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Are we ready to get married?

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Text Comments (52942)
Chris Ang (1 hour ago)
<3 Perfect match made in heaven :) such chemistry you guys have :D
Venus (2 hours ago)
I want to cry I'm so so happy for both of you
kendra mendoza (5 hours ago)
I can't wait to see marzia go dress shopping for the wedding!
D C (8 hours ago)
The only thing I find annoying is they both own pugs..
MysticEcho 306 (9 hours ago)
Yay Congrats to you guys.💑
Nommix (9 hours ago)
congratulations pewds!
C o r a l i n e ! (12 hours ago)
*fighting about how often they fight* #RELATIONSHIPGOALS <3
Delta Playz (12 hours ago)
СУКА БЛЯТЬ - Fucking bitch
spaceboy 2 (13 hours ago)
Copystrike Luna😂
Ironhide Autobot (14 hours ago)
finally you guys are ingaged and congrats
Sarah Sahara (15 hours ago)
if they ever have children theyre gonna be models
iluha :D (15 hours ago)
СУКА БЛЯТЬ🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺 Феликс, я твой подписчик из России
Gunadi JR (16 hours ago)
Can you give a subtitle indonesia lenguage
Ha Hahaha (19 hours ago)
thats how i sound with helium.
Tobias Demetz (23 hours ago)
Are you going to invite Logan Paul to your marriage?
Tobias Demetz (23 hours ago)
the voice is a bit to high i think haha
Otagirl (1 day ago)
Congrats !!! You're so cuuute
Black Parade (1 day ago)
later that day
Kenzie Dorey (1 day ago)
I like how Mia is just laying there XD
REM erguvan (1 day ago)
FlutterMations (1 day ago)
*FlashBacks on Kinect Party*
Tarzanboy Gaming (1 day ago)
She punches him and he’s like “owww owww” 😅
Augustas B (1 day ago)
Daammm,I'm so happy for Pewds and Martzia.They finally doing it I was waiting for this moment so long,buut at the same time I'm sinking in depression cause I'm in 3 year old realathionship right now and it has gone to real shit and I'm thinking about ending it and waching this vid ,waching at them being so happy makes my happy to for them but also depressed cause my realathionship right now is shit.But anyways I wishh you all the best!
Kushikimi Neko (1 day ago)
maya is so cute sleeping.
Dino Saure (1 day ago)
congrats, man.
fuckkk yall yalll (1 day ago)
Shripa Pradhan (1 day ago)
"I will be your punching bag" I swear to god I want this in their vows. AAHHHHHHH
loendsti (2 days ago)
congrats to both of you.
Mythr Anjeng! (2 days ago)
Invite jackfilms
Haley Dye (2 days ago)
did they record the proposal ?
McGamer 64 (2 days ago)
Pewds lied he asked Edgar first but he said no
Rich Link (2 days ago)
What a Cute Cupcake!! Looks like J.Lennons place at the Dakota.
Rich Link (2 days ago)
They, first both married themselves, Congratulations two you both. lol!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Just Kidding. Russian?
Brooke Being Random (2 days ago)
SunnyYT (2 days ago)
Urtė Urtė (2 days ago)
Well i am going straight to the face , i wonder how pewds kids would look like and i am happy that he aint gay (nO oFfEnSe)
twostep traveller (2 days ago)
Kyra Sinclair (2 days ago)
the end had me screaming...
Do Minic (2 days ago)
You guys are uniqe marzia is french and felix is swedisu
Do Minic (2 days ago)
Congrats felix
Just ShtUrMoViK (2 days ago)
Сука блять
Caira Cookie (3 days ago)
I wasn’t looking at my wrist for the thing
Stew-A-Rew (3 days ago)
Your getting married mattpats at having a child my youtubes children r growing up
Katyushka (3 days ago)
Marzia nudes at 100 mil subs, Marzia x Felix sex tape at 500 mil
Mew MewHisui (3 days ago)
Yaaaaaay~!!!!! FINALLY!!!💕💕💕💕
Ayane Rouyi (3 days ago)
literally goals af
Roberto Corsini (3 days ago)
Povero Felix hahahah
Tsuki E No Neko (3 days ago)
rip matthias
Maliken (3 days ago)
She wantcha money pewdz. GO YOUR OWN WAY BRO #mgtow **punches hole in the wall and screeches autistically**
Mr Slick (3 days ago)
Pewdiepie : *dates gf for 8 years before proposing* MerkMusic : *proposes the instance he sees his gf irl*
nr Dlili (3 days ago)
I'm waiting for pewds to react to pauls brothers fight with ksi
Roziana Rahmat (3 days ago)
Congratulation 💘
Ahyet Şahin (3 days ago)
now I am sad, you are looking like "gonna divorce" so much, seriously I am sad now, do not get divorced plz
Dana Schwab (3 days ago)
Sooo cute!!!!
aidel zamri (3 days ago)
Gudluck for the wedding
Cid Vlogs (3 days ago)
Technical Ndeso (3 days ago)
Niceeeeeee,,,, i like content videos with your gf felix its very niceee
Stevearonisoup 13 (3 days ago)
Awwwwwww you guys are so cute 😍
RadenWA (3 days ago)
"How do you find their quirk" Didn't know you guys were UA Superheroes :|
LalaLulu (3 days ago)
THIS IS BEAUTIFUL It's been like 5 years since I actively watched Youtube videos and I can't believe they're getting married!!
cotton candy (3 days ago)
cyka blyat
KikBakGamez (3 days ago)
You can rarely even see Pewdiepie this humble and chill nowadays :) only with Marzia.
Roi des trolls (3 days ago)
best t-shirt evar СУКА
Toma janu (3 days ago)
Pews u should first let you upload the gaming channel videos...then u can marry marzia
WalrusRider (4 days ago)
Marzia sounds like an Italian Bernadette from Big Bang Theory. So cute lol
Reni Shira (4 days ago)
Wow Even you guys believe in that ball thing in your wrist
Zetsu Akatsuki (4 days ago)
13:27 so cute
Satira afk (4 days ago)
10:50 xdxdxdxd
Rubikcubik Games (4 days ago)
Matthias names his baby Luna
Aditya A.N. (4 days ago)
You 2 are one of the few couples that I can say "They'll make it! Without any further doubts"
Natalia Skyburg (4 days ago)
i remember a long time ago like maybe 1-2 years into their relationship, he made a video in the bathroom saying something about marzia and how she burnt something. but i absolutely love them together, 7 years man. 7 years.
Gacha tina (4 days ago)
Look at the cute puppy!!!!!!!!
Chaos Guardian (4 days ago)
what does a red flag means
Футболка огнь :)
Carl Joshua Hernandez (4 days ago)
Is Maya sleeping on that time? 😂
SARA YK (5 days ago)
Omg her voice is so sweet 🙏
Xtiana X (5 days ago)
About fuckin time! Congrats 👏💗
Carandang Boys (5 days ago)
Is that cyka............. BLYAAAAATTT
Kinja Zakkà (5 days ago)
04:46 serious pew
Fat Panda (5 days ago)
You look like San Holo
Gyuren Dakke (5 days ago)
Edgar as Bible bearer. Maya as Ring bearer or flower pug.
Alex Russo (5 days ago)
That’s the highest voice I have ever heard
The Daily Meme (5 days ago)
Congratulation poods and marzia
Ellie Rhinier (5 days ago)
I guess Im having 2 kids
Parul Gupta (5 days ago)
How long they are with each other
Ben Bertram (5 days ago)
ITS ABOUT FREAKING TIME PEWDS ITS ABOUT FREAKING TIME Honestly though I’m extremely excited. Congrats man! 🍆🍑❤️❤️🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉
CREED (5 days ago)
*relies on a stupid marrage quiz to determine if they are going to get married*
Holymoly (5 days ago)
Italian woman 😏
TrueMew (5 days ago)
Pewds=Soy Boy
LukeIsAlive (5 days ago)
"How could you do this to me, I gave you seven years of my life"
SuP3r V33r (5 days ago)
Did someone notice Maya lying behind marzia
Sian A. M. (5 days ago)
If you have a boy, you should name him Timmy because we have seen how much you like that name.
leo manata (5 days ago)
What's with that woman's voice
caren martinez (5 days ago)
Awwww 😂 everyone is hoping to have this type of relationship after watching this video. Dead ass, they look so cute and honest with each other.
M l (5 days ago)
I used to do that sometimes to my girlfriend. I'd loudly ask her if she farted in a public place. Now she's making summertime else :(
M l (9 hours ago)
no. you don't start doing that to someone until you're already pretty close, which only happens after compatibility has been established. someone compatible with me would not consider that a dealbreaker. :)
Paula J (1 day ago)
M l did she leave you ?
ISA BELA (5 days ago)
marzia is my bycicle name
mathew norman (5 days ago)
It was so disgustingly cute...
Doop Let Coop (5 days ago)
I just wanna point I've had the idea Luna for my daughter for a while
Fauzi Kurnia (5 days ago)
TheUnknownOfficial (5 days ago)
Marry her she is so cute ❤❤and she is so loving and caring

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