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Tyler's in Heaven

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Part 8 of 8 Written by Chuck Palahniuk. Narrated by Jim Colby. Clips from Fight Club (1999)
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Rusty Nutzz (2 years ago)
Yo D i have new hardware ie my tablet shiy itself. But i am here so slowly getting back to normal. i have been busy getting my place in order as i am thinking of selling. my neighbor got 1.2 mil for their property and mine is much better so i have been at the aussie equivalent of Lowes 4 most of the day the rest sanding and painting. the way things are looking i may be able to buy further down the coast for a lot cheaper and get a lot more. for instance my 3 bedroom home is say $1.3 mil if i travel 2-3 hours south i could get a 5 bedroom house on 10 acres for that money. what would you do? fuck it im moving.

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