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Game of Thrones Season 6: Episode #10 – Uprooting the Rose (HBO)

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Text Comments (4109)
Faizan M (8 months ago)
deathnyxworld (8 months ago)
2:30 Pope Francis is that you?
Ugur Derin (8 months ago)
At 4.25, we see Jamie Lannister observing the explosion. This was not in the episode right? Jamie was not there during the explosion. He came later, if I'm not mistaken.
Cían Campion (9 months ago)
The best episode in the series so far in my opinion.
Biot N (9 months ago)
Turn on closed captions and scroll to 3:12. Margaery wanted to poop, no wonder she wanted to leave so badly!
Hi Jack (7 months ago)
Biot N lmao
Elis Regina Beltram (10 months ago)
when Margaery says "let me through. let me through" the subtitles day "let me poop"
The flamingsword (11 months ago)
1:32 slow burn, ha!
QueenThoria (11 months ago)
I was worried for Tommen when Dany was on her way to Westeros. But since he's dead, she can burn anyone in her way I don't care anymore. Except for Jon.
realJAMES (11 months ago)
5:09 She's the fucking Emperor!!!!
Persephone Hades (11 months ago)
3:23 The woman in pink looks a lot like season one Cersei.
Chamilo Djamel (11 months ago)
Tommen didn't want to believe the rumours about his parents. He didn't want to believe that his whole life was a lie, that he had no claim to the throne this whole time... But upon looking at the remains of the Sept of Baelor, he saw his mother's madness. He didn't want to believe it... But now the fact that Cersei took everything away from him is staring him straight in the face. He can't deny it any longer. Everything they said about his mother was true. He was an abomination. The truth felt like mountains on his shoulders. The only woman or thing he ever truly cared about... Margaery... gone. What he thought was his first achievement in bringing any kind of prosperity to the realm (combining the crown with the faith) was all returned to the dirt. The distant sounds of wailing and screaming danced in his mind as he sat, paralysed with shock. The servant beside him kept talking but he heard nothing. He felt nothing. The lump in his throat get bigger as he remembered Margaery's smile. As his mind drifted to her, it dawned on him that it was all his fault, that If he didnt ban Trial by Combat his mother wouldve never resorted to these extremes. That maybe she'd still be alive and by his side. He failed her the first time when the faith took her away and locked her in a dungeon for months to suffer, and now he's failed her again, this time for good. He finally accepted what kind of king he was. He realised he could never protect her, and that he was always going to be weak., that he will never be a true lion or stag. His fingers traced over the intricate engravings and up to the antlers as he removed the crown. he felt overwhelming freedom for the first time in a long, long time. He closed his eyes and breathed in the air of the Red Keep one last time. It smelled of fresh linens and a thick air of calmness. He smiled as he made his first and final decision. I'm coming, Margaery. I won't be weak anymore. I promise..
Deathmachinept (11 months ago)
By far the best episode on Game of Thrones this episode alone redeemed the last two seasons.
Coolbrosdead (11 months ago)
when you realize that they could have used that wildfire against the walkers ;--;
gail jones (11 months ago)
can't wait.
Selomepe (1 year ago)
ONE wrinkle he says.... what about the only person she has left, her brother who forsook his honor to prevent what she herself wrought?
Coulter Dittman (1 year ago)
"hey dude" and he already knew, poor guy
Coulter Dittman (1 year ago)
but what a way to go
tony montana lmao (1 year ago)
Cersei on the throne please
Kelio Goken (1 year ago)
Still bugs me that Americans are calling Tommen, Tomen
Nico (1 year ago)
4:47 So after being killed off in season 1, Robert became the special effects supervisor.
Lareyya (1 year ago)
This music makes me suffer
Stefanos Gouveris (1 year ago)
For me Jonathan Pryce (High Sparrow) was the best actor in GoT so far and the competition is pretty high.
Connor Long-Johnson (1 year ago)
I wish I could put some people in that Sept..
Em Paz (1 year ago)
Cerseis plan was stupid. She should had been more direct with her King son while advising him to win him over and manipulate him to come against high sparrow. Praise margaray in front of him since he loved her so much, and tell him the only way he can save his queen is by coming against the high sparrow. Her bitterness put a wall between her and the king.
Crank Stabheart (1 year ago)
The six wings are coming!!! The six wings are coming!!!!
Mandeep jaiman (1 year ago)
IN 2017
Chu Chulainn (1 year ago)
Jonathan Pryce. One of the best actors I have ever seen.
DreadScythe 95 (1 year ago)
Justice For The Tyrells!
sofiamd1 (1 year ago)
soooo sad they killed Margery
Alec Jones (1 year ago)
Lena headey is absolutely amazing on this show. Her character is literally crazy beyond belief.
cao Christina (1 year ago)
The only thing that's been keeping Cersi sane were her children. And now they are gone.
SoBanked- (1 year ago)
Was sad that Magaery died ;(
Henk de steen (1 year ago)
I wish Tywin was alive to see Cersei die. And to let him see Daenerys burning down kings landing and casterly rock
Dalibor Okoro (1 year ago)
Jonathan Pryce is a legend!
Lord Cthulhu (1 year ago)
i want to bang margery
sebastian cuello (1 year ago)
2:30 I was so happy that this fanatic piece of shit died
Sivan Levi (1 year ago)
Now I know why it's called King's "Landing". Ha ha ha! House Tyrell isn't finished yet though. I feel like there are some places in the 7 Kingdoms that we haven't seen yet. Especially in the Reach.
Mass Ryb (1 year ago)
The best 8 minutes of Game of Thrones
mikes5637 (1 year ago)
Shout-out to Lancel in this episode. Gets a near-fatal wound, realises what is going to happen, but instead of trying to crawl to safety and help... crawls in the opposite direction to try and extinguish the 'fuses'. Courage and determination on a par with any of the major 'good' characters, which no one will ever know about.
Keymo Embryo (1 year ago)
I've been rewatching alot of season 2 and 3 with Brienne and Jaime . . . I hope she doesn't kill him, of course it's a show full of brilliant characters and fabulous actors and actresses , but it feels like small seeds were planted in hinting that, in S.Vll , they're gonna come face to face and either Brienne or Jamie is gonna die because of one or the others doing. As far as Cersie, I love her, but now she's put the biggest target on her back and I honestly see her dying sooner than later, which SUCKS! lol Can't wait for S. Vll
FanLetal (1 year ago)
Kingslayer becoming Queenslayer in 10 episodes
V . V (1 year ago)
Wtf is "cersi...1rst in her name ...queen of andals and first men... Protector of the 7 kingdoms"???! It has always been "ruler of the 7 kingdoms, protector of the realm"?? Which is not only historically closer to english monarchy language but also sounds soooo much more eloquent.
Paris Mills (1 year ago)
I swear this show is not good for my heart lol
Link's AMV. (1 year ago)
one point i don't get,its about arya first she kills the wrong person and knows that the assassins of many faces will try to kill her,then she gets her sword back and go to some dark place(sounds like a plan) then she goes to pay a guy to go back home,or atleast leave bravos(thats already a bad choice) but then she fucking go and start running around the city until she gets stabed wtf?where is the plan?why she gets the sword?if she wants to attract the other girl(that is an assassin)then why not getting the sword?or why you just go and start running over the city with no attention at all? ps:sorry for bad english,not my main language.
Mlg Bantz (1 year ago)
Rip mace Tyrell.........
Dorin Velovar (1 year ago)
primo971 (1 year ago)
Thank you guyz !! , Thank you for all that you have done !! Et que le spectacle continue !
CP96 (1 year ago)
Cersei is the biggest fucking cunt. Please kill her next season...Also, when is she going to realize that every time she does an evil plot, it comes back to haunt her. For example, she armed the faith militant so that Loras Tyrell would be arrested. She ended up being arrested herself. She had her sons wife (amongst many others) blown up in wild fire. Her son killed himself.
Queen Margaery Tyrell (1 year ago)
Justin Angelo Alvarez (1 year ago)
aaww...I will miss Natalie Dormer...
whats the name of the music when cersei gets crowned
Dale Cooper (1 year ago)
If Margery was married to Tommen why is she still a Tyrell?
Stephen Cieply (1 year ago)
I don't get it: If someone were to plant a bomb under a major building and it were discovered unexploded, would people just leave it there?
gibberconfirm (1 year ago)
I could see getting nitpicky (Jesus, you'd check the basements of buildings,) but I think the implication is KL has a byzantine, weird series of underground sewers. Like they can't really show the scale on TV, but the crypts of Winterfell are supposed to extend for miles. But even if she put it there, I could buy Cersei is the only person with a relationship with the Pyromancers. She set the pyromancers to work on the wildfire in S.2 and "A Clash of Kings," everybody else in King's Landing is an idiot.
Jeffrey (1 year ago)
Gendry will take the iron throne.
Ismini Pap (1 year ago)
"The Rose has been uprooted"! :( I'm going to miss Margaery, she was a brilliant character! But this is Game of Thrones, everybody dies!
Robert Baratheon (1 year ago)
HindsightPOV (1 year ago)
Did George RR Martin tell Dan and David that this was his vision of what happened to Margaery and Loras or is this their fan fiction?
Taylor (1 year ago)
I look at these videos, and really learn to love these people who've made this show possible.. then I read the comments and I lose hope for everything lmao. Never appreciated.
Dr. Qyburn M.D (1 year ago)
wouldn't mind uprooting her rose
Queen Margaery Tyrell (1 year ago)
Sabrina Kelstrom (1 year ago)
It's kinda sad to see how each child's death has taken a part away from Cersie. When Joffery died, she was hysterical and wanted revenge for his murder; when Marcella died, she cried and was a bit mad at Jaimie for not protecting her; and now when Tommen died, you can see that she has lost enough of herself that she can't mourn him. Im not much of a Cersie fan, but I do feel for her now that all of her children are dead.
Aliraza Rajani (1 year ago)
Nah that was a shit ending. I mean it was too easy. It felt almost like the director was cheating.
Hairgod1234 (1 year ago)
Now, Wouldn't Even the Lannisters be against Cersi? I mean she Killed Lannisters too!
Queen Margaery Tyrell (1 year ago)
She's dumb like that....😂😂
SpoopyDoopy (1 year ago)
guess you could say this episode was "lit" :^ )
Eramthgin (1 year ago)
Kings Landing... lmao
Hobbes Tiger (1 year ago)
Cersei had Tommen's body burnt, much like Ramsay did with the body of Myranda to the dogs. Same cold reaction, so does that mean she has become the same type of psychopath?
chahem (1 year ago)
when and how did Dany help Grejoys ? when did the ships of Greyjoys sails from one end to the other end of the world?
chahem (1 year ago)
She didn't bring any ships when she 1st met Dany; she hardly escaped
JamesHLanier (1 year ago)
Yara and Theon came to her in episode 9 and formed an alliance. Dany likes ships and they brought a lot. They also promised the allegiance of the iron islands on the condition that she help them kill their uncle. They fled early in the season and sailed to Mereen from there.
maddy7 (1 year ago)
Disagree: Cersei is queen of nothing; who in the 7 kingdoms will support her after she offed most of the kingdoms relatives. And to say she loved Tommen, well as a mother, I found she didn't love him or Lena didn't express her love as a mother should. Lena TO ME, expressed Cersei as a one-woman road show; all for herself & efff everyone else, including Jamie. However, I loved how the director directed the first part of the episode...brilliant & with very little said, just dramatic music, & LOVED Cersei's new outfit which mirrors her father's outfit (Tywin).
Killer King (1 year ago)
0:40 - 0:52 Holy shit, the way he says it sounds like the Sept blowing up was written by them and not GGRM. Maybe this doesn't happen in the book! Usually we get stuff being cut from the book when going to TV, but them adding new and exclusive stuff is really interesting! Can't wait to read the book and see how much it will differ.
John _219 (1 year ago)
Guys I just have to say. Everyone who complains about characters teleporting calm the fuck down ffs I know it's frustrating but they have done this before in the first few episodes and have a limited time and don't want to bore us with useless scenes of them just traveling.
Tiago Silva (1 year ago)
No more Natalie Dormer boobies? This show is over for me.
Queen Margaery Tyrell (1 year ago)
Ikr.....they were pretty hot! 😉😂
Louis Williamson (1 year ago)
Did anyone else find this really disappointing? There was so much scheming, character building and unanswered question; was the High Sparrow a fanatic or did he have an agenda? What kind of agenda? Did Margaery have a plan? What did this plan entail? Ah well - just nuke it all instead of coming up with an interesting story.
E L (1 year ago)
The buildup to the explosion was so fucking fantastic! How the music escalated and everything came together, just... wow.
Brandon (1 year ago)
Miguel did a fantastic job with ep 9 and 10.
Zvone Dim (1 year ago)
A proper tutorial how to create the secular society. By Cersei Lannister.
Thomas Affolter (1 year ago)
Interesting how similar the old sanctimonious guy is to Elie Wiesel.
vacantplanet (1 year ago)
Bring Margery back
Queen Margaery Tyrell (1 year ago)
YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! 😊😊😊😊😍😍😍😍 I'M STILL GRIEVING NOW!!!!!! 💔💔💔💔🌹🌹🌹
RomanyGypsy92 (1 year ago)
Margaery was the only death I mourned in this situation. She was smarter than everyone in the entire room up until the end.
lostn65 (1 year ago)
Margaery Tyrell is the ultimate black widow. Three husbands, all kings, all dead not long after marrying her (two of them before they could even get up her skirt). I would stay the hell away from her if I were any man.
PizzaCake360 (1 year ago)
gofundme.com/2csz7f58 PLEASE HELP!
Patrick Jane (1 year ago)
Bear Island knows no King, but the King in the North, whose name is Stark
karimyo1 (1 year ago)
Cersei = Mastermind, juste like Aizen Sama !
Matdogg2k (1 year ago)
The Mountain should have been downstairs waiting to catch Tommen as he dropped.
Matdogg2k (1 year ago)
Marjorie my dear
Mani M (1 year ago)
That's not the way you put out the candle, he should lick his fingers and then put out the candles, and save the Sept from wild fire. Stupid Lancel Lannister!!!!
Szymon Bauza (1 year ago)
insted of "Lannisters always pays their debts" it should be "Karma is a bitch"
Bindair Dundat (1 year ago)
There were 287 extras, and they will all be missed.
Turi Caederynmab (1 year ago)
Cersei is such a badass.
JEFFREY (1 year ago)
This director needs to come back. All the episodes he directed have been so good.
ImotephHorus (1 year ago)
Poor Septa Unella .. she's in hell until she died
Yadir Yero (1 year ago)
God, thank you for this show.
bobby aaassah (1 year ago)
1:35 the one true king of westeros
緑先輩音楽 (1 year ago)
vKaTzAnarchy (1 year ago)
choncho2585 (1 year ago)
Natalie D is salty af
John Miller (1 year ago)
I wanted Margaery to survive, somehow.
Planetar (1 year ago)
I really liked him in this role. He played this character perfectly! Always intresting appearance, intriguing dialogs and charismatic presence and yet all his scenes played in beggers rags. It was extraordinary play SIR!
Anna Harrison (1 year ago)
rip random peasant killed by the bell
supershinigami1 (1 year ago)
It was a nice looking scene. Too bad the story sucked.
DrDress (1 year ago)
4:20 "not so big we lost the main characters " does he mean Cersei? she was about the only one spared. or did he tip his hand about survivors of the explosion?
DrDress (1 year ago)
the way the talk make it sound like they them self make up the story. I thought GRRM had told them the broad strokes

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