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Dragon Ball Xenoverse - OVERPOWERED FRIEZA ! (Online Player Matches #14)

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Text Comments (32)
ma. melendrez (7 months ago)
Crunchy 👏👏👍👍👍👌👌💯💯❤️
Dark Kiara (2 years ago)
What makes you the best stupid crunchy player even if we battle you and me you would not beat me or try to escape
ApolloCrow (2 years ago)
you're the worst dB xenoverse player ever, I havent seen you win a battle and you cant shut the fuck up
Zayzo YT (2 years ago)
dont talk about runners and then run
Superman (2 years ago)
Voce nunca para de falar ? meu deus.
Wildboy 3443 (3 years ago)
do more until🌞
Wildboy 3443 (3 years ago)
Why won't you talk online with the people 😕 you got ⏰
Wildboy 3443 (3 years ago)
+iAmCrunchy1 oh u ever tried gta 5
iAmCrunchy1 (3 years ago)
+Alexander Peeples A lot of people can't keep a conversation going so id rather just commentate over the video
Nadine Viruet (3 years ago)
Be supersayin goku god
Ali Ali-jaberri (3 years ago)
I'm trying to watch dragon ball z battle of gods 2 full movie english dub it says click the link in Description
fnaf series (3 years ago)
i want to play with you.
Jmarion Gater (3 years ago)
Your guy looks like goku from the revivals of f movie
Jadi Rua (3 years ago)
Sup chrunchy 1 nice gameplay
Psn codes plz (3 years ago)
Iamcrunchy1 to be honest I like the vegeta costume better 👍🙌
Ball And Kicks (3 years ago)
childersabc (3 years ago)
Really crunchy you said you would play as ssj2 gohan next time
jose zetina (3 years ago)
Crunchy when dlc 3 comes out get warp kamehameha for your character
shaquille sommerville (3 years ago)
Crunchy you played in destroyed namek. That's when gogeta ssj 4 beat you and your team up
Epilogue X2 (3 years ago)
Do a draw my life
jose zetina (3 years ago)
Crunchy whens the next livestream
Dennis Ameyaw (3 years ago)
Crunchy put tien as your master his ultimate is awesome
Ali Ali-jaberri (3 years ago)
Haha small for the bitch's
wwe ford (3 years ago)
Crunchy 50K subscribers that is amazing I can remember when you had 100 subscribes man good job pal
LL Saiyan (3 years ago)
sorry for the talking in the background Crunchy    xD one of those voices aren't mine :P\ Sorry i didnt help but i wanted to watch the 1v1
Zman ImaGamer (3 years ago)
+LL Saiyan Hey LL and Crunchy it's your boy Z/Zo/Zman from the vid. Funny thing is I actually hadn't subbed you until You guys alerted me of your channel that day but I'm glad you did because you both seem to be pretty cool guys. Crunchy kept saying I was running when I was looping around for another rush attack XD It pained me to use that item but when you get stuck with a weak random what are you supposed to do? Those were some really fun matches we had and I hope to fight with or against you guys some time again :) Jesus I had no idea my mic was that loud XD peace!
FreshBoomin2p (3 years ago)
That was dope two super sayian gods against each other that was cool but bitch ass move there don't run like a bitch again not to be mean
Comicz_n_Gamez (3 years ago)
Continue both budokai tenkaichi 3 and raging blast 2 on your channel...plzz
anthony fields (3 years ago)
what do u use to record on this video its not fraps is it
My House (3 years ago)
Hey crunchy whats ur gamertag in ps4 because i really want to play with u ill do anything to play with u
Alan (3 years ago)
Casual_ Weeb_ (3 years ago)
First beside creator of vid

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