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The Sopranos - Look On Down From the Bridge

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Look on Down From the Bridge - Mazzy Star
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Oscar Lorde (2 months ago)
This show is fucking great
adriantino (7 months ago)
what a video 👏👏👏
James Garner (8 months ago)
Tougher men have cried over this kinda shit
Chris St (11 months ago)
not nearly as good as how RnM used it
Oscar Lorde (2 months ago)
Chris St Rick and Morty is shit
wsplatinum (8 months ago)
guess we are lucky that this isn't the way the Sopranos used it..
Brandon Marshall (1 year ago)
boy this is like a gut punch. what an incredible series.
Tony Kim (1 year ago)
Rick and Morty brought me here
I've Seen Better (1 year ago)
when you drink a bottle of wine a night and contemplate on life
SKELEMOURN (1 year ago)
This video sums up the entire Sopranos series perfectly.
andrew7taylor (2 years ago)
This is amazing! Very well done!

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