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When This Woman Told Students About Her Adoption, A Classmate Suddenly Realized A 30 Year Old Truth

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Do not forget to visit the channel WATCHJOJO ANIMALS https://goo.gl/438CPy ► Facebook/Lizzie Delgado https://goo.gl/hHEZ5k contact us at:[email protected] http://watchjojo.com ************************************************************** On the first day of any class, students can usually count on one thing: a round-table introduction. And this was certainly the case for Lizzie Valverde at Columbia University in January 2013. But while the autobiographical facts offered aren’t typically fascinating ones, what Valverde revealed proved to be an exception for one student. Indeed, one of her unsuspecting classmates was stunned by what she learned that day. The introductory session for a creative writing class at the School of General Studies of Columbia University proved to be an extraordinary chapter in the lives of two participants. Valverde had only enrolled for the course at the last minute and didn’t have the first idea about what she was to set in motion as she cleared her throat and began to talk. Then the 33-year-old gave her classmates a few facts about herself – with details that would leave one particular female student in disbelief. Valverde had noticed the woman’s extreme reaction and, after the class had finished, watched as she approached. The two students then spoke further, and a line of questioning aimed at Valverde seemed to make up her interviewer’s mind. The stranger subsequently told Valverde that she had helped solve a 30-year-old family secret; and when the woman explained how, the news stunned both classmates. Furthermore, when their story went viral, it was the internet’s turn to be astonished. Columbia University’s School of General Studies is intended to provide an Ivy League education to students from non-traditional backgrounds. And before she walked into class on that fateful day, Valverde’s life could certainly have been said to have followed an unconventional path. She was born on December 8, 1979, in Tampa, Florida, but wouldn’t live there for long, having been adopted shortly after coming into this world. And her adoptive parents – the Delgados – lived more than a thousand miles away from the Sunshine State, in New Jersey. This, moreover, is where their new little girl spent her formative years. But now, in her mid-30s and with a family of her own, Valverde had made an important life decision. She would go back to school and indulge her passion for creative writing by studying it formally. So with the help of the School of General Studies, Valverde had enrolled at Columbia University. And while she had only signed up for the creative writing course minutes before class started, she nonetheless arrived in time for the customary introductions that day in January 2013. Furthermore, as a budding writer, Valverde was more than happy to share the story of her life so far. But as the new student spoke to the group at Columbia’s Kent Hall about herself – including the fact she had been adopted – she couldn’t help noticing something. Specifically, it appeared as though something was seriously wrong with the woman sitting across from her. “It looked like she was having a panic attack,” Valverde would tell The New York Times in May 2015. Little did Valverde know, however, that the student sat at the opposite side of the table had a very similar life story to her own. Her name was Katy Olson, and she was a year younger than Valverde. Born with a mild case of cerebral palsy, Olson had also been adopted at a young age. But, as it turned out, her family had lived in Florida for some time before moving to Iowa in the Midwest. On top of that, Olson had previously spent time delving into her personal past to try and find out more about her biological family. And, through arduous online research, she had uncovered the identity of her birth mother. In the process, however, the inquisitive woman had also found out that she may have had an elder sister called Delgado. From there, Olson did more online digging about the woman who could be her sister. And as a result, she discovered that her long-lost sibling had grown up in the New Jersey area. Olson also learned that her sister had got married and had ended up studying at Columbia University: the very same institution she herself was attending. ************************************************************** ►Image credits:Facebook/Lizzie Delgado https://goo.gl/hHEZ5k ►web: http://watchjojo.com ► SUBSCRIBE US: https://goo.gl/Z4nZcg ► Follow Us On Google Plus: https://goo.gl/JYf9Rr ► Like us Our Facebook Page: https://goo.gl/C5Rv92 ► Follow On Twitter: https://goo.gl/PZ2U1R ►Source : https://goo.gl/zR2iyE Reference http://scribol.com/lifestyle/woman-told-students-about-adoption-classmate-realized-truth/ #watchjojo
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