason could only be that the long night was near when the story started.
June Buenavista (13 days ago)
Since this is the Song of Ice and Fire, maybe the WWs are heading south to trigger another version of the Doom of Valyria, only this time it’s an icy one? That way, the Children of the Forest can avenge themselves... (and they can keep themselves safe since it was revealed in the show they can cast a spell that protects them from the WWs)
Josh 100 (14 days ago)
night king is bran trying to kill his younger self
Cody Shelton (13 days ago)
Very unlikely.
God Emperor Darrin (14 days ago)
* Others fleeing greater threat than themselves.....Uhm...No. * Others trying to stop Daenerys and her dragons...No. (If dragons were a serious threat...Others would have acted during early times of Targaryen regime...When there were more dragons...and greater threat.) * Ancient Pact broken. Yes. This makes most sense to me...No communities north of the wall...And men must offer sons in tribute (not sacrifice). plus it took time to build 100,000 army. * Fulfilling the purpose of his creation...Maybe. But I think NK and Walkers have free will...So...No.
Robert Nielsen (14 days ago)
Hopefully the third twist is with starships technodragons and aliens.
Shannon Allen (14 days ago)
He didn't attempt to breach the wall but all of a sudden he was killing off wildlings at an alarming rate and more and more members of the Night's Watch. I think he was using sacrifices were to raise an army to invade the south rather than he invaded the south because they stopped. It is actually all but spelled out that's what he was doing with them.
Elliott J (15 days ago)
Returned from where?
KelsaRavenlock (15 days ago)
he had no dragon to take down the wall and once he did he hit the wall as his next action. It would seem that regardless of his reason for marching his timing was simply a matter of access to a new weapon. If you wanted to make a case based on timing then you would have to look to when the earlier failed attempt was.
toma140803 3 (15 days ago)
I believe it was the ancient pact
Andreas Jensen (15 days ago)
Sam wasnt spared- What are you talking about? The very next season they showed how he wasnt spotted by them
CaptainMeoow (15 days ago)
The night king came to bring balance in the world again, yes it is Danearys who wants to break the wheel, but will she with her dragons? No, as her children will have dragons and their children will have dragons and there will always be a unfair balance and risk that the wheel can be recreated. The night king comes to destroy the dragons, the targaryens and everyone who will harm the world and try to rule all alone. So I guess we can say goodbye to Arya, the many faced god, the bank, the dragons, the fleet of the iron hills, the mountain and many more people, but for sure the iron throne.
Valentina Risica (15 days ago)
In my opinion what the NK wants could never be a random queen. I mean it's entirely possible that back when he was human he had some sort of partner, let's say a wife, but I don't believe that that's his motive. I believe the army of the dead is the punishment for the sins that humans made, so the NK's motive could either be killing all the living, to complete his original task or he's trying reach a particular place, that could be either Winterfell or another one, to find the reborn Azor Ahai. If the latter is proven right, the NK could want either to defeat Azor Ahai or to make a pact with him, a pact that is gong to be forever respected and not forgotten like the one he probably made with the original Hero to keep the peace. But we'll see how it all ends very soon, I hope.🙊❤
Rehan Shams (15 days ago)
night king a vegan or not... curious to know.. I dont see him eating anything so far...????
Barbara Reed (16 days ago)
That is one of my theories that the night King is going to free his Queen they took her after they turned him trying to keep him under control and that's the pact that was broken but he wasn't strong enough to come get her till now I thought he is looking for his Queen and it and she very well may be at Winterfell.
Mike Dubya (16 days ago)
Wondering if Jon Snow will become the new night King and lead the wights back North
David Carson (16 days ago)
The Night King was created to destroy all men they explained this very clearly in the tv series so why are these theories even being thrown around?
Scott Radcliffe (16 days ago)
I like the one about the night king running from something worse than himself.
Ty (14 days ago)
LOL, the undead do not run in fear from anything. They are undead.
Michael Desir (16 days ago)
I think it ha to do with the deal that was struck long ago, I remember lady Stark telling her son Robert " there must always be a Stark in winterfell" an for a long time, there were no Starks there, there were Greyjoys, Boltons, i think it has to do with the blood line, Winterfell may be a prison, and the Stark familly may have long ago made a deal to be its WARDEN, warden of the north.........
Huz ! (16 days ago)
Night king wants a good night with cersei or danaerys
Áron Nemcsik (16 days ago)
I think the Night King isn't bad. I think he might have gotten a "sign" that he"needed". When Winterfell was burned to the ground something get freed from there. What if he saw that and just try to get there with an army large ehough to defeat whatever was that. We never get a Comfirmation about what's under Winterfell could be hot water from a Vulcan or a dragon or Azor Ahai sword that keep them warm during the winters. Might be just that When Winterfell was destroyed the "flame" that kept them alive at winter was the one that made the Night King brave enough to gather an army and March south. Since Bran the builder built it with the help of the children of the forest and magic it might contains something that was important.
sam bishop (16 days ago)
He is looking for a cure. He doesn't want to be a white walker anymore and has worked out how Bran is going to cure him. That's why he reached out and grabbed him
Tito Brozzi (17 days ago)
It could be more than just one cause , he was building an army with intentions to move , that old man was allow to live in exchange for his baby boys . The night king is looking for a throne , a Queen and the dragons.
Jason Saville (17 days ago)
He just wants to work on his tan. Nothing like a good bronze!
two sciles italy (18 days ago)
There must always be a stark in the north.Its sort of like oblivion when the last emperor dies. Thats how the walls magic works.
John-Henry Smith (18 days ago)
Game of thorns
Derek Meeks (19 days ago)
I hope the twists don't ruin the series.
Jinn Mallik (19 days ago)
mate has a question, loving GOT this makes me uncomfortable... since last running rampant raging the Knight King, Night King many have died why don't the King do his magic raising from every shallow grave every cemetery... Kind of sure the King his past actions make very clear he the Knight King comes well intelligent why has he not raised all the dead... please help.
D Ellz (19 days ago)
The Knight King is looking for some Fire Head.😨🤤😲
Jay (19 days ago)
Nature does not view Humans as part of their world.
Koleton Nelson (19 days ago)
We know that the Night King can't have been active until only a few decades ago, and that since his return, he's been slowly waging a genocidal war on the wildlings, most likely simply to build his forces. I think the real question is-what or who awoke/freed him?
TheLionsize08 (19 days ago)
I believe it’s either, because Jon Snow was reborn as Azor Ahai or the NightKing was simply waiting for a dragon to become strong enough. Maybe he knew the only way to breach the wall and invade the lands of Westeros was to lure a dragon 🐉 to him first then take it over!!!
Grargle Jobber (20 days ago)
lol the way you speak gets to me sometimes. >normal person "Isle of faces" >You "alafaycis"
Giray Bekarlar (20 days ago)
It may sound non-sense but... What if summer slowly comes to way too north, and it pushes WWs to the south? I mean all of you guys are assuming that planetos is flat. If it is spherical and has a different rotating axis than earth, we can hope that one side of planet experiencing winter and other south. Which is changing as series continue. lol just saying i am not a hard fan or theorist but some of you guys can make a theory out of this simple idea!
crazy observations (21 days ago)
he wants dornish wine
hadani habeshawi (21 days ago)
The Night King was created thousands of years ago. Trapped in the north by the wall built with spells and magic, and cursed with all the ability to raise the dead, he wants to either DIE or TURN BACK INTO HUMAN. Whatever magic the Children of The Forest used to make him immortal, could probably be reversed. He probably hates his existence, hence, his march to where he was created and undo all that was done unto him.
Sal Robertson (21 days ago)
This is a stretch. "Ice" may also refer to Jon Snow, rather than the Night King, after all...
clayton woodford (22 days ago)
Sam.started the March by killing the wite that came for gillies baby. Sam... you bastard!
Talion of Gondor (23 days ago)
Another option would be that the invasion is actually the fault of stannis Baratheon and the followers of the Lord of Light cutting down the Weretrees of the old gods. Since the Children of the Forest created the Night King to stop the first men from cutting down all the trees.
Talion of Gondor (23 days ago)
I Perosnally think the Night king returns because the sacrifices have stopped and he became active because they were in danger in the first place. There are 2 clues for that : First in the legends about the Nights King it's all about him sacrificing children to the Others. And if the Nights King is the last hero I think that is what was offered the others in exchange for not invading Westeros. 2. Furthermore we see they are still all about children and the first time we see the white walkers Actually hunting someone is when Sam takes a child that was promised to them away from there reach. I think this is what triggered the invasion, sacrificing children to the walkers was the humans end if the bargain and now it was broken so the Night King comes to claim his price. Children
Christian Vogelbein (23 days ago)
In the whole of Game of Thrones, the Nights King wants Babys. So he is comming big Time to take the jon/dany Baby to becomme bis heir.
brandon spencer (23 days ago)
I believe the night King wants to go back to where he was turned into a white and try and turn himself Human again.
Kurt Baringer (23 days ago)
The wall was built to keep humans out of the north which was supposed to be the Night King's territory. He could have speared Jon or any of the heroes, but didn't... why? He's probably after Princess Bubblegum. He figured that since he shaved his beard, she might find him attractive enough to marry.
AndroidHackz (23 days ago)
white walkers want to kill humanity? No if they want to they wouldnt spare sam.
AndroidHackz (23 days ago)
+Talking Thrones woops didnt here the whole commentary sorry😫😅
Talking Thrones (23 days ago)
That wasn't by choice, that was for plot purposes. Watch the commentary from that episode...
Trackappeal (23 days ago)
The knight king returns for the offspring of Jon and Dany. Their child will have to be sacrificed to save mankind.
Know Won (23 days ago)
not sure how long targarian reign was but what if knight king made a pact with targarian line and robert breaking the targarian line nullified the pact as was made with targarians so only valid in their reign. so when the mad king was replaced that's when they started. what if it wasn't the birth of a new threat but the removal of an old one that gave them the opportunity to rise again?
Know Won (23 days ago)
like the power vacuum and internal conflict from the end of at era/dynasty is just an opportunity they have been waiting for so they are just a reflection of man's self destructive struggle with it's self and it's the conflict of man that strengthens and encourages the night king. as the army is made from the dead, would need conflict or disease to get started in the first place and tip numbers in their favor. and thinking about it the white walkers have risen as man's internal conflicts have risen and escalated. so then it becomes the age old story of the only way to defeat a common enemy is to put aside petty rivalry and unit against a common foe which as we know with george if he looks like he is leading you somewhere then a tangent is coming like a nuclear bomb or something unpredictable to destroy that obvious cliche he has beautifully lead you to.
Ky Thong (23 days ago)
many favourites will dieee... whhyyyyyyYYYYYY....
L7057B7 11F19 (23 days ago)
The night king wants to die. So he has to destroy the magic keeping him alive.
Chris Harris (24 days ago)
The real reason the Nightking is coming south is that there Fleeing Santa Claus his army of Elves and Reindeer are the real threat.
Gia Picklz (24 days ago)
Maybe that comet is back, only this time it is going to hit that particular area and wipe them out unless they move? I know that's completely out there. Not so out there: Bran also gets thrown from the tower not long after the Rangers in the Pilot Episode...it also triggers the warging (we see Bran falling from UNDER...where Summer was sitting at the time; it's Summer's POV when we see that fall). A connection there, maybe?
CancerGaming Boi (24 days ago)
What is gilly’s baby is Azor Ahai
God Emperor (24 days ago)
Why does no one attempt to ask him?
TJ (24 days ago)
The NK is moving with the season, winter has come and with it terrors.
Some Day (25 days ago)
I think the night king is coming for his replacement aka Jon Snow, and that Jon will defeat him and Bran will go north of the wall to become the next Bloodraven for the next azor ahai
Justin Amendt (25 days ago)
Why do you talk like a robot
Quantum Brotherhood (25 days ago)
Maybe he suffering from cold and want to taste some summer wine in kings landing 😂
Mihir Lavande (25 days ago)
Stark built the wall and made the Night King pay for it. He's just crossing it to look for a job.
Cláudio Borges (25 days ago)
thais one crucial point: why they did not killed sam??? do they have a way to see pure hearts and not killed them? or does the NK wants revenge on someone especific?? i think so....
Cláudio Borges (25 days ago)
A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE IS JON SNOW... STARK+TARGERYAN.... so at the end he either be the ruller os westeros or the peaceful new night king (as ultimate sacrifice.. kinda like davy jones.. dutchman must have a captain)
George (25 days ago)
It has to be that the night king has seen an imbalance between ice and fire (after all it is a song of ice and fire not war between ice and fire). One has to exist for the other this may coincide with the absence of the targaryens from the throne. (This is similar to how the new Star Wars is seeing the force) It also matches GRRM’s thing about how there is not good and bad there is a blur one has to go with the other.

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